Living in Dubai Expat Guide

Living in Dubai Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article. 

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Dubai is a very tolerant emirate. Just as we’ve explained in our previous article about moving to the United Arab Emirates, Dubai seems to be the most moderate in terms of applying the rules of Islam to everyone’s daily life. Living in this city will give you an endless enjoyable life with their unique traditions.

So, have you been surfing the internet to get the right information about living in Dubai? Well, look no further as this is the right platform. Here, we’ve compiled everything needed to embark on your adventurous experience. Forget about what you’ve seen and heard; living in this city is indeed amusing.

Now, why is Dubai so popular for expat? Of course, everyone knows that you don’t have to pay any income tax. However, one of the most enticing draws is the lavish lifestyle in this city. If you’re not careful, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation and extravagant night options.

Life in Dubai is termed high-tech-futuristic and luxurious. Even though the city was established in 1833, it’s just like staying in Las Vegas, without the casinos. Aside from that, the major turning point in the city’s development is the discovery of oil in the 1970s. And that’s what brought about the city’s uniqueness.

More so, Dubai is one of the cities that made up the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. All that said, Dubai has a good citizenship requirement compared to other countries. So, even if you’re visiting the city for the first time, you’re covered, but don’t expect to call yourself an Emirati on your entry.

Best Time to Live In Dubai

Before we dive into the main concept of living in Dubai, you must know the best time to live in the city.  At first, you should understand that choosing to live in Dubai means wanting to live in a desert. With that comes an extreme temperature, especially during summertime.

Moreover, you’ll definitely don’t want to spend time in Dubai from May to September. This is because; the temperatures soar, and people can just manage to scurry from one air-conditioned apartment to another. That’s why you’ll see many expat living their life in Dubai for vacation, and you’ll be wise to do the same thing.

And while there’s low rainfall to speak of, you can expect sandstorms in Dubai. This fact doesn’t decrease visibility alone but can even cause breathing difficulties. That being said, the neighborhoods in Dubai are loosely defined. This means there are no street addresses, and it could be a total nightmare to get any parcel delivered to your location.

Quality of Life in Dubai

With the hope of helping you understand the quality of life in Dubai, we’ve assessed six different factors that’d guide you while living in Dubai. However, we’re giving Dubai a solid 8.8/10 when rating the quality of life in the city. Without further ado, below are the six different factors we considered.

Cost of Living in Dubai

It’s no doubt that the cost of living in Dubai can be easily compared to London. This means that Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Cafes, restaurants, and accommodations are extremely expensive. On average, you can think of $12 for beers, while renting a luxury can cost you $5,000 a month.

Work Environment in Dubai

Even though you’re not going to Dubai to seek employment opportunities, it is excellent to know the job opportunities available in the city. We’ve compiled three workspaces that’d give you a hint to the Dubai work environment system. Without further ado, check the three working spaces below.

  • WitWork Working Space – The witwork is a workspace that’s open longer than most of the city’s competitors. Also, it is a hideout for doing productive work compared to the noisy cafes in Dubai. Besides, it opens as early as 8 am and closes at 8 pm.
  • Bisdesk Work Space – Bisdesk offers 24/7 office access in Dubai. Aside from that, it brings together different start-ups and long-established businesses for effective production and achievements.
  • MyOffice Dubai Work Space – MyOffice Dubai workspace where staff is being accommodated and given what they want. Also, the offices at MyOffice are spacious and well-equipped.

Safety and Accessibility in Dubai

Have you ever been told that Dubai police drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bugattis, and you find it difficult to believe? Well, don’t be surprised as Dubai police drive all that was mentioned. And yes, Dubai is one of the safest cities globally, with low crime rates, rape cases, and many other related crimes.

Additionally, according to the Economist’s Safe Cities Index, Dubai is even safer than Beijing and Rome. This is because; it’s such a diverse city with lots of emigrants. At the same time, pick-pocketing and muggings are unheard of in Dubai compared to other Africa continents.

With that being said, Dubai is a traditional society where public displays of affection are restricted and banned. In fact, the LGBTQ community is openly discriminated against, and Jewish citizens aren’t allowed to visit Dubai for any reason.

Entertainment Options in Dubai

In Dubai, there are many places you can splash your cash. From luxury shopping, yachting to indoor skiing, the benefits of entertainment options in this city cannot be overemphasized. And even though Dubai residents cannot consume alcohol, there are plenty of drinks for foreigners in licensed bars and restaurants.

Some of the Best Places to Eat & Drink

Simply put, the food scene in Dubai is indeed a great one. Since there are many emigrants, we’ve listed some of the cuisines in the city below.

  • Ruya Restaurant in Dubai – Ruya serves food that’s perfect for expat and its indigenes
  • Pierchic Restaurant in Dubai – This restaurant will please you with the most sophisticated taste
  • Nobu Restaurants in Dubai – This restaurant offers a unique experience, and it’s located at the Atlantis on the Palm.
  • Ronda Locatelli place – this restaurant is run and managed by Giorgio Lucatelli. For over two decades, it has been known for delivering unique Italian flavor.

Lovely Things to See and Do in Dubai

There’s so much thing to explore in Dubai. Meanwhile, you can even be overwhelmed with the things you’ll see in this city. However, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that Dubai is a luxury and record-breaking city in today’s world. Meanwhile, it has an electric mix of vast and unexplored deserts.

So, there are more things you can ever imagine. In this article, we’ve compiled the lovely things you can do in Dubai with a complete list of fun and adventure. Would you love to know the beautiful things? If you answered YES, read on and discover fun ideas to enjoy living in Dubai in this 21st century.

  1. Iconic Landmark of the UAE – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is known as the world’s tallest man-made structure and an iconic landmark in the United Arab Emirates. From this observation deck, you can witness the entire downtown of Dubai. The whole building here is 830m tall, which is almost three times higher than Eiffel Tower.

If you land on this iconic landmark, you’ll feel at the very top of the sky. Aside from this fact, the tower’s tip can be seen from as far as 95km away if the current weather that you visit allows it. However, anyone who visits Dubai can witness this world wonder, at least from the outside.

  1. Desert Safari Adventurous Trip Place

Most of the lovely things to do in Dubai are in the city. That’s what makes a desert safari different from other adventures. Also, the safari lets you discover the forgotten traditions of the desert-dwelling Arabs in the city. Moreover, safari has something up its sleeves to satiate the brave souls in the UAE.

Then as the night falls, you can enjoy this place with traditional folk dances and a delicious barbecue dinner buffet while taking a picture with the performers. Similarly, the desert activities are always wound up making convoy moves to the Bedouin camp.

  1. Luxury Shopping in Dubai

Every single and famous brand you can think of has a store in Dubai. Besides, there are giant malls in the city, and shopping is one of the most popular past-times in Dubai. After you might have marveled at the 1,200 stores in Dubai mall, you can also head to the souks for gold, spices, and much more.

  1. Lovely Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai water canal was opened towards the end of 2016. From its inception, this grand canal has become an addition to Dubai’s list of waterfront attractions. With an average of 2.7 billion AED spent to construct this 3.2 km canal, it contributes to a perfect place for a romantic outing in the evening.

Aside from this fact, the canal also looks stunning at night. Moreover, all of the lamp posts in this canal have charging stations and a good Wi-Fi connection. Also, the Dubai water canal has excellent accessibility due to its proximity to the metro and surrounding environment.

  1. Palm Jumeirah (Incredible Island)

Have you ever seen an island in the shape of a palm tree? Well, if you want to see that, look no further as you can get them all in Dubai. Not only are they just ingenious, but Dubai also made it to the largest man-made island ever built in the world. This island is so big that it can even be seen from space.

Does that sound interesting? Of course! In fact, Palm Island is a center of luxury private residences and seven-star hotels. Meanwhile, the most prominent hotel here is the Atlantis. If you’d love a brief visual tour of this island, you can board a monorail from the station near the internet city at the Palm’s trunk.

  1. World Largest Fountain

Everyone knows that the tallest building is in the United Arab Emirates. Right now, Burj Khalifa, located in the middle of the 30 acres of Burj Lake, has the world’s tallest fountain. This fountain can shoot 22,000 gallons of water over 140 meters high. At night, it has 6,600 WET lights and 25 colored projectors that beautify the whole environment.

  1. Yacht Cruise in Dubai

If you want to set off a magical journey across the rippling water, Dubai is one of a kind. Besides, you can go deep-sea fishing or relish dinner on a yacht while having endless fun. Some of the yacht cruises and related things to do in Dubai include the following.

  1. Fishing Cruise in Dubai – Fishing cruise in Dubai creates a lovely splash of excitement when you feel a tug on your line. Deep-sea fishing is awesome in Dubai. Some of the most common fish are the Grouper, Queenfish, Tuna, Snapper, and Barracuda. Also, a fish cruise will take you to the best fishing location around.
  2. Yacht Cruise Leisure – In Dubai, organizing a yacht cruise that no one will forget contributes to the lovely things to do in the city. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends or family, you will always see a luxury boat that’d convey you and at the same time cater to your needs. The smallest boat can convey up to eight people to a grand 85 ft luxury yacht.
  3. Mesmerizing Sight in Yacht Cruise – The mesmerizing sight, as the setting sun paints the city, would be one of the most cherished moments for lovers. Also, you’ll witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in your life, together with your partner. Ass soft waves rock the yacht; you’ll enjoy the cruise to your best.
  4. Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium

If you want to discover a whole underwater world, the Dubai Aquarium is one of the major attractions in the Dubai mall. It has the most significant water tank, which is home to 33,000 animals. However, this underwater zoo once held the Guinness World Record for the most extensive acrylic panel.

Fun Facts about Living in Dubai

Are you still looking for some interesting facts about Dubai? Well, it has so many unique aspects and quite a lot of tradition that’s different from Western life. Moreover, the most rewarding part of traveling or living in a new environment is to learn about their cultures and habits.

Deep inside, you should know that we are different in our cultural heritage, norms, and background. It’s not because Arabs drink Starbucks coffee in Dubai or share their experience with new phones that made the country a wonderful place. But there are some things you should know about Dubai. Below are the interesting facts about living in Dubai as of today.

  1. Weekend in Dubai

The weekend in Dubai is not on Saturday and Sunday. Not only that, but it has no longer Thursday and Friday as it used to be in most Muslim countries. Instead, a weekend in Dubai falls on Friday and Saturday. That’s why many Persian Gulf countries changed this to adapt to the financial markets.

  1. More Emigrants in Dubai

Most recent statistics disclosed that the percentage of foreigners in the UAE is more than 85 percent. With this survey, Dubai has become one of the best cities in the United Arab Emirates. Besides, most of the foreigners in Dubai are construction workers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

  1. Highest Population Growth/Premarital Sex

The population growth in Dubai has increased in recent times. With this, the city remains a popular destination for foreigners from different parts of the world. Conversely, with this population, premarital sex and kissing in public are illegal. So, you should know this before planning a trip to Dubai.

  1. No income Tax/Address System

In the recent past, the city is known for no income tax options for business or personal tax. In fact, as we speak, there’s nothing of such in the town. Similarly, Dubai has no standard address system, unlike the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

  1. Only Foreigners can Consume Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is strictly controlled in Dubai and other cities in the United Arab Emirates. Aside from this known fact, alcoholic drinks are only served in licensed hotels and clubs. Only residents with foreign nationals must have a permit to drink alcohol at home or in any licensed region.

  1. Dancing in Public is Provocative

Have you ever thought that dancing could be provocative in a country? Of course, in Dubai, dancing in public is a big no-no. Even if you’re walking along with a restaurant with excellent lively music, you should not dance but instead walk away. With this fact, you should be able to control yourself in the city.

  1. Consumption of Water

Dubai people consume more water compared to other foreigners. With 550 liters per person per day, UAE’s water consumption is on the rise. One of the reasons for this is because of their weather and temperature. That’s why vertical cooling systems are often a significant priority to the citizens.

Other CONS of Living in Dubai

While living in Dubai can be interesting, there are other disadvantages of living in this city. If you’re willing to relocate to this beautiful land, you should know the benefits as well as the advantages. Forget about what you’ve been reading; other cons of living in Dubai include the following.

  1. You’ll Need a VPN

The United Arab Emirates government has blocked all the websites that deem offensive in Dubai. So, if you want to access many websites in this city, you’ll definitely need a VPN connection. While the government says the VOIP is blocked, some residents of communist North Korea and China still have access to these inexpensive calls. That’s why a strong VPN connection is highly recommended in Dubai.

  1. High Modern-day Slavery

Modern-day slavery is becoming rampant in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates encourages businesses to hire people from other developing countries to work in the city. Not only that, but they have them sign contracts that are a decade long before the person is released.

Also, these poor people are promised a particular pay, but the company won’t tell them that their cost of living will be deducted from their paychecks. In fact, the company may hold back their paychecks for months, and when the company strikes, these people will be jailed due to the strike.

  1. Expensive Lifestyle

Since you know that Dubai is home to luxury shopping, living costs may be pretty expensive depending on your budget. That’s why the United Arab Emirates is home to vacation for many foreigners. And if you decide to live in Dubai, you should be able to withstand the expensive lifestyle.

  1. Dangerous Taxi Drivers

While the cost of living is expensive in Dubai, traveling by taxi is still inexpensive. With this, taxi drivers can work very hard, making them forget to shower for several days. Moreover, many of these drivers have just as much difficulty finding their way but add to this third-world country, remember to buckle up for safety.

Cultural Awareness and Lifestyle in Dubai

To avoid repetition, be aware that Dubai is an Arab emirate. Islamic religion impacts the citizens, and they prioritize their life in this order. Aside from that, the calls to prayers occur five times a day while the Muslim women are respected, unlike the western culture where everyone seems to be the same.

Furthermore, English is a common language in Dubai. The citizens are generally friendly and also eager to make new friends. Here, you can get almost anything delivered at any time. Dubai is a fun city that caters to both the young and old. Parties are often in several hotels on Friday night, and you can array of foods. Meanwhile, there are a wide variety of alternative medicines to cater to your health.


Would you like to spend your next trip or vacation in Dubai? Or you want to start a new life in the city? The ultimate living in Dubai guide will help you! We’ve compiled a summary of what to expect in this city. So, discover what life is like in Dubai, get the low down on living the expat life, and explore the world.

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