Robot Restaurant: One Of The Craziest Things To Do As A New Expat In Town part 2 – Why Robot Restaurant?

Robot Restaurant: One Of The Craziest Things To Do As A New Expat In Town part 2 – Part one is here.

5 Reasons Why Robot Restaurant Is the Craziest

Robot Restaurant: One Of The Craziest Things To Do As A New Expat In Town

If you’re an expat in Tokyo, the chances are that I don’t have to explain the greatness of eating at a robot restaurant. Whether you are visiting for two days or two decades, it is always worthwhile doing at least once. Holy crap – look around! Have you ever seen dinosaur eggs pop out red lasers? No? Then hurry up!

If you are still not convinced that robot restaurant is worth your time, please check out this list of five reasons why it’s the craziest thing to do as an expat in a new town. I promise these 5 points will change your mind (and stomach).

1)    A Crazy Night with Friends

A robot restaurant is perfect for a memorable night out with your buddies. Your group is full of laughter as the robots do their best to entertain you, and by the end, you are all exhausted from having so much fun. Aside from that, there’s a full course meal with drinks, which makes it a great deal as well.

2)    It’s An Experience You’ll Never Forget

One visit is simply not enough. No amount of pictures will do the trick since the incredible experience needs to be felt first hand. I personally made the right choice by visiting one of the robot restaurants in Turkey. It was a good meal, but not the dizzyingly unique experience everyone talks about. So when I had a free night during my next visit to Tokyo, I went straight to Shinjuku and did it properly.

3)    The Food Is Amazing

The full course meal at a robot restaurant in Tokyo includes appetizers, sushi, noodles, and fried chicken. All fresh and tasty! If you go for the other desserts, then you’ll surely be impressed by the deliciousness of it all.

4)    The Robots Are a Good Show

This one might seem a bit odd to some; after all – they are just robots. And yet, they do an impressive job of entertaining you with their strange movements and funny speeches. An added bonus to the robot show is that it is in Japanese, so even if you don’t understand everything said on stage, you can still laugh along with everyone else.

Robot Restaurant: One Of The Craziest Things To Do As A New Expat In Town

5)    It’s an Instant Conversation Starter

I’ve learned that if you mention visiting a robot restaurant to anyone, in any country, they will undoubtedly be impressed. Even if they normally don’t care about robots or Japan or culture or anything – after all, who wouldn’t want to visit a robot restaurant?

So, the next time you find yourself talking to someone you don’t know – why not impress them with your knowledge of the robot restaurant’s sureness.

Other Outdoor Activities for New Expat to Enjoy

Many people leave their country to seek a better life in another place.  It’s a normal thing to do, and the reasons vary from person to person. Some people want a career change without going back to school for years; some feel they have an entrepreneurial spirit and think they can make more money doing something else besides what they are currently doing.

Also, some people are tired of the rat race and think life in a less congested place would suit them better. With growing technology, it’s much easier to move from one country to another these days.  It isn’t nearly as difficult or expensive as it used to be years ago. Some websites help with paperwork, bank accounts, and even finding a place to live.  Finding a job might be more complicated than expected if one is not fluent in the local language, but it can be done with enough time and effort. However, one challenge that many new expat people face is feeling isolated from their friends and families.

Even though everyone is just a phone call or a plane ride away, nothing beats being able to see your friends and family in person.  Spending time with the people you love while sharing laughter and great memories is one of the best things about life.

For this reason, many expat people take up outdoor activities to enjoy the environment where they currently live while also making new friends.  It’s a great way to meet people while doing something fun and active. Below are the seven outdoor activities for new expats to enjoy.

1.      Rock-Climbing

Robot Restaurant: One Of The Craziest Things To Do As A New Expat In Town

There are many places around the world where there are rocks to climb.  New expat people can enjoy rock climbing by joining a local group who does outdoor activities together or by seeking out a trainer to teach them how to do it safely.  Some of the most popular places in the US for rock climbing are places like Yosemite in California or Colorado, which is well-known for its mountains and outdoor activities.

2.      Hiking

Hiking through the great outdoors with a group of friends is not only an excellent way to get some exercise while being surrounded by magnificent scenery, but it’s also a fun way to meet new people.  New groups of friends can be made while enjoying hikes to well-known places or secret hidden gems that one’s new friends know about.

3.      Soccer/Volleyball/Martial Arts

Join a local group that plays soccer, volleyball, martial arts, and other sports together.  It’s a great way to meet people while being active. These are also good ways to learn about the place’s culture where one is currently living.

4.      Volunteering

New expat people can volunteer to help out their new community and meet new friends who have similar interests.  Volunteering with kids is always beneficial to both the kids and the adults who teach them.  It’s also a great way to build relationships with others while doing good for the community.

5.      Festivals

There are towns all over America that have special annual events where everyone comes out to socialize, eat food, drink beer/wine, enjoy music, and celebrate together.  New expat people can join in on the fun or just watch as a spectator to see what it’s like.

Festivals that are celebrated often include those for things like local berries/apples/vegetables, different nationalities (Hispanic, Italian, Irish), ethnic heritages (African American, Native American), and other things that are common to the area.

6.      Yoga

Yoga can be practiced anywhere in nature, and it’s relaxing.  New expat people will enjoy yoga because not only is it good for their health, but they will also meet many new friends who share the same interest in yoga.  There are also many places where one can go to take a yoga class which can be convenient when not having time to practice yoga at home.

7.      Swimming

If the new expat enjoys being active in the water, then swimming is a great way to have fun while meeting new friends.  Many countries have places to go for indoor/outdoor swimming activities.  Swimming is also a sport that anyone of any age can play, so it’s a good way to make friends with other new expat people who are parents and/or grandparents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Robot Restaurants

What is a robot restaurant?

A robot restaurant is where you can go to dine inside of a robot. It’s not an actual robotic kitchen; but instead, the robots are stationary animatronic machines that function as servers and entertainers for customers. They aren’t alive because they don’t require food or oxygen to operate. People control the robots via remote control.

What do the robots look like?

The robots have a humanoid head, torso, and arms with wheels for legs, so they resemble the stereotypical robot character from science fiction movies. It’s possible to see them moving their eyes, mouths, hands, and feet. Some of these machines have built-in sound effects.

Who can eat at a robot restaurant?

To dine in the robot restaurant, customers need to make reservations online and pay for their meal upfront. If you cancel your reservation or don’t show up for it, you won’t receive a refund. Children under twelve aren’t allowed inside. In fact, the robot restaurant is only open to miniature-sized humans.

What kind of food does the robot restaurant serve?

The most popular items on the menu include sushi, noodles, and steak. You can also order beverages like beer and sake, as well as desserts like ice cream or fresh fruit. If you want anything else besides these kinds of dishes, you’ll have to bring it yourself.

How much does a robot restaurant cost?

The prices at the robot restaurant vary depending on which menu items you want to eat. For example, steak and noodles will cost more than sushi and deserts. If you order one of the most expensive items like steak and ice cream or sashimi and beer, it could cost as much as six hundred dollars. A meal usually ranges from four to five hundred dollars, depending on whether or not you opt for a robot show.

How does the robot shows work?

The robot shows usually take place before or while people are dining. For example, while they’re waiting for their meals to be prepared, diners could watch a show that involves singing and dancing robots. That being said, certain robots might prefer performing on a stage throughout people’s meals.

Where is the robot restaurant located?

There are many places around the world with robot restaurants. The most popular ones can be found in Tokyo, Japan; Shenzhen, China; Wuxi, China; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Odaiba, Japan; and Bangkok, Thailand. Aside from this fact, the robot restaurants are also located in major cities around the world, including New York City, Moscow, Los Angeles and Paris.


If you’re a new expatriate that just arrived in a particular country, you should look out for a fun activity. While there are many outdoor activities to explore, robot restaurants remain one of the craziest things to do as a new expat in town. Nonetheless, if you need more information, refer to this guide for detailed description of what a robot restaurant entails.

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