Working In Taiwan As An Expat In 2022 part 2 – Top 7 jobs for expats in Taiwan

Working In Taiwan As An Expat In 2022 part 2 – Part one is here.

Ways to Find Job in Taiwan as a Foreigner

Working In Taiwan As An Expat In 2022

If you’re a foreigner, looking for work in Taiwan can seem nearly impossible. Whether it’s because of your educational background, your age, or your country of origin, the traditional hiring process might not place you at the top of their list when it comes to new hires.

However, there are still plenty of opportunities if you know where to look and you’re willing to get creative. From teaching jobs to work-from-home opportunities, here are five ways for foreigners to find jobs in Taiwan!

1.    Teach English

TEFL certification from a reputable school is one of the best ways for a foreigner looking for employment in Taiwan. The demand for English teachers has been high ever since the Taiwanese government started promoting the benefits of learning English for business purposes.

The hourly salary is decent (though it varies depending on location), and there are plenty of opportunities to find work at international schools and language centers throughout Taiwan. Additionally, many smaller cities around Taiwan offer free housing or flat rates for teachers who agree to teach at their schools on a monthly basis.

With a few months of searching, it’s not hard to find long-term contracts that give you enough time to settle into the country and learn the language completely.

2.    Work for an International Company

If your previous experience is in international business, finance, or marketing, there are plenty of opportunities to work with foreign companies doing business in Taiwan. Many companies need bilingual representatives that can work directly with the local clients and higher management, which is another great way for foreigners to find jobs in Taiwan. Though many of these opportunities entail working on-site at a Taiwanese office, there are also numerous telecommute opportunities as well.

3.    Teach Yoga

Working In Taiwan As An Expat In 2022

Taiwan’s always been at the forefront of health and wellness trends, which means there are plenty of opportunities to work in specialty fields like yoga or Pilates. With a small investment in equipment, these types of jobs are great for people who want to explore Taiwan without committing to one specific location. Additionally, many gyms offer free housing for live-in instructors, and the hourly rates and student volume can be enough to live comfortably.

4.    Open a Local Company

If you’re an entrepreneur with a business degree, there are plenty of great opportunities in Taiwan for you to set up shop and start your own business. Though it might take some time to get approved by the government and get your business license, many foreigners (and Taiwanese) would be willing to pay for your services or products.

Whether you’re looking to offer coach or consulting services, open an e-commerce store to sell clothing, or start the next Starbucks franchise in Taiwan, there are plenty of opportunities available if you know where to look.

5.    Go Freelance

If you know how to program, write, or speak another language in addition to English, there’s a good chance that you can find work as a freelancer in Taiwan. With sites like Upwork and Fiverr readily available for foreigners, it doesn’t take too much time to snoop around and see if the project you’ve been looking for has already been posted. Use this as an opportunity to jumpstart your career, and seek out projects that allow you to develop your skills further and contribute something meaningful!

6.    Join Military/Police Force

Due to Taiwan’s complicated relationship with its neighbors, both the police force and military have special regulations regarding the hiring of foreigners. While this may seem discriminatory at first glance, joining one of these organizations can be an incredibly rewarding experience for people looking to make a meaningful contribution while learning about Taiwanese culture. And if you’re lucky, you may even get to travel abroad during your service.

Top 7 Jobs for Expats in Taiwan

Taiwan has become one of the most popular destinations for expats looking to live abroad. According to some surveys, it was voted one of the five top countries people look forward to living in. This survey also states that 65% of these people plan on staying here for a period between 1 and 5 years, and 35% expect their stay to be for more than five years.

That is really good news, especially if you are looking to stay here for a long time and also want to work in Taiwan. Taiwan is very attractive not only because of its culture but also due to the job opportunities available here. Here are some cool jobs that you can get in Taiwan.

Teaching English

Working In Taiwan As An Expat In 2022

Taiwan’s education system is severely lacking in several areas, one of which is speaking English. ESL teachers are often well-paid and work a varied schedule depending on their school and students’ needs.

The Taiwanese government has made it clear that its goal is to increase the amount of time students spend learning English and the number of students learning it. Although not usually a starting point for expats, teaching ESL is an increasingly attractive option after gaining some time in Taiwan and getting to know local culture and practices.

English-Mandarin Translator/Interpreter

English teachers are often asked to translate or interpret for their workplaces because of the language barrier. This may be a good option for those who know both languages very well but don’t want the responsibility of teaching children or adults.

This is because; it’s a more casual job that can usually be done from home. Teaching English and working as an interpreter have advantages and disadvantages, so they’re not always interchangeable.

Business Owner/Manager

Many English teachers who have been in Taiwan long enough decide to open their own schools or business. For those who prefer not to teach every day but enjoy the business aspect of education and want more responsibility and say over what happens at work, owning or managing your own business can be an attractive and lucrative option.

Office Worker/Administrator

Taiwan is a very business-oriented country, so those with degrees in business or office administration are often sought after for good pay and benefits. Although salaries may not be as high as in Western countries, they’re usually much higher than local Taiwanese employees earn. The drawback is that a foreigner’s experience and education are not always recognized, so it’s harder to find a high position.


There are also many foreign companies in Taiwan looking for consultants who have specific knowledge or skill sets that can be utilized to increase the company’s productivity or sales. This option is most common among business owners, managers, and office workers because it allows them to remain in their current industries with added responsibility.

Journalist and Social Media

Although not as widely available as those listed above, there are jobs in social media and journalism for English speakers with the right qualifications and experience. This is likely to be a more difficult option than those listed above but can be extremely rewarding if you’re able to create your own career path out of it.


Although not a traditional job, English-speakers have many opportunities to become athletes in Taiwan and bring home medals from international competitions. Many foreigners have also found success as cross-country or track cycling teams. For those with exceptional physical ability and the mental strength acquired from being an athlete, this can be a very rewarding job option.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working in Taiwan

What do I need to know about working in Taiwan?

Taiwanese law protects the rights of both employees and employers. Foreigners are generally hired on one-year renewable contracts. If you receive a job offer, ask for an English copy of the “Employment Service Act” (ES) before signing it or any other contract.

You should also ask for an English translation of everything you sign. CSLB is the governing authority for labor law in Taiwan, so it might be helpful to check out their website as well.

How much money can I expect to make?

Taiwan’s average monthly salary is around NT$19,000 (about US $640) for foreign nationals. Foreigners will also likely be expected to work overtime if their Taiwanese counterparts are working late on a regular basis.

If you want more information about the average salaries in Taiwan, you can check out CSLB’s website. Besides, you can ask your local friends about the average salary for the position you will be taking.

What are my working hours likely to be?

The typical workday in Taiwan starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm with a half an hour lunch break. You can expect to put in some overtime during busy periods, but not as much as your Taiwanese colleagues. However, remember that this law applies only to Taiwanese employees. Your employment contract determines the working hour for foreign nationals.

Can I work remotely from home?

It depends on your company, but there is a growing telecommuting trend. Taiwanese companies like to follow the traditional nine-to-five schedule and might balk at the idea of working from home.

However, if you work for a foreign firm or can convince your employer that allowing remote work will increase productivity, you are more likely to work from home on a regular basis. Taiwanese companies are not familiar with this idea of working remotely yet, so you would have to convince them that it is an advantage.

Will I need to join local/national organizations?

If you want or expect your employer to pay for your local or national organization’s dues, then the answer is probably yes. Some employers expect their employees to join different associations and might even refuse to hire foreigners who don’t wish. If you’re not interested in joining any of these organizations, find a company that isn’t too strict about this.


When it comes to work, some people want to travel the world, but others want a job that will make them money. It’s no secret that western countries are becoming increasingly obsessed with working for themselves rather than doing jobs they don’t necessarily enjoy. If you want more out of life, Taiwan may be your answer.

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