What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages

What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The best time to consider your financial situation is when you are moving to a new country.


In today’s digital world, knowing the right place to visit is essential. As an expat, you’ll get to know the best salary incentive and wages that would meet your budget.  Of course, you might think of freelance jobs, but do you think their pay is attractive? Why not try to check the basic salaries in other countries?

The World Bank has even divided all countries of the world into four main categories. This includes the lower-middle-income, the high-middle-income group, the highest-income, and the lowest income. Well, you’ve probably got many reasons to travel, but understanding the countries with the highest expats salary is crucial.

Now, one reason that won’t be on your list is becoming poorer. This way, you need to know the right places to work and make money. For many of us, a move to our favorite countries is often motivated by potential financial freedom or advantages. With this in mind, nice weather and living conditions are beneficial.

Have you been surfing the internet to get the right information about expat salaries and packages? Of course, many platforms will give you the wrong information, but if you found yourself here, you’re covered. And this is because our team of experts has lived in nearly 30 countries and we give the best.

In addition, we have compiled this article to explain the highest expat’s salaries and packages. Aside from this fact, we will walk you through the countries with the best payment options for expats. Does that sound interesting? If that sounds like a yes, read further to know what we’ve unleashed for you today.

Best Countries with Good Income for Expat

It’s no doubt that many expat earns a lot compared to their home country. Aside from this fact, they can often pay fewer taxes than the local population. And this could be an avenue to build wealth in a new country. Also, there are lots of numerous incentives for expats but take a look at the following to know better.

1.     Switzerland

What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages

In recent times, Switzerland has been topping the expat salary lists because it has bagged some earning potentials. According to the global expat index, Switzerland is known to have the highest average income of all the OECD countries. The HSBC expat explorer survey backs up this fact as of 2021.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Insurance Jobs$170,000Full Access
Legal/Paralegal$165,000Get full report
Fin. service$150,000Get full access
Executive Mgt.$180,000Get full access
Prog. Mgt.$147,000Get full access

What to Expect

  • Great educational hub
  • Second to none healthcare facilities
  • Expat is close to everything
  • Incredible food and beautiful outdoor activities
  • Expat fast track to citizenship

2.    United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another country that offers expats with the highest salaries and packages. However, if material gains are your primary reason to look for a career in the United Kingdom, you’re on the right track. They remain one of the most powerful world centers in terms of IT, finance, and science innovations. This way, the United Kingdom remains a global magnet for expat wanting to change styles.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Aircraft pilot$93,000Full Access
Marketer$81,000Get full report
Medical Pract.$63,000Get full access
Teaching Job$50,500Get full access
Elect. Engineers$51,900Get full access

What to Expect

  • Easy to travel within Europe
  • Getting a degree from leading universities
  • Avenue to improve your English skills
  • Enjoy favorable weather with a lot
  • Enough historical places and outdoor activities

3.    Japan

It might come as a surprise for you to see Japan on the list of the best countries to work in. However, things are changing, and the number of foreigners coming to work in Japan has increased over time. Besides, the country wants more foreign professionals in the country. In fact, working in Japan is an adventure by itself because it has a cutting-edge infrastructure, stunning nature, and high-quality life.

What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Business Analyst¥6,500Full Access
IT Professionals¥5,800Get full report
English Teacher¥2900Get full access
Customer Mgt.¥3,900Get full access
Engineer¥5,300Get full access

What to Expect

  • Excellent paperwork and politeness
  • A strong economy and lots of opportunities for expat
  • Teamwork and consensus are more important in the country
  • Opportunity to save while spending
  • Weekends in the country tend to be taken up by sharing foods

4.    United States of America

For those in the right industry, the United States of America remains one of the best countries with the highest expats salaries and packages. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer, the cost of living can be high in major cities but less than some European capital. This means taxes vary by state, but companies offer high salaries. In spite of that, the expat survey in 2021 still leaves the USA as the fourth in salary rank.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Anesthesiologists$261,700Full Access
Surgeons$252,000Get full report
Orthodontists$230,500Get full access
Psychiatrists$220,500Get full access
Physicians$220,000Get full access

What to Expect

  • Well structured and funded Healthcare facilities
  • High standard of schooling
  • Good economic strength
  • Career opportunities for expats
  • Excellent climate to suits your needs

5.    China

As of today’s digital world, expatriates can benefit from a skills shortage in China. This is because; there’s a huge demand for professional-level and experienced workers in the country. Not only has that, but the value of packages and salaries on offer increased after the global pandemic. Moreover, for young professionals, China is in the top 10 countries for average expat salaries, and it comes in seventh for income according to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Game Designer$843 (monthly)Full Access
Internet develop.$830 (monthly)Get full report
Computer softw.$820 (monthly)Get full access
General manager$780 (monthly)Get full access
Loan Officer$750 (monthly)Get full access

What to Expect

  • Unique culture and language differences
  • Great variety of foods
  • Internet restrictions in some areas
  • Excellent public transportation network
  • Access to a wide range of services

6.    Australia

What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages

Undoubtedly, Australia remains one of the most popular destinations for British expatriates to relocate to. Now, the question is, does it pay? Of course, the global index has revealed that it comes in ninth out of the 34 OECD countries when sorted by average income, and it’s known in the 32nd place on the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey when looked at on income potential alone. On the flip side, this doesn’t tell the whole story about the expat salaries and packages in the country.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Anesthetists$192,800Full Access
Finance Director$166,000Get full report
General Surgeon$160,000Get full access
Chief Executive$155,600Get full access
IT Manager$145,000Get full access

What to Expect

  • Friendly and welcoming culture
  • Job opportunity and outdoor lifestyles
  • Wonderful climate and good quality of life
  • You can own a spacious house with your own private swimming pool
  • Opportunity to explore beautiful gold coast and spectacular Sydney

7.    United Arab Emirates

What Are The Highest Expats Salaries and Packages

As of today, the United Arab Emirates is well-known for its lack of a taxation system. This means there’s no income tax payable which, coupled with high salaries, means that expatriates usually enjoy the higher disposable income. However, research made it known that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get large benefits packages alongside salaries as an expat. But, the HSBC Expat Explorer still rank it among the country with the best packages for expats today.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Chief marketerAED 42,000Full Access
JudgesAED 105,000Get full report
Finance officerAED 55,000Get full access
ActuariesAED 38,000Get full access
College professorAED 60,000Get full access

What to Expect

  • High cost of living, and you might find it difficult to adjust to the system
  • Expect some non-western rules and intense weather conditions
  • Great earning potential and tax-free options
  • World of shopping and attractions everywhere you go
  • A fun city as there are many activities, events, services, and facilities that you could enjoy

8.    Singapore

When it comes to the highest expat’s salaries and packages in today’s digital world, Singapore shouldn’t be left out. And this is because; it is widely considered to be one of the best places to be an expatriate, with a good work/life balance, variety of options for accommodations, large expat communities, and exceptional healthcare system. Also, this country has made it to the eighth on our list and ninth according to HSBC Expat Explorer Survey when all these criteria are taken into consideration.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Financial Adviser$62,700Full Access
Supply Chain$5,500 (monthly)Get full report
Practitioner$70,500Get full access
Procurement$6,100 (monthly)Get full access
Project manager$6,200 (monthly)Get full access

What to Expect

  • Cleanliness and being organized is what Singapore is known for
  • Excellent transportation system
  • The country is renowned for being one of the safest cities in the world
  • Good standard of living and housing facilities
  • Unpredictable weather conditions leaving you fresh and relaxed

9.    Indonesia

For young professionals, there are a lot of things to enjoy in this country as an expat. Also, it offers the top average expat salary for those under the age of 35, and thus brings more income gains for more experienced workers, and those in a higher age bracket are still generous in Indonesia. In spite of that, expatriates are usually paid international salaries and can get a wide range of benefits and packages, including a car and sometimes a driver or utilities. Meanwhile, the cost of living is low, and the country has dropped from 13th in the overall HSBC Expat Explorer Survey from 2018 to 2021.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
C-suite rolesRp 137MFull Access
Finance headRp 115MGet full report
Sales ManagerRp 113MGet full access
Head of RiskRp 150MGet full access
Marketing Diret.Rp 130MGet full access

What to Expect

  • Opportunity to drink great coffee and eat fantastic food
  • Enjoy a vibrant nightlife and incredible wildlife
  • Social networks as there are large numbers of people from all around the world
  • Opportunity to diversify and learn or have new language skills
  • Opportunity to enjoy a safe and healthy atmosphere

10. Canada

There are many great reasons to opt for Canada in today’s digital world. And this is because; there’s no language barrier, the work-life is balance, and this place is culturally welcoming to expatriates. When it comes to salaries and packages, it made the tenth on our list, while HSBC Expat Explorer Survey ranked it as the seventeenth. Moreover, Canada is in need of skilled professionals in some industries, and high salaries await the right candidates.

Highest Paid Jobs

Acitivity (2021)Average SalaryExpat Access
Surgeon341,000 CADFull Access
Dentist293,000 CADGet full report
Psychiatrist290,000 CADGet full access
Pilot198,000 CADGet full access
Sales Manager189,000 CADGet full access

What to Expect

  • Low crime rate and excellent educational system
  • Abundance of natural resources and great social programs
  • A diverse multi-cultural melting pot with a strong employment market
  • A booming economy and it remains the 10th largest economy in the world
  • Expats would likely enjoy the free primary and secondary educational system

Why Expats Need to Work Abroad

From improving your income to speeding up your career, the benefits of working abroad cannot be overemphasized. Based on a decade of experience with crossing borders, bridging cultures, and connecting global minds, the largest community worldwide has revealed the reasons why you need to work abroad.

Opportunity to Improve Your Income

This is one of the first things to take into consideration if you’re moving to a new country. In fact, a study by the American Psychological Association shows that about 61 percent of Americans worry about money, and the remaining 40 percent of Brits share these concerns, according to research by the market intelligence agency. This means, if you work abroad, you can be able to improve your income as well.

Speed Up Your Career

Another reason why you need to work abroad is because of career development. This is because; research made it known that about three in ten mentioned their job or business as their most important reason for relocating. This means, working abroad seems to live up to your expectations. This way, you should consider a move to an emerging market in a country with a strong economy as this will boost your skills.

Opportunity to Discover Your Genius

A study by William W. Maddux from INSEAD Business School found that learning and adapting to new cultures improves problem-solving skills. Aside from this fact, those who show an open-minded attitude towards other cultures tend to make more complex connections between disparate ideas. In other news, this is a very valuable talent that could encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

You Can Become More Creative

Traveling and seeing things different from your home country is a great advantage. More so, research made it known that students who are exposed to two different cultures show better creative performance, and they are also more likely to engage in the creative process. Therefore, it might not be a surprise that nearly one in ten expats work in a creative environment.

Learning a New Language

If you’re opportune to work abroad, you’ll definitely understand many languages. For one in ten expats, improving their foreign language skills was one of the reasons for moving abroad. However, far more seem to have benefitted linguistically from their relocation. In other news, traveling or working abroad could help you build a new language skill.

 Better Work-Life Balance

If you want to experience a better work-life balance, it would be better to travel to another country. This way, you’ll see different things apart from what you’ve been experiencing in your home country. Aside from this fact, you’ll understand why it is essential to work, explore and boost your income in other countries.

Opportunity to Boost Your Resume

Having an international assignment that’s different from your current place of residents is a great way to boost your resume. And this is because talent mobility is a big topic in recruiting and increasing numbers of future jobs. This way, any additional skills you gain can further boost your resume in another man’s land.

Best Countries Suitable for Expats

When you’re looking for the best countries, there are a lot of things to consider. If you’ve been checking our previous post, you’ll understand some of the pros and cons of moving to a particular country. Nevertheless, we’ll walk you through the best countries suitable for expats in today’s 21st century. Check it out below.


I’m sure you’d be wondering why Switzerland made it to the top, right? Of course, this country, with its impeccable clean streets, is an expat destination. Aside from this fact, they offer a unique lifestyle, and there are many opportunities for expats, unlike other countries in the world.


This country has long been known as one of the best for expats to live and work. Surprisingly, it made it to the top 10 in the previous selections mentioned earlier in this article. However, it has high-quality schools, educational facilities, and it provides employment opportunities for expats to work, live, and reside with ease.


Canada is the only North American entry that has made it into the top ten of the best countries in the world. Not only that but it was also ranked as the first nation for overall quality of living, ease of settling in, mental well being and many others, to mention a few. And according to research, this country has made it to the most tolerant and welcoming locals among other nations.


When you decide to move overseas, do ensure to include Spain in your plan. This is because; there’s more to consider than the career aspects and job opportunities. Also, when it comes to families, there are few countries better than Spain as of today’s digital world. This way, improved quality of life should be your number one priority to moving or relocating to Spain.

New Zealand

New Zealand takes the fifth position on our list of the best countries suitable for expats. Here, expats feel the benefits of the country’s laid-back lifestyle, with more free time after work to experience the adventure capital of the world’s huge variety of activities. On the flip side, this country comes out near the top for the work-life balance and political stability.

Frequently Asked Questions about Expat Salaries

What are expat packages and the benefits?

While expat packages are common, one could say that it’s the cost of membership and the benefits include bonuses, medical leave and insurance, and the annual leave that’s always available. This means that your packages could consist of spendable income and non-spendable income.

Why are expats normally paid higher?

Aside from the fact that you’re relocating to another country, the cost of living and standard of living would be quite different from your home country. With that being said, you should be able to get a pay far better than what you’ve been having or getting in your home country.

Do ex-pats pay taxes?

Depending on your chosen country of residents, you might not pay a substantial amount of money. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll not have an extra cost included in your spending or shopping. That’s why we advise you to understand your chosen country’s pros and cons before planning to relocate to your favorite destination. But in most cases, expat doesn’t pay tax but could be charged high when buying goods and services from the locals.


If you’re just hearing the expat packages for the first time, it’s something simple. It means the combination of basic salary plus the benefits in kind offered to an expat. But, with this guide, you should know the best countries that could give you suitable expat packages. Nonetheless, refer to this platform for more expats guides and directions.

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