How To Become An Expat In Europe part 1 – Benefits of Living in Europe

How To Become An Expat In Europe part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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If you are thinking of becoming an expat in Europe, this is for you. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of living in Europe full-time, what type of lifestyle to expect during your stay, and how to get work visas if necessary.

How To Become An Expat In Europe

After all, you are not just looking for a job. You are looking for an experience that will be life-changing. You are thinking of becoming an expat in Europe because the way of living over here is vastly different from your own culture.

If you have to leave behind family and friends, this might be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. You are thinking of becoming an expat in Europe because you are tired of the monotony. In fact, you want something new and exciting. So brace yourself, for you are about to embark on a great adventure!

What is an expat? What does ‘expat’ mean? The term ‘expat’ refers to a person living in a country other than their native country. So, when we talk about an expat in Europe, we talk about someone who lives and works in Europe.

However, we have compiled this article to explain everything you need to know about becoming an expat in Europe. As said earlier, there are many things this post will cover. So, if you’ve been surfing the internet to get the right information about living in Europe, we’ve got you covered. Read further to understand how it works!

Benefits of Living in Europe as an Expat

You live in the United States. You have a great job, your family is just next door, and maybe your kids are enrolled in a nice school nearby. You might be wondering why on earth anyone would want to leave such a comfortable lifestyle just for some European city. Here are ten reasons why expats choose Europe as their new home.

The Weather Is Awesome

One of the most common responses from expats living in Europe is that they can’t believe how amazing the weather is. In contrast to North America, where it’s cold and miserable for months, Europe enjoys a fair amount of sunshine throughout spring, summer, and autumn – which means no snow, no blizzards, and no ice storms.

How To Become An Expat In Europe

Travel is Affordable and Accessible

One of the biggest reasons why many expats choose to leave North America for Europe is because transportation here is so affordable and accessible. In comparison to North American standards, flying from one European city to another can be as cheap as a bus ticket – especially when you’re traveling between European countries.

The Food is Great

If you’re moving to Europe with your family, you don’t need us to tell you that the food here is healthy and tasty. From fresh fruits and vegetables to seafood, cheese, breads, and meats – it’s all delicious! Not only will your stomach thank you for eating so well, you’ll feel healthier and more energetic than ever.

The Nightlife Is Unforgettable

Europe is known for its exciting nightlife, especially in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Lisbon. With vibrant music, amazing cafes, and bars that never seem to close – it’s no surprise that expats living in Europe are up until all hours of the night (and into the morning).

How To Become An Expat In Europe

Everyone is Welcome

One final reason why expats love living in Europe? Everyone’s welcome. No matter whether you’re American, Canadian, Brazilian, and Uruguayan – as long as you embrace and respect European culture and values, you’ll be accepted with open arms (and maybe an open beer).

The Accent is Sexier

Maybe you already fell in love with a European – or maybe you’ve been dating for a long time now. Regardless, there’s something undeniably charming about a European accent – and the more you hear it, the more you’ll want to hear it! In fact, the chances are that your new lover’s accent will make you fall in love with them all over again.

The Architecture is Stunning

If you’re moving to Europe for work or school, then it’s likely that your studies and assignments will take you all around the continent. And if this is the case, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be impressed by all the architecture – from Gothic castles in Germany to Roman colosseums in Italy. You might not want to leave the continent once your program is over.

How To Become An Expat In Europe

Everyone Lives to Eat

Last but not least, many expats in Europe claim that the locals and Europeans, in general, enjoy eating and cooking so much. Not only do people here eat a ton of tasty food, but they also sit down together at the table and enjoy it together – rather than eating alone or on the go.

You might even be invited to join your new friends for a home-cooked meal – be prepared to make some new friends who are as hungry as you are.

The Booze is So Cheap

Like the food, Europe has an incredible selection of beer, wine, and spirits at very affordable prices. The chances are that after finishing work or school each day, you’ll want to sit down and relax with a cold pint (or glass of wine) – and who could blame you?

The People are So Friendly

Last but not least, people in Europe genuinely care about one another, and they’re always willing to drop everything just to help their neighbors. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a strong sense of community! And when you move to Europe, you’re likely to experience this firsthand.

10 Ways to Become an Expat in Europe

Living in Europe, which is a part of the European Union (EU), means that you have a lot of opportunities. The EU consists of 28 countries, which all have their own culture and way of living. If you want to become an expat in Europe, you will get a lot out of it by learning about the culture and language of the country you move to.

Several things can help you to become an expat in Europe. In fact, you can choose from many different possibilities to go abroad. Below you’ll find ten tips that will point you in the right direction.

Language School or University

If you want to become an expat in Europe, learning the local language is a good idea if the country has more than one official language. In countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg, the primary language is not necessarily your home country.

For instance, if you’re from Spain and want to become an expat in Luxembourg, you should definitely learn Luxembourgish (the national language).

Live With a Host Family

If you think about becoming an expat in Europe, there are several options; you can live in a big city with a lot of expats, no problem. But for instance, if you prefer living somewhere smaller and more provincial, it’s definitely better to have the local language under your belt when you move. In this case, it might be a good idea to find a host family where you can stay for free in exchange for being an au-pair.

A Volunteer Programme

You can become an expat in Europe by signing up for a volunteer program, which is offered all over the continent. To find one near you, look on the Internet or ask your local employment agency (ANPE). The advantage is that it’s often free and you’ll make friends with fellow volunteers from all over the world. The disadvantage is that it might be hard to get a work permit.

A Working Holiday Visa

If you just want to go on vacation in Europe for a few months, you can get an interesting experience by getting a working holiday visa. You won’t earn much money, but it’s always nice to have a free ticket for traveling around. It’s also possible to get one long-term work permit this way.

An Au-Pair Job

If you want to become an expat in Europe and don’t mind getting paid less than your regular job, becoming an au-pair is a good idea. You’ll take care of children and do housework, but it’s also possible to go on vacation with the host family. The more flexible your work hours are, the more au-pair jobs you’ll find.

Teach English

There are several countries in Europe where you can teach English. For instance, in Italy, it’s difficult to find a job if you’re not an EU citizen. But in this case, being willing to teach your expertise in the English language opens up many possibilities for becoming an expat in Europe. You can also teach English in many European schools, but it’s better to have an advanced level.

Joining the Military

If you are a young adult male or female looking for adventure, consider joining the armed forces of Europe. They’re always looking for well-qualified soldiers and officers from other countries. The requirements for becoming an expat in Europe vary from country to country. Still, if you are healthy and have some military training or experience, you can always find a career with the armed forces of Europe.

Working in the European Parliament

If you’re a political junkie and want to become an expat in Europe, there are several opportunities for you. One is to apply for a job with the European Parliament, which offers freelancers from other countries. You can also work as a news correspondent with a press card, but this is a bit more difficult to get.

A Job as a Host or Hostess

If you’re a man, you can always find a job as a host or hostess in one of the many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs throughout Europe. Although most establishments hire only young women, there are still some for men. These jobs are often easy to get if you have some experience.

Join the EU bureaucracy

If you are a fan of bureaucratic jobs, you can always find some in Europe. The European Parliament offers many possibilities for becoming an expat in Europe after graduation. Several non-governmental organizations recruit people from outside the Union too.

For instance, the European Youth Forum is an interest group for young people, offering several job opportunities throughout Europe.

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