How To Become An Expat In Europe part 2 – 10 Great Countries Suitable for Expats in Europe

How To Become An Expat In Europe part 2 – Part one is here.

Top 10 Countries Suitable for Expats in Europe

Expats often question if Europe is a good choice for them. The answer to this question depends on what people are looking for from their expat experience. Many factors make up the perfect European country, but these top countries might provide a good starting point.

1.    Croatia

How To Become An Expat In Europe part 2

Croatia offers expats a relatively low cost of living compared to other European countries. There are also many job opportunities available for foreigners who want to work in the tourism industry. Croatia’s favorable climate is one of the main reasons expats choose it as their new home.

The weather, although not warm all year round, allows people to enjoy outdoor activities during most of the year without worrying too much about the weather.

2.    Portugal

How To Become An Expat In Europe part 2

Portugal is another good choice for expats looking to retire in Europe. The currency fluctuation has helped increase the number of foreigners interested in retiring here. Prices are generally lower than other European countries with similar GDP per capita, and there isn’t a great gap between the prices of different housing types.

3.    France

How To Become An Expat In Europe part 2

France easily makes it to the top three European destinations for expats looking for a new home. It is surrounded by water, making it an ideal place for people who love coastal activities and seafood. The country features many different climates depending on the season.

Although expensive compared to other countries in Europe, France remains an attractive option for expats thanks to its rich culture, history, and cuisine.

4.    Spain

Spain might just be the most popular destination for expats moving to Europe. The country is well known for its warm weather, which gives people the chance to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Even though it has been in a financial crisis, the Spanish economy is now recovering, encouraging many expats to return.

5.    Italy

Italy is an attractive place for expats looking to settle down in Europe as it offers a high quality of life at a reasonable price. The country’s climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities throughout much of the year without worrying too much about the weather. It’s also very easy to meet people at clubs and social gatherings thanks to the vibrant cultural scene.

6.    Germany

Germany is one of the best places for expats looking for financial security. Since its reunification, it has transformed itself into an economic powerhouse, with one of the strongest economies in Europe. Expats can expect to find plenty of job opportunities in Germany, especially if they look for work in an English-speaking environment.

7.    Belgium

Belgium is one of the most well-known countries when it comes to expat destinations in Europe. The country provides great economic prospects for people who want to stay here long term. Many expats choose to live in Belgium because of its highly developed infrastructure, its well-developed economy, and real estate affordability.

8.    Bulgaria

Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly popular choice for expats looking for housing abroad. The country has experienced rapid growth recently, particularly in terms of tourism. There are also job opportunities available in many sectors, particularly those related to information technology and telecommunications.

9.    Austria

Austria is an attractive choice for expats looking for highly developed infrastructure. There are plenty of career opportunities here, especially for people with expertise in the service sector or looking to work online. The country’s low cost of living is also an attraction for many expats.

10. Greece

Greece features the continent’s most beautiful weather, making it a great choice for people looking to make this their new home. There are plenty of career opportunities in the country, particularly in the tourism industry due to its favorable climate. One drawback, however, is that there are less job opportunities in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Requirements to Become an Expat in Europe

Europe is a popular destination for people worldwide, and it should come as no surprise that so many want to relocate there. This guide will explain how you can get ready to become an expat in Europe, including information on regulations and other issues.

Europe offers the opportunity to study at some of the finest universities in the world. Besides, it also offers employment opportunities to those who are qualified, as well as many other benefits. To become an expat in Europe, you will need a number of requirements and qualifications. Without further ado, check it out below.

  • A job offer
  • A visa
  • Sufficient funds for the first few months (for expenses and emergencies)
  • A place to live (apartment, house)
  • Knowledge of the language (if living in a country where it is spoken)

A Job Offer

The first thing to have is a job offer. If you do not already have a job lined up, then you will need to find one that is willing to hire you and sponsor your work permit (if necessary). It can take several months for the process of becoming an expat in Europe, so make sure that you are ready with a plan and a job offer.

A Visa

Each country within Europe has its own regulations and visa rules. Some countries may not require you to get a work permit, while it might be mandatory in others. To become an expat in Europe, you should contact the embassy of each country interested in living in and speak with them directly about visas.

Sufficient Funds

You will need money to live, and enough for the first few months of your stay. You should have a general idea about how much this will cost, based on where you plan to live and what your spending habits are like. There is no harm in having a little extra as an emergency fund.

A Place to Live

If you are coming alone, getting a place to live in Europe should not be too hard. However, if you plan to bring your family with you, make sure that they will have their own space to sleep and relax when they need it. You can find apartments or houses from estate agents, who often offer weekly rentals for expats.

Knowledge of the Language

Some countries require knowledge of the local language however, not all do. To become an expat in Europe and live in another country, you should make sure that you learn at least some key phrases and words before you arrive. This will help to ensure that your stay is a success.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living in Europe

What are the steps to immigrate?

There are three broad immigration-based options for foreigners wanting to live in Europe. The first is obtaining work, student, or family visa; the second is becoming an EU citizen; and finally, having no status or working illegally. Each option has its own requirements, which applicants must meet before applying for a visa.

How can I obtain a work, student, or family visa?

The most common way to obtain one of these visas is to be sponsored by an EU company. According to the “Blue Card” directive (Directive 2009/50/EC), the term “sponsor” refers to any person residing in Europe who has signed an official employment contract with a foreigner, ensuring that this person will receive fair working conditions.

How do I apply for EU citizenship?

The EU gives member states the freedom to set their citizenship laws. Generally, most applicants must have lived in Europe for several years before they are eligible to apply for EU citizenship. Those married to Europeans can often apply for citizenship more quickly, as can those who have exceptional talent in the arts.


Living in Europe as an expat is something most people want to do, but few get the chance. If you live in Europe and want to live there again, your best bet is probably moving back to your old hometown or city. That’s why this article is all you need. Read again to understand the process, and always check this platform for more information.

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