What Are The Easiest Countries In The World For Expats To Move Their Pets With Them

What Are The Easiest Countries In The World For Expats To Move Their Pets With Them – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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For some expat, pets are always a priority whenever they’re moving to a new country. Since they think pets are part of their lives, they shouldn’t get left behind. Though relocating with a pet is never as simple as just buying them a plane ticket, there are some places in the world where it’s just a little easier.

What Are The Easiest Countries In The World For Expats To Move Their Pets With Them

In fact, some might find it difficult to adjust to the expat lifestyle. Therefore, keep in mind that some pets may not be able to adapt to the change in environment. But if you’re willing to turn your pet into expat pets, we’ve got you covered with the best places to relocate with your beloved companions.

For many expats, the question of what to do with their furry, feathered, and finned friends when they emigrate is truly perplexing today. Not to mention the related problem, you’ll likely have to prepare for the following:

  • Obtaining a pet passport and heath certificate as also import the certificate as it requires
  • Researching what vaccinations are required by law in your chosen destination
  • Arranging transport of your pet by land, air, or sea
  • Teaching pets to take particular commands in a foreign language or even how to speak is a great way to prepare them for life abroad.

In this article, we will walk you through the best countries to relocate to with your pet. Not only is that, but we have compiled the things to consider before bringing your pet to the country. Moreover, you’ll understand how much pet relocation costs and many others. Would you love to know more? Read further!

Tips to Travelling with Pets

What Are The Easiest Countries In The World For Expats To Move Their Pets With Them

A long-distance move can be a stressful event for anyone, including your pet too. So, if you’re moving to a new city or province, and you’re moving with pets, you’re likely worried for their wellbeing. There’s no need to panic – we’ve compiled the following tips to help you turn moving with pets across the country into a safe, event enjoyable and incident-free experience.

1.    Visit Your Veterinarian in Advance

Before you travel to a new country with your pet, it’s quite essential that you visit the veterinarian to know the health status of your pets. If possible, explain the situation to your veterinarian and ask for advice to keep your pet content.

Also, it may be a good idea to de-worm pets before you leave as parasites weaken the immune system, which may already be compromised due to the stress of the move.

2.    Create a Travel Kits for your Pet

Another thing to put into consideration while traveling to a new country is your pet kits. At a minimum, you’ll want a basic first aid kit, veterinary records, plenty of your pet’s regular food, bowls designed for traveling, water from home, and many others, to mention a few.

In addition to this pet travel kit, it’s a good idea to pack extra food, just if you cannot find your brand at your new destination. In that case, you can make your pet adjust gradually and avoid stomach problems.

3.    Pet Identification

Since you’re moving to a new country for the first time with your pet, it’s crucial to go with a tag. Should the worst happen and your pet is lost or stolen, you’ll want to optimize the chance your pet is returned to you, right?

Of course, that’s why you need to update your pet tag with cell phone numbers and a new address, keeping collars and leashes on them at all times. Besides, it’s good to have recent photos of your pet. Better yet, you can microchip your animals, and if they do become separated from the collars, there will still be a way of identifying them.

4.    Pet Registration and Licensing

We’re sure you won’t want to travel to a place without having the right licensing and registration of your dog, right? If that sounds like a yes, pet licensing and registration is necessary. Each province has different rules and procedures for pet licensing and registration.

Therefore, check the requirements in the province of your new home before you arrive in the country. More so, you can gather the necessary paperwork and be ready to register your animals within the first week.

5.    Booking Hotels in Advance

Although many hotels are now pet-friendly, this is by no means a majority trend and what you should consider. In that case, plan your route according to reasonable distances you can cover each day and research the best pet-friendly hotels in your destination. Once you’ve found the right place willing to accept your pets, you can therefore reserve the place in advance.

6.    Make Frequent Stop and Fun

While relocating your pet to a long-distance journey, there’s a probability that they’d get tired. In that case, turn moving, even a long journey, into a fun experience for your pet by frequently stopping at interesting places. Besides, dogs, as well as leash-trained cats and rabbits, can all take walks to enjoy different scenery and smells.

7.    Send your Pets for Vaccination

Your pets must have a valid vaccination against canine distemper, supported by vaccination records upon arrival at your chosen destination. If your pet is a cat, ensure you have a valid vaccination against cat flu and cat enteritis supported by vaccination records upon arrival in your new location.

What Are The Easiest Countries In The World For Expats To Move Their Pets With Them

How Much Does Pet Relocation Costs in 2021?

Whether you’re planning to move a pet across a new country or around the world, you’ll likely struggle to find a straight-up answer to this question ‘how much does it cost to relocate a pet’ Just like we travel; there’s no one-size-fits-all the total cost of relocating your pet. But you should consider the following factors before planning your relocation process:

  • How many pets are you relocating to a new country at once
  • Which location are you moving them from
  • Where’s the destination you’re moving them too
  • The type of pets you’re relocating and the breed
  • Know the kind of transportation you’re moving with
  • Understand the required costs the process will entail

Pet Relocation Costs

As of today, we can tell you that there are different costs when it comes to pet relocation. In fact, each move is different, and the cost will even depend upon how much and what to do. Besides, some countries have a base professional fee to cover your time, and then your move components are added in, per the pet owner’s need.

At a minimum, you’ll book the flight and do the required airline documents. In addition, there are tons of variables that will affect your overall spending while relocating with your pet. Some of these include; country of location, destination, and animal type.

In that case, do your research ahead of time to get a sense of what to budget. Regardless of your plan to relocate, having pets is often a strike against your rental application. Even in places where it’s illegal for landlords to discriminate against pet owners, you’ll likely get other reasons why your application might be denied. Aside from the landlord’s bias, issues are finding a suitable place to have enough money.

Countries Suitable for Pet Relocation in the World

Are you seriously considering an overseas move with your pet? We’ve got you covered. In fact, we’re excited for you about your opportunity. For many expats, this has been the question; what are the best countries to relocate with my pet? Without further ado, below are the countries suitable for pet relocation.

1.    France

This is one of the first countries when it comes to relocating with your pet. As a nation of dog lovers, France is the perfect place for those who are attached to their four-legged friends even till today. With dogs permitted to enter the country, shops, and even various locations, you can take your canine almost anywhere. So, what’s more? Just know that it’s quite easy to relocate your pet to France today.

2.    Australia

If you want to travel with your pet but are looking to move somewhere other than France, Australia should be your next destination, of course. Not only is that, but brimming with beautiful beaches and numerous national parks, your pet can truly enjoy the freedom of the outdoor in this country. In fact, you can easily see pets on public transport in this country.

Meanwhile, you must follow the rules, as this could allow you to travel anywhere in the country without limitation. However, Australia does boast strict animal-impact laws in order to manage better various bio-security risks involved. With that being said, both cats and dogs are required to be quarantined on arrival. Meanwhile, after your pet is quarantined, you might not be able to visit them until after 10 days.

3.    United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another place to put into consideration while moving with your pet. Whether you’re moving to the United Kingdom or are visiting a family member or close friend, there’s plenty of things for your pet to do.

From many chances to run in the gorgeous gardens and parks across the country to the ease of traveling on the London Underground free of charge, the benefits of relocating with your pet to the United Kingdom cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, to bring your pet, you must ensure that it has been microchipped, has a valid pet passport, and has been vaccinated against rabies.

4.    Switzerland

If you’re a person who’s compassionate with animals and planning to relocate with your pets, Switzerland is the right place. Also, before bringing in a pup home, the first-time owners are encouraged to join a training program.

This way, you’ll know how to keep and care for your pets, not affected by the new environment and weather conditions. More so, it comes as no surprise that pets in this country are treated with utmost dignity. Not only is that, but Switzerland is known as an Oasis for animals as of today’s world.

5.    Canada

Are you planning to relocate to Canada, and you’ve been thinking about your pet? Worry less, as Canada has made it to the list of countries suitable for pets. In fact, Vancouver has eight dog-friendly beaches and a pet-friendly ski resort, as well as Calgary, which offers more off-leash spaces than most other cities of the world.

6.    Germany

Since its inception, Germany has always been known as the nation other countries must look up to as an example of humanely treating stray animals. That being said, this country strictly follows a no-kill policy, and Berlin is home to the largest animal sanctuary in the entire European continent, which houses nearly 2,000 animals. So, if you’re planning to venture abroad with your pet, this is the right place.

7.    Hungary

It’s no doubt that Hungary is among the best countries in the world for expats to move their pets. Hungary makes much of animal welfare with measurement, laws, and guidelines, ensuring that animals are treated decently and even with respect.

A good example is the ear and tail cropping that is strictly prohibited among all dog breeds, and spraying as well as neutering are easily accessible and affordable to prevent the country’s contribution to the big stray dog population crisis.

8.    The Netherlands

This country has every dog’s back with many dog-designated areas such as parks, campsites, and beaches, which guarantee quality time with your pup. Also, in many of the dog play areas, expats don’t have to clean up after their dogs, as it’s been taken care of by the city.

Adding to the Netherland’s care for pets, laws prevent individuals with criminal records from becoming dog owners. Meanwhile, be careful of bicycles, as both you and your expat dog may find it difficult at first to get used to the heavy load of cyclists in the city.

9.    Austria

Austria is another place that’s convenient for pet relocation. When it comes to fighting animal cruelty, Austria has enacted laws that protect pets, making it a gorgeous place to live as well. Aside from this fact, they’ve always been on top of different animal-related scams and banned online ads for selling pets. Additionally, it’s also illegal to sell animals in pet stores, and forcing training methods is prohibited.

5 Worst Countries for Dogs in 2021

Having understood the best countries suitable to relocate with your pet, it’s quite essential that you know the opposite. Primarily, we considered animal welfare statistics from the world animal protection international database. On the flip side, below are the worst countries for dogs in 2021.

a)    Japan

If you’ve been planning to relocate with your pets to this country, it would be better to have another plan. In fact, statistics show that Japanese nationals legally kill approximately 500 dogs and cats every day, and about 300,000 pets in total are cruelly killed each year using means such as poisoning or suffocation. This way, Japan is not the best place when it comes to relocating with your pets.

b)    China

Don’t ever think about bringing a pet to China because the locals hardly play with pets. Also, you’ve likely seen the many stories about the poor treatment of dogs in China, so that we won’t focus on the details of the treatment, but suffice it to say, with no animal welfare laws existing in China. More so, dogs simply do not fare well there, and there’s a serious animal cruelty problem in China today.

c)    Egypt

Similar to China, Egypt is no different when it comes to maltreating animals. Besides, very few laws exist against causing animal suffering, and it’s not uncommon to keep animals alike in the country. This is because; they are poorly protected, and no proper guide or protection from the government.

Furthermore, Egypt also regulates uses of animals for scientific research, and local communities often see the torturous treatment of stray animals by both adults and children. Unlike China, there doesn’t seem to be any improvements on the horizon, and this country has one of the longest ways to fix animal cruelty-related problems.

d)    Greece

Even as of today, Greece is known to have an overwhelming problem with stray dogs. This is a daily occurrence to read about the pets being poisoned in an attempt to get rid of them simply. Research also made it known that some years ago, the government decided to poison thousands of dogs before the Olympics to clean up the streets. And it is not uncommon to seek Greek dogs being kept on chains.

e)    Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately for those pet or precisely dog lovers considering relocating to Saudi Arabia, just know that canines are viewed to be quite unclean by the locals. As such, dogs are just not widely welcomed in the country, and the small percentage of dogs kept in the country must be working dogs.

What You Should Know about Relocating Pets

Since flying to a different country with your pet is not as easy as you think, there are always elaborate procedures to follow. Remember, every country has different regulations, which change depending on the country you’re traveling from. In a nutshell, below are the things you should know.

Import Requirements

One of the first things to do in an international pet relocation is to follow the import requirements of the country you’re traveling to accurately. This is because; each country has different regulations, and they change based on the country you’re flying from.

Country’s Categories

Most countries have categorized the countries in the world into three different groups depending on the rabies status of the country you’re moving to. These country’s categories include; rabies-free countries, rabies-controlled countries, and high-rabies countries. This means, if you’re relocating your pet to a new one in the same category as yours, the process is usually straightforward.


When you’re planning to relocate your pet to a new destination, it’s always essential to have a record of your pet’s vaccination. Rabies and other core vaccinations such as DHLPP are mandatory for dogs during international travel to any country. This way, keep your pet vaccination current by giving booster shots on time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Relocation

How does pet relocation work today?

Pet relocation companies boast the ability to serve the entire world regarding the location. Not only is that, but the practice itself is fairly straightforward; a relocation agency typically picks up your pet at your home, check your pet at the departure airport, clears the pet through customs on arrival, and delivers it to their owner’s home.

How do I prepare my pet for a move?

As mentioned earlier in this article, there are many ways to relocate with your pet. At first, you need to stay calm, update your dog and cat tags, visit the vet, keep your pet’s favorite things, stick to routines as much as possible, and introduce them to their crate or kennel. These are some of the things to take into consideration when preparing to relocate your pet overseas.

Does your pet get depressed when you move them?

Since research made it known that major changes in a dog’s life could lead to periods of depression, it’s always better to avoid any sort of distractions. They may include; moving into a new home, a new spouse or baby in the household, or adding another pet. This means; even a change in the dog’s schedule, for instance, a stay-at-home owner who takes a job, can cause a dog to get down.

Can my dog be homesick when I relocate it?

Of course, the answer is an absolute yes. Just like humans, your dog can get used to surroundings and depend on how bonded your dog is with your folks. This way, they may or may not show any sign of depression, anxiety, and even general homesickness.


Asking the right question when relocating your pet abroad is essential. And that’s why we’ve compiled this article to meet your requirements and guide you through the process. Also, keep in mind that those exotic pets require special permits to move internationally. Nonetheless, you can refer to this guide to understand more about relocating your pet to the best country suitable for them to survive.

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