Moving to Paris in 2021

Moving to Paris in 2021

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France is among the countries in Europe with the highest standard of living and cultural development. Many foreigners seek to move here, but due to the large influx of foreigners, the French immigration legislation is strict, and emigrants from different countries will have to go through a lengthy procedure for moving to permanent residence.

Europe is a region comfortable for life and work. France is a country with rich cultural traditions and beautiful architecture, broad prospects in the educational and entrepreneurial fields. Many Russian citizens want to move to this country for permanent residence, guided by the following reasons:

Loyal requirements of the laws for Russian immigrants.

An effective program for the integration of immigrant persons (the opportunity to get education, attend language courses).

The benevolent attitude of French citizens towards immigrants.

The standard of living in France is one of the best in Europe in 2021. But in this regard, immigration to France is not easy. French visas for travelers are easy to issue, but you will have to work hard to stay there for a longer period.

If you make an effort and achieve what you want, you can subsequently get quite significant advantages and opportunities:

  • Establish your own business and conduct it in the territories of the European Union.
  • Feel all the advantages and advantages of being a resident: a stable life, the availability of education in Europe, medical insurance, the availability of loans and the loyalty of European banks.
  • Affordable housing, cheap European cars, luxury yachts. All this can be purchased on credit with a very low interest rate.
  • Move freely in the EU zone and get a visa in a few days to cross one of the countries of this union.
  • The prospect of obtaining permanent residence in France.

Features of immigration to Paris, France

In the last years thousands of foreigners began to actively migrate, but they had completely different privileges and rights. Now the country has become more loyal to immigrants, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Immigrants in France have the opportunity to take special preparatory professional courses for subsequent employment and gaining language skills, understanding the culture of the nation.

If necessary, you can get social support from the state. It turns out to be those who intend to open a residence permit in France. 

France is very loyal to foreigners who apply for permanent residence and at the same time have citizenship of another country. The concept of dual citizenship is perfectly acceptable in France.

The concept of ethnic roots in this country is not an empty phrase. Therefore, at one time many left their countries thanks to their relatives. The republic does not recognize the period of limitation of family ties. That is, if you delve into family archives and find the great-grandfather or great-grandmother of those who once lived in France, there is every chance of becoming a new immigrant.

In a situation with family ties, the main thing is to find supporting documents, and then leaving for France will no longer be particularly difficult.

The country has special laws regarding children. So, if a child, whose parents have the status of a citizen, lived within its borders for five years before his majority, he automatically acquires French citizenship.

The republic is also very loyal to children, so it does not welcome the deportation of minors.

In relation to marriage, the government is not so positively disposed. To conclude it, you will have to go through many procedures with paperwork, submit various certificates confirming the well-being of the spouses. 

In addition, a married couple must necessarily live together for several years. And even after all this, there is no one hundred percent guarantee of obtaining permanent residence.

But marriage with a Frenchman gives the right to obtain a residence permit in France, and this is already a lot, since such a status allows you to feel like a practically full-fledged citizen. The only thing that does not provide a residence permit in France is the right to vote. In all other respects, you can be a fully fledged citizen.

The most unrealistic way to obtain citizenship is to apply for refugee status. In recent years, such requests have been granted only a few times. For residents of many countries, it is practically impossible to obtain political asylum in France. 

Signing a work contract with an employer from France will be an excellent reason to leave for France for permanent residence. But for this you need to have special professional skills that may be of interest to a potential employer.

According to French law, an employer, before hiring a foreigner, must provide substantial evidence that this job cannot be occupied by a Frenchman due to his lack of professional skills. Therefore, French firms invite foreigners with a special level of training or a very rare narrow specialization.

Features of business immigration to Paris, France

Each of the developed countries of the world is trying to attract foreign capital. To do this, they develop mechanisms to attract foreigners with large sums of money. For large investors or businessmen, the republic has developed a scheme for more comfortable obtaining permanent residence.

Business immigration to France is quite common. There is also a certain scheme for obtaining the required visa and residence permit status.

  • An organization or company should be opened under the patronage of the French authorities. To do this, you must submit an application to the prefecture where the future business will be located in order to obtain the appropriate permission. A businessman must submit a corresponding petition himself, since he must confirm that he is the leader. In order for the petition to be satisfied, it is necessary to invest a very round sum in the case. Recently, it is more than a million euros.
  • A significant amount of investment will allow you to issue a temporary guest visa, on the basis of which you can issue a merchant’s card.
  • When all the documents are transferred to the French Embassy, ​​they will be forwarded to the prefecture that is geographically related to this case. The documents have been pending for about three months. After the expiration of this period, a positive result usually comes and a corresponding business card is issued.
  • The further path is much easier, since in fact immigration to France has practically taken place. After receiving a business card, an application for a residence permit is submitted.
  • If the business is quite successful, and the merchant has no clashes with law enforcement agencies and does not have any violations, then in a year the consulate issues a residence permit for a period of not more than 365 days.
  • After two years of successful business operation, the French government allows you to obtain a residence permit for a period of ten years. This type of document does not need to be renewed every year like the previous one.
  • After the business has been successfully operating for more than five years, you can apply for permanent residence. But a businessman should spend most of this time in France or in the EU zone.

If a businessman wants to transfer his family, then after a year has passed and the business is successfully developing, family members have the right to submit the relevant documents to the embassy:

  • copies of documents confirming the identity of the applicant;
  • family composition certificates;
  • photographs of the established format;
  • the corresponding completed questionnaire;
  • documents for own or rented housing;
  • bank statements to personal accounts confirming financial stability;
  • special migration medical certificate;
  • checks, air tickets and other documents confirming a constant visit to France;
  • availability of medical insurance for a period of one year;
  • certificates confirming the absence of a criminal record;
  • availability of an appropriate license (for certain types of business);
  • appropriate power of attorney for administrative documents and the right to fill them out;
  • the presence of a power of attorney granting the right to represent the interests of the family in various instances.

Each type of document must comply with existing standards, be executed in French and certified by the appropriate notary body.

Moving to Paris under the work contract

Another way for which you must be a specialist with a European qualification degree. A foreigner can work in this country if the employer provides evidence that a specific vacancy is not available for a native resident.

Specialists can issue permits of the following types:

  • For labor activity in hired work (for a period or permanently).
  • For foreigners with special skills and talent (if you are a well-known scientific or cultural figure).
  • For hard-to-find professionals.
  • Permit for participating in Au-Pair employment programs.
  • For seasonal workers.

You must be a unique specialist in order for a French company to go through the hardest procedure: to prove that no French company has your qualifications. 

To hire a foreigner, a French company needs to conduct interviews with French candidates and collect evidence that not one of them is suitable for the position, but only you are suitable. 

Basis for moving to France for permanent residence 

To become a citizen or resident (holder of permanent residence) of France, a foreigner must go through a certain procedure. The latter includes three stages:

  • registration of a Schengen visa (usually long-term);
  • obtaining a residence permit (residence permit);
  • obtaining a permanent residence (permanent residence);
  • obtaining citizenship, a passport of the European Union.

But why would a foreigner need an EU passport, except for the opportunity to move to France and enjoy all the benefits of living in this European country? The rights granted by EU citizenship include:

  • the right to freely cross the borders of European countries;
  • full package of social benefits;
  • the right to legal employment without issuing an additional document authorizing employment in France or any other EU state;
  • in the long term – receiving a pension that meets European standards.

The reasons for moving to France for permanent residence for foreigners can be:

  • founding a profitable business;
  • conclusion of a marriage union with a citizen / resident of any EU country;
  • naturalization – residence in the country for more than 5 years on the basis of a residence permit;
  • military service – after serving in the French Foreign Legion;
  • as discussed above,refugee is an option that is difficult for most expats to access, since there is no persecution on the basis of political views.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in France

Above, naturalization was mentioned as the basis for obtaining permanent residence status in France. This is the only way to move here for many expats, who are not highly qualified specialists, and without close relatives among EU citizens / residents.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit in France:

  • employment in a French organization for more than 1 year;
  • the conclusion of a marriage union with a citizen or resident of France;
  • drafting a cohabitation agreement;
  • participation in cultural exchange programs;
  • opening a business in France;
  • obtaining refugee status;
  • the presence of relatives among EU citizens / residents.

Sometimes it is mentioned the possibility of obtaining a residence permit based on the purchase of residential real estate. This is false information. The presence of housing in France will increase the chances of an expat to move and, potentially, reduce his expenses. But residential real estate is not a basis for obtaining a residence permit in this EU country.

Required documents for an adult to move to Paris

At each stage of the procedure for moving to France for permanent residence, the applicant is required to provide a certain list of documents.

For a long-term Schengen visa (basic package):

  • application form;
  • international passport;
  • internal passport of his country with copies of all pages with any information;
  • two photographs taken in accordance with Schengen standards (color, dimensions – 3.5 x 4.5 cm, no damage, etc.);
  • medical insurance for 30 thousand euros;
  • confirmation that you have a sufficient amount of funds (bank statement, certificate from work, etc.);
  • confirmation of the basis and route of the trip;
  • confirmation that you have housing in France;
  • receipts for consular payments and, when applying for the services of regional visa centers, service fees.

For a residence permit in France:

  • statement;
  • a passport with a valid Schengen visa;
  • two color photographs taken in accordance with Schengen standards;
  • documents on the marital status;
  • documents confirming you have housing in France;
  • documents confirming the basis for obtaining a residence permit:
  • labor contract;
  • certificates and certificates of opening / buying a business in the country;
  • certificates from educational institutions in France about the enrollment of an applicant;
  • invitation letters from relatives;
  • envelopes, stamps.

For a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in France, almost the same documents are submitted as for a regular residence permit, but they are accompanied by a corresponding application and proof of continuous residence in the country for the required period.

All documents for a residence permit in France must be translated into French, copied and certified by a notary.

Documents for the child

In the event that permanent residence in France is issued for a child, his parents must provide the following package of documents for him:

  • the passport of a child with a Schengen long-term visa of category “D” affixed in it (if the child is under 14 years old – this must be the passport of one of the parents);
  • birth certificate of a child;
  • a certificate from the educational institution where the minor applicant is studying;
  • an envelope with a pasted stamp.

Fees and commissions 

The total cost of permanent residence in France consists of fees for all of the above stages, which must be specified separately.


  • for a short-term visa (for the first visit and “reconnaissance” of the situation) – 35 or 70 euros, for registration in the usual and expedited manner, respectively;
  • for a long-term visa – 60 euros;
  • the cost of a residence permit and permanent residence differs, depending on the basis of the trip, the civil status of the applicant, etc. (for example, when moving on the basis of employment, the amount is 99 euros).
  • Also, the total cost can include the cost of paperwork, notary services when translating copies, etc. It is difficult to determine the exact price here, it can vary from 100 to 700 euros, and, in certain cases, even more. Contacting visa centers and companies that provide legal assistance in preparing documents also simplifies the procedure, but increases costs.

The benefits of living in France

Immigration to France for many residents of different countries does not bring the desired result, which they originally expected. Any immigrant in another country has a difficult time. But still, some categories of people in France can be very good at it.

The first category includes women who have found a French husband. Usually such husbands treat women well. If the family relationship is successful, and such a couple has found mutual understanding, then the immigrant will be quite happy.

The second category includes ordinary employers. Working as a builder, welder, electrician, plumber, waiter and clerk is much more preferable in terms of salary than in your homeland.

The third group includes specialists with a narrow profile.

For people with specific skills and rare, especially intellectual professions, France will present a promising road to a brighter future.

But if you compare by country, then the United States, Australia or Canada can provide them with a better life, so think in advance in which country it is better to go to live abroad.

As practice shows, immigration to France will be successful if you do not wait for the weather by the sea, but try to organize your own small business. Small home shops, restaurants or cafes by the road, on the seashore always have success and their clientele.

In any corner of the world, you can be happy if you clearly set goals and strive to achieve success in the chosen direction.

France is one of the largest and most developed countries in Europe. The standard of living of the population there is relatively high. The country treats migrants well, which also has its drawbacks. Based on a large number of sources, we analyzed the main features of life in France, its pros and cons.

Life in France – the main features

The authorities of this country give priority attention to the social security of citizens. Even homeless people live relatively well and receive benefits. There is a progressive scale of taxation, and the poor are paid extra. Plus, the country has a very mild, comfortable climate.

With migrants in France, there is a definite inflection point. Their living conditions may be even better than those of the native French. Naturally, this provokes protests from the local population. In addition, an increase in the number of newcomers increases unemployment, and competition in the labor market is growing.

Whoever is not doing well in France is the rich. They are subject to the greatest tax burden. It is not easy to increase income in such conditions. For those who wish to go up the career ladder, the conditions here are also not the most comfortable. This is extremely difficult to do.

The lack of sufficient fuel resources has given rise to the tradition of conserving energy. This means that those who like to consume a lot of electricity have nothing to do in France. Or you have to change your habits. Now the main hopes are pinned on alternative sources, and if they become cheaper, then, perhaps, this problem will be solved.

Medicine in France is pretty heavily regulated. Few medicines are available without a prescription. But if available, they can be obtained at a fairly low price. And in general, there are enough doctors who are ready to prescribe him.

However, it is also impossible to say that most French people live richly. High prices do not leave a lot of money for free spending.

Pros and cons of living in France

So, the main advantages are:

1. Mild, comfortable climate.

2. Quite large salaries and pensions.

3. High level of social support, good benefits.

4. Favorable ecology, quality of products.

5. Mentality and way of life of the French.

6. Progressive scale of taxes (for the rich it is a minus).

7. A healthy lifestyle and its long duration.

8. Short working day.


1. Quite high prices, including for food.

2. Big taxes for the rich.

3. Age of retirement.

4. Bureaucracy.

5. The problem of buying drugs without a prescription.

6. Many migrants.

7. The risk of terrorist attacks.

8. Language problems.

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