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Moving To the UK Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Have you ever dreamt of relocating to London? Or you’re wondering how to successfully move to the UK without disturbance from a third-party or government agency? Even though the country is developed and offers many opportunities for emigrants, there are specific things to consider before relocating.

To give you an idea, United Kingdom is more developed. In fact, it has long since it’s been a popular destination for different people across the globe. The UK is made up of four countries which are; England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Now, are you ready to explore why the UK is unique?

Interesting! Despite the close relationship between these nations and the US, there remain fundamental differences.  On top of that, one of the most frequently asked questions is; can I relocate to the UK without a job? Of course, YES! You can definitely relocate to the UK if you have enough money with you.

The United Kingdom is an island country that offers an array of opportunities to expatriates. With a mild climate, diverse cultures, and a relaxed lifestyle, the benefits of living in the UK cannot be overemphasized. Besides, the country welcomes new emigrant every year since it’s a popular location.

So, what exactly makes life in the UK more appealing compared to other countries? Well, this moving to the UK expat guide will give you all the essential information you need to relocate. Meanwhile, moving to the UK may require some time and effort, but the process worth the climb. So, let’s get it started!

Relocating to the United Kingdom

Whether you’re planning to move abroad for the first time or you’ve relocated to other countries multiple times before, the process still raises many questions for emigrants. For example, is moving to the UK difficult with pets? What are the visa requirements? What exactly are the benefits? Check it out.

While you’re happy relocating abroad, the process can be overwhelming, thereby causing you to research less about your dream country. That’s why it quite interesting to find end-to-end support throughout your move abroad. On this note, considering a relocation package is one of the best ways.

Oftentimes, the journey to move abroad is always an exciting adventure. On the other hand, there are many obstacles you’ll need to overcome to start your new life. Your belonging might get stuck; immigration laws might restrict you from certain things, finding a new home can be complicated.

Additionally, COVID-19 travel restrictions might even be tiring. Therefore, coping with the stress of international relocation requires the services of an expat guide. This guidance includes; how to successfully organize your relocation, advice about immigration restrictions, directions to culture, visa and work permit advisory, home-finding service, job opportunities, and many others. Read further for more.

Work Permit and Visa Requirements

The UK visa system is complex. In fact, moving with your family is more difficult because it takes two to three months before it gets approval. Also, if you’re willing to obtain a work permit, it’s your new employer that’d get the license on your behalf. Moreover, you won’t be allowed to enter the country without valid visa clearance.

If you want to switch jobs as well, you’ll definitely request a new employer. Visa from countries like Russia, Libya, North Korea, China, and Iraq takes much longer. Aside from that, some people don’t need a work permit to relocate to the United Kingdom? Without further ado, here are the people that don’t need a work permit.

  • Citizens from the twenty-five EEA countries
  • Spouses and partners that are not legally married but have at least two years of cohabitation with EEA nationals
  • Citizens with permanent residents don’t need a work permit
  • Commonwealth citizens, and who’s grandparents are born and raised in the UK
  • Spouses or partners with holders of work permit, ancestry visas, training permit, and sole representatives

Family Visa in the UK

Once you have a work permit, a family visa in the UK will be easy. Meanwhile, there are several tiers of points-based work permits in the United Kingdom. They include; Tier 1, Tier 2, as well as Tier 5. Let’s quickly walk you through the family member visa in the United Kingdom.

Tier 1 Exceptional Talent VisaThe Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa is valid up to five years after issuance. It is divided into two, which are the exceptional talent and the investor’s visa. This business visa is meant for citizens who want to start up a business in the UK. While its validity is two years, you can extend it to two years afterward.

Tier 2 Visa Type – The Tier 2 visa type comprises people who work a sponsor faith community, sportsperson visa, temporary worker visa, and the youth mobility scheme visa. For the youth mobility scheme visa, you must be 18-30 years from countries like New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Monaco, Japan, Canada, or Hong Kong to be considered.

Permitted Paid Engagement Visa – The approved paid engagement visa is given to emigrants for a short time duration. In fact, it is valid for one month, while the innovator visa for business must have a written endorsement letter from an organization or firm before it is approved in the long run.

Basic Requirements for Visas in the UK

Before the relevant UK bodies decide on your visa application, the following documents must be put in place. Also, the paper you’ll need depends on the kind of visa application you’re applying for. On a similar note, ensure that your documents comply with the criteria set by the immigration service.

  • Three months valid passport beyond the date you planned to leave the united kingdom
  • Document showing proof of accommodation
  • Submit a travel plan that gives a detailed travel itinerary
  • Bank statement of at least past three months indicating that you have enough fund
  • Birth certificate or adoption letter if applicable
  • Biometric information with a digital photo taken at the proper application venue

Benefits of Moving to the UK

Whenever you hear anybody mention the United Kingdom, a great emphasis is placed on London. A lot of move to London every year and there has been a quite number of reasons while people choose to relocate to London. Without further ado, here are the reasons why London is an excellent location for you.

  1. Home to Many Businesses

One of the first factors that make people live in the UK is plenty of employment opportunities. Also, people that have great experience in their profession tend to secure management roles with top global companies in the UK. That’s why London is known to be home to many businesses.

  1. Endless Architecture Designs

London is a beautiful city that has stunning sights, endless modern and historical architecture. Aside from that, London estate agents can help you secure the best apartments for sale or rent in the country. So, if you’re looking to move to a home in Barking, Bexley, Redbridge, Newham, and many more, London is the right place to visit.

  1. Great Housing Facilities

The United Kingdom can be one of the most expensive places you can choose to relocate. But, you can still find a reasonably priced area in the city. While the emigrants seeking a comfortable location can choose between Hackney, Shoreditch, and Hoxton, the price tags aren’t so much of an issue here.

  1. Cultural Diversification

The United Kingdom accepts citizens from different countries, and this has contributed to their population with time. With this, expat will be able to connect to similar people that have experience moving abroad. On top of that, emigrants can also have access to relocate to the rest of Europe without restrictions.

  1. The forefront of Culture and Sporting Events

Many international events are held in the United Kingdom. That’s why the benefits of the UK’s music, arts, and other activities cannot be overemphasized. With its significant cities such as Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, and others, traveling around to see one’s favorite team catches people’s attention.

  1. Traditional Local Food and Drinks

Traditional local food is also one of the benefits of moving to England. As the UK is a multicultural country, you’ll find all kinds of traditional local foods and drinks ranging from Chinese, Indian, the Caribbean to Thai. Also, if it’s the traditional British food you’re after, you’ll definitely select from varieties.

  1. Sense of Acceptance

On an average day-to-day basis in the UK, the citizens are full of acceptance and a sense of community regardless of the ethnicities, sexual orientations, and age group. For instance, there’s a pride month in England where the people come out in mass, putting on buzzing parades and carnivals to celebrate the LGBT community.

Why the UK Remains Top Destinations for People

In today’s 21st century, UK remains the top destination for those looking to make a good move. Whether you’re searching for culture, natural beauty, nightlife, delicious food, and lovely drinks, the UK offers all and many others in spades. Not to talk much, below are the reasons to consider relocation to the United Kingdom in today’s digital world.

Culture and Tradition

It is estimated that the third of the United Kingdom population has no religious connection and background. More than thirty percent of the UK population goes to the Church of England, while ten percent identify with the Roman Catholic religion. Some of the significant celebrations in the UK calendar include the following;

  • Christmas Day Celebration – 25th of December 
  • Spring Bank Holiday – Celebrated on the last weekend of May
  • Boxing Day Celebration – Every 26th of December
  • St. Patrick’s Holiday – March 17th or the nearest Monday if it falls on a weekend
  • Summer Bank Holiday – Last Monday in the month of August
  • St. Andrew’s Day – 2nd of January
  • Labor Day – 1st Monday in May

Economy and Socialization

In the United Kingdom, the mother is typically the primary carer of newborn babies compared to other countries where the burden is shared between mothers and their parents. Aside from that, employment laws allow the mother to take a year off work following childbirth and caring for their babies.

However, the National gross income in the United Kingdom has surpassed other countries from 492534 GBP  million in the latter part of 2016 to 494149 GDP million as of January 2017. And now, the amount has escalated beyond this amount in 2020. Also, their food has got an exceptional reputation in the world. Additionally, you can now enjoy food from different parts of the world in the United Kingdom.

Meeting and Communication Style

The British have an attractive means of communication. Many older businesspeople or those regarded as upper-class citizens heavily rely on the use of established protocols. Also, when communicating with people, they see everyone as equal to themselves and may think negatively if your communication appears overly familiar.

On the flip side, gift-giving is usually a bottle of wine, chocolates, or flowers. Not only that, but some people may send gifts ahead of a dinner party. Meanwhile, it is not usual for contributions to be exchanged during a business setting in the United Kingdom. That’s why it’s customary to take a small gift at the home invite.

Visiting a Home and Taboos

Unlike other European cultures, the British prefer to entertain visitors in their homes. However, it is recommended that you ask upon entry whether to wear shoes or not when visiting someone at home. Moreover, you’re not allowed to rest your elbows on the table or ask personal questions from people.

Literature, TV, and Film

While other countries have a better claim on artists, they nearly have literary work of arts than the UK. And not only that, but they have great authors alongside the world’s oldest national broadcasting organization known as BBC. As for movies, you can allow seeing endless movies from top-notch cinemas.

Basically, England has a rich cultural background and diverse history. And this history can be traceable to top places to visit in England, such as Stratford-Upon-Avon, Tintagel, Cheltenham, London, Oxford, Salisbury, and many others, to mention a few.

Educational System in the UK

The innovative approach to teaching adopted by the British educational system is respected across the globe. Students in these countries gain strong knowledge, self-confidence, creativity as well as different analytical skills. It’s crucial to know why the UK remains the best in its educational system. Below are the exciting facts about the United Kingdom’s educational system.

  • Four of the top sixth universities in the world are in Great Britain (world ranking category)
  • The United Kingdom is a world-leading research nation compared to other countries
  • More than ninety percent of the UK education colleges are considered satisfactory or better than other nation
  • Over 88 percent of the world’s graduates survey has expressed satisfaction with the British curriculum and its learning experience
  • Attending an English Language course will enable you to have a better understanding of the innovative techniques adopted by great Britain
  • British schools offer excellent teaching standards, supports, and facilities to the students

Healthcare Facilities in the UK

Healthcare systems in the United Kingdom are a devolved matter as the Northern Island, England, Scotland, and Wales have their own funded healthcare systems owned and controlled by the government.  Also, the regulation system is decentralized, with different bodies controlling its affairs.

Furthermore, a thriving private healthcare sector also supports the country. So, if you’re planning to move to the UK, you might be wondering whether to stick with the private route or government-funded healthcare system. Well, it’s crucial to understand how these two works before you make a selection.

Today’s Cost of Moving to the UK

The cost of moving to the UK is much cheaper if you’re living in a nearby location. However, from visa fees to rental deposits, and other expenses, the benefits of having enough funds while traveling to the UK cannot be overemphasized. That being said, it would be better to save up to £2,000 before deciding to move to the United Kingdom.

Why £2,000, you ask? Well, unless you’re a British citizen, you’ll definitely be relocating to the UK with a temporary visa. Besides, most of these visa applications may not give you access to public funds compared to what the British citizens enjoy. Also, when you lose your primary source of income, you’ll definitely be given a health emergency fund that’d make you fly out of the initial country of residence.

Breakdown Cost of Moving To the UK

Now that you’ve caught your breath by checking the benefit of moving to the UK, it’s high time you know what it cost. Don’t be scared! Without much talk, let’s dive into each of the costs of moving to the United Kingdom.

  • Visa Application – The British government has made things easier by publishing a full breakdown of the UK visa fee on their website. Moreover, depending on the kind of visa you’re applying for, your application fee could cost anywhere from £200 to £1,500.
  • Pet Scheme Application – I’m sure you’re wondering why pet, right? Of course, in the United Kingdom and other countries, there are specific rules for bringing pets into the country. This means all your cats and dogs must be wholly vaccinated before planning to relocate.  Therefore, expect to pay nothing less than $400 to $700 to move your pet to the UK.
  • Average Cost of Living – The average cost of securing a place to live in the UK depends on two factors. The first one is the city you plan to live in while the second factor is the facilities you want. For that reason, here’s a breakdown of the average cost of living in the United Kingdom.
  • Travel Expenses in the city – food, transport, drinks, and more should cost you $560
  • Relocation agency fee – Average cost is $1,900
  • Hotel for four nights in the UK – Average cost is a minimum of $500
  • Car Rental in the UK – Average cost is $900
  • Cost Of Setting Up a New Bank Account – Average cost of $3,000 to $4,000
  • Monthly Rental Price in London – £1 200 for a one-bedroom flat
  • Home Purchase in London – Average Price is £10,000 for price per square in the city
  • Bottle of imported beer in a Supermarket –  Average  cost is £1.00 to £2.50
  • Cost of Internet in London – Sky = £18/ month, TalkTalk = £20/month, Virgin Media = £32/month while BT = £24/month
  • Cost of Owning a Car in the UK – Volkswagen Golf – £19,000 (excluding registration fee and other charges)
  • Cost of clothing and personal items – Average cost is £45-£85 for a pair of jeans, £20-£50 for a summer dress, £50- £90 for an average running shoe, £2.00 for deodorant, £65 for gym membership per month, while movie ticket is £12.

Job opportunities In the UK As Of 2021

Finding jobs in the UK is relatively easy, just like how you search for jobs in your country of residence. The only difference is that you’ll need to use the internet and networking to get the right ones. That being said, in May 2020, the office of the National Statistics disclosed the unemployment rate as 3.1%, which is the lowest since the past 40 years.

Nonetheless, economic growth is concentrated in London and the southeast. Conversely, there’s a high rate of unemployment in the north of England, Northern Island, Scotland, and Wales. Now, how do you know when there are job opportunities in the UK? Well, the UK government publishes skill shortages on its website. Some of these skills may include; graphic designers, psychologists, programmers, engineers, web designers, and many more, to mention a few.

Additionally, work culture in the UK has distinct hierarchies. Meanwhile, teamwork is highly valued, while a good relationship with colleagues is known as management skills. Also, the job salaries per hour for employees aged 25 and above are approximately £9 per hour while 18-24 is £4.15 per hour.


There are lots of things that you’ll need to know about moving to the UK. And before making a big move, we advise you to read this expat guide. Our goal is to bring and simplify transparency while moving to your dreamland. So, make your trip to the United Kingdom unforgettable with this guide. Need more expat guide? Check our blog for more interesting facts about different countries.

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