Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit part 2 – Cons of Living in the U.K

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit part 2 – Part one is here.

10 Reasons Why Britons Consider Moving Abroad

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

Moving to another country is a very serious decision, but it is one that many Britons are making. At the moment, there are more than 800,000 British people who have moved overseas, and they often cite the same reasons for moving abroad as their motivation.

Most of those who consider leaving Britain do so because of work or love interests, but others move with no other motivation than to start a new life in another country. There are, however, some common reasons for moving which keep cropping up over and over again. Here are ten of them!

1)    Work

The reason many Britons choose to move abroad is to find work. It’s certainly true that the UK has high unemployment rates considering its economic standing and many Britons feel that lack of career opportunities can be a big factor.

It’s not just working abroad that will do it – even finding work in another part of the UK would count – but people often mention their desire to move overseas as they feel this is more likely to provide them with an exciting and fulfilling job.

2)    Education

Another major motivation for moving is to access better education. Many Britons choose to move nations when they hit university age, especially if their parents are unwilling or unable to pay for an elite education in the UK. Some also move abroad when they are children to attend international schools. Others want to access further education opportunities.

3)    Love and Romance

The most common motivation for leaving Britain – and also what many that do so go on to regret – is love. Men and women often move abroad to live with a new partner or spouse. This rarely works out long-term as it can be very difficult to maintain a relationship between two countries. Still, it can be a fantastic short-term solution for anyone looking to escape their past life.

4)    Retirement

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

Many Britons retire abroad, especially to warmer European nations where they can enjoy the better climate and lower living costs that come with this decision. Again, moving abroad is rarely anything but positive regarding retirement.

This is because; it gives people a chance to enjoy their life while they are still relatively young and fit enough to travel, but it is a decision that needs serious consideration as living costs in many countries can be higher than those in the UK and pensions and healthcare might not be available.

5)    Lifestyle

Britons often move abroad because of the lifestyle benefits – including climate, culture, and cost of living – that come with moving to a different country. Many people who move abroad for no other reason than this also regret it, but others find that they enjoy their new life much more than their old one once they get used to the changes in lifestyle that moving brings about.

6)    The Cost Of Living

Another commonly cited reason for moving abroad is the lower cost of living. Many Britons are unable to buy property in the UK at the moment, despite their strong desire to do so, because prices are too high. While some choose instead to rent in their home nation, others move overseas where they can get more space for less money.

7)    Quality Of Life

Another reason people often mention when discussing why they want to move abroad is the quality of life. Living in Britain can be difficult because it is so crowded, there are too many rules and regulations which govern daily life, and it has terrible weather for half the year.

Moving to another country gives Britons a chance to experience all of this for themselves and discover that there are plenty of other places in the world where they would rather live.

8)    Healthcare and Pensions

Moving abroad can also be a great way to gain access to better healthcare and a better pension. Many Britons feel that the NHS is not delivering what they need and that they might do better elsewhere in Europe or further afield, while those who retire abroad often claim their pension will go further than it would at home.

9)    Tourism and Travel

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

For some, moving abroad is simply about the desire to travel and experience new cultures. Brits who move abroad to another country for this reason often return home after a short period, but others settle permanently and never look back. For those who move abroad as tourists, quality of life can be more important than the cost of living, and the weather might not matter much.

10) Job Opportunities

Many Britons move abroad to accept new job offers because they have been offered a position in another country which is hard to pass up. This can be an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to progress in their career, but it usually means saying goodbye to friends and family.

5 Cons of Living in the U.K

Every country has its pros and cons, but it’s better to relocate outside the U.K after Brexit. Above, we listed some of the best countries to reside as Brits. If you’re still unsure of this decision, consider these five cons below.


The U.K.’s income tax rates are high compared to other industrialized countries. Income below £8,865 per year is taxed at 20%, and the rate increases incrementally to 40% for any income above £150,000. However, basic groceries and other necessities are exempt from this tax. Capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and value-added tax (VAT) are other costs associated with living in the U.K.

Commute Times

Compared to other industrialized countries, employees in the U.K have longer commute times — on average, 26 minutes compared to 22 minutes for all other industrialized nations. This is because many people rely on public transportation rather than cars.

Socialized Medicine

The National Health Service, or NHS, is the U.K.’s version of socialized medicine. Under this system, all citizens are insured for medical care via taxes paid to the government. However, due to a lack of facilities and resources, patients must wait several months before undergoing surgery.

Another con of the U.K.’s version of socialized medicine is that it can be very expensive for people who do not qualify for subsidies under this system.

Poor Weather Conditions

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

UK’s location on the western coast leaves it open to rain, fog, and cloudy skies much more often than many other industrialized countries. For example, London gets only 6.5 hours of sunshine per day on average, compared to 9 hours in Rio de Janeiro and 11 hours in Los Angeles.

Isolation from Mainland Europe

The U.K.’s location on an island off the coast of mainland Europe gives it relative insulation from terrorist attacks as well as immigration from mainland Europe. However, this isolation can also give rise to loneliness and a sense of being cut off from the world, especially if one does not have many friends or family nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brexit

What Is Brexit?

Brexit is the term that has been coined for the British exit from the European Union, otherwise known as the EU. The referendum was held on 23rd June 2016, when 52% of the UK voted to leave. The UK has, in recent years, had a close relationship with Europe. It was one of the original six countries that formed the EU in 1958.

What was the result of the referendum?

The majority (52%) of people voted to leave the European Union. 48% voted to remain. Turnout for the vote was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting nationwide out of 46 million eligible voters. Most MPs wanted voters to stay in Europe, but the referendum result dictated that they would not.

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

What happens after Brexit?

The UK left the EU by January 2020 (two years after Article 50 was triggered), which means all current rules and laws within the country will no longer apply. Negotiations are still occurring between both parties, with trade deals a key priority. The impact on the UK economy will be closely monitored in the coming months and years, as the pound fell to a 31-year low following the referendum results.


Moving to another country outside the U.K is one of the many options that British expats will have to consider after Brexit.  For many UK nationals, expats, and retirees, the European Union (EU) permits freedom of movement to enable them to travel everywhere in Europe for business or pleasure. So, if you’d love to relocate to one of the best countries, refer to the ones listed in this article.

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