Best Cities For Expats In North America part 2 – Cons of Living in North America

Best Cities For Expats In North America part 2 – Part one is here.

Interesting Facts about North American’s Culture

Best Cities For Expats In North America

There are many things you don’t know about North America’s culture because it is a very vast and complicated topic. Have you been surfing the internet to get the right information about living in North America as an expat? Well, we’ve got you covered by explaining some of the interesting facts about living in this part of the world.

Third-Largest Continent

North America is the third-largest continent behind Asia and Africa. At 21,000,000 square miles (54 million square kilometers), it is roughly half the size of Russia, about half the size of China, or twice as large as Europe. The total coastline is 36,000 miles (58,800 kilometers). From north to south, Canada stretches 1,943 miles (3,117 kilometers), while the United States spans 1,855 miles (2,987 kilometers).

Largest English Speaking Nation

As of 2022, over 372.8 million people were living in North America, according to a U.N. estimate. North America is home to four out of the world’s ten most populous countries, which are (in descending order) the United States (313.9 million), Mexico (127.5 million), Canada (35.2 million), and Guatemala (16.5 million).

Largest Country in North America

The United States is the world’s third-largest country by total area and the third-largest country by land area. In terms of total area, it is just behind Russia (37,089,000 sq mi/98,075,200 sq km) and Canada (9,093,507 sq. mi/23,537,329 sq km). However, when discounting the non-continental mainland, Russia has less than half of the United States’ land area.

Home to the First Skyscrapers

Best Cities For Expats In North America

The first skyscraper in the world was built in Chicago, Illinois. This building is called the Home Insurance Building and was constructed by William Le Baron Jenney. It was completed on April 30, 1885. Meanwhile, the world’s tallest skyscraper is in Dubai, U.A.E, and was completed on January 4, 2010.

North America has 23 Countries

North America includes 23 countries. These countries have a combined population of nearly one billion people and a combined area of 17,462,000 square kilometers. That being said, only two of the North American countries are sovereign states. Mexico and Canada are both federal constitutional monarchies, whereas all other countries are either dependencies or overseas territories.

Largest Land Animal

In North America, the largest land animal is the American bison. In fact, it is the heaviest land mammal in the world. As of 2011, adult male specimens have been recorded to weigh as much as 2,200 pounds (1,000 kilograms). At full gallop, a bison can easily outpace a horse.

Northernmost Point in North America

The northernmost point in North America is Cape Columbia, Ellesmere Island, Canada, which sits at 81°28’N 78°31’W. Meanwhile, the southernmost point is not actually on land but instead is located three nautical miles south of Big Diomede Island, Russia.

Few Cons of Living in North America

While there are many advantages of living in North America, there are many disadvantages. In this article, we will share five cons of living in North America. So, let’s proceed to see the disadvantages.

Cultural Tension

American culture has often been criticized as being ignorant, with Confederate flags being flown rather than placed in museums so people can learn from their mistakes of the past. Racism is still rampant, and police brutality against African American men continues to be an issue that isn’t getting better anytime soon.  

Best Cities For Expats In North America

Poor Education

Even though the US is having a crisis in math and science, their citizens still drop out of school in record numbers.  In addition, many Americans haven’t been taught about the history of slavery in the United States, thus allowing them to carry on racist beliefs when they have no idea where those views came from.


The seas are being polluted by many plastics, which fish and other sea creatures eat, so humans end up eating small amounts of it when they consume seafood.  In addition, air pollution is very high in the states due to excessive gas emissions from cars and trucks and coal-fired power plants.

Climatic Change

Due to the massive deforestation of America, the land is unable to absorb carbon dioxide as it used to, which means that more carbon dioxide stays in Earth’s atmosphere and contributes even further to climatic changes. However, the US has also helped fund research into renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind turbines.

Economic Inequality

The gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger in America, despite being a developed nation that has experienced economic growth for many years now. The minimum wage is not nearly enough to live on compared to the cost of living therefore, some Americans are forced into homelessness because they do not have enough money to pay their bills.

Is North America suitable for ex-pats?

Yes, North America is welcoming for expats and international students. In fact, according to our survey, the US was ranked as one of the best countries in the world for foreign workers and expats. In addition to this, North America offers a wide range of employment opportunities.

What’s so special about North American countries?

North American countries have their own culture. However, we must tell you that no two North American countries and cultures are the same. Surprisingly, there is a distinct difference in culture and lifestyle in each North American country.


North America is a highly diverse continent, with each country having its own unique culture. To illustrate how cities in North America are different from each other, this article focused on the best city in every. This means you can easily navigate to the top of this page and pick the best countries that match your budget or meet your needs.

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