How To Retire In France part 1 – Best places to retire

How To Retire In France part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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If you plan on retiring in France, there are a few things to keep in mind. Retiring in any country can be an intense experience and requires a lot of thought and preparation. This is especially true if you live overseas as part of the retirement process.

How To Retire In France

France has some of the best retirement benefits in Europe, but this isn’t always the case. You will need to do your research and find out exactly what you can get from the French state. Having a good plan before you retire can go a long way towards ensuring you get everything the government owes you.

The pension system in France is largely dependent on your employment history and the amount of money that you have paid into the system throughout your career. It can be difficult to understand, but it’s also very similar to other European countries’ retirement systems.

However, understanding how pensions work in France before you try to access them is an essential first step towards retiring in France. When you retire in France, you can expect to receive a number of benefits from the French government, including healthcare and easy access to state-run hospitals and care facilities.

In this article, we will walk you through the pros and cons of retiring in France as an expat. Not only is that, but we have compiled the best places to retire and the interesting facts about retiring in France as an expat. Are you ready to check what we’ve unleashed for you? If that sounds like a Yes, read further to get the details!

Best Places to Retire in France

France is known for many things – its food, the Eiffel Tower, and its movie industry. However, retirement destinations are not usually among them.

According to Natixis Global Retirement Index, France was ranked 25 out of 25 European countries in terms of how attractive it is to retirees. With some help from this article, though, you might just change your mind. Here are some of the best places to retire in France.

1.    Monaco

How To Retire In France

Monaco is situated along the French Riviera; it is known for its rich history and high-end casinos. It’s also famous for being one of the first countries to implement income taxes – making it a popular destination among millionaires. The best place to spend your golden years is towards the center of Monaco, in low-rise apartment buildings.

2.    Nimes

How To Retire In France

Nimes is located along the Rhone River and has an abundance of historical sites nearby, including the Roman coliseum. It’s also home to many different types of museums, like the Museo de la Magdalenerie, a museum about wine. It’s important to live among history and culture during retirement, and what better place than Nimes?

3.    Lille

Lille has a strong economy and, thus, an abundance of jobs – making it a relatively cheap place for retirees to live. Many people choose the suburbs of Lille as their retirement community, like the commune of Lomme. The city is accessible to other areas by train and has a metropolitan area with 1 million inhabitants.

4.    Marseille

Marseille is one of Europe’s oldest cities; it’s been part of France since the 12th Century AD. It also won the 2013 European Best Destination Award, which further showcases its ability to attract tourists. The best place to retire is in the suburbs, like the commune of Les Pennes Mirabeau, or near the coast, such as Marseille’s neighbor: Cassis.

5.    Paris

What list of best places to retire would be complete without Paris? Many people dream about retiring in Paris, and it is known to be one of the world’s most visited cities. There are several ways to enjoy Paris during your retirement; you can rent an apartment in central areas like Ile de la Cite or a residence in a quiet neighborhood like Levallois-Perret.

6.    Lyon

Lyon is France’s second-largest city, and it has a diverse economy that attracts many foreigners. It’s also known as the ‘capital of gastronomy’ for its wide variety of food choices. The best place to retire in Lyon is from low-rise apartment buildings near universities, public transportation, and parks.

7.    Toulouse

Toulouse is located in southwestern France; it has a rich culture and history that stretches back to Roman times. It also benefits from its strong tourism economy; tourists flock to Toulouse yearly because of its diverse attractions. The best place to retire in Toulouse is near the city center or on hillsides like Gardouch, with panoramic views of the city.

Requirements to Retire in France

  • Be a French national
  • Have reached retirement age
  • Have lived in France for an extended period
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have proof of your income
  • Having an up-to-date will
  • Have health insurance

Be a French National

Being a French citizen is one of the essential requirements to retire in France. Foreigners that are not of French nationality cannot access the same benefits as their French counterparts, even if they have lived and worked in France for many years.

Have Reached Retirement Age

The legal age to retire in France is 62, although a significant number of French citizens retire before 62 due to unemployment or poor health. That being said, the French government does provide incentives for people to retire later, such as the ‘Pension de Solidarite,’ which is a monthly supplement paid until they turn 67.

Have Lived In France for an Extended period

The minimum requirement to live in France is 90 months (approximately seven years). However, depending on your work history, you might be able to claim French retirement benefits after fewer years of residence.

Have a Clean Criminal Record

People applying for French pensions generally have to wait one year before they can receive them. During this time, any crimes or offenses will be investigated by the police, so if you have committed crimes in the past, it is advisable to go through the investigation process before filing for retirement.

Have Proof of Your Income

When applying for French pensions, you will need to prove that you meet the minimum amount of required savings in your bank account. The minimum amount varies depending on whether or not you are single, married with children, etc. You can find out more information by checking the previous post.

Have an Up-To-Date Will

If you are married in France, it is advisable to have a legally valid will, especially if you own jointly with your spouse. This is particularly important when your spouse is of French nationality, and you are not; who gets the home, car, etc.? If you are married in another country, the French rules may not apply to you, so you might want to consult a local lawyer.

Have Health Insurance

One of the main requirements for retiring in France is having your own private health care since French healthcare does not cover retirees. Private medical insurance can be expensive, but there are specific health insurance plans for retiring abroad.

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