Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico

Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Starting a new chapter in Mexico is another journey! Whether you’re retiring or you’re planning to relocate to Mexico, you’ll need a place to stay. But before that, you need to understand what living in Mexico entails. Expats looking to move to this country should understand the whole concept of Mexico.

Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico

Why do you think people reside in Mexico? Of course, there are many things to consider. From the outdoor activities to the beautiful landscape and the River Maya, the benefits of relocating to this country cannot be overemphasized. That’s because the country is blessed with stunning beaches and amazing history.

Are you traveling to Mexico for the first time? Don’t miss the Mexico travel tips listed in this article. We will cover practical information that you may not hear elsewhere – including how to use the bathroom without making a fool out of yourself and many others, to mention a few.

Have you been surfing the internet to get the right source of information about living in Mexico? Well, look no further as we’ve got you covered on our platform. In our previous posts, we talked about moving to Mexico as an expat. However, to understand more about renting, you need to read further.

Perhaps, we will walk you through the renting and housing for expats in Mexico. Not only that, but we have explained the travel tips expat need to know before traveling to Mexico. Should in case you have any questions, in the long run, let’s hear your opinion in the comment session. Until then, check it out!

7 Tips to Travel to Mexico in 2021

Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico

Mexico’s landscapes range from the Caribbean coast to the lush jungles in the south to mountains in the middle and desert up north. With that being said, Mexico is a country that takes time and effort to explore. This section will help you plan a trip to the country and provide insight into the country’s culture.

1.       Get a New Cell Phone SIM

As soon as you arrive in Mexico City, the first thing to do is get a cell phone SIM. Since you’re going to need data in Mexico City to use Uber and the EcoBici shared bikes. On the other hand, dealing with a cell phone company is far from the most pleasant way to start your trip, but getting a sim card is the best.

2.       Withdraw Many Pesos as Possible

In the interest of reducing bank charges and ATM trips on foreign withdrawal fees, you should take out as much cash as you can all at once. And this is solely because; you’re going to need it. In Mexico today, cash is still king, and it will still remain that way until business owners can no longer dodge taxes by taking it as a payment option. So, ensure you withdraw some cash while living here as an expat.

3.       Buy Mosquito Repelling Device

One of the bad things that you might experience while moving to this country is mosquitoes. This way, we advise you to buy a plug-in mosquito-repelling device to avoid health problems during your stay in the country. Besides, there aren’t swarms like in the Amazon or Northern Canada, but you’ll still have a remarkable ability to ruin your sleep. So, you can pick up a little white plug-in device that uses blue tabs, put it in a socket near your bed every night, and enjoy a blissful sleep.

4.       Ensure You Sing up for EcoBici

Despite the popular belief that Mexican traffic is as loco as swallowing a habanero whole, the country is actually a surprisingly bike-friendly nation. In Mexico City, side roads are mostly empty, flat and drivers are more likely to honk one of those custom Mexican sexy whistle horns at you than in an angry one.

However, if you’re biking, you need to sign up for EcoBici, as Mexico City’s bike share program, as soon as possible. To give you an idea of how handy it is, we can tell you that we did over 50 rides covering 160 km. for everything you need to know about Mexico City, don’t miss our update here.

5.       Have a Taste Before you eat

If you’re visiting this country for the first time, and you’re unsure about the kind of food to see in a restaurant, it would be better to request for a taste. In fact, the locals would be happy to serve you, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience more flavors free. So, ensure you speak up if you don’t like a particular food during your first visit to any restaurant in the country.

6.       Research Your Destination

One thing you need to be sure of while relocating to Mexico is your destination. You can’t pick up your passport and hop on the next flight without knowing anything about your destination. This is totally wrong! Instead, do your research and look up to the Mexican states your intent to stay or visit. Meanwhile, it is also crucial to know which states have a Level 4 ‘’Do not travel’’ advisory.

Even if the state you’re planning to has a no-go warning, specific places may still be considered safe. Therefore, keep in mind that Mexico is a large, diverse country. Moreover, most popular tourist areas like the Yucatan’s Riviera Maya are still considered low-risk. This way, if you research well, you should have no hesitation in visiting this lovely country.

7.       Get Travel Insurance Ahead

Travel insurance is one thing you shouldn’t ignore during your visit to this country. A lot of people will recommend you to have one, and it’s always useful when you’re traveling to a new location that you know nothing about. On the flips side, you should know that there’s no just substitute for peace of mind that travel insurance brings to a trip, and that even includes your time in Mexico.

Again, whether you experience a common but frustrating problem like a missed flight or delayed baggage, or even a stolen camera, you’ll simply fill out the paperwork for a claim and can expect prompt payment in the long run.

Why Living in Mexico as an Expat

Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico

As of today’s digital world, there are many reasons to live in Mexico as an expat. The people are welcoming, buying real estate is easy and safe, the cost of living is low, and in fact, you can get downright hot in the summer. Without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through the benefits.

Mexico Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living expat would expect in this country is why people choose to relocate. Overall, including housing, medical care, food, and utilities, most people say they could save between 50 percent to 60 percent over their expenses in the United States of America. This, however, permits more money for things like housekeepers, gardeners, travel, cooks, and many more.

Affordable Housing in Mexico

Since this would be our major concern in this article, you’ll understand more about housing in Mexico. Naturally, beach properties cost the most in the country, but even those are a fraction of similar properties north of the border. So, whether you rent or buy, or even build your home, you can afford to live in this country. More so, the property taxes are still cheap compared to other western countries.

Excellent Healthcare System

The excellent healthcare system is another thing to consider when you’re planning your relocation to a new country. At the time of writing this article, we can tell you that Mexico is seen to have a new healthcare system that provides improved care for all residents, including expats and locals. It is a good system which is destined to improve. And regardless of the ability to pay, you’ll get free health service.

Opportunity to Enjoy Nature

Another benefit of relocating to this wonderful nation is to enjoy nature. In Mexico, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy world-class, jaw-dropping aquamarine water kissing sugar sand beaches. In fact, you can check out the Riviera Maya along the Caribbean Coast or slide over to the Pacific Coast to visit Puerto Vallarta for a treat. That aside, you can also check the Gulf of Mexico washes on the west side and northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Rich and Vibrant Culture

Mexico’s rich and vibrant culture has blends several indigenous populations with the Mexican people. This process is all flavored by a huge Spanish influence left over from the conquistadors. Aside from this fact, Spanish architecture blends with ancient Maya and Aztec. Besides, a walk down in any metropolitan street will display much different traditional attire and architecture.

Mexico is an Expat Havens

It’s no doubt that Mexico is an ex-pat havens due to its landscape and incredible outdoor activities. Moreover, the Lake Chapala area just south of Guadalajara holds the largest number of U.S. and Canadian ex-pats in Mexico, with numbers thought to be around 20,000 and swelling to about 40,000.

Home to Welcoming Locals

In Mexico, there are friendly people everywhere. Aside from this fact, the locals in every area would like to talk to you and may have questions about your lives before moving to the country. On the other hand, you must learn to speak the language of your new country. Therefore, learning a bit of Spanish truly makes life much easier and socializing and learning about your neighbors possible.

Cons of Living in Mexico

You might have seen something related to this on our platform, but it is our task to remind you whenever we think it’s possible.  Living in Mexico can be a wonderful experience, and the culture is colorful and rich in this country. Let’s quickly walk you through the cons of living in this country.

Crime Issues

As an expat, you should be aware that there can be a significant crime issue to manage in his country. Although most of the incidents are petty crimes, but it would be incorrect to say that Mexico is not safe. However, if you leave your purse or wallet in your car, it’s going to be gone in the morning. Funny enough, leaving your car on the street can also mean that your tires will be missing in the morning.

Laughable Security Measures

If you’re coming from a western country, you might find the security in Mexico laughable at times. And, of course, most apartment buildings and neighborhoods do have a security force that works to patrol the grounds. But there are more excellent services you can find in Mexico if you choose to ignore uniform officers.

Ridiculous Traffic in Mexico

The traffic in Mexico is completely ridiculous, and you should expect this while moving. If you thought rush hour in Los Angeles or New York City was ridiculous, then you have never experienced what Mexico City offers you. In fact, you can experience intense traffic at any time of the day here, and it’s also not predictable with its time either.

No Water Guarantee in Mexico

When you live in Mexico, then always understand that you’ll only have access to running water. And moreover, it’s not unusual for the faucets to run dry for a day or two, even in places like Puebla or Mexico City itself. This way, water stoppages are so common in Mexico that it is common for homes, apartment buildings, and some businesses to store a large tank under the driveway or yard.

Natural Gas Outages

Another thing that appears as a problem in Mexico is that you may have rolling natural gas outages when living in this country. And because there are no city-wide gas lines in Mexico, every house and apartment building relies on a large tank for fuel instead.

With that being said, you might have a line directly into your home when living somewhere like Mexico City, but otherwise, you’ll need to be proactive about checking how much fuel you have for your needs. So, if there’s a shortage in your city or region for some reason, it could elapse more than a month.

Types of Housing in Mexico (2021 Update)

Renting And Housing For Expats In Mexico

Expats looking to relocate to this country will find that renting and housing are cheap, and there’s a wide array of accommodations to choose from. However, you need to know that urban housing is considerably more expensive than in rural areas. In this section, we have compiled a list of houses and the types of property you can find in Mexico. Without much talk, could you take a look at it below?

●        Detached Houses in Mexico – These are known as the colonial-style family homes in Mexico, and a few other people sometimes share them in the country.

  • Condos Apartment – This type of housing is very popular among expats. This is because; a lot of them are brand-new and decked out in modern appliances. Moreover, keep in mind that beach-front condos with swimming pools are still expensive even by the western standard.

●        Specialist Houses in Mexico – These are bigger houses with extensive gardens in the countryside. They’re often located near a lake, mountainside, and beach.

●        House-shares and Flat House – This kind of house cater to young professionals who prefer to rent a room in the country just to meet new people while saving money.

Renting an Apartment as an Expat in Mexico

If you’d love to rent an apartment as an expat in Mexico, we recommend you go for a short-term rental agreement during your first visit to Mexico. After all, your new neighborhood may not be what you expect because it may take a while to familiarize yourself with both your neighborhood and the country. Without much talk, below are the common types of rental contracts you’ll see in Mexico.

●        Short-term Rent – These short-term contracts are preferred by newly arrived ex-pats who want to house-hunt calmly without worrying about finding a place to stay in the country.

●        Six-month Rent – The six month rent are normally chosen by snowbird ex-pats coming to the country for the first time

●        Long-term Rent – The long-term rent is suitable for people looking to settle down in Mexico for a year or longer.

Average Rental Cost in Mexico (2021)

As we’ve mentioned earlier, rent is much cheaper in this country compared to any other country. And it is even true for the country’s priciest metropolis, similar to most other countries. However, the average rental cost you’ll pay is determined by multiple factors such as subways, parks, and beach town.

In addition, cities with the most expensive housing are home to tourist attractions or big economical centers. Therefore, prepare to pay more in cities such as Cancun, Monterrey, Los Cabos, and many others, to mention a few. A large furnished apartment may cost you nothing less than $930; a medium cost $530, while a furnished small apartment in Mexico may cost you $450.

Rental Process in Mexico as an Expat

i.            Do Enough Research

If you found yourself moving to Mexico as of today’s world, the first thing to consider is to do your research. Airbnb or seems to be a great way for short-term stay options. For longer rentals, you can check here for more updates on how to do your search. Besides, you can find the best real estate agent in the country to help you with your accommodation without paying extra charges.

ii.            Ensure You Sign the Rental Contract

A rental contract is another thing to consider. Once you agree on an offer with the landlord, you must sign a contract or rental agreement. Not only that, but make sure a lawyer reviews it to avoid violations of the laws. If you’re renting an apartment through an agency, you’ll likely experience this.

iii.            Deposit Payment

Payment of deposit is also essential if you’re planning to rent an apartment in Mexico. Also, you’ll need to pay the first month’s rent for your house in the country and a further month’s rent as a deposit; besides, make sure you pay via bank transfers to keep a record of your transactions.

Documents Needed for House Rent in Mexico

During the rental process, there are many documents required as an expat. In this section, we have disclosed some of the documents your landlord might request from you. Below are the most common ones in this country.

  • Proof of Identity: Meaning you must show your passport or identification card. It doesn’t stop there, as you might need to display your visa to remain in the country for a short-term or long-term stay in Mexico.
  • Proof of residency is another thing that Mexican authorities would request from you if you’re a foreigner that wants to remain in the country
  • Proof of employment, including your offer of employment letter, should be display for the necessary bodies to see. Other documents that are less common include the following.
  • Banking information declaring your savings but ensure that you blackout all private information
  • The reference letter is the last on our list. You can get this from past landlords or current employers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mexico Housing

Is housing a problem in Mexico?

While housing is cheap in this country, we can tell you that more than 59.8 million Mexicans do not have the economic means to buy or build housing. As of 2015, the demand for housing was 3.2 million homes, but in 2021, research made it known that housing isn’t really a problem in this country.

Is Mexico overpopulated?

Well, Mexico City is considered one of the largest cities in the world, and it’s home to 20 percent of Mexico’s entire population. Meanwhile, urban migration has slowed, and now natural growth is the main cause of Mexico City’s population growth. So, we can tell you that there are more people in this country than anywhere else.

Is renting cheap for expat?

From what we’ve highlighted earlier, we can tell you that housing and renting are quite affordable in Mexico. From old country haciendas and colonial homes to rustic adobe ranches, you’ll definitely see the right place to rent in Mexico today.


Searching for Mexico home rentals online contributes to getting the right place. But understanding the guides that’d lead you through is another thing to consider. With the tips and advice stated in this article, you should be able to understand the process of renting an apartment in the city. Nonetheless, refer to this platform for more information about Mexico and other expatriate destinations.

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