Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Not only are there life-changing decisions to make about selecting the best countries. The question is will you be safe? And while there are countless logistic problems to solve, other things should be put into consideration. One thing to remember is to take a bold step in choosing the safest countries in 2021.

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

With more than 4.1 million members in 420 cities worldwide, InterNations seem to be the largest community. And it’s a source of information for people who live and work abroad. Now, in today’s 21st century, the annual survey has made it known that there are many countries suitable for expat to live in.

After more than a year of lockdowns, many people are looking for a change in their environment. Whether it’s a temporary move to become a digital nomad or a more permanent change to become an expatriate in a new country, you can change your location for the better. Does that sound interesting?

Based on our research and information from more than 12,000 respondents, the survey is one of the most extensive pieces of research in the world regarding expat lifestyles. This study covers expat’s satisfaction with the quality of life, personal finance, working life, and living costs in their respective countries of residence.

However, in this article, we have compiled the safest countries in the world in 2021 for expats. Not only that, but we will walk you through the reasons why we’ve selected these countries as the safest ones for expat. Would you like to know more about the safest countries today? Read further to get the details.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Safe Country

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the safest countries. Moreover, if you live in a safe country, you’re more likely to enjoy spending time outside gardening or watching your kids play around. However, if the country is unsafe, you’re likely to keep the doors and windows shut all the time. Without further ado, let’s quickly take a look at the factors to consider in choosing the country.

Low Crime Rate in the Country

Crime rates are often a great option to consider when choosing the safest countries. Meanwhile, it’s not always easy to spot the crime, but there are crime-spotting tools that could give you an idea of what’s going on in your area. Aside from this fact, you can also check out the city’s website for police engagement activities in the country.

As an extra safety measure, you can also contact the police station to know more information about the country’s security measures. And if you’re planning to move to a new location, you need to check out resources like America’s safest cities to see if the country made a list.

Thriving local Businesses in the Country

Businesses prosperity is another thing to consider when you’re choosing the safest country. If you notice a variety of shops around your country, like family-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and many others, it could be a good sign that the country is safe.

When people are financially secure, they’re more likely to spend money beyond necessities and splurge from time to hang out with family and friends. With that being said, it’s worth noticing the types of businesses in your area and the people who frequent them.

Do your Personal Research

Before you travel to any country of your choice, you must research the particular culture’s customs before you step across their border. Understanding what might be offensive or insulting can help keep you safe in a country. In Asia, for instance, feet are considered unclean, and you should not direct the soles of your feet at anyone else.

However, you’ll need to recognize in advance how your own culture differs from the one you’re visiting. So, to choose a safe country, do your research, and make findings of the country’s culture, rank, and the benefits of relocating to the country.

Check Government Travel Advisories

Government advisories are as well important when trying to know whether a country is safe or not. While the government is legally required to tell you everything bad that’s happening in their country, you should make your findings as stated earlier. This means; you should be aware and be informed, but don’t let a government-issued statement scare you from visiting or entering a particular country.

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

10 Safest Countries in the World Today

As we all know, safety is one of the top priorities for nations worldwide. Be it better protecting its citizens on the streets, guarding them against wrongdoing, or even safeguarding them against crime. Besides, safety has taken on special meaning in the age of the global pandemic and traveling process.

Again, it’s only a handful of countries have no reported COVID-19 cases, according to the World Health Organization. Additionally, European countries dominate this category in the 2021 Best Countries report. However, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands perform better in the category. Read further!

1.    Switzerland

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

From our research and endless survey, we found out that Switzerland has made it to the top. There’s much more to this country than just fine chocolate and picturesque snow-capped mountains. This is because; the country is a hub for foreigners from all over the world. And its central European location makes it ideal as a home base for exploring neighboring countries while living in the country.

Switzerland Livability

There are both pros and cons to living or relocating to Switzerland in today’s world. Some of the positive aspects include the ease of finding a community to fit into, excellent healthcare system, proximity to other European countries, and bustling outdoor activity, including some of the best skiing conditions.

In Switzerland, education and ease of starting a business are also simple, even for expats. Moreover, any emigrants can start a business if they can meet certain conditions, including establishing a local office and hiring a Swiss director. On the flip side, some of the downsides include; a slight bias towards emigrants and the high cost of living, which rivals New York and London.

Switzerland Crime and Violence

It’s undoubtedly ironic that Switzerland ranks very high among the world’s safest countries, yet it is seen as the highest weapons export industry. Nonetheless, Numbeo rates of crime in the country are considered as low to very low. On the other hand, the safest city starts at Lausanne, followed by Geneva, Basel, Bern, and many others, to mention a few.

Switzerland Economic Reliance

Switzerland’s economy is renowned for boasting one of the most advanced ones in the world. Making up a majority of this is the services, and tourism as well as the banking industry. Aside from this fact, Switzerland is the leading exporter of high-end watches and clocks around the world. More so, its industrial sector includes major companies such as Nestle and robot manufacturers such as ABB.

Switzerland Food and Natural Resources

Switzerland is highly protective when it comes to the domestic food production industry, which accounts for 60 percent of the food consumed in the country. With that being said, you should know that domestic production in this country is highly encouraged. Besides, the region grows its own vegetables and veal.

2.    Denmark

Denmark is the second safest country on our list. As of 2021, the country ranks third in the world for the Global Peace Index. Not only that but it has long been considered one of the safest and happiest countries to live in. Thanks to the country’s robust sense of community, life balance, and welfare support for the citizens.

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

Denmark Livability

As of today, Denmark has carried all the hallmarks of a highly progressive and successful nation. The country’s real drawbacks include; learning Danish even though English is a second language, higher expenses, higher tax, and the predominantly grey weather that runs throughout the year. Beyond these factors, there are strong reasons to live in Denmark, and it includes; affordable healthcare and free education.

Denmark Crime and Violence

The crime rates in Denmark are extremely low, according to the Numbeo statistics. More so, corruption in business and politics is extremely low as honesty and trust are a high priority in the country. Moreover, the capital of Copenhagen has also been ranked as the country’s safest city.

Denmark economic Reliance

Denmark boasts a mixed economy of government services alongside a high reliance on international trade. Meanwhile, the services sector makes up 80 percent of the country’s jobs, with the rest in engineering, manufacturing, as well as agriculture.

Denmark Food and Natural Resources

Denmark is no doubt a small agriculture industry, which includes animal and organic food production. While not expansive, Denmark has some oil and natural gas reserves in the North Sea. On the other hand, food prices can be a challenging factor because the country is ranked the most expensive when it comes to food and drink across the European Union.

3.    Canada

It’s no surprise to see Canada among the world’s safest countries in 2021.  In fact, the country has continued to be ranked as one of the world’s most peaceful countries, coming in at sixth on the Global Peace Index. We have compiled a good reason why this country was ranked as the safest. Check it out.

Canada Livability

The country’s livability and the benefits of living in Canada in today’s digital world cannot be overemphasized.  With everything from low violence and crime to the world’s friendliest citizens to job opportunities and political stability, Canada remains one of the safest countries for expat in 2021. However, the country’s access to universal healthcare is also a win over the neighboring US. When further compared to the United States, Canada can be cheaper or more expensive to live for expat, depending on your location and the service you crave for.

Canada Crime and Violence

Research has revealed that the country’s crime rate stands at about one-third of the US, with the majority of Canadian residence feeling safe in their country. While the past three years have seen an increase in crime, Numbeo still finds its crime levels between low to moderate.

Canada Economic Reliance

Canada boasts a highly diverse and developed mixed economy. With that being said, the country also has a huge portion of an economy driven by the services sector that employs three-quarters of Canadians. Some of the country’s main key industries include real estate, manufacturing, oil and gas, finance, and construction.

Canada Food and Natural Resources

As of 2021, Canada still holds the third-highest total estimated value of the world’s natural resources, which is valued at USD33.2 trillion. Aside from this fact, the country also boasts the world’s third-largest petroleum reserves and ranks as the fourth largest exporter of petroleum and natural gas. Moreover, the country’s significant agriculture industry is bolstered with wheat and grain production, which is exported to the US and Asia.

4.    New Zealand

New Zealand has also made it to the top five safest countries on the list. It has a low crime rate, stunning natural scenery, and a thriving tourism scene.  More so, friendly locals make New Zealand a special place to live, and there’s more to it. Let’s quickly walk you through the facts.

New Zealand Livability

This country is generally seen as a peaceful place to live. Contributing to this is its multicultural population of roughly five million, temperature climate, stunning hidden beaches, and generally progressive society that’s set against the backdrop of major developed cities. New Zealand has also been held in terms of its high standard of living, home affordability, and stable employment opportunity.

New Zealand Crime and Violence

New Zealand is known to have a low crime rate. Besides, its main crime statistics usually revolve around theft, while Numbeo rates its overall crime as low to moderate in recent years. However, the locals are mostly open-minded and have laws protecting citizens’ freedom of speech and expression. Surprisingly, the standard police in this country do not carry firearms around.

New Zealand Economic Reliance

New Zealand’s economy is propped up by a sizeable services sector. This sector accounts for a large part of the country’s gross domestic product activity. Other large industries in New Zealand include; metal fabrication, aluminum production, and many others. Meanwhile, food processing also forms the economy and segments of manufacturing, gas, water waste services, and export.

New Zealand Food and Natural Resources

The Country’s robust farming sector delivers a range of food produce from high-quality dairy to meat, and they are being exported and consumed locally. In addition to this, natural resources such as coal, iron ore, limestone, and gold are all in abundance, making New Zealand ranks in the top 30 countries for iron ore and gold production.

5.    Portugal

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

Aside from the countries we’ve been mentioning, Portugal has also made it to the list. They are considered the world’s third most peaceful country to live in, but it’s not just the rabid football culture that’s a highlight. In recent years, Portugal has been ranking moving closer to the top. And thanks to an increased police presence that keeps the crime rate low in the country. Below is what makes Portugal unique.

Portugal Livability

According to international living terms, Portugal offers arguably the lowest cost of living in Western Europe. This is due to the fact that everything is affordable, from groceries to temporary accommodation to rent, and others. In fact, eating out can be an affordable option if you choose to forego the more premium options. Also, in 2020, Portugal has ranked the best country for retirement.

Portugal Crime and Violence

Portugal’s police are armed, but their wide presence has resulted in its low crime rate. All the violent crimes remain low, with bribery and corruption rating the highest while Lisbon ranks the country’s safest city, followed by Amadora and Porto.

Portugal Economic Reliance

Before the pandemic hit globally, Portugal’s economy was ranked 34th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. However, the country features a diverse range of industries propping it up, including the largest tertiary sector, followed by agriculture, fisheries, energy, and many more.

Portugal Food and Natural Resources

You’ll definitely be amazed to see the wonderful food and natural resources in this country.  The foods and wines are affordable, and the natural resources also include an abundance of forest, which supplies half of the world’s cork. Other mined natural resources include lithium, tin, uranium, and others.7

6.    Singapore

Safest Countries In The World In 2021 For Expats

Singapore and its 5.7 million citizens enjoy some of the highest levels of personal security in the world. While the general quality of living is high, it’s no doubt that living in Singapore falls on the more expensive side. Now, let’s quickly walk you through the things that made Singapore a great nation.

Singapore Livability

Singapore as a nation has been known to be a technology hub. If you follow the rules in this country, you won’t have any issues with the law enforcement in the country. While the country’s rigidity might deter some of the more adventurous, it’s the reason why Singapore has been able to flourish to become the most open free market economy in the world today.

Moreover, it’s a hub for professional expats meaning a diverse cultural mix of people can be found from all corners of the world. With that being said, expats can, however, opt for simple lifestyle changes like living more like the locals to save money in a country with world-class amenities.

Singapore Crime and Violence

Singapore has benefited from some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Also, the government and the country’s police have strict gun control laws, making violence rare in the country. Aside from that, the country is also ranked first for infrastructures security and personal security. And digital security is ranked second in the world and eighth for health security.

Singapore’s Economic Reliance

When it comes to economic reliance, Singapore’s reputable economy is made up of several state-owned enterprises. Beyond this option, Singapore is a major foreign direct investment outflow financier and attracts inward international investors. Not only that, but Singapore also exports goods in the form of electronics, wealth management, electronics, and other services.

Singapore Food and Natural Resources

The food in Singapore is extremely wonderful and delicious. Also, natural water resources are scarce, with the country getting most of its supply from a mix of local catchments, high-grade reclaimed water, and desalinated water.

7.    Japan

Japan has long been an appeal for the home of wonders. The convenience stores in this country are awesome. And you can even find almost anything there because they’re clean, well serviced, and safe. Their foods are great, and getting a job could be the easiest thing for expats in the country. Take a look at the things that made Japan a great nation.

Japan Livability

The 2019 Global Peace Index ranked Japan as the world’s ninth safest country in the world. Since then, the country has been emerging top 10, and thanks to the low crime rate, that makes Japan one of the best destinations for expat. Although Japan’s immigration policy is quite difficult for foreigners and one must have lived in the country for 10 years before getting the permanent residency.

Japan Crime and Violence

As said earlier, the crime rates in Japan are relatively low. This ranking includes ranking first place in cyber security, second place in health security, and fourth place in personal security and infrastructure. Again, gun ownership in Japan is extremely low compared to other European countries.

Japan Economic Reliance

As a highly developed nation, Japan stands as the world’s second-largest developed economy. Japan’s main sectors of the economy include finance, diverse industrial sector, and several airline services. Moreover, Japan’s mountainous and volcanic landscape has minimal natural resources to support an expanding population and economy. Again, it is also the largest single national importer of fish and fishery-based products.


Safety is one of the first things to consider when traveling to a new country. As an expat, it’s quite essential to research well about the country before planning your relocation. If you’re looking to travel to the safest countries in the world, refer to this guide. Nonetheless, follow our platform to get more information about the countries mentioned above.

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