Retiring In Antalya For Expats

Retiring In Antalya For Expats – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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After years as an expat, tight schedules, and stressed-out afternoons, it is fair that you would want the best place for your retirement. So, if the refreshing Mediterranean air, the mesmerizing sight of blue waters, and the littering of monumental antiquities are to your fancy, well, Antalya might be the place you are looking for.

As regards its beauty, assertive display of earth’s natural wonders, beaches, and luxurious hotels: several thousands of expats have made Antalya their resting place, and it is no surprise why.

Antalya is the largest city that lines Turkish’s Mediterranean coasts. A pinnacle of tourist attraction and the 5th most populous Turkish city. Antalya prides itself on its beautiful beaches and top-notch hotels. A frequently recommended vacation location—Antalya is never short of tourists.

Retiring In Antalya For Expats

More so, traditional Turkey has been much depicted in Antalya. It houses some of the most valued antiquities in Turkey and is considered a venerable historic site. Nonetheless, there are countless reasons why you should pick Antalya as your retirement location.

As we go further into this article, you would have a fair share of insight on the retirement packages and Visa information, cost of living, accommodations, and what you stand to gain. I am sure all of these sounds like something ripped out of a fantasy book. Well, you will have to read further to know more about our Turkish Narnia.

Plus, we would walk you thoroughly through why Antalya is a good enough choice. Apart from that, we would go further to explore the frequently asked questions that come with Antalya. Read below.

Why Retiring Expats Should Pick Antalya

Trying to find a resting place in a foreign country can be a challenging process. As an expat, several foreign countries might be to your fancy, but here are some reasons why picking Antalya is a fabulous choice.

Weather and Climate

Hot summers and not-so-chilly winters—Antalya is known for its exceptional climate and boisterous outdoor lifestyle. All through the year, you can get the best out of the Mediterranean seas, enjoy a chill stroll round the pack and not worry about the weather. Also, compared to other notable cities such as—Aegean, Black Sea, and Istanbul —Antalya’s climate fares better. Those who prefer exquisite outdoors and hate harsh winters are sure to love it here.

Cost of Living

For expats from foreign countries, there has to be an exchange in currency. However, it is more to your benefit as the Turkey lira has gotten an improvement in its quality recently. Comparatively, too, Antalya’s cost of living is miles below what you would see in other prominent countries and cities, yet Antalya offers similar quality. You can rent houses half as cheap in Antalya as you would in Istanbul.

Antalya rent for a one-bedroom flat is between 900 – 1300 Turkish lira. Considering other expenses, such as utilities and feeding as well, 4,500 Turkish lira a month is enough to keep you up. That being said, Antalya’s influence on your bank account, with proper money management, is a bit mild.


Who doesn’t love the cool sea breeze, warm sand, and lovely summer sun that comes with beaches? Antalya is the home of Turkey’s most luxurious beaches. Lined with over 200 certified beaches, you are free to swim and have an excellent time in all of its resorts.


The lifestyle in Antalya is one of the best in Turkey. There is no shortage of magnificent places to visit. There are waterfalls, beaches, canyons—and also there are sporting and other leisure activities to do.

Apart from the fact that Antalya is known as the golf city in Turkey, there are also skiing and whitewater rafting. Additionally, there are tourist activities all year round—an awesome opportunity for foreign speakers—English speakers—to monetize.

Retiring In Antalya For Expats


In a vast city such as Antalya, transportation is an interesting factor in determining if Antalya is worth it. And to answer squarely, its transportation is one of the best. Free from traffic jams, it is considerably easy to get around the city on either foot or by bus. Plus, the transportation here is cheaper when compared to other big Turkish cities.

History and Culture

This city is littered with monumental antiquities that paint an eventful past. There are the Hadrian Gate, Phaselis, Patara, Roman theater of Aspendos, and Termessos. If you have a fancy for history, there are a lot of things to explore here.


Hands-on! Antalya restaurants are one of the best in Turkey. They have restaurants that cut across different spending capacities. Apart from the restaurants, however, the prices of foodstuffs are also low. When compared to countries such as the United States, Antalya’s food is affordable.

Security and Safety

Antalya is one of the safest cities. It has over 74% of the safe index and an incredibly low crime rate. In fact, generally, the country—Turkey—is safe with regard to crime. However, its most viable security risks stem from political scenarios and terrorism. Although, that’s rarely the case.

Nevertheless, it is still important you maintain the usual security precautions as if you are in another city.

Healthcare Facilities

Although Antalya is a resort/tourist city, it is stocked with several hospitals and clinics that provide quality health services to the masses. There are private and public health centers that are dedicated to combating all sorts of diseases, and the clinics here also get involved in cosmetic surgeries.

These hospitals provide services in accordance with Mediterranean and Turkey standards. Nonetheless, in the past years, their healthcare services have drastically improved.

And Antakya healthcare services have become something to be reckoned with. Plus, it is now seen by too many foreigners as a city that has its healthcare dedication system fortified with advanced use of technology. 

Friendly Locals

Locals here are cool and relaxed. Many of them are tourists and expats like you who are willing to help you navigate. When the locals of a city or a country are friendly, it is easy to fit in. So, no need to bother about getting around. You can always ask people around you for guidance.

Retiring In Antalya For Expats

Cost of Retirement in Antalya

If you have dreamt of this particular Turkish Narnia, the cool sea breeze, blue waters, and warm beach sands, it is important, as a retiring expat, to know the cost of living.

Antalya is known for its excellent climate, warm summers, and mild winters, be it Kalkan, Alanya, Lara beach, or Konyaalti beach; you can live in any of them. However, conditions to live in a city go beyond its fine weather and boisterous outdoor lifestyle; there are also money concerns.

The prices of primary products in Antalya are way lower than what you would pay in the USA. For instance, you will spend 2.75 times lower in Antalya than in the US while shopping.

Antalya’s cost of living is:

  • 3.5 times lower than in New York
  • 3.3 times lower than in Washington.
  • 2.4 times lower than in Jacksonville and Houston.
  • 2.57 times lower than in Oklahoma

Though it would be largely helpful to get a professional financial advisor, this article gives a rough sketch of what to expect.

Goods and Services in Antalya and their costs

1.    Accommodation

This depends gravely on which form you want, but as a retiring expat, hostels are off the lists. However, flats aren’t. For renting an average single bedroom, the price ranges between 900 – 1300 TRY ($158).

2.    Transport

In Antalya, for buses, a one-way ticket costs 0.42US dollars (3.82TRY). However, just as many people do, you might prefer a taxi. The price of Taxi costs varies with several factors. Nonetheless, the price starts at 6.50 TRY(0.70US dollars). It can be more depending on the length of the ride and your destination.

 Moreover, renting cars comes with a  bit of a price. To rent a car in Antalya, either a Toyota Corolla or a Golf, $22,000 (211,000TRY) would do the trick.

3.    Food

Food is comparatively cheap in Antalya.  Here are some prices of necessary commodities:

  • 1kg of yellow cheese:52 TRY ($5.60)
  •  A bottle of beer:  18 TRY ($2)
  • 1kg of sausage: 6.10 USD (56 TRY)
  • A mid-range wine (one bottle): 4.70 USD (44 TRY)
  • Bottle or carton of milk (1 liter): 0.53 USD (4.90 TRY)
  • 1 kg of Apples: 0.81 US dollars
  • Gin: 10 Us dollars.
  • Onions(1000 grams): 0.16 US dollars.
  • 1kg of Chicken Breasts: 2.90 Us dollars.

4. Restaurants

If you fancy the thought of eating out, Antalya has you well covered. The restaurants in Antalya are all to suit various needs. The prices for a meal ranges from 27 TRY to over 130 TRY—all depending on the restaurant and the type of meal.

Best Places To Retire To In Antalya

Antalya is a large city, and it has several towns in it. To be able to move into Antalya successfully, you have to compare the towns and pick according to how well they suit your taste. From Cirali village to Alanya, either you seek to rent or to buy property; below are some of the exotic towns and beaches you can live in Antalya.

1.    Konyaalti Beach

Just a few minutes ride from Antalya airport. Konyaati tops the list of top, sandy havens in Turkey. Plus, it is also the second most well-known place to enquire about land and rent in the whole of Antalya.

Moreover, apart from the interests, It has garnered from property investors, Konyaati is set to have a world-class marina in it soon. Acclaimed to be one of the greatest Turkish Rivera, the fact that it can host many mega yachts would make it a recognized sailing…

Furthermore, Konyaati is blessed with many of the top-class primary amenities. There are restaurants, resorts, bars, and shops. Plus, a helpful transport link. You can easily get around Antalya from here.

2.    The Lara Beach at Antalya’s Centre

As Antalya’s oldest tourist location, Lara beach has earned the eyes and hearts of many foreigners who stay there all year round. The Beaches and the cool Mediterranean blue sea are the two main attractions. Trip Advisor has this beach ranked 8th in Turkey. Nonetheless, there is more to what Lara is made of than that.

If you have a flair for a social environment, you will feel comfy with the numerous bars and restaurants Lara has. The added point to Lara, though, is that when flights end October, and in other places, tourists go back home, the fun still trudges on in Lara. Plus, Lara is the closest to Antalya’s airport—one of the top air hubs in Turkey.

You might think all of this boisterousness would tamper with the serenity I’m Lara, but that’s not the case. There are much gentler neighbors that give a feel of tranquillity with its mesmerizing mountain views and stunny blue seas.

3.   Alanya

An all-rounder, home for young and old alike. This town has gotten almost all of the attention from expats who seek to move to Antalya. Since the Gazipaşa airport opened, Alanya has become an outstanding choice for holidays and expats’ retirement with many side attractions. More so, all of the basic amenities you need are within Antalya; you don’t ever need to leave.

4.   Belek: Antalya’s Sporting Centre

In a word you can describe Belek, and that word is golf! Belek houses over 15 world-class golf courses and has witnessed the appearance of Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. Also, Belek has the best golf courses in Turkey; they supersede several in Spain and other European countries. If you ever want to actualize your golfing dream, there is no better place.

However, if swinging a golf club isn’t really to your taste, there are other attractions. While it may not have all of the big halls that Antalya center has, there are more than enough resorts you can reach out to. And if you want to broaden your reach, Antalya’s center is a 40-minute drive away.

5.    Kalkan

If luxury as a place had a name, Kalkan would be its name. Though Kalkan isn’t as talked about as the other towns and villages, foreigners do have a thing for Kalkan.

Kalkan also differs from others because all of the houses and property put out for rent or sale are big exotic villas. Kalkan landscapes and buildings are awe-inspiring. Anyone who has taken an interest in Kalkan should note that there are nine neighborhoods to pick from.

Retiring in Antalya Visa Requirements

There is no specific Visa for retirement in Turkey; instead, you would have to apply for a residence permit. This applies to anyone interested in staying in the country for more than three months.

To get a Visa for retirement, you have to do the following:

  • Get a short-term residence permit within the first month of arrival in Antalya.

N.B: You can apply online on the Turkish Ministry of Interior’s Website. After doing this, you would set an appointment with the DGMM office near you to further the process and pay the deeds attached to the Visa.

  • A short-term residence permit has a two-year duration. After you have lived in Antalya for eight years with no interruption, then you can go to get a long-term residency permit. This permit extends indefinitely.

Moreover, while applying for these visas, you have to prove that you own sufficient assets. As proving this can decide if you would have people depending on you or not. However, if you are coming alone, all you need is assets equivalent to Turkey’s monthly minimum wage, which was about $400 earlier this year.

More so, here is a brief guide to getting a residence permit. There are documents that you would need to submit. Below are the documents:

  • Proof of a capable income. An original and photocopy of your current savings.

You need to prove that you have at least Turkey’s minimum wage(1,400TRY/400 Us dollars) in your possession. And if you wish to bring dependents along, you would need to have ⅓ of Turkey’s minimum monthly wage for each dependent.

  • Six recently taken passports.
  • Original copy of your Turkish health insurance from a veritable Turkey health center.
  • An evidence/proof that you own a property in Turkey, or an agreement from where you rented or the hostel you choose to stay in. And if it’s a private house you decide to stay in, a letter from the householder is needed.
  • The two filled application forms.

After your application, it is likely to take up to six weeks before the immigration office issues your Visa. But that’s only because you filled up your forms and provided the all right and veritable documents.

After you have submitted your documents, you will have to go to the payment office to pay for the official Visa card and admin fee of the Visa. A 6-month and 12-month Visa currently cost US$50 and US$80, respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions on Antalya

Here are some of the questions that are often asked by foreigners who seek to relocate to Antalya. To fully grasp what Antalya is all about, this part of the article is more than necessary.

Which currency is used in Antalya, and what are the conversation rates?

The currency used in Turkey, as well as Antalya, is the Turkish lira (TRY). One lira is equivalent to 100 kurus(kr). Additionally, there are six coins with the equivalent value of one, five, ten, twenty-five, and fifty. Likewise, there are six banknotes:- Same as those of the coins, except that it doesn’t have a banknote with 25 as its value, instead 20, and it has 100 and 200 deals too.

Furthermore, the current exchange rates are:

  • One US dollar is equivalent to 9.24 Turkish lira.
  • One Euro is equal to 10.75 Turkish lira.
  • One British Pound is equivalent to 12.77 TRY.
  • One Nigerian naira is equivalent to 0.023 TRY.
  • One Canadian dollar would get you 7.50 TRY.
  • And One Russian ruble would get you 0.123 TRY.

Do retired expats pay taxes in Antalya?

As seen in other countries, the taxes residents and non-residents pay are different. The residents pay their tax based on their whole income, while non-residents pay taxes on incomes sourced by Turkey. Plus, Turkey uses a progressive tax system; taxes range between 15% to 35%, solely dependent on how much you collect.

Can I Live In Antalya, Turkey Permanently?

Yes! It is possible to reside in Antalya permanently. Nonetheless, you would have to follow the Retiring In Antalya’s Visa Requirements above. Follow all of the instructions to the letter, and you can stay in Antalya for as long as you want.

What Is The Most Challenging Side To Living In Antalya?

It’s language. It isn’t easy to learn Turkish. It takes time and could be frustrating. Nonetheless, a large number of Turks speak English. However, they are mainly around the center of Antalya.

Retiring In Antalya Tips for Expat

  • Get a good financial advisor. Retiring is challenging, even worse, if you are going abroad to do it. Hence, a professional that would help you put your financial affairs in order is essential.
  • Ensure that you fit all the requirements perfectly before taking any steps.


Antalya is truly the Turkish Narnia adorned with mountains and a blue view of the Mediterranean sea. Moreover, retiring in this beautiful and historic place requires scrupulous inspection of the processes you are to take, and that’s what this article has provided.

A thorough guide that seeks to help you fulfill your Antalya dream. If all of the information in this article is taken as it should be, you would be on that white sand enjoying the cool ocean breeze in no time.

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