Working For The UN As An Expat – What Are Your Options? Part 2 – Management and Administration Roles

Working For The UN As An Expat part 2. You can see part one here.

Jobs Available for Expats Looking to Work for United Nations

There are few clearly marked career paths in the United Nations, as of today. Notwithstanding, the diversity of occupations and multidisciplinary mandates means that you won’t only change functions or your department but change the environment your work by meeting new set of professionals.

Geographical mobility is another factor. While you’ll enjoy relocating or redeploying to different UN subdivisions, chances are that you might be fortunate to move your career progression to the senior levels. In this section, we will walk you through the jobs or positions available for UN job seekers. Check it out below.

1.       Management and Administration Role

Working For The UN As An Expat part 2

The legal framework governing administration and management in the United Nations consist of the Charter, Staff rules, Secretary-General, and many others to mention a few. Meanwhile, the main functions of the person in this job category is to examine the progress on the implementation of the approved programme of work and corresponding regular and operational budgets together with the decision of the General Conference.

Aside from this fact, they provide information and support on management and maintenance of physical facilities, transportation, equipment, as well as communication. The management roles extend beyond that as they also maintain payroll operations by following policies and procedures, and approve payroll payment in enterprise resource planning system.

2.       Information and Telecommunication Technology

Working For The UN As An Expat part 2

As ICT is a fast-moving sector in today’s digital world, it is also important to ensure that your skills should be kept up-to-date.  In United Nations, the Chief Telecommunication and Information Technology Officer Working in peace operations manages the information technology and the systems that support a mission’s mandate. Technology is a critical tool in driving a number of significant reforms that takes place in the UN today.

In that case, the ICT job in the United Nation is to deploy technological solutions to address the protection of civilians, bridging the gap in tactical communications between various forces by establishing connectivity support between stable hubs and partnering with the United Nations country team.

3.       Political Peace and Humanitarian Jobs

Working For The UN As An Expat

The political peace and humanitarian jobs in the United Nations reports to OCHA Chief of Staff. However, they monitor, analyses, and reports on humanitarian developments, disaster relief/management or emergency situations in assigned countries or area.

Aside from this fact, they organize and prepare studies on humanitarian developments, emergency relief, and related issues while them follow-up works include the interagency technical review meetings to support policy development works. Not only is that, but they also establishes and maintain contacts with government officails.

4.       Internal Security and Safety

Working For The UN As An Expat part 2

As an internal security and safety officer in the United Nation, there are many secondary jobs to support the office. Here, you can work in a variety of field including weapon armorer, cashier, control centre officer, and the squad desk officer. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to work with other security officers from many other countries.

In addition, you can therefore share your experience from those countries, and provide new methods for maximizing security at the headquarters. Meanwhile, the main thing is to love what you do in order to really appreciate working at the United Nations as an internal security and safety officer.

5.       Public Information/ Conference Management

With assigned authority, the public information and conference management officer will be responsible for monitoring the utilisation of conference resources that are used efficiently and within established entitlements.

Not only is that, but they also monitors the utilisation of conference resources, act as certifying officer for CMS accounts, and advice CMS management on procedures and possible cost-saving measures. You must also supervise the work staff in the office of the Chief, as required and undertake research and analysis on any issue of relevance to the Chief. Besides, you may also perform other work-related duties as required.

6.       Legal Jobs

The legal officer or the senior legal office (whichever way) is another job you can look out for while looking to get a job. Besides, have it in mind that they oversee the administrative law requirements of the organization; ensuring code and conduct cases are appropriately managed. Aside from that, you can act as the key liaison officer for investigations managed by office of internal oversight services.

Nonetheless, you’ll be opportune to provide authoritative legal advice on diverse range of highly complex or novel substantive and procedural questions of law, which include those related to staff relations and management, administration, procurements and contracts engagement, and many others to mention a few.

7.       Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain

The department of operational support was established to provide operational support and advisory services to entities across the Secretariat, including other departments. However, the supply chain managements includes the office of assistance secretary-general for supply chain management, global service centre, procurement division, logistic division, and many other things to mention a few.

Notwithstanding, the logistics officer is responsible to provides effective, and timely planning, oversight, management and coordination of diverse supply chain management, and logistic support projects. Moreover, they integrate and monitor the implementations of the performance management frame work across the supply chain network and operations.

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