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Moving to Kuwait Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article. 

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Have you ever thought of moving to Kuwait, but you need an expat guide to what you can expect? Interesting! You’ve come to the right place. Our guide is exceptional, packed with everything needed to relocate to your dreamland. Here, we’ll tell you about housing, visas, quality of life, and many things.

Despite the country’s size, Kuwait remains a popular destination in the world. I know the first thing you might think of is the oil. Of course, there are many things to consider aside from the oil industry. Part of this explanation is tied to the country’s economic prosperity, career prospects, and salaries.

For decades, Kuwait has been known in the world. The fact that there are no taxes to be paid in the country contributes to what makes foreigners enjoy their relocation. Now, for those who can afford it, Kuwait is one of a kind. Moreover, it’s a great place to know the Arab traditions, culture, and languages.

Does that sound interesting? YES! But we can only tell you half the story. If you want to move to Kuwait, reading this guide is a must-read one. And the experience is quite different from the Western communities. Do you want me to share something? Okay, in Kuwait, the price of gas is relatively low.

The country is surrounded by desert, while Islam is an everyday culture and life in Kuwait. Also, when you move to Kuwait, you can expect the best international schools for your children. I’m sure you’d love to hear about my first visit to Kuwait? Now, let’s get started on what moving to Kuwait entails.

5 Things I Knew While Moving To Kuwait

As mentioned earlier, I told you I’d share some of my experience before moving to Kuwait. As an ex-pat, here is some advice you should follow if you want to relocate to Kuwait. This way, your relocation will be relatively more straightforward. It would be hard to see someone sharing their personal experience, so take a look at it.

  1. You Don’t Have To Fear

In Kuwait, you have nothing to fear about.  At first, people thought I was actually insane when I announced publicly with a loud voice that I’m going to the Middle East. Surprisingly, I heard some strange voice shouting “Allahu Akbar” and running down the street. What a lovely surprise, or do we call it a joke!

I never felt embarrassed, though. Instead, I summon the courage and move on before I later saw someone that told me to fear nothing in the country. In fact, I must say to you that Kuwait is utterly safe in everyday living, even more so than my home country (Canada). Since then, I was treated well while I became famous in Kuwait city.

  1. Women Are Treated Like First-Class Citizens

Many women worry about being treated like second-class citizens in a Muslim country. In my experience, this is untrue as Kuwait love to treat his/her citizens and visitors well. In fact, what baffled me the most is when I go to the ATM, you won’t believe men had to step aside so that I can withdraw money first.

That alone is being respectful. That aside, in the supermarket, there are ‘Women priority’ lines where a lady can quickly overtake any men in the queue without complaint. Not only that but there are some malls and supermarkets that won’t allow you to enter if your wife or family doesn’t accompany you.

  1. No Restrictions in the Country

There’s nothing like restrictions in the country. I often ask people what they can access during my visitation in terms of the internet and others. Well, the good news is that for an average expat, nothing is restricted. Here, you’ll have internet access and even practice whatever religion that you want.

On the other hand, pornography is prohibited in the country. To keen further, explicit scenes in movies are censored. I knew this fact before embarking on my journey. This is because; you’ll rarely see a Muslim country that accepts a public display of porn videos, unlike South Africa.

  1. Expect a Temperature Hotter Than Fire

When you think of the Middle East, you’ll definitely imagine a vast desert with a scorching sun. It’s no doubt that Kuwait is nearly made up of the sandy Arabian Desert, with a miniature cityscape. I thought I was prepared for the heat by bringing enough regular clothes, but I was still surprised.

However, during the summer month in Kuwait, expect the temperature to reach up to 50 degrees Celsius, but this shouldn’t scare you, instead prepare more. Unless you’re accepting a job offer where you’ll be outside all day, the weather will barely affect your outlook and beauty.

  1. Adapting To the Culture, And Tradition

Moving to Kuwait can be one of the best experiences or even worst, depending on your mindset. If you adapt to life in Kuwait when it comes to culture, tradition, and lifestyle, you’ll definitely want your friends to relocate. Generally, life in Kuwait has its up and down, just like your home country.

Moreover, I think this part of the world isn’t all war zone and conflict environments. So, you’ll enjoy meeting different people, adventures, and many other enjoyable things you can think of. That’s just a little about my personal experience; let’s proceed by exploring the benefits and others items in Kuwait.

National Public Holidays in Kuwait (2021)

It’s quite essential to plan your visitation knowing the list of national holidays in Kuwait. As of 2021, Kuwait has a total of sixteen holidays. In the table below, you’ll find the details of the holidays, and when it is being observed in any part of Kuwait.  The parties may be modified if there are any changes.

Prescribed National HolidayHoliday’s DateDetails of the Holiday
New Year’s Day in KuwaitEvery 1st of JanuaryNew Year’s Day in Kuwait is the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar
National Day in KuwaitEvery February 25th of the yearNational day is one of the official public holidays in Kuwait celebrated by all citizens, including the government
Liberation Day in KuwaitEvery 26th of February Liberation day is also among the official public holidays in the country
Isra  and Miraj in Kuwait In  2021, the Isra and Miraj falls on the 11th of MarchThe Isra and Miraj  is the night journey and ascension to heaven; this day is celebrated to mark  the night that Prophet  Muhammad traveled  from Mecca to Jerusalem
Waqfat Arafat Day CelebrationCelebrated on the 19th of JulyThis is also one of the public holidays in Kuwait
June Solstice CelebrationAlways celebrated on the 21st of JuneIt’s one of the public holidays known as June Solstice in Kuwait
Prophet’s BirthdayCelebrated on the 19th of OctoberThis celebration is known as Mawlid that signifies the birth of the Prophet in the year 570 of the Gregorian calendar

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other public holidays, including the September Equinox (celebrated on the 22nd of September), Eid al-Fitr holiday, Eid al-Adha celebration, December Solstice, and the New Year’s Eve celebrated on the 31st of December.

Cost of Moving To Kuwait

Expats moving to Kuwait were once welcomed to the oil-rich country. Today, the story has changed entirely as the government began to limit foreigners in the country. In fact, working in Kuwait as a foreigner can be quite challenging with expensive relocation packages.

However, since the Muslims dominate the country, it’s relatively easy for anyone practicing this religion to travel or relocate to the country. While the government is not quite like neighboring Saudi Arabia, you should always respect Arab traditions, including their dressings and affection.

In addition, if you’re planning to relocate with your children, be rest assured of the quality education this country offers. Also, while there are many multinational companies in the country, finding a job is quite challenging compared to Qatar and other Arab nations. 

Upon your arrival, keep in mind that Kuwait is a small country with an average population of about 5.2 million. Not only that, but know that the government has a lovely island, and it’s a very conservative society which enforces strict Islamic customs and tradition. Now, let’s quickly take a look at the cost of moving.

Kuwait Visa Application and Requirement

Curious to know what types of visa applications exist in Kuwait? Well, now it’s time to explore the styles if you want to move to the country. There are many types of visa applications to Kuwait. Therefore, follow these easy step-by-step guides on applying for a Kuwait visa, its requirements, and many others.

Visit Visa in Kuwait

There are two types of visit visas in Kuwait. The first one is the business visit visa, while the second one is the visit visa for relates. In Kuwait, these visit visas are valid for entry within 90 days of issuance. This way, you can stay in Kuwait for up to 30 days after your visit visa has expired.

Multiple Entry Visa

The Multiple entry visa application allows you to enter the country anytime you want,  which is within a  year. This type of visa is recommended for a business-sponsored visa to travel to Kuwait anytime they want. However, the sponsor of this type of visa should be the Ministry of Defense.

Transit Visa in Kuwait

The transit visa in Kuwait is quite different from other visas. From the name, it implies that this type of visa is issued to people that want to pass through Kuwait to another country. Also, this visa is valid for at least seven days after issuance. Moreover, this visa can be obtained from the port authority in Kuwait or its consulates abroad. 

Furthermore, before we show a list of the visa requirements in Kuwait, always know that the visa application is not free as it will cost you a minimum of KD3 in Kuwait Embassy. While applying for a Kuwait visa, the following requirements should be taken into consideration.

  • A completed visa application with the necessary age declaration document
  • A valid passport and 1 x copy of the passport
  • Original valid residential visa for foreign national sponsors
  • latest bank statement with a good police clearance letter
  • Original health certificate stamped by the medical doctor in your previous country of residence
  • Copy of sponsor’s letter of invitation indicating the purpose of traveling or relocation
  • Reference letter from an educational institution or employer

Cost Of Living in Kuwait

In Kuwait, the cost of living depends on the kind of lifestyle you want.  When you’re negotiating a work contract, your employer must provide the cost of living. With this, you’ll know whether the job is attractive or not. Not to worry, we have a breakdown analysis of the cost of living in Kuwait. Without further ado, take a look at the table below to understand better.

Items in KuwaitPrice for SinglesPrice for CouplesPrice for Couples with two Children
Food items (2)400-500750-8001, 200-1, 500
Housing in Kuwait900-1, 5001, 050-1, 7001, 700 –  2, 100
Utilities and Leisure500-600700-9001, 000-1, 800
Insurance in KuwaitDepending on the kinds  of insurance policy but ranges from 100-200150 to 250300-700
Transportation in KuwaitThe average cost of 75-150150-250180-280
Clothing in KuwaitAn average cost of 150-180200-240200-260
Total2, 125/3, 1303, 000/4, 1404, 580/6,640

The table above shows the average cost of living in Kuwait with the Dollar as the currency used for evaluation

Interesting Facts about Kuwait

As said earlier, there are many exciting things about moving to this country.  From the remote control camel racing to one of the wealthiest populations in the world, the benefits of moving to Kuwait cannot be overemphasized. In this article, we have compiled the fun fact that’d interest you while driving to Kuwait. Without further ado, let’s walk you through the fun fact about this country.

Dependant on Oil Reserve

It’s no doubt that the country majorly relies on oil production. Meanwhile, this country has a large developed economy, but there are chances that the government might fall once the country’s oil reserves are depleted.  So, don’t be surprised that Kuwait has 10 percent of the crude oil reserves in the entire world.

A Home of Tourism

Aside from the crude oil present in the country, other attractive gardens and tourisms that’d grace your visitation to the country. In fact, Kuwait has one of the highest towers that attract tourists. This triplet of towers present in Kuwait city represents the country’s economic resurgence, and they are also known as the world tourist landmark with high skyscrapers.

Highest Literacy Rate in Arab Country

When it comes to education, Kuwait remains the leader in the literacy rate of the Arab nation. That being said, education is also accessible in the country. And this made the literacy rate even more significant than Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Aside from this fact, foreigners are also welcomed to the country regarding their education and other facilities.

Kuwait is Rich in Music Scene

When it comes to the music scene in Kuwait, it’s one of a kind. Several Arab world popular genres were born in this country. Also, the performance of the sawt is usually held during the night among a different gathering of adults (men). With this, you can expect unique entertainment other from the western culture.

Low Crime Rate in the Country

Just like Qatar that’s among the top nation in the world when it comes to safety, Kuwait has a low crime rate. That being said, you should be aware of your surroundings. And if you’re walking alone as a woman, we advise you to have a partner because police are known to have a bad attitude, and saving you may be quite challenging.

Exception of Income Tax

One of the most significant advantages of living in Kuwait is the exemption of income tax. Unlike other countries where inheritance tax, property tax, and income tax are a must, the Kuwait government has been considering establishing a system whereby the citizens wouldn’t have to pay any tax while living in the country.

Free Healthcare System

Kuwait has a state-funded healthcare system for it citizen this healthcare system provides treatment without charge to any citizens with Kuwait passport. On the other side, a unique public insurance scheme caters to a non-citizen in the healthcare system.

Finding Lucrative Jobs in Kuwait

Looking for a job opportunity can be tricky if you’re visiting Kuwait for the first time. As an expat with experience going to this country, I’ll advise you to search for opportunities before traveling. Without further ado, below is a selection of resources for a job search in Kuwait as a foreigner.

  1. Teaching in Kuwait

Teaching English in Kuwait might be the right option to secure job opportunities for the first-time visitor. There are teaching websites you can navigate your search to if you want a teaching job in the country. Also, you can browse through these sites to secure English teaching jobs. Some of them include; ESL café, Tesall, Total EsL, and many others, to mention a few.

  1. Engineering and Construction

Engineering and construction are some of the most popular jobs in Kuwait. Like any other country, Kuwait invests more in construction and electricity. This means, if you’re an engineer, it’s an added advantage to secure a job in Kuwait than any other profession. More so, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to include your talent and knowledge to develop the country.

  1. Cooking in Kuwait

Sometimes cooking in Kuwait is more enjoyable compared to teaching. In other countries, cooking is a normal thing for people working in the restaurant. But in Kuwait, the process is quite different. This is because; cooking is in high demand in the country. So, becoming a cook in international schools can be a great job as they pay high.

  1. Nurses and Doctors

In this 21st century, many people think being medical students or practitioners can only get you a good job in Canada and the United States. However, in Kuwait, nurses and doctors can always find an excellent job in this profession. If you need more information regarding nursing jobs in Kuwait, kindly contact the embassy or one of the job sites listed in this article.

How to Find Jobs in Kuwait

Expatriates workers are prevalent in the country’s economy. Additionally, more than 80 percent of the labor forces in Kuwait are foreign nationals, most coming from Asia, India, and other East countries. Surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of these people are workers with low-income jobs.

That way, many companies in Kuwait are encouraged to hire Kuwait nationals and foreigners where possible. Now, to stand the best chance of fulfilling your dream of working in Kuwait, the following should be considered.

Resume Layout

Your resume is an essential tool to secure a great job in Kuwait. Even if you have a professional qualification and certification, designing your resume/CV to meet the specific job requirement makes you stand out among others looking to secure the same position.

Navigate to the Right Platform

At first, if you use the search engines wisely, securing a job in Kuwait will be easy. Aside from that, it is a good idea to post your CV online. This idea will allow job recruiters or hiring managers to locate you if you meet the required specifications. Besides, they may even allow you to sign-up for email alerts and receive daily job posts in the country.

Find Appropriate Recruitment Agencies

Finding appropriate recruitment agencies is among the best ways to secure a job in Kuwait. Most of these recruitment agencies specialize in secretarial work, accounting, construction, catering, and many others. So, to find appropriate recruitment agencies, go to a directory of agencies.


Relocation to any destination has its advantages and disadvantages. The better prepared you want to relocate, the faster you’ll get to your dreamland. Nonetheless, the reality is, most people move to Kuwait for the money, and of course, the oil. So, read this guide carefully to know more about Kuwait.

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