Moving To The Cayman Islands In 2021

Moving To The Cayman Islands In 2021 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Moving to the Cayman Islands may be the best decision you’ve ever made this year. But there are a lot of details to consider before you arrive on the island, move into the new home, unpack, start a new job and finally put your feet in the sand. And one thing you need to ask yourself is, does it worth it?

Moving To The Cayman Islands In 2021

Of course, if you love moving to a tropical island, this is an opportunity to live the dream. There are a number of reasons why people choose to reside in the Cayman Islands. While some people would love to enjoy their retirement lifestyle on this island, others find it a place to enjoy what the land has to offer.

As one of the most prosperous British colonies in the Caribbean region, the Cayman Islands prove itself to be heaven on Earth. With the island’s crystalline waters and luxurious beaches that attract millions of tourists every year, the benefits of moving to this Cayman Island cannot be overemphasized.

However, Cayman Island is known worldwide as an offshore financial center, making it all the more appealing to expats planning to move into this British Overseas Territory. Moreover, these Cayman Islands are three small islands with around 55 thousand inhabitants, lying in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba.

Have you been surfing the internet to get the right information about this wonderful land? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered here. In this article, we will walk you through the guide to moving to the Cayman Islands. Not only is that, but we’ve compiled some of the tips that’d help your relocation. Does that sound interesting? If you answered yes, continue reading to know what we have for you.

Top 7 Reasons to Move to the Cayman Islands

Moving To The Cayman Islands In 2021

There are a number of reasons why this cosmopolitan archipelago is attracting families. For parents, the economic aspect of living in a tax-neutral jurisdiction is intriguing. Beyond these considerations is the standard of living. Not to mention all, below are the top seven reasons you’d love to relocate to the Cayman Islands.

1.    Safety and Security Measures

Since it’s a small island in British territory, we can tell you that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. Perhaps, in the world, Cayman Island is a place where children can safely play outdoors, and families have little concern for personal security. That being said, there’s a strong sense of community where neighbors look out for each other, and families often come together for any social events.

2.    Education in Cayman Island

This is another reason why you see people choose Cayman Island. In fact, we can tell you that it is well regarded for its excellent schools offering both British and American curriculums. More so, students in this island regularly meet or exceed international levels on standard tests and matriculate to top schools in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Aside from this, education is free for citizens of the Cayman Islands, whereas residents must send their children to private schools. Meanwhile, the fees at these facilities are competitive to tuition costs at private day schools in Canada and the United States, while facilities are the first-rate.

3.    Healthcare System in the Cayman Islands

The healthcare system on this island is also another reason why you need to relocate. As research disclosed, over 1,000 healthcare professionals serve the Cayman Islands population of approximately 65,000 residents, and there are 4.5 doctors per 1,000 residents, providing peace of mind to those who are sometimes hesitant about the availability of medical services in the Caribbean.

In addition, there are four hospitals on Grand Cayman, with plans for the development of a fourth hospital and over 200 registered healthcare facilities, bringing medical expertise from around the world. This gives high expertise around the world to provide high-quality healthcare to the population of the Cayman Islands.

4.    Recreational & Outdoor Activities

Approximately 300 days of sunshine annually and warm weather year-round mean there is lots of time for outdoor play and to learn new sports in this territory. Not only is that, but there are popular after-school activities and facilities such as sailing, swimming, horseback, golfing, scuba diving, and many others, to mention a few.

Also, you can see varieties of indoor facilities, including a gymnastic center and basketball. Moreover, it is common for children to a number of sports and has busy after-school schedules.

Moving To The Cayman Islands In 2021

5.    Art and Culture of the Cayman Islands

The art and culture of Cayman Island is another thing to put into consideration while planning to relocate. Here, children find a number of wonderful arts and culture programs in the Cayman Islands. Meanwhile, dance, performing art facilities, and music instructions are plentiful, as does instruction in fine art at facilities such as the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

That being said, The Cayman National Cultural Foundation offers a Young at Arts summer program and a Young Image Makers Short Film competition. Besides, children can also participate in Junior Batabano, a family-friendly street carnival for Cayman’s youth.

6.    Standard Of Living

The Cayman Islands is recognized for offering one of the highest standards of living in the world. This is solely because; they have modern infrastructures, well-appointed grocery stores, reliable utilities, communications, and quality residential properties that all contribute to the ease of living in the islands.

While traffic has increased in recent years due to the growth currently being experienced, we can tell you that it’s still doesn’t compare to the congestion found in urban and suburban living elsewhere in the world.

7.    Ease of Access and Pets

When families move abroad, an important consideration is the ease of access for friends and relatives to visit. And of course, with more than 55 nonstop flights on a weekly basis year-round, a modern airport, and a fixed-base operator (FBO), Cayman is one of the easiest locales to reach in the Caribbean from Canada and the United States of America.

Charming Facts about the Cayman Islands in 2021

Are you ready to visit the Cayman Islands, but you’re still wondering what could make you visit the place? Well, you need to know these charming facts. More so, you can prepare for the fullest adventure here possible by studying up these charming facts about the Cayman Islands. This way, you’ll learn a bit about their culture, which will only help you enjoy your stay even more than you thought possible.

Scuba Diving History

If you don’t know today, this should be an avenue for you to understand the history of scuba diving. As research made it known, it was in the Cayman Islands that scuba diving developed into the wonderful hobby (and, for some, professional preoccupation) that it is today. This wonderful aquatic pastime was first introduced in the year 1957. And as of today, numerous dive sites are scattered throughout the Cayman Islands. This ensures that divers, both local and international, will have a great experience in the country.

Pirate Week Celebration

One of the places that you’d ever see such a thing happen in Cayman Island. Here, the pirate week is celebrated from November 12-22. Not only is that, but there are plenty of fun events and activities, including a mock invasion by sea pirates. Exciting and always innovative, this is one event that you’d always want to participate in if you happen to be in the area by November.

Driving on the Left

If you’re just relocating to this country or island for the first time, you need to understand that the driving is on the left. Unlike other western countries, driving is on the left-hand side of the road. And this is solely because; the Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory.

However, hiring a car is the best way to see the islands as it allows total flexibility and the option to stop off at one of the many secluded beaches. On the other hand, Grand Cayman has one main road looping around the entire island, and signposts are clear and frequent in the Cayman Islands.

Experiencing Underwater Fairy Dust

Cayman Islands is one of the places in the Caribbean where you can enjoy and experience underwater fairy dust. Here, a secret lagoon on Grand Cayman is one of a handful of places in the world where the phenomenon of ‘bioluminescence’ can be found.

This way, it is best described as the underwater fairy dust, and it is caused by a single cell organism reacting with the water, which results in a green or blue light. Not only is that, but it can be experienced on nights when there’s a new moon by kayaking into the lagoon.

Home to Rarest Species

If you’ve wanted to see the rarest species in the world, but you don’t know the right place to visit, you’re on the right track as the Cay islands are the right choice. This makes the destination (Cayman Islands) a haven for nature-lovers because it is home to some incredibly rare species.

For example, the blue iguana, which was saved from almost total extinction by an extensive breeds program, and the rarest orchid in the world, the endemic Ghost Orchid. Meanwhile, the red-footed booby colony on Little Cayman is the largest breeding colony of these birds in the western hemisphere.

Home to Tourism Industry

As disclosed earlier, Cayman Island is suitable for nature-lovers. On the flip side, the tourism industry in the Cayman Islands is flourished. In fact, Seven Mile Beach is considered one of the primary attractions in Grand Cayman. Also, there are notable resorts and hotels that you can spot on the island.

However, you can walk along the beach and pass the public beach bars, resorts, and hotels, for they are considered public property. Meanwhile, another attraction in Grand Cayman is Pedro St. James castle, located in Savannah.

Home to Impressive Attractions

Another impressive attraction to think of in Cayman Island is the Kittiwake. This place is forbidden for the people to take anything from the site. But, the locals and expatriates can enjoy a wonderful view of marine life in the Kittiwake. Meanwhile, you can spot the urchins, squirrelfish, sponges, and many other things, to mention a few.

Cost of Living in the Cayman Islands

From the cost of a car to your first house rent, there are many things you need to know when it comes to the Cayman Islands. In this section, you’ll learn about the average cost of renting an apartment and typical monthly household running costs. Without further ado, below are the costs of living in Cayman.

General Expenses

From the cost of a bath towel and an alarm clock to the cost of monthly rent on a one-bedroom and standard health insurance fees, Cayman residents break it all down for expats on the handy table below. Also, we’ve provided a comprehensive expenses table of the general costs for goods and services.

Goods and ServicesCI$
Studio Apartment in CI$1,400
One-bedroom apartment in CI$2,200
Three-bedroom apartment, CI$3,800
Electricity in Cayman islands$320
Water in Cayman Island$100
Internet connection in CI$100
Bath Towel in CI$12
Dentist consultation in CI$85
Hospital Daily rate (semi-private)$495
Batteries (Duracell pack of 4)$4.50
Coca Cola (6 pack cans)$4.8

Best Places to Stay in the Cayman Islands for First Timer

Infamous across the world as a major tax haven for expatriates, Cayman Island isn’t just for the rich and famous, but they are meant for lower-class people and tourism enthusiasts. Also, most visitors arrive as part of a Caribbean cruise, but it’s totally worth considering as a destination in its own right.

Scuba diving is popular among tourists, and thanks to the crystal clear waters and diverse marine life that makes this place a wonderful destination. Stretched across three islands to the south of Cuba, it’s important to know where to live on this island. If you want to maximize your time, you need to read this section to make sure you choose the right place. Without further ado, below are the places to consider.

1.    George Town

This is one of the first places to take into consideration. It is home to both the biggest harbor and the airport, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll arrive in George Town. Aside from this fact, this is the city in the territory, and it offers the most diverse range of activities by far.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for history, beaches, and lovely cuisine, you’ll find it in George Town. For this reason, it’s our first pick when it comes to expat destinations in the Cayman Islands. On the other hand, George Town is home to a variety of tour guides and excursion providers offering trips across Grand Cayman.

Creative Retreats

●        The Sanctuary

One of the best creative retreats in George Town is the sanctuary. This gorgeous boutique apartment is located just outside Central George Town in the Grand Harbour region. While this place is home to several attractions in its own right, we can confidently tell you that it is well connected to the heart of the capital. With colorful facades and breezy shores, the resort has an artsy and laid-back feel to it.

●        Hidden Villa

If you’ve been looking to splurge in Cayman Island, look no further. This is because; hidden villa will give your trip an exclusive vibe, as it comes with its own little slice of beach. Meanwhile, the oceanfront cabana is a romantic little hideout, with stunning sunset views across the Caribbean Sea

Few Things to See & Do in George Town

  • You can start your enjoyment at the Cayman Islands national museums if you’re interested in history
  • The Wreck of call is a shipwreck just off the coast
  • You can explore the most popular part of Seven Mile beach that starts from George Town
  • You can also explore the Margaritaville Grand Cayman, which is an iconic restaurant

2.    Bodden Town

Since Cayman Island is an expensive destination, you should expect a cool and expensive lifestyle in Bodden town. Here, you’ll have to come fully prepared, having enough money that’d sustain you. That being said, Bodden town makes your adventure a little bit easier and more fun. This is because; they have so many restaurants and accommodations that are more affordable.

Furthermore, you’ll also get to see the real Grand Cayman. Also, cultural attractions are quite laid-back here, but you’ll get a more authentic view of the Island and its population. More so, the Bodden town is far enough off the beaten path to provide a unique experience, while close enough to George Town to offer quick transport links.

Trendy Villa & Rustic Retreat in this Town

●        Oceanfront Suites

This villa is on the splurge end of the scale, but it offers an affordable lifestyle for expatriates. Not only is that, but it comes with stunning views of the ocean, which can be admired from the infinity pool. Nevertheless, you’ll have your own private stretch of oceanfront away from the tourist crowds.

●        Castaway by the Sea

This romantic hideaway is perfect for couples on a budget, and it’s only a two-minute walk from central Bodden Town. Not only is that, but there are also some great caves and hiking trails nearby, making this among our top picks for adventure travelers heading to the Cayman Islands.

Few Things to See & Do in Bodden Town

  • You can enjoy some locally sourced seafood at Grape Tree Café
  • Opportunity to explore the Bodden Town Mission House, a somber attraction to its darker parts and are a must-visit to learn about the area’s past
  • This town runs along the length of the town, offering locally-owned boutiques where you can grab some truly unique souvenirs

3.    West Bay (The Best Area in Cayman Island for Families)

West Bay is at the northern tip of the beach and is a much more peaceful area than George Town. Not only is that, but it is a great choice for families looking to avoid the major tourist crowds, though you’ll have to prepare to splash out a little. Meanwhile, this is one of the best destinations for couples, because it is more popular among families and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cayman Island

What makes Cayman special?

Undoubtedly, Cayman is stunningly beautiful. Aside from this fact, the native flora and fauna are distinct and utterly fascinating. More so, marine life is out of this world and attracts divers and snorkelers from all over the globe. In fact, over 650 different species of plants have been found in the forests of Cayman.

Is the Cayman Islands a good place to live?

The Cayman Islands is recognized for offering one of the highest standards of living in the world today. Meanwhile, modern infrastructure, well-appointed grocery stores, reliable utilities, communications, and quality residential properties all contribute to the ease of living in the Islands.

Why Is Cayman Island so Expensive?

Due to local tax laws, many international businesses and wealthy people conduct their financial dealing in the Cayman Islands. Also, several basic items, such as eggs and toothpaste, cost nearly double the price that they do in other countries. So, be expecting an expensive lifestyle while relocating to the island.

Which is better, Aruba or Cayman?

We can tell you that Aruba is better for vacation if you look for picturesque beaches with luxury resorts and exotic off-road adventures. On the flip side, a vacation to Grand Cayman is better if you want to spend full days snorkeling around beautiful coral reefs, scuba diving to old shipwrecks, and lounging under big cabanas.

Is Cayman Island safe for tourists?

Well, we can tell you that the Cayman Islands are very safe and a great vacation destination. Not only is that, but the high level of safety is one of the reasons why so many families vacation to Cayman every year. And more so, over 2-million tourists visit the Cayman Islands every year, and virtually no one has any issues.


Moving to the Cayman Islands is an opportunity to live in the Caribbean with fabulous beaches. These islands are known for their tropical climate, pleasurable way of life, and friendly people. If Cayman Island seems your next destination, you may refer to this guide to understand more about moving to the Caribbean.

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