Working In Ghana As An Expat Today part 2 – teaching, web development and more.

Working In Ghana As An Expat Today part 2. You can see part one here.

7 Suitable Jobs for Expats in Ghana

Ghana, the land of a thousand hills, is little known as a travel destination among many people. However, after a few days on this West African gem, people tend to fall in love with it and want to stay forever. With its seemingly ever-present sunshine and tropical climate year round, many expats seeking something other than the usual European or American destinations, flock to Ghana for their retirement.

In order to live and work in Ghana, a foreigner must have a visa. This is usually obtained through one’s employer, but self-employed workers can apply as well. Proof of employment must be shown at the time of application.

However, to ensure a smooth application process, it is best for applicants to have work lined up in Ghana before applying for a visa. To help you begin your search, here are seven popular jobs that many expats opt for when relocating to Ghana.

1.       Teacher

Working In Ghana As An Expat

Like most developing countries in Africa and South America, Ghana places a high value on education. This, combined with the fact that most Ghanaians only have access to free public education through high school, means there is a huge market for private schools, both international and local.

There are even Christian missionary groups who operate their own schools where teachers are specifically recruited based on faith rather than credentials. If you hold a teaching degree and can teach one of the major languages – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese – there is no shortage of opportunities for you.

2.       Accountant

Working In Ghana As An Expat
Working place of trader. The table covered by cash notes, keyboard and financial charts. Business financial working.Business Concept.

The need for accountants in Ghana is high. As a developing country that has recently undergone an economic boom, Ghana still maintains much of its old colonial hand-me-down accounting systems and procedures.

Accountants who know how to properly utilize the new digital tools available today as well as those with experience in international or multinational companies will find their services much sought after by local businesses.

3. Doctor

Working In Ghana As An Expat

Ghana’s public health care system is not up to par with Western standards. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that expats in Ghana are often seen with a local doctor or nurse. Most of the doctors in Ghana are trained overseas, typically at Western universities in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Thus they tend to return home to practice medicine when their education is complete. This means that for most expats looking to live in Ghana, private health care is almost a given.

4. Entrepreneur

Working In Ghana As An Expat

The number of entrepreneurs and start-ups coming out of Ghana has been on the rise recently as technological advancements become more widespread and readily available to the average citizen. There are still many areas that need improvement, however, so there is ample business for those looking to set up their own venues.

5. Account Executive/Sales Person

With Ghana taking over the West African economic powerhouse status, many multinational firms are flocking to Ghana in search of opportunities to sell both finished products and raw materials that are in demand in Europe, America, China and the rest of the industrialized world. These companies are constantly on the search for qualified sales people who can understand their products and communicate effectively, both in person and online.

6.       Web Developer

Serious Indian programmer in eyeglasses pointing at computer monitor and checking the statistics of website in document while working at office

The age of technology is still relatively new to Ghana, so there are many opportunities for web developers. Besides, new start-ups looking to build a solid foundation are frequently on the lookout for developer talent.

7. Writer

Although the Ghanaian film industry has been on the rise recently, it still has a long way to go before it can provide full-time work for those with creative aspirations. In the meantime, some enterprising writers have made careers out of penning Ghanaian movie scripts as well as popular American soap operas that are broadcast on national television.

Job Requirements for Expats in Ghana

  • Ability to perform physically demanding labor
  • Exceptional driving record as an expat
  • Willingness to work in a variety of conditions is a plus
  • Availability to work beyond the standard 9:00-5:00 day
  • Ability to speak some Twi or other local language
  • Willingness and experience working in a developing country

Get a Work Permit

To get a work permit, you need to apply for it at the Ministry of Labour, which is why registration with them is so important. If your company doesn’t assist you with getting one or if they don’t have an office here in Ghana, then you’ll have to go to the ministry yourself and apply for one. The requirements for a work permit are:

  • That you’re allowed into the country via one of three visa types (A, B or C)
  • That your company is registered with the Ministry of Labour; and
  • That you have a valid health insurance policy that will cover you while you’re working here.
  • As soon as the permit is approved, then it becomes valid for a period of two years at which time, your company needs to either renew it or find someone else to take your place.


Working in Ghana is one of the best things to consider in this 21st century.  And you’ll never regret the decision you’ve made. However, you need to study or read this ultimate guide carefully to understand how it works. Should in case you need more information about moving to Ghana, refer to this platform.

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