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Moving To Thailand Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Thailand has long been known as the Land of Smiles and the top destination in Asia. Would you love to visit a country with a diverse, irresistible, and unique mixture of traditions? Of course, look no further! The kingdom of Thailand has a rich background in its history, heritage, culture, building, and tourism.

Expats can also enjoy the best that the modern world has to offer in this country.  From the Thai food, a wide range of treatments to the domestic travel infrastructure, and the historic city, moving to Thailand could be one of the best decisions. Moreover, it’s a place where your options are very much open.

Aside from that, the country’s diverse landscape and thrilling lifestyle attract many citizens around the globe. In fact, in some areas like Pattaya, or Bangkok, it’s pretty difficult to ignore the sordid side of any party circuit. The country’s famous hospitality and vibrant nightlife also contribute to the rich life.

Beneath the beautiful aesthetics of this southeast Asian jewel is a home of love, welcoming culture, and great places to live. Always know that living or relocating abroad isn’t an easy task. This is because; you’ll have to adapt to their tradition, rules, believes, holidays, and many others, to mention a few.

Public Holidays in Thailand (2021)

Before we move further to explain what moving to Thailand entails, it would be better to glance through the national holidays quickly.  The government regulates these Thailand public holidays. In fact, nearly all of these holidays are observed by both private sectors and the government parastatals.

  • New Year’s Day – Every 1st of January
  • February 12 – Known as the Chinese New Year
  • Makha Bucha Celebration – February 26th of every year
  • Prince Mahidol Day – September 24th
  • Thailand Constitution Day – December 10th of every year
  • King Bhumibol’s Birthday – December 6th
  • Mother’s Day Celebration – August 12th of every year
  • Labour Day (in lieu) – Celebrated on the 3rd of May
  • Asahna Bucha Day (in lieu) – celebrate on the 26th of July
  • Royal Ploughing Ceremony – Celebrated on the 10th of May
  • Father’s Day Celebration – December 5th of every year

Key Facts You Should Know About Thailand

From a new job to a new relationship and endless dating experience, there are tons of things that could draw your attention to relocate to Thailand. Whether you’re taking a job opportunity or you choose to enjoy a bit of tropical land, Thailand is trusted by thousands of people. Below are the key facts about Thailand.

Thailand Operates a Constitutional Monarchy

In history, Thailand has the world’s longest-reigning monarchy in the world. A good example is King Bhumibol Adulyade that reigned from the 9th of June 1946 to the 13th of October 2017. This man was an engineer; he composed Thailand’s national anthem and owned a patent on a type of cloud seeding. Bhumibol was known for his impressive achievements and his significant contributions to Thailand.

World’s Largest Orchid Exporter

When it comes to having a plant with complex flowers and a unique saint, Thailand is the best. In fact, research made it know that around 45 percent of Thailand’s orchids are exported out of the country. If you’re a flower enthusiast and you’d love to visit a country, Thailand is no option other than the best country.

Home to an Amazing Fish

Do you know that fish can work on the land? I think that’s surprising, right? Of course, we understand, but in Thailand, you get this fantastic creature. Not only that, but this fish crawls on land the same way that any four-footed animal would do. The name of this fish is Cryptotora thamicola, also called the cavefish.

Respect to Monarchy

Paying respect to the royal family members in Thailand is extremely serious. The citizens greatly respect any member of the monarchy. Besides, when there’s any disrespect against the king, queen, or royal heirs, the citizen will be punished with imprisonment for treason according to the slated laws.

Annual Monkey Festivals

Yet another funny thing that differentiates Thailand from other countries in the world is the annual monkey festivals. In November, there’s always a yearly Lopburi Monkey Banquet that is hosted in front of Pra Prang Sam Yot temple, which is located in the province of Lopburi in Thailand.

During this period, the citizens invite over 600 monkeys to feast on a buffet amounting to more than two tones of scrumptious food. Some of the monkey menus consist of rice, fruits, grilled sausages, ice cream, and many more.  It’s a common tradition to celebrate and respect different creatures.

Colonization Different From European Power

Thailand achieved its aim by being the only country in South-East Asia that has never been colonized under European power. Considering that, very few countries in the world manage to escape European rule. This is why Thailand stands out among other countries in the world with this uniqueness.

Home to Smallest Mammals

If you’ve ever thought that you’ve seen the smallest mammals in the world without traveling to Thailand, you’ve not seen it all. In fact, Kitti’s hog-nosed-bat is only about an inch long. Aside from that, its name is the bumblebee bat. So, moving to this country is one thing you should consider.

World Leader in Sex Reassignment Surgeries

Thailand is no doubt the world leader when it comes to sex reassignment surgeries. Additionally, a lot of people that don’t feel comfortable about their gender travel to Thailand. Now, you should ask yourself why Thailand exactly? First of all, the prices of the operations are relatively low compared to other countries. Secondly, medical care is of a high standard. So, if you don’t feel comfortable about your sex, you can travel to Thailand for surgery.

World’s Most Visited City

Have you ever researched the world’s most visited city? Oh, you think it’s Las Vegas, Paris, Lagos, and many others, right? Your answer seems wrong as Bangkok remains one of the most visited cities in the world. Also, according to its national statistics, Thailand’s capital sees about 16 million people crossing its border every year.

Minimum Cost of Moving To Thailand

To be honest, one of the reasons why people move to Thailand is because it’s quite cheap compared to other countries. And of course, housing is very affordable, while food items can be pretty expensive, especially to imported foods such as wine, marmite, olives, and err. But notwithstanding, Thailand still remains one of the cheapest places to live in SE Asia, and other Asia countries. In fact, it’s even affordable than getting to Laos.

That being said, it is worth bearing in mind the cost of relocating to this country. Besides, several people move to Thailand for various reasons in this 21st century. While many would love to do so because of the business venture or work, others may consider Thailand for its inspiring beauty. Regardless of these reasons, Thailand is a free country known for Land of Smile.

Visa Application

When you’re moving to Thailand, getting a visa is quite essential. Looking online, there is lots of information regarding visa applications. This way, some of the visa application requirements can be contradictory. Before we dive into the cost of Thailand’s visa application, here are the documents needed during the process.

  • Valid passport with at least six-month validity
  • A completed visa application form indicating your purpose
  • Digital passport photograph
  • Valid proof of accommodation in Thailand
  • Valid means of payment in Thailand 
  • Flight ticket showing evidence of return back to your home country

Processing time and Prices of Thailand Visa

Always keep in mind that the cost of a visa on arrival in this country is totally free. Meanwhile, the processing fee can depend on how much you pay for it and the country of your nationality. However, a Thailand visa can sometimes be tricky to obtain through the embassy. But you can get it through the iVisa as fast as possible. Below is a little breakdown cost of how you can get the visa as fast as possible.

  1. Standard Processing Charges – The standard processing charge is most commonly selected among travelers because it’s the cheapest. This processing fee for the Thailand standard application costs nothing less than USD 45.00. This way, your application would be processed in not more than six days.
  2. Rush Processing Charges – The rush processing allow your visa to be processed in not more than four days. The charges are USD 60.00, and it’s an excellent option for people who want their visa application as fast as possible.
  3. Super Rush Processing Charges – The super rush application process is a fantastic one that allows you to get your visa on your way to the Airport. With no line ahead, you can get this visa is not more than two days after processing. Meanwhile, it will cost you a total sum of USD 80.00 for the speed and process.

Average Cost of Living in Thailand 

One of the best things to do before moving to Thailand is to identify the cost of living before relocating. Generally, if you choose to stay in north Thailand, your expenses will be low compared to staying in the city. Also, if you want to visit close to the beach, you can consider acquiring a property in Phuket.

On the other hand, you should plan to live in Thailand on a budget of at least USD 1 500 per month. With this amount, you can live comfortably without breaking the bank for additional money. Now, let’s walk you through the minimum cost of living in Thailand with the breakdown analysis.

Baseline Monthly ExpensesAverage Minimum Cost in USD
Rent and Internet in ThailandThe average cost is USD 230
Electricity and water in ThailandThe average cost is USD 30
Scooter and Gas expenses in ThailandThe average cost in Thailand is USD 100
Maid and Food in Thailand cityThe average cost is  USD 15 and USD 190, respectively
Evenings Out in ThailandThe average cost of evenings out is USD 75
Total baseline monthly expensesUSD 600

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai (2021)

The cost of living in Chiang Mai is about $650 to $2, 000 respectively. Although there are other factors that you might consider but when you look at your budget, you can live with this amount conveniently. Besides, since the average rental cost per month is $230, you can share a two-bedroom house in the city. To understand the cost of living better, I’ll share the popular food items, housing, and their prices.

  • Rice (1kg) and a loaf of brown bread – ฿30 and ฿57 respectively
  • Bunch of 8 Bananas and water (0.33I) – ฿30 and ฿10
  • Four fresh mangoes (local stall) and a bottle of wine – ฿60 and the wine cost ฿600-฿700
  • Heineken (490ml can) and a liter of Pepsi Cola – ฿59, and ฿20
  • Modern 2 bedroom apartment in Bangkok is ฿40-45, 000
  • 1-month utilities for two people is approximately ฿2, 500
  • Cleaner rent per month is approximately ฿3, 000

Prices of Transportation in Thailand

Transportation in Thailand, ranging from buses, taxis, to trains is very affordable. You can quickly get around within Thailand’s cities. That aside, the daily comminuting costs for most people in this country are within $.00 to $2.00 daily.

Bus Service in Thailand – To travel around in Thailand by bus is quite exciting and comfortable. For travel within cities, and short-distance travel between towns, buses are most popular. More so, they can provide an air-conditioned means of traveling long distances.

Train Services in Thailand – Thailand’s railways provide reliable and speedy services within the country. Most of these train routes have first, second, and third class options for their citizens. While third class is undoubtedly the least expensive one, it can be problematic for traveling around. That’s why the first class and second are good.

Air Traveling Service in Thailand – Air traveling in Thailand may be quite expensive, but it offers a comfortable lifestyle. With six international airports in the country and 23 domestic ones, air travel is a popular way to get around. The travel hub in Bangkok, known as the Suvarnabhumi international airport, is one of a kind. Meanwhile, the international flights come and go to Chiang while the domestic flight operates to keep the prices affordable.

Taxis in Thailand – Taxis in Thailand are quite convenient and serve as an inexpensive way to get around within the city.  The taxi fares start at about $1.00, while the ride of 20km should cost you approximately $5.00. So, if you choose to use any of these means of transportation mentioned earlier, it is worth negotiating a price in advance.

Finding Jobs in Thailand

Before you fly to Thailand, you’ll have to provide answers to questions like; should I find a job before relocating to Thailand? Or should I get on a plane and search for jobs? Well, the short answer depends on the amount the job pays. Besides, it’s quite considerable to search for a job before flying to Thailand.

While you could find a job with your ability, you should also consider some things before securing a job. Some of the requirements for foreigners are credentials, language skills, cultural adaptability, geographical flexibility, health certificate, work visa, and permit, and others, to mention a few.

List of Recruitment Companies in Thailand

Knowing the list of recruitment companies in Thailand will make you secure the right jobs. On the flip side, we advise you to use your sense when dealing with any recruitment agency. Some of the recruitment companies in Thailand include the following.

  • JAC Recruitment in Thailand – The Jack recruitment Thailand offers staffing services for local and multinational companies in Thailand. Some of the jobs you can see under this category are human resource, engineering, logistic, branding, and advertising.
  • Gummy Bear – Gummy Bear in Thailand specializes in tech job recruitment in the country
  • KTI Consultants in Thailand – KTI Consultants specializes in senior to executive level recruitment. Some of the areas they cover include; cost accountants, finance managers, finance directors, internal/external auditors, etc.
  • Manpower Thailand Agency – Manpower Thailand agency concentrate on IT recruitment for both temporary, contract, and permanent jobs.
  • Smart Search Thailand – Smart search Thailand offers senior-level staffing as well. Most of the job employment services they help people to secure include; medical, energy, and infrastructure, and more.

Salaries in Thailand

Salaries in Thailand are no different than in other countries. Moreover, adapting yourself to Thai culture is the primary thing to consider. In this session, we will walk you through the minimum wage, payment inequality, salary ranges, as well as taxes. Without further ado, take a look at the concept below.

Thailand Minimum Wage – Thailand’s minimum wage for foreigners is government-imposed fixed minimum wages. Although these wages vary by nationality baht for a German citizen, it should be at least nothing less than 50 000 baht a month.

Payment Inequality – Pursuing a teaching job in Thailand can be quite segmental.  For example, if I were to work as an English teacher, there’s a probability of making less than someone from the UK or anyone from a native English-speaking country.

Payment of Salaries – Non-technical jobs in Thailand, Westerners can expect high salaries, but in practice, teachers can charge up to 600 baht per hour. Moreover, the taxes you’ll pay in Thailand depends on what country you live in, your income inside Thailand, and many others.

5 Lucrative Jobs for Foreigners in Thailand

For the past decades, the number of foreigners in Thailand has increased. The fact remains that everything worth having in life requires some level of commitment. If you want to relocate to Thailand, you should know these five lucrative jobs for foreigners.

  1. Teaching Opportunity in Thailand

For the past decades, there have been teaching opportunities available for foreigners in Thailand. You may not make a fortune, but you’ll start by making enough money to establish yourself in the country.  Here, a job at the state level can give you nothing less than 30,000 to 40 000 per month.

  1. Real Estate Jobs for Foreigners

Due to the booming housing in Thailand, real estate has become a significant job opportunity for foreigners.  In fact, companies like CBRE and Absolute always employ several foreigners to help take care of their properties. Some of these jobs can range from business development to operational management positions.

  1. Freelance Writer in Thailand

Becoming a freelance writer in Thailand can be one of the loveliest things you could ever imagine.  In other countries like Qatar, where freelancing is restricted to some extent, the Thailand government permit citizens that are willing to volunteer or become a freelance writer in any organization.

Additionally, freelance writing may result in an average of $10 per hour, netting you a potential salary of approximately $1 700 every month. Besides, if you’re traveling around and you probably need cash, then you can also share your experience as a great writer.

  1. Hotel Management in Thailand

It’s quite often to see a foreigner working in Thailand bar, restaurant, or hotel, especially on the island like Phuket, Samui, and in the downtown of Bangkok. Initially, these jobs are usually given to relocating friends, but when you prove to be trusted, the large hotel chain can employ you to fill the position.

  1. Diving Instructor in Thailand

Scuba diving instructors can also be an excellent opportunity for foreigners looking to migrate to Thailand. For some people, wearing a shirt and a tie is no longer an option; that’s why many would love to explore the country. As a dive instructor, always know that your payment depends on the group course fee and agreement terms.

Other jobs you can do in Thailand as a foreigner are becoming an entrepreneur, movie industry (actor or model), energy and resource engineer, language translator, pharmacist, supply chain manager, and many others.

Bottom Line

Regardless of why you’d love to move to the Land of Smiles, the chances are that you’ll enjoy the country in terms of all facilities. Did we forget to talk about the CONs? Well, that’s why you need to check the following post on what living in Thailand entails.

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