Working In Croatia As An Expat part 2 – teachers and developers

Working In Croatia As An Expat part 2 – Part one is here.

Top 10 Jobs Suitable For Expats in Croatia

So, you’re thinking of moving to Croatia? Great choice! This beautiful country is home to fantastic scenery, a rich culture, and plenty of opportunities for expats. But what should you do for work? Check out our list of the top 10 jobs suitable for expats in Croatia.

1.    English Teacher

One of the most popular jobs for expats in Croatia is teaching English. There are a number of private language schools that are always on the lookout for qualified teachers. The pay is usually around 500 Euros per month, although living in Croatia is also relatively low. If you’re bilingual, teaching English in Croatia is an ideal job to build up your savings when you first move to the country. Once you’re financially settled, it’s a good idea to apply for positions at Croatian public schools as well.

2.    Web Designer

Working In Croatia As An Expat

Many agencies are looking for web designers in Croatia, and if you have experience with any of the popular content management systems such as WordPress or Drupal, finding a job shouldn’t be too difficult. Most web design jobs in Croatia are for contract positions, so it’s a good idea to have a few solid references lined up before you start looking.

3.    Journalist

The media industry in Croatia is growing, and many news websites rely on foreign journalists to provide content. Many of these websites pay very little per article, but they help contribute material on Croatian culture, history, or politics. It’s also possible to find full-time jobs writing for Croatian newspapers or magazines, but the competition for these positions is usually fierce.

4.    Tour guide

Working In Croatia As An Expat

If you’re an experienced tour guide with a good knowledge of Croatian history and culture, finding work in this field should be easy. Many private companies offer tours of Croatia’s beautiful coastal towns and islands, and most of these businesses are always on the lookout for new guides. The downside is that the pay usually isn’t very good, but you can often negotiate a monthly allowance for food and accommodation.

5.    Hotel manager

Croatia is a popular tourist destination, and many hotels are constantly looking for experienced hotel managers to join their teams. The salary fo this position can vary quite a bit, but it’s generally a good job with plenty of career growth opportunities. Many larger hotels also provide free accommodation for employees, which means you can save up money to invest in a house or apartment.

6.    Personal Assistant

Working In Croatia As An Expat

Expats working in Croatia often have an assistant who helps them with administrative tasks related to their job. This position is advantageous if you’re moving to Croatia temporarily and need somebody to handle all the day-to-day tasks that you can’t do yourself. The salary for this position is usually around 1000 Euros per month, and it’s a great way to get a taste of Croatian culture and lifestyle.

7.    Translator

Many Croatian companies are looking for translators who can work in English, German, Italian or Spanish. The jobs for translators usually require some knowledge of the local market, so it’s important to do your research on Croatian companies before you apply. This position is advantageous if you’re planning on working in Croatia while continuing to build up your freelance business.

8.    Wedding Planner

The wedding industry is constantly growing in Croatia, and there is a high demand for foreign experts who can help couples organize their big day. If you have experience in this field and know the local market well, you should find plenty of work opportunities in Croatia. It’s also possible to specialize in some country areas, such as Dalmatia or Istria.

9.    Interior designer

Interior design is a booming industry in Croatia, and it’s becoming more and more popular with expats who want to set up their businesses. By working for an established company, you’ll have less responsibility, but it’s also possible to build your network and work on your own projects.

This is an outstanding field for people who want to get into the Croatian property market since they need help designing their homes.

10. Freelance Writer

As an English speaker, you have a lot of potentials to make money as a freelance writer in Croatia. The majority of websites and businesses are looking for writers who can produce quality content on a regular basis, and the pay is usually quite good. It’s essential to be aware that the competition for freelance writing jobs is quite high, so you’ll need to be proactive in finding new clients.

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