Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan, South Korea part 2 – best tourist attractions

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan, South Korea part 2 – Part one is here.

Best Tourist Attractions in Ulsan, South Korea

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan

Ulsan is the second-largest city in South Korea and is located on the southeastern coast. The city has experienced rapid growth in recent decades, including a population increase of over 150% since 1990. Ulsan’s long history can be traced back to its foundation in 1394, known as ‘Ulsando.’

It officially became a city in 1980 and has since grown to become a major industrial center. The city’s coastal location means that its economy relies heavily on shipbuilding and petroleum refining, while its seaport plays an integral role in international trade.

While the city still retains some of its older charms, there are many modern attractions that visitors can enjoy during their trip. Ulsan is perhaps most famous for the many beaches and islands that surround it, but there are also a great number of museums and historical sites to discover within the city. Here we look at seven of the best tourist attractions in Ulsan:

1)       Hae Bang San (Hae Bong mountain’s three peaks)

Hae Bang San’s beautiful mountain scenery is a popular attraction for hikers, but the numerous caves and tunnels make this an ideal destination for those who enjoy spelunking. In total, there are nine caves and six stone towers to discover. It is also possible to find a number of Buddhist temples on Hae Bong San.

2)       Gamak Bay

Gamak Bay is a former U.S. military base handed back to the South Korean government in 2006. The base has been transformed into various leisure facilities, including a golf course and an outdoor concert hall. It also features the only IMAX theatre in Korea, making it the perfect destination for movie buffs.

3)       The UN Memorial Cemetery

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan

Although Ulsan is not usually associated with foreign affairs, the city has a large number of memorials dedicated to soldiers from various countries that died in battles during both world wars. The cemetery features 14 separate memorial sites that are all worth visiting.

4)       Taehwa River

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan

The Taehwa River is located in the northern part of Ulsan. It is popular with visitors due to its beautiful scenery and convenient location, as it runs alongside the subway line for easy access. Many lovers also visit here to plant trees or scatter ashes in memory of their passed loved ones.

5)       Jangsaengpo Whale Museum

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Ulsan

The Jangsaengpo Whale Museum is located in close proximity to Ulsan Port. It is dedicated to preserving the memory of whales that have been stranded in local waters over the past 40 years. Visitors can learn more about these creatures and watch a live video feed from an underwater camera.

6)       Wolchulsan National Park

Wolchul Mountain is the highest peak in Ulsan and focuses on Wolchulsan National Park. The park also features seven different temples, making it a great destination for tourists interested in learning more about Buddhism. It’s also well worth visiting during autumn when the leaves change color.

7)       The Ulsan Grand Park

The Ulsan Grand Park is located south of the Taehwagang River and features many different attractions, including an amusement park, zoo, botanic garden, museum, exhibition hall, and concert hall. It also includes Asia’s largest fountain display which can be found outside the Korean Folk Village.

That’s it for our list of the seven best tourist attractions in Ulsan, South Korea. If you’re thinking about traveling to this city, be sure to look at some of our recommended hotels in Ulsan.

Before moving to Ulsan, there are a few things every expat should bring. There are plenty of things that can be purchased in South Korea, but many items aren’t readily available. In this section, we have compiled some of the essential things to know. Check it out now!

Things to Bring Before Moving To Ulsan

Before moving to Ulsan, there are a few things every expat should bring. There are plenty of things that can be purchased in South Korea, but many items aren’t readily available. In this section, we have compiled some of the essential things to know. Check it out now!


Every expat needs their passport before entering South Korea, especially if they want to travel around Asia. Additionally, it is not easy to get a new passport, and the process will take months; expats should make sure they have their passports well in advance.


Most Korean apartments don’t have closets and instead use ladder-style shelving. Although there should be enough room to store several coats and jackets, shoes take up more space. If expats don’t want to wear their shoes in the apartment, it is a good idea to bring some that can easily fit on these shelves (or under the bed).

Bring Shampoo and Soap

Surprisingly, most of the soap and shampoo in Korea isn’t great for expats’ hair and skin. Luckily, it is easy to buy these things in stores or online, but they should still bring things from home. There are limited choices for shampoo and conditioner that work well with expat hair, so bring several bottles before moving here.

Bring Baking Supplies

Despite the fact that it is not common to eat bread in Korea, baking supplies are difficult to find. Although expats can bring flour or yeast from home, they should make sure they have a good recipe for their favorite baked goods before moving here. 

Bring Games

Most Korean apartments do not have many living room features besides a television. Games are unlikely to be available in stores, but many online retailers sell games; expats should bring their board games and card games before moving here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moving to Ulsan

How do I move to Ulsan?

The first step should be applying for a Korean visa which should be arranged before arriving in Korea. Once the visa is approved, you need to apply for your alien registration card (ARC) within one month of entering South Korea. After two weeks, take your ARC and health check results to apply for a residency visa at the nearest Ulsan Immigration Office.

What is living in Korea like?

Life in Ulsan is very similar to living anywhere else in Korea, with the only difference being the geographical location. That being said, the weather is much warmer than in Seoul, which means that there are more outdoor activities to do.

How do I find a job in Ulsan?

While many jobs are advertised online, it is best to sign up with an English school or hagwon as they have the best distribution network for placing their staff. For those who want to work as teachers, it is best to have a bachelor’s degree and some teaching experience.


Ulsan, a city in the southeast of South Korea, is a large industrial center and a port city known for its automotive industry. While it does have a number of museums and cultural sites worth visiting, the main appeal to living in Ulsan lies in its semi-tropical climate and beautiful natural surroundings. Nonetheless, you can check the pros and cons listed above to know more about this city.

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