Taiwan For Digital Nomads in 2021

Taiwan For Digital Nomads in 2021 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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In today’s digital world, digital nomads are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s no mystery why – from technological advancement, coronavirus outbreak, remote working, to living a stress-free life, the benefits of a digital nomad cannot be overemphasized. Now, why do you think Taiwan is the right place?

Taiwan For Digital Nomads in 2021

Of course, it has it all from a variety of cafes and co-working space, well-developed infrastructure, delicious food to tax-exemption policy, fun getaway possibilities, relatively affordable cost of living, and many others, to mentions a few, Taiwan remain one of the top digital nomad hubs in the world.

While the language barriers can often make it difficult, the locals are friendly and are always willing to help out, should you ever feel lost in translation. So, would you love to live as a digital nomad in Taiwan? Well, since the internet has freed millions of workers from the commute, giving digital nomads, a trial is crucial.

Moreover, the prevalence of high-speed internet has also led to the emergence of another. This way, you can work full time for a single company without any interference from the third-party. In fact, most of these jobs require nothing more than a laptop and a reliable internet connection to work and take advantage of your mobility.

In this article, we will walk you through the benefits of living in Taiwan. Aside from this fact, we have compiled this article to explain the terms and conditions related to Taiwan’s digital nomad. Therefore, if you’ve been surfing the internet to get the right information, worry less as we’ve got you covered here.

Understanding Digital Nomad in Taiwan

Digital nomads typically fall into two categories; freelancers and entrepreneurs, or remote workers, and telecommuters. Meanwhile, the main difference is that freelancers and entrepreneurs run their own businesses while remote workers and telecommuters are employees.

As of today’s modern world, the benefits of being a freelancer cannot be overemphasized. Here, you can truly make your own business hours and choose the work you want to do. Meanwhile, the flipside is potentially unsteady income and the constant hustle of finding new clients. On the other hand, you can have a stable income as a remote worker and the flexibility to travel around the world.

Now, Taiwan is renowned for its cutting-edge information and communication technology industry. With that being said, the country has thousands of public locations that offer free wireless internet, including places with good coffee, convenience stores, and a good transportation hub.

Additionally, according to Numbeo, it claims that the country has the largest database of user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Not only that, but the consumer prices, including rent, are around 35 percent lower in this country compared to the United States of America.

5 Tips for Finding Work as a Digital Nomad

Many people travel around the world and earn on the internet. Besides, they don’t have to secure a job teaching English or giving guided instructions or tutors in foreign countries. Wouldn’t it be nice working and getting paid online while you reside in Taiwan? Well, let’s quickly take a look at the tips.

1.    Build Enough Portfolio

Building enough portfolios is one of the first things to put into consideration when it comes to finding work as a digital nomad. It means you need to have something down on paper, especially when you’re starting out. In fact, it would be better to start a blog if you’re a writer.

More so, showcase your creative coding skills if you’re a designer. This way, it will give you an edge to showcase your skills as you build up your experience. Again, a portfolio would help to establish authority in your chosen field.

2.    Leverage your Network to Achieve More

After you might have built your portfolio, the next thing to do is to leverage your network. Ensure you reach out to friends or acquaintances that work in your field and see what shakes out. This will help you increase your chance of becoming more successful in your chosen skill or build your career in the long run.

3.    Demonstrate Reliability/Progress

As a freelancer, it’s quite essential that you demonstrate reliability in your work. By doing this, you’ll deliver on your promises, understand time zones, and present a professional appearance during your video interviews with prospective clients. Besides, it’s cool to dress in pajama bottoms, as long as you’re wearing a respectable shirt.

4.    Navigate to an Online Job Board

If continuing your current job is no option, it’s high time you look for a lucrative job online. What many people don’t know is that search engines could be the best place to source for remote jobs. Simply keywords such as work from home, home office, and much more could help you get your desired position.

5.    Explore Different Freelancer Platform

If you’ve been planning to work as a freelancer, the first thing to consider is how to get the right platform. In most cases, you’ll have to register, create your own profile with all your experience and skills. Afterward, you can apply for open job positions, or clients can find you and book your services.

As of the time of writing this article, there are a lot of jobs out there, so you have a good range to choose from. Not only that, but there are also reasonably safe, as these platforms often verify payment methods while you check former reviews and see if the client is reliable.

Benefits of Living in Taiwan (2021 Update)

Despite COVID-19 restrictions disrupting many expats traveling abroad, it’s high time you take a step back and reconsider your options. While Taiwan is known as the best place for expat, you need to know the reasons for becoming the best destination for the digital nomad. Without further ado, here’s the benefit.

●        Welcoming Community

Taiwan is home to a truly welcoming community because the locals are honest, kind, friendly, and welcoming. And for this reason, it makes settling in Taiwan as an expat a lot easier than other countries you could ever imagine. More so, the Taiwanese people are known for accepting nature, caring, and valuing their family members. In fact, many people on the island are very environmentally aware.

●        Incredible Cuisine/Cultural Diversity

Another benefit of living in Taiwan for a digital nomad is the cultural diversity and incredible cuisine. Also, Taiwan is home to a beautiful blend of gastronomical delights as it boasts some truly authentic dishes. On the other hand, the cultural diversity of the country is definitely reflected in the food.

Enjoying the local food in this country is something that’d grace your lifestyle. From popular local staples such as beef noodles to international inspirations like soup dumplings, there are plenty of things to taste as an expat coming to Taiwan for the digital nomad.

●        Beautiful/Colorful Cities

With beautiful surroundings and environment, it’s quite easy to see why locals are so proud of the country. Aside from that, the country’s urban areas are breathing with unique beauty, with vibrant nightlife, sky-piercing towers, and colorful temples. Today, Taiwan has one of the highest densities of tall mountains in the world. And this is what makes Taiwan a sure spot for hikers and nature lovers.

●        Best Place to Regain your Wallet

While exploring the world of Taiwan as a digital nomad, be rest assured of your safety. In fact, this is one of the few countries where locals find it easy to return your wallet or an item that you misplaced. It’s not only that they’d keep it for you, but they will really take the initiative to return it to its original owner.

●        A True Food Paradise

As mentioned earlier, Taiwan is known to have many cuisines. But now, we can tell you that it’s also a true food paradise that has the best food in Asia. Even the smallest stall in the street, which has no proper seating, may serve you the most delicious meal ever. On the other hand, you might even get it in a neatly prepared disposable paper box without questions when you ask to have it taken away.

●        Ghost Festival

 Have you ever been to a country where you see a festival dedicated to ghosts? Well, there’s a festival dedicated to ghosts in Taiwan. They are incredibly superstitious, and it’s fairly normal to believe in ghosts in the country.

Also, in the seventh month of Taiwan’s lunar calendar, the Hungry ghost festival is celebrated. Not only that, but during this festival, locals believe that the gates of hell are opened while the hungry ghosts are released to the world in search of food, entertainment, and money.  How do you feel about that, funny?

●        Toilet Papers Issues in Taiwan

Toilet paper could be slightly difficult for expat to adhere to. And this is because; toilet paper does not get flushed down the toilet. More so, you’ll notice signs instructing you not to throw the paper into the toilet in this country. They believe that plumbing cannot handle toilet paper because it will clog the pipes.

7 Interesting Facts about Living in Taiwan

Every country has some interesting facts, and Taiwan is no exemption. In our previous post, we’ve written on Japan, China, and many others, to mention a few. However, this island nation has been gaining some popularity among expats over the years and has become more attractive. Do you know why? Check it out now!

1.    Home to Bubble Tea

You won’t have to look around to get bubble tea in this country. As bubble tea has its origin in Taiwan, it has spread all over Asia and even to western countries today. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we encourage you to try this Taiwanese specialty as you might even discover your new favorite.

2.    Driving for Only 8 Hours

With this small country known to be part of China in some cases, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy living here. Besides, the island is so small that you can just drive around it in just 8 hours. Additionally, you can also reach the South of Taiwan in only 2 hours by high-speed train.

This way, you can spend less time on the road and more time looking at the awe-inspiring natural wonders and historical sights that Taiwan offers. So, why not dedicate a weekend to travel around and explore this country in few hours? And for adventurous people, you can always hop on a scooter.

3.    Unique Way of Collecting Trash

There are plenty of things that’d entice you when you relocate to this country for digital nomad. That being said, Taiwan has a unique way of collecting trash, and when you’re walking around the streets, you won’t see any garbage bins. Instead, there are garbage trucks that could help you with your dirt.

You might be wondering how to take the trash out, right? Of course, when you get to this country, you’ll understand the process better. However, the trucks play a sound/music to prompt people to bring out their trash to the truck. Also, during holidays, the truck drivers switch to Christmas mode and play songs.

4.    Renting a Car is Expensive

This is another thing to consider if you’re planning for a digital nomad lifestyle in Taiwan. By now, there are several options to choose from if you want to rent a car, but it’s by far expensive compare to other western countries you might think of. Therefore, have it in mind that you can pay up to $100 to rent a day car.

5.    Home to Best Temple

If you’ve traveled around, you might have concluded that Italy or other countries have the best temple. But, we can tell you that your decision is wrong! As of today, research made it known that Taiwan is home to the best temples in the world. Even without setting foot in the temples, they look amazing from the outside, and this is one reason why you should see it.

Taiwan For Digital Nomads in 2021

6.    Amazing Hiking Spots

This hiking spot contributes to why this place is incredible for expats. During my first visit to this country, I was opportune to visit Taroko Gorge and Teapot Mountain. And I must tell you; this is one of a kind. Aside from this place, there are many amazing hiking spots for you to explore as of today’s modern age.

Furthermore, there’s a hike called the Zhuilu Old Trail in Taroko Gorge. This is a hiking trail that scales the sides of mountains near the summit, and it offers unique and awesome views of the Gorge. Meanwhile, you can only hike on this place if you’re on a tour or a Taiwanese citizen.

7.    Avoiding Sun Exposure

Avoiding sun explore is one thing that Asians love to do. In this case, the umbrella comes in. therefore, don’t be surprised to see people using umbrellas on a sunny day in Taiwan. More so, sidewalks are filled with people carrying their umbrellas, keeping the sun off their faces and their bodies cool.

If you’re traveling or relocating from a western nation, crowded sidewalks with people carrying umbrellas might become a game not to get your eye poked out by a rogue umbrella. Surprisingly, the fight against the sun doesn’t stop with the umbrella because when the weather is approximately in ninety degrees, women will have zero percent of their skin exposed, wearing a hat and long pants.

Why Taiwan is great for Digital Nomad

Aside from what we’ve listed above, it’s crucial that you understand the reasons for relocating to Taiwan for the digital nomad. Not only for the natural beauty that several film production took advantage of its scenery but other factors. Would you love to see what we’ve unleashed? Read further to know more!

●        High-Speed Internet/Network

This is one of the first things that set an exceptional standard to living in this country. They have a good wifi connection, and you can get this nearly everywhere you go. Again, if you’re still worried, pocket wifi is relatively cheap in Taiwan, and you can rent one as soon as you arrive in this country for the first time.

●        Excellent Transportation Network

If you’re to get around the country within few hours, Taiwan has a great public transport system. Here, traveling around is 100 percent painless, and places are accessible by subway, buses, trains, and many others, to mention a few. They always arrive on time, and even if you have to take a taxi, they are very cheap.

●        Comfortable Accommodation

Whether you’re looking for a luxury apartment or a small building to live in as a digital nomad, you’ll surely find accommodation that’d meet your budget in Taiwan. Needless to say, they always have good wifi that’d make you enjoy your stay in the country. So, worry less when it comes to accommodation in Taiwan.

●        Renowned as a Foodie Paradise

If you like food like me, Taiwan is just the perfect place for you. In fact, you’ll never be disappointed by the food, not even once in the country. And with satisfaction and credibility, every restaurant we went was great. Beyond that, there are night markets everywhere with a huge variety of street food. More so, note that vegetarian options are very easy to find in this country compared to other countries.

●        Clean and Paradise for Divers

Undoubtedly, Taiwan is clean, and the locals even care about food hygiene more than you could ever imagine. Aside from this fact, diving is pretty great in Kenting, the south of Taiwan. Again, surfers would usually like this place to chill if you prefer to stay near the water.

Additionally, Taiwan is home to friendly people, and we will continue to emphasize on this aspect. And that’s why a country is a great place for digital nomads to enjoy their lifestyle. So, if you originally planned to visit this country, refer to this platform for more information about the best cities to reside in.

3 Best Places to Reside in Taiwan for Digital Nomad

Taiwan For Digital Nomads in 2021

While Taiwan is a small island in East Asia, it is known for its fascinating culture, nature spots, and amazing food. Because of its popularity, you’ll find lots of great places to stay in this country. Not just that, but there are so many cool cities as well as affordable Taiwan accommodation. Let’s check it out below.

  • Taipei (Taiwan) – known as the overall best place to reside in the country
  • Taichung (Taiwan) – known as the best place to stay in Taiwan for families
  • Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan) – known as the best place suitable for couples and vacation
  • Kinmen Islands (Taiwan) – known as the coolest place to stay in the country
  • Kaohsiung (Taiwan) – known as the best place to stay on a low budget
  • Lukang (Taiwan) – known as one of the unique places to stay in Taiwan
  • Tainan (Taiwan) – known as the best place to stay in Taiwan for history nerds.

Frequently Asked Question about Taiwan

What makes Taiwan suitable for a digital nomad?

From what we’ve explained in this article, you should have a glimpse of what we’re talking about. Taiwan is a great island nation that’s nestled in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Mainland China. Aside from this fact, we can tell you boldly that the country is unique because of its history and a number of unique cultural factors.

Is anything made in Taiwan?

As the country’s economy is becoming increasingly popular, the made in Taiwan label was applied to products ranging from textiles, plastic toys, and bikes, to mention a few. Not only that, but they also made computers as 80 percent of the world’s notebook computer design is made in Taiwan.

Do I need visa to enter Taiwan?

Well, a Finnish citizen does not need a visa to enter this country for a maximum of 90 days in case their passport is valid for at least six months prior to the time of entering Taiwan. As for other nationalities, you might need to check our platform for more updates.


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