Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Best Cities For Expats In Sweden – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Welcome to Sweden, home to the famous hotel finely crafted with ice, hometown to Ikea’s founder, land of the archipelagos. Sweden takes the third spot worldwide as the country with the highest quality of life. The Scandinavian country is an attraction site for expats to thrive.

Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Nonetheless, are you confused about what city would be suitable for you as an expat in Sweden? A city where you don’t miss out on the quality of life Sweden is known for? Stop running a hand through your hair in frustration; this article is going to provide you with the best cities for expats in Sweden.

There’s no doubt that Sweden’s fika culture of cake and coffee is more like a mini-vacay. Perhaps, that’s what’s making your taste buds swoon; the idea of taking a break to relax is like sun tanning on the beach with a glass of wine. Except, in Sweden, it’s a cup of coffee.

Sweden cities are known to be diverse; what one city offers you is different from another. That’s the thrill of being a Swedish expat; the bliss is never-ending. Being one of the world’s wealthiest countries makes it a top destination for expats. Searching for a Swedish city to live in? Sweden will have you exploring all its cities without sticking to one.

This article will provide you with the best cities for expats in Sweden and a thorough guide to the lifestyle in each city. Are you prepared to be an expert in guiding other Swedish expats through the country? Take a seat back; let’s beat Dora at making you the best explorer.

Best Cities for Expats in Sweden


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 1,656,571

Temperature: 14-23° summer, 4-0°C winter

Firing with the best named Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and the most luxurious of all Swedish cities, is a safe home for expats. A hub for water even Moana can’t resist, Stockholm is known as the Venice of the North due to its numerous islands that spreads across the Baltic sea. The city is located on the southeastern coast of Sweden and is home to royal palaces.

Stockholm is a hotspot for the Swedish culture, from exciting historical places to fascinating museums and aesthetic arts and galleries that make the artist in you flutter with euphoria. Stockholm also holds the world’s greatest preserved ship, the Vasa ship, pressed in the Vasa Museum, Sweden’s most visited museum.

If you are proudly a foodie, you should know Stockholm is proud to have you as the Scandinavian city has the best culinary destinations. The city is also home to top universities and stands as the best place to get a job as an expat.

Stockholm is one of the best cities for expats who are nature enthusiasts, from its stunning archipelago to beautiful wildlife creatures. The downside to Stockholm is its expensive utilities; let’s briefly outline the cost of living in Stockholm.

Monthly rent for accommodation9000-18,000 SEK
A liter of milk11.13 SEK
A pair of shoes1000 SEK
Transport ticket900 SEK
Gas14 SEK
A restaurant meal for one120 SEK
Electricity777.88 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan300/1.4 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 579, 281

Temperature:  13-21° C summer, -3-1° C winter

Located on the Western coast of Sweden, Gothenburg thrives as the second-best city for expats in Sweden. If you are searching for a city with a seaside view and vibrant atmosphere with a minimal crime rate, Gothenburg effortlessly provides you with that. Sitting on the Baltic seashore, the city prides itself on being home to fishing activities.

Although it is not as populated as Stockholm, Gothenburg is known for its cheerful locals who are highly welcoming of expats. The city is an international hub for diverse cultures and shopping malls. The Scandinavian sea city has the best seafood restaurants, including other food types for vegans or meat-eaters.

Sweden has the best lobster globally, commonly known as “The black gold lobster,” found in Gothenburg waters. The city is also one of the best places to observe the fika culture after a stressful day at work, as it’s crammed with cozy cafes like the Café Husaren.

Attraction sites in this city include; The Liseberg amusement park, archipelagos, Slottskogen festival park, and cobbled old streets. Gothenburg thrives in trade and manufacturing industries with job opportunities; however, the downside to this city is the extreme rain and cold during winters.

Cost of Living in Gothenburg

Monthly rent for accommodation6000-15,000 SEK
A liter of milk14 SEK
A pair of shoes874 SEK
Transport ticket795 SEK
Gas14 SEK
A restaurant meal for one120 SEK
Electricity581 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan300/1.11 SEK per minute


Population: 344, 166

Temperature: 14-22° C summer, -1-3° C winter

Aside from being the name of Sweden’s top football club, Malmo is the third-largest city in the Scandinavian country. A coastal city situated on the southern side of Sweden, Malmo is a theatrical hub for operas, musicals, and ballet.

A city of diversity and a mix of old and new makes Malmo a younger and hip version of Stockholm. Exploring the cobbled streets of Malmo gives you an insight into the ancient Gamla Staden, a historic island in the city.

The city prides itself on having one of the top architectural buildings in Sweden, featuring “The turning torso,” the tallest Scandinavian building. Malmo is also a cultural home to arts, designs, and history, such as the famous Malhomus castle, the oldest in Scandinavia.

Lying in between the Oresund and Copenhagen region, Malmo is a city of IT and tech companies with an abundance of job supply in these fields, plus an attraction site for students to the city’s university. The downside to Malmo is the low accommodation supply.

Cost of Living in Malmo

Monthly rent for accommodation6000-14,000 SEK
A liter of milk12 SEK
A pair of shoes916 SEK
Transport ticket570 SEK
Gas15 SEK
A restaurant meal for one200 SEK
Electricity466 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan269/1.32 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 155, 189

Temperature: 20° C summer, -1.0° C winter

Located in the south-central tip of Sweden, between Gothenburg and Stockholm, Orebro is a gamma-sized city with stunning water and land sceneries for expats to swoon at. Popularly known in the 19th century as a center for manufacturing shoes, Orebro has transformed into a fascinating city of history and culture.

The city houses the famous palace of King Gustav Vasa, which is currently a fascinating site for tourists.  Surrounded by nature sceneries ranging from green forests, parks, and waters, Orebro is the perfect destination to swim, boat, or hike.

The Swedish city brims with top-notch restaurants and quality food for expats to binge on. The cuisines range from vegan to meaty food, with creative restaurant buildings like the Skybar Svampen, shaped like a mushroom.

Orebro is home to the old Wadkoping town that contains 18th-century cottages, which is currently a museum/exhibition site. The city also embodies one of Sweden’s top hospitals known as the Orebro University Hospital. As the city keeps flourishing, tons of job opportunities are unfolding.

Cost of Living in Orebro

Monthly rent for accommodation4000-10,000 SEK
A liter of milk12 SEK
A pair of shoes886 SEK
Transport ticket531 SEK
Gas15 SEK
A restaurant meal for one150 SEK
Electricity950 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan309/2.30 SEK per minute


Population: 82,429

Temperature: 23.2°C summer, 0.7°C winter

Solna is located at the northwest tip of Stockholm, a historic settlement and tomb site of notable people dating from the Vikings era. Although minimally populated, the Swedish city is fast growing to becoming one of the best cities in Sweden.

The city revels in being a hub to the Filmstaden studio where popular movies of Ingmar Berman were shot, royal palaces, and ancient monuments. Solna is a hotspot for people to view concerts and visit the Hagaparken royal cemetery.

Exploring solna requires keeping your wallet handy as the city has one of the biggest malls in Scandinavia. The 1958 final FIFA men’s world cup, including the 1995 women’s world cup, was played at the Solna football stadium before being demolished in 2013.

The small city has garnered tons of businesses, making it a major job site after Stockholm. The regal cafes and restaurants in Solna are going to have you obsessed with Swedish cuisine.

Cost of Living in Solna

Monthly rent for accommodation6000-15,000 SEK
A liter of milk11 SEK
A pair of shoes766 SEK
Transport ticket900 SEK
Gas15.07 SEK
A restaurant meal for one100 SEK
Electricity694.62 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan241.50/0.93 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 112, 728

Temperature: 21°C summer, -1-2° winter

Umea is a young and vibrant city between the Baltic sea and forest, where the inhabitants are cocooned, almost cut off from the rest of the world. Nonetheless, the city is rapidly climbing up the list of best cities for expats in Sweden due to its relentless modern growth.

Basking in its Swedish heritage of contemporary buildings like the Bildmuseet art museum and the Utopia shopping mall, the city dominates other cities for its abundance of artful museums. The city is culturally diverse and dominated by film festivals, art galleries, operas, and other cultural events.

The Swedish city is the ideal setting to hike and bike through exploring its beautiful islands. Umea also prides itself on having one of the best cheese in Scandinavia, the “Vasterbotten cheese.”

Being a hub to foreigners, Umea is an open city where you don’t need to speak or act Swedish to fit in as the locals are friendly and fluent in English. The Umea swedes host events for foreigners to make them feel at home, plus the city provides an excellent working environment for expat employees.

Cost of Living in Umea

Monthly rent for accommodation4000-9,000 SEK
A liter of milk11 SEK
A pair of shoes1000 SEK
Transport ticket489 SEK
Gas14 SEK
A restaurant meal for one200 SEK
Electricity369 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan158/0.93 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 190, 688

Temperature: 17.6 °C summer, -3-1°C winter

Home to the oldest Scandinavian university, Uppsala city is crammed with expats, particularly international students, making it one of the best expatriate cities in Sweden. Basking in its rich culture and history, Uppsala is a breath of fresh air if you are searching for new opportunities.

A city brimming with historical monuments like the Cathedral, which holds the tomb of King Gustav Vasa, the oldest and preserved silver Bible, and other art/museum buildings. Living in Uppsala without exploring the charming garden of prominent botanist, Linnaeus is an incomplete expatriation.

Uppsala dabbles in various cuisines; thus, you can find your favorite food in this city. There are Italian, French and other country cuisines in the city’s restaurants.

Known as the university town, Uppsala provides a serene environment and facilities for its students to get more opportunities in their careers. The downside to living in Uppsala as an expat is the difficulty in finding accommodation.

Cost of Living in Uppsala

Monthly rent for accommodation6000-13,000 SEK
A liter of milk12 SEK
A pair of shoes1,005 SEK
Transport ticket837 SEK
Gas14 SEK
A restaurant meal for one150 SEK
Electricity869 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan261/1.34 SEK per minute


Population: 107, 351

Temperature: 17.9° C summer, 0.4° C winter

Known as Malmo’s twin city, Lund is a mini-sized city for expats in Sweden and a magnet for international students due to its vibrant university life. Aside from the historical sites, the students are the heart of the city, as Lund is incomplete without the youthful energy of expatriate students.

Lund is also dominated by cozy parks and museums such as the Kulturen and the Historiska Museet. Its main attraction site is the Cathedral which gives off the vibe of the buildings in Game of thrones.

The city has one of the best cafés to observe the “Fika” culture, in addition to restaurants that offer all kinds of cuisines. If you are searching for a cozy town to have a romantic getaway, Lund offers you the best sceneries.

Most international students in Sweden prefer schooling in Lund as it offers an environment to learn and explore simultaneously. A city drive from Copenhagen, this city is ideal if you want to get away from the hassles of life.

Cost of Living in Lund

Monthly rent for accommodation5000-12,000 SEK
A liter of milk12.31 SEK
A pair of shoes833.33 SEK
Transport ticket550 SEK
Gas15.92 SEK
A restaurant meal for one100 SEK
Electricity766.44 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan304.83/1.86 SEK per minute


Population: 90, 241

Temperature: 18.1° C summer, 0.2° C winter

Halmstad is the city that beautifully tans your skin due to its amazing seaside and beach resort. The city is known as one of Sweden’s beautiful historic locations and regal arts. Situated in between Gothenburg and Malmo, Halmstad is a powerhouse for green nature.

The popular Scandinavian beach, “Tylosand,” is a hotspot for water activities such as kayaking, swimming, or surfing. The green forests and fascinating landscapes are enough to make your jaw drop in awe. The Eketanga reserve will have you putting on your shoes every evening for a hike.

Halmstad is a refreshing city with a mission to make every foreigner full of life, with its wellness and spa centers that soothe your mind from the stress of life. Popularly known as the city of microbreweries, Halmstad dabbles in the tastiest ales and malts.

Home to golf sports, the city has hotels designed with golf facilities for guests who love to play. Halmstad is also a university and industrial city for expat students and job seekers.

Cost of Living in Halmstad

Monthly rent for accommodation4000-8000 SEK
A liter of milk11 SEK
A pair of shoes853 SEK
Transport ticket632 SEK
Gas15.92 SEK
A restaurant meal for one150 SEK
Electricity386.36 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan205/3.00 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 58, 807

Temperature: 16.7° C summer, -6.6° C winter

A home base for expats, Sundsvall is one of the best cities in Sweden with variation in the population.  A mishmash of the countryside and city, Sundsvall has tons of cultures from both locals foreigners.

If you are a music enthusiast, Sundsvall city tops other cities for everything pop; located at the east-central tip of Sweden, the city is a vacay favorite. Primarily destroyed in the 1800s, the Swedish city has evolved bigger and better.

The city is bordered by the Baltic sea and has impressive attraction sites like the  Vangavan Park and the Sofia Gisberg fountain. The Alno island is also a tourist favorite, crammed with beaches.

The crime rate in Sundsvall is low, thus making it a safe place to drop your luggage and live life. The city offers the best cuisines ranging from Asian to Indian and is dominated by students and job opportunities in various fields.

Cost of Living in Sundsvall

Monthly rent for accommodation4000-8000 SEK
A liter of milk9.88 SEK
A pair of shoes888 SEK
Transport ticket760 SEK
Gas15.08 SEK
A restaurant meal for one100 SEK
Electricity498.61 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan275.71/ 0.49 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population:  134,684

Temperature: 18.4°C summer, -2.8° C winter

Vasteras is that city that gives you a water view directly in front of your apartment, known for its sunset views; Vasteras should be on your list of cities to visit in Sweden. Located at the northern shore of Malar lake, Vasteras is a party pub for those who want to whip their hair and let the music take control.

Dating back to the Vikings’ time, the city is a safe hub to live in, with exciting places to visit, such as the Djakneberget park, where words of wisdom are engraved in stone. Looking for a reason to cling to Vasteras? Your closet is a motive enough as the city is home to the famous H&M clothing store.

You can toast to being a swede by visiting the cozy cafes in the city and a range of international diners to feast from. The Swedish city also brings out your inner fascination with planes with its mesmerizing Aviation Museum, a building for plane exhibits.

Vasteras holds the Malar University, which is dominated by international students, thus making the city a favorite for expats. The Swedish city has everything you’d need ranging from jobs to relaxation areas; all you need to do is step down from the airplane.

Cost of Living in Vasteras

Monthly rent for accommodation9000-15,000 SEK
A liter of milk9.88 SEK
A pair of shoes880 SEK
Transport ticket650 SEK
Gas15.08 SEK
A restaurant meal for one100 SEK
Electricity744.08 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan275.71/ 1.50 SEK per minute


Best Cities For Expats In Sweden

Population: 113, 816

Temperature: 22° C summer, 3.3° C winter

If you are searching for a city that makes you aww and swoons at them, its coziness, Helsinborg, makes you fall in love faster than anyone would. A multicultural city situated in southern Sweden, the city of Helsingborg is what you’d call cute and charming.

The spring is the best time to visit Helsingborg as the cherry blossoms bloom delightfully, giving the city a fairy tale vibe. Rather than wearing its heart on the sleeves, Helsinborg litters your path with heart-shaped balloons.

Smothered with wall arts that are going to leave you mesmerized, Helsingborg is a city you’d want to get lost in without an escape. The lovely cafes with a relaxing vibe for the perfect “Fika break” and cute little shops that draws your wallet in.

If you find yourself smiling at the goodies Helsinborg’s got to offer, wait till you take a walk down to the castle Sofiero, a Disney castle in 4k resolution. A cozy city on a human scale, Helsinborg is a safe place for school or work under a soothing atmosphere.

Cost of Living in Helsinborg

Monthly rent for accommodation5000-13,000 SEK
A liter of milk12.90 SEK
A pair of shoes801 SEK
Transport ticket575 SEK
Gas15.47 SEK
A restaurant meal for one100 SEK
Internet connection/mobile plan334.75/1.20 SEK per minute


Aside from being one of the best countries in the world, Sweden cities offer the best welcoming and stunning environment for expats to thrive. Our guide to the best cities for expats in Sweden will have you exploring all without sticking to one.

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