Best Cities In The World For Expats With Kids part 1 – 10 Things to Consider

Best Cities In The World For Expats With Kids part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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For expats dreaming of moving to a new city or relocating, one of the most important things they need to consider is whether their kids will have an easy time adjusting. There are several factors that parents should keep in mind when choosing which city would be best for children.

The first thing expat parents should do before choosing a new city (to call home) is research the education system. They should know what type of school their children would go to, whether it’s an international school or not, and whether they offer scholarships for expats.

Best Cities In The World For Expats With Kids

It’s also important that parents look into the safety level of the city they want to move into. Since one of their biggest concerns would be their kids’ safety, they need to ensure that the local police and fire departments effectively handle emergencies.

To put it simply, expat parents should choose a city where their children can receive the best education and live in a safe environment where they could grow up healthy, happy, and properly adjusted in their new home.

According to a new survey, we have compiled some of the best cities in the world for expats with kids. Aside from this fact, we will walk you through some reasons why these cities are worth living in. Are you interested and willing to learn? Well, read further to have a glimpse of what we’re saying.

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Cities

Best Cities In The World For Expats With Kids

As an expat, you probably already know that mobility also means being ready to face changes in various aspects of your life. An expat move is rarely limited to simply finding a new home or apartment in a foreign city – many times; it comes with the need to find new schools for your children.

If you are preparing to move abroad or simply thinking about it, here are 5 things to consider before choosing the best cities in the world for expats with kids.

Quality Of Life

Quality of life is one of the main factors that should be considered when selecting a destination where your family could potentially settle down for an extended period.

You will need to assess your needs regarding housing, education opportunities, quality of healthcare, and other important aspects. Are these services well-developed in the target destination? Is their cost reasonable? Are there English-speaking schools in place?

Security Concerns Abroad

Another aspect of giving a lot of thought is the quality and cost of security services in the target destination. As many expats know, safety is one of the biggest concerns for anyone looking to settle down abroad, and you will want to consider your new home’s safety record and prevailing crime rates.


The last thing you want when moving abroad is to end up disappointed by your new location and want to return home. Before choosing the best cities in the world for expats with kids, or any destination, you should honestly assess how easily you will be able to settle down and adapt to a new environment.

Do you like learning about different cultures? Are you open-minded and flexible? Or are you a person who is quickly frustrated by things being different from home? These are the things you should consider before relocating with your kids.

School Options Abroad

Quality education is a priority for most people, so it follows that choosing the best cities in the world for expats with kids also means assessing how well your children will fare at school. Education opportunities vary from place to place, and you should assess what is available in terms of public and private, preschool, and elementary or middle and high-school education.

Best Cities In The World For Expats With Kids

Health Concerns Abroad

Another important aspect to consider before moving is the quality of health services in your target destination. How easy will it be to get proper healthcare there? Is it safe for children? Are vaccines available?

And if you move to a country where medical insurance is not mandatory, will your children be able to receive treatment in the event of illness or injury?

Climate, Culture, and the People

You should also consider the climate and cultural aspects of your target destination. Both things can change dramatically from one location to another, and often they go hand in hand. Many expats like to move to warmer climates conducive to outdoor activities, but this is by no means a requirement.

Cultural aspects are also important, and if you want to settle down in a foreign country that is fairly isolated economically or socially, you should seriously consider what it would be like for your children.

Cost Of Living

Many expats are also lured to more exotic destinations in the hopes of being able to live well on a low salary, but the cost of living varies tremendously from one country to another. You will need to assess how much you can expect to spend every month on housing, food, utilities, transportation, and entertainment in the destination where you wish to move.

Proximity to Family & Friends

There are times when family and friends can be a big factor in deciding where to move as an expat. If you choose the best cities in the world for expats with kids, make sure that they will visit you there regularly. If not, finding a new job or moving again may become necessary.

Professional and Social Network

Closely related to family and friends, your professional and social networks are another important part of decision-making before settling down abroad.

Having the support of others is especially important for expat families with children because they are at a disadvantage in terms of integration if they don’t have their support network, so keep this aspect in mind when choosing the best cities in the world for expats with kids.

Leisure Opportunities

You should also assess what’s available to do in your new location on weekends and during holidays, especially if you have children who need activities they enjoy. Is there a beach? A ski resort? A historical site or amusement park nearby? You should find out what you can do as a family and whether or not that will fit your budget.

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