Best Cities For Expats In Southern Europe part 1 – Why Southern Europe is Suitable for Expats?

Best Cities For Expats In Southern Europe part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The southern part of the European continent is a popular destination for expats.  This is no wonder as it offers a lot of great opportunities and benefits, especially for those people who love to live in a Mediterranean climate.

Best Cities For Expats In Southern Europe

Whether you’re looking for better work opportunities, more sunshine, or just a place to settle down and raise a family, you should consider immigrating to Southern Europe. There are many amazing cities in the southern part of Europe, each with its own unique character.

However, we’ve compiled this article not only to explain the best cities for expats in Southern Europe but also to explore the benefits. Have you been surfing the web to get the right information about living in this part of the world? Look no further as we’ve got you covered on this platform.

This list is an attempt to compile some of the best places for expats. If you’re considering making Southern Europe your home, do yourself a favor and visit our list of thirteen amazing Southern European cities that are perfect for living. That being said, the choice is yours, and we encourage you to take a look at all cities on our list, as they’re all worth visiting.

Top 7 Reasons Why Southern Europe is Suitable for Expats

Best Cities For Expats In Southern Europe

There are many reasons you may want to move abroad, but whatever the case may be, there is always a destination that makes more sense for an expat. If you do not know where to go and you would like to live in a warmer place with a lower cost of living, then Southern Europe is what you might need. Here are the top seven reasons you should consider living in Southern Europe.

Low Cost of Living

Southern Europe is a trendy destination for expats worldwide because it has a lower cost of living when compared to other European countries, which would be a lot more expensive for expats. In Southern European countries, the standard of living is also higher than that of other countries.

Great Climate

Southern Europe has great weather all year, which means that there is one less reason why you shouldn’t consider living in this part of the world. The climate is similar to what you would find in the Caribbean islands and Florida, making it a top choice for expats.

Perfect Location

The locations of the southern European countries make it easy for expats to travel around Europe, and even though it is not such a big continent, if you wanted to go somewhere else, it would be very difficult. Another great thing about living in this part of the world is that since it has such temperate weather, you would not have to worry about extreme cold or heat.

Best Cities For Expats In Southern Europe

Relaxed Lifestyle

Southern Europe is also different because it offers a relaxed lifestyle for expats who are not exactly fond of big cities or crowded areas. This region has lots of small towns and cities that people can explore, making it an excellent choice for those who are used to a more laidback lifestyle.

Great Travel Destination

The last reason why living in southern Europe would be suitable for expats is because it makes an excellent travel destination for those who are not residing there all year round. The weather is usually pretty good, allowing exploring the beautiful beaches and other great outdoor activities.

Historical Locations

There are also plenty of historical locations that people can visit when living in the southern European countries, which makes it even more appealing to expats who want to explore everything Europe has to offer. The regions might be different from what you are used to, but there is something for everyone here, and it is definitely worth trying out.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are definitely something that expats should consider when moving to a new destination. In Southern Europe, there are plenty of business opportunities for those willing to go there. Since this part of the world is doing pretty well right now, it would be an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business.

Best Cities for Expats in Southern Europe

Southern European countries are known for their ‘sunny’ climate and friendly locals. But this region is also home to some of the best cities in Europe for expats, with employment opportunities, quality of life, ease of settling into the country, and overall value. So which is the best? We’ve compiled the thirteen popular cities in southern Europe to help you decide. Without further ado, take a look at it now.

1.    Málaga

This wonderful city located in the south of Spain is one of Europe’s hidden gems and a fantastic place for expats who love spending time outdoors and exploring new places. The mild weather and beautiful beaches, as well as a low cost of living and great opportunities for people who love the seaside lifestyle, should be enough to convince you that Málaga is an excellent choice.

In addition to having a lot to offer to those looking for better work opportunities, the city also offers economic support for startups from other countries. This makes it a perfect place for young expats to start their businesses.

2.    Barcelona

Located in the northeast of Spain, this wonderful city has so much to offer that you can hardly name it all.  One thing is certain – there’s something for everyone here, and it is no wonder why so many people choose Barcelona as their place to settle down. Whether you’re a sun seeker, an outdoor enthusiast, or looking for better work opportunities, Barcelona has it all.

In addition to this, the city offers great public transport and low cost of living, giving people from other countries a chance to really get a feel for the local culture while still being able to afford a comfortable living in this wonderful city by the sea.

3.    Valencia

Located in the east of Spain, Valencia is another great place for expats.  If you’re looking for a sunny climate and lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, then Valencia should definitely be on your list! The mild weather here allows people to spend much more time outdoors, so if you love cycling or hiking, Valencia is perfect for you.

Valencia also offers great work opportunities and its cost of living is much lower than in some other European cities. This makes it a wonderful place for expats who are starting their own business or are looking for better career opportunities.

4.    Ljubljana

Located in the northwest of Slovenia, Ljubljana is one of Europe’s most underrated cities.  It has everything to offer for people looking for a beautiful city with great nightlife, amazing food, and culture that will allow them to feel like they’ve stepped into another world.

The capital of Slovenia has one of the most amazing public transport systems in Europe and is known for its low cost of living. This makes it an excellent place to live for expats looking for a comfortable lifestyle while also having access to great education and healthcare opportunities.

5.    Athens

The capital of Greece is a trendy destination among expats from all over the world. This city has it all – great food, friendly locals, and wonderful weather throughout the year (except for summers), which allows you to explore new things and make the most of your time while living here.

Athens is perfect for people who love spending their time outdoors since there are so many incredible places in this city that allow you to go on a different adventure every time. The low cost of living and great work opportunities are also reasons why so many expats choose Athens as their home.

6.    Madrid

Spain’s capital is a wonderful place to live, especially if you’re an expat from the US.  The cost of living here is also very affordable, making it possible for people from other countries to start their own business or invest in one that already exists with minimal risks.

In addition to offering great work opportunities, Madrid also has many places where you can go to spend your free time better. The city has something for everyone, which is why it attracts so many expats from all over the world.

7.    Dublin

Located in the east of Ireland, Dublin has a lot to offer to find a good place to settle down in Europe.    The city’s weather is mild all year round, allowing people to take advantage of the beautiful environment and make the most of their time living in Dublin.

Dublin has excellent public transport and a low cost of living, which makes it a wonderful place for expats who are looking for better career opportunities while also having access to great education and healthcare opportunities.

8.    Nicosia

Located in the south of Cyprus, Nicosia is a wonderful city attracting more and more expats from all over the world every year thanks to its beautiful weather, great food, and very reasonable cost of living.

In addition to this, Nicosia has a vibrant history which makes it an excellent choice for people who are looking for a city with lots of things to do and see. Nicosia is especially great for families thanks to its low crime rate and friendly locals, making it easy for parents to provide their children with the best quality of life that they deserve.

9.    Belgrade

Belgrade is a very beautiful city attracting more and more expats every year with its friendly locals, great nightlife, and low cost of living.   It’s a very dynamic city which offers something for everyone who is looking for a wonderful place to live in Southern Europe.  If you’re looking for an affordable city where you can enjoy a high quality of life, then Belgrade is the place for you.

10. Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda is an incredible place that allows people to enjoy all of Italy’s beauty without having to spend a fortune.  It’s also one of the safest places in Italy, which makes it perfect for families who are looking for comfort and security when they move abroad.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then Lago di Garda is perfect for you – there are so many incredible places to explore near the city, and the lake itself offers so much life and beauty. There’s also a variety of delicious food and friendly locals, which makes Lago di Garda an excellent choice for anyone who loves spending their time outdoors as well as those who think that food is the key to happiness.

11. Sarajevo

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an incredible city that offers a world-class quality of life for a very affordable price.  In addition to this, Sarajevo has some of the nicest people you will ever meet, which makes it a great place for expats to live in.

Sarajevo is also an up-and-coming city that has lots of opportunities for expats who are looking to grow professionally while living here. Finally, the low cost of living makes Sarajevo a wonderful place for young families with children since there are so many things to do daily, and everything is so affordable.

12. Rome

Rome may be one of the most expensive cities in Italy, but it still offers residents a very high quality of life.  Expats who live in Rome will enjoy spending their time outdoors since there are lots of great places to visit within a short distance from the city.

Rome also has good work opportunities for people who want higher salaries, so if you’re looking to save money for your retirement while also enjoying a great quality of life in Italy, then Rome is the perfect city for you. The people here are very friendly, and there’s always something going on, making it a wonderful place to live in.

13. Larnaca

Larnaca is another amazing place that deserves a spot on this list since it offers expats the chance to live in Cyprus at a very affordable cost. In addition to that, Larnacians are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, which makes a living here all the more enjoyable.

Moreso, Larnaca has a lively nightlife and excellent weather, which means that you can save money for the future while also enjoying life now. Larnaca is perfect for anyone looking to save money and maintain a high quality of life without compromising on anything.

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