Pros And Cons Of Moving To Aberdeen, Scotland part 1 – moving to Aberdeen

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Aberdeen, Scotland part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Did you know that Aberdeen is the third-largest city in Scotland, with a population of over 220,000 people? While it isn’t one of the most well-known cities in the UK when compared to London or Edinburgh, lots of people have moved to this coastal city. In fact, more than 30% of its residents were not born in the country!

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Aberdeen

Despite its small size, Aberdeen offers great opportunities for those looking to change their city. It’s been rated as one of the top UK destinations to live and is regarded as an important financial centre with a strong oil and gas industry.

Considering moving to Aberdeen? We’ve got you covered! The city is not very densely populated. While several suburbs are surrounding the main city, Aberdeen’s center has a population density of around four people per hectare. This makes it easier to navigate and discover new things about an area without feeling crowded.

If you’re moving to Aberdeen soon, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got information on some of the best spots in the city and advice for new residents. You can get started here!

Factors to Consider When Moving to Aberdeen

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Aberdeen

The city of Aberdeen is a popular place for people worldwide. With a warm, temperate climate and cosmopolitan feel, the city offers job opportunities and other exciting things for expats and internationals alike.

However, moving to a new country can be daunting. So, here are some factors you should take into account before moving to Aberdeen.

1.    Where to Live

If you know nothing about the city, finding a good location for your home might be difficult. There are many suburbs and nearby towns outside of Aberdeen, but it’s best to be near the main city. Renting a home nearby will provide easy access to public transport and other amenities you might need.

Take into consideration where your job is located or if you’ll need extra transportation (such as carpools). If you’re not sure where to start, refer to this guide, as we’ve compiled some of the best locations to live in Aberdeen.

2.    Employment and Education Opportunities

There are many opportunities for employment in Aberdeen. Some of the top employers include BP, GSK, ABB Ltd, Shell, The University of Aberdeen, and Morrison’s Supermarkets. If you’re staying with a partner or spouse, finding work will be much easier.

3.    Information for Families

If you are moving to Aberdeen with your family, then you’re in for a treat! The city has excellent educational services, and there are lots of activities for kids to do after school. Many local sports clubs involve children, so they’ll always have something to do outside of the house.

4.    Housing & Finance

If you’re looking to buy property, then it is important to do plenty of research and decide what your budget is before jumping into anything. It’s always best not to assume that the first place you see will be the right one for you and take time to explore prices in different areas.

5.    City Life

Aberdeen offers a city lifestyle that is very different from most places. It has a population of just over 220,000, but it feels more active and lively than some larger cities in the UK. There are tonnes of parks to explore for those who love being outdoors as well as many museums and galleries.

6.    What’s There To Do?

If you love being around the water, then Aberdeen is a great place to be. It sits on the North Sea and has a fantastic coastline with lots of little coves and beaches along the way. In fact, its beach was recently voted as one of the top ten in Europe.

Aberdeen also has many events throughout the year, including music, theatre, and arts festivals. The city hosts a number of events for people to enjoy.

7.    Expat Resources

There are several expat resources available through different embassies in Aberdeen. The British Consulate-General has located here as well as the US consulate that provides lots of useful information about living in and visiting the city.

8.    Getting Around: Transportation & Commuting

When it comes to public transport, Aberdeen has a great bus network with many different lines to help citizens get around the city easily. The train station also offers passengers access to longer distance journeys such as up towards Inverness or down south towards London.

9.    Getting Around: Roads & Driving

If you’re driving around Aberdeen, there are some important things to be aware of. Make sure that you know your way around the city and pay attention to which side of the road cars drive on before setting out. The speed limits may also change depending on where you are in the city, so it’s best to stay on the lookout.

10. Health Care and Emergency Services

Aberdeen has several great hospitals and GP surgeries to choose from. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, but it’s also easy to do if you live in an area with many amenities nearby. Make sure that your health insurance provider covers treatment here before making a move.

11. Education

Schools in Aberdeen are all run independently, so it is important to research the different options available and which would be best for your child. There are a number of private schools as well as state-funded ones that provide great education services for young children.

12. Making Friends and Living Expat Life

Making friends can be a challenge when you’re new to a city, but you must stay positive and take on everything that’s being offered. Take the time to get out of the house and check out local events or just head downtown for some coffee with some other expats who have moved there before!

13. Stores & Shopping

There are several different shopping areas in the city, so it’s easy to get what you need during your day-to-day life. There are specialty stores for all sorts of things, including groceries and clothing if you don’t want to head downtown. More so, there are lots of places to eat and drink so you can have a great night out or celebrate a special occasion.

Overview of the Pros of Moving to Aberdeen

Pros And Cons Of Moving To Aberdeen

Everyone who’s ever moved knows what a pain it can be. Packing, rearranging furniture, asking friends and family to help with the move (or not getting their help), hiring movers – the list goes on. But there are good sides to moving as well!

You get to explore new places you’ve never visited before. You’ll get to meet new people and make new friends. Also, you get to leave behind negative memories of the past and many others, to mention a few. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at seven more pros of moving to Aberdeen. Check it out below!

Close Enough to Explore Scotland

Moving to a city in Scotland is definitely an opportunity worth taking advantage of. In this bustling oil industry town alone, you’ll be able to enjoy the vast beauty that Scotland holds. In fact, if you’re still around during summertime, why not take a trip to one of the many beaches in Aberdeen?

Or maybe you’d rather visit one of its many castles – both Highland Park and Kildrummy Castle are only a stone’s throw away from the city!

Low Cost Of Living

Aberdeen is a bustling city with many opportunities for exploration and relaxation, all within easy reach! This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds: a low-cost university experience with high standards and great class sizes (for those who go to Robert Gordon University), as well as a variety of opportunities to explore and relax (such as trips to the nearby countryside and nearby cities).

Plus, living in Aberdeen will be within your reach: it’s a low-cost city where housing is affordable. You’ll also get more value for money with student discounts at many stores.

Great Job Opportunities

Nearby oil companies such as Shell, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips are always looking for recruits. That means more job opportunities opening up – especially in areas such as engineering, geology, science, and manufacturing! If you’re looking to land that perfect first (or summer) job during university, then Aberdeen is definitely the place to be.

A University Town

One of the best things about studying in Aberdeen is that you’re not just living in a university town, but also within easy reach of some great attractions. The city itself has plenty to offer during your downtime – whether you want to check out one of its famous landmarks (such as Marischal College on Broad Street) or simply stroll along with the Union Terrace Gardens.

You’ll also get to explore other nearby cities, such as Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow – all of which are only an hour’s train ride away.

Beautiful Weather

While Aberdeen can get pretty rainy at times (especially during winter time), you’re guaranteed beautiful sunny days in between the showers. You’ll get to enjoy the full spectrum of weather, from sunny days where it’s not too cold or hot to rainbows after sunny showers. And when it does eventually get cold, you can explore festive markets and Christmas lights in the city.

Easy Access to Europe

The nearest airport in Aberdeen is an easy half-an-hour ride away from the city. If you want to explore other parts of Scotland, such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, it will only take an hour or so by train.

Going further afield to other European countries such as Holland and France is pretty straightforward: simply hop on a ferry to Newcastle, and you’re good to go. All in all, there are many reasons why Aberdeen might be the perfect place to live if you’re studying abroad.

Good Transport Links

In the UK, the train system is pretty efficient and convenient. For short trips within Aberdeen, you can easily get a bus – sometimes even for free. Traveling further afield to nearby cities such as Dundee and Edinburgh also takes very little time. It will only cost you about £17 to travel from Aberdeen to Edinburg. Plus, a train ride will only cost you £20 to go from there.


Low Population Compared To Other Major UK Cities

Aberdeen, Scotland is a seaport city located in the north of Scotland. It is currently the most populous city in the parallactic region and comprises over 3% of its total population but occupies only 0.4% of its landmass (Scotland has an estimated population of 5 million). This means that there are about 48 times more people per square kilometer in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh than there are in Aberdeen.

Poor Career Opportunities for Young People

Young folk tend to join the workforce, vocational school, military, or university right out of secondary education (high school). Since there is so little opportunity in Aberdeen, many will leave to find better jobs elsewhere. This gives the city a homogenous feel, with most age groups concentrated in the over-40 demographic.

Poor Career Opportunities for Adults

Aberdeen suffers from very high unemployment rates, currently pegged at around 8% (though this number may be skewed due to many leaving for better opportunities). Unemployment is particularly high among adults who lack higher education or trade certifications.

High Cost Of Living

Both housing and food costs are notoriously high in Aberdeen, putting a lot of the population under the poverty line (defined as £20,000 a year). Though there is no sales tax on clothing or food, there is VAT (value-added tax) that ranges from 17%-20%. In addition, the city has a fairly high cost of living compared to the rest of Scotland as a whole.

Inclement Weather

Aberdeen is located on Scotland’s northern coast, so it is often very windy and rainy, with few hours of sunshine per year. It is home to four distinct seasons that can be quite extreme – warm summers with a lot of rain and cool winters with a lot of snow. Though the temperature rarely drops below freezing, it is not unheard of for temps to drop into the negatives in the winter months.

Isolated Location

Most people who live in Aberdeen report that they do not venture out to the other major cities. Since it takes so long to get anywhere by car, public transportation is usually preferred for travel within Scotland or abroad. It requires at least two hours flying to London from Aberdeen, so many book day-trips to London instead of overnighting there.

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