What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs part 2 – Requirements to Obtain Citizenship

What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs part 2 – Part one is here.

Requirements to Obtain Citizenship of a Country

  • Obtain a permanent resident status.
  • Maintain a permanent residence within the country for a certain number of years.
  • Pass a test to measure one’s knowledge of the history and government of the country.
  • Pass a language test, where fluency is required.
  • Give an oath of loyalty or allegiance to the said country.
  • Provide proof that you are not wanted for criminal activity in any other country.
  • Give proof that you have paid all taxes owed to the said country.
What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs

Best New Residency by Investment Programs

Investment programs are an increasingly popular way for individuals to obtain residency in another country. From the Economic Residency Program in Panama to Portugal’s Golden Visa, countries worldwide are looking for ways to stimulate their economies by providing residency rights in exchange for an investment.

That said, between all of these options, it can be difficult to determine which program is right for you. However, we’ve compiled this section to walk you through the investment by residency programs. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Canada’s Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

While the others on this list are more for wealthy individuals, Canada’s Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is aimed toward people who want to contribute to the economy of one of North America’s most prosperous countries.

Under this program, applicants invest CAD 800,000 toward a five-year term deposit with the Quebec government and must also have a net worth of CAD 1.6 million and meet additional criteria.

After five years, the government returns the investment to the investor with interest accrued to help them settle in Canada. This program is unique because it allows family members to apply alongside the principal applicant, which not all residency by investment programs do.

Additionally, this program is a great option for those with the desire to live in Canada but not hold Canadian citizenship because it allows applicants to maintain their home country’s passport.

Portugal’s Golden Visa

What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs

Portugal’s Golden Visa allows investors from outside of the European Union and Switzerland to gain residency so long as they buy real estate in Portugal. The minimum investment is €500,000, and the visa lasts for one year before being renewed.

While this program allows family members, including spouses and children under 21 years of age, it doesn’t cover any additional family members such as siblings or parents. This option is a good choice for those looking to buy property in Portugal, but it can be limiting for those who cannot buy such an expensive property.

Bulgaria’s Global Immigrant Investor Program

Bulgaria’s Global Investor Program requires applicants to invest €512,000 into national bonds to gain permanent residency with the possibility of citizenship after five years. The minimum investment is lower than some other programs on the list, but the residency is valid for a shorter period.

This option offers applicants more freedom since they can travel throughout the European Union with their permanent residency permit. There’s also no need to renew it or have family members accompany them to Bulgaria under this program.

Panama’s Friendly Nations Investor Program

Panama’s Friendly Nations Investor Program is a great option for those who want to live in Central America because it provides visas for immediate family members. Couples, spouses, children up to 24 years of age, and parents over 65 can apply alongside the principal applicant so long as they have a combined net worth of at least $500,000.

Additionally, this program allows applicants to obtain a work permit while they’re in Panama, and after five years, they can apply for naturalization, which provides them with a Panamanian passport. This option is a versatile choice with many benefits for those who want to settle down permanently or spend long periods in Panama.

Hungary’s Residency Bonds Program

What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs

Hungary’s Residency Bond Program, also known as Residency by Investment, is unique because it allows applicants to buy Hungarian residency bonds if they’re able to invest €250,000 into the country’s economy through them. Applicants can purchase these bonds for five years and receive permanent residency in exchange.

There are several benefits to this program; most notably, applicants don’t have to live in Hungary while they’re holding the bond. Additionally, within two years of buying the bond, applicants can apply for citizenship and a passport if they prove they’ve been involved in business or investment activities by giving presentations or publishing articles.

Armenia’s Residency and Visa Program

While Armenia’s Residency and Visa Program isn’t new, there is a lot of information about it that can make it seem like this is something relatively recent. To be clear, though, the program has been around for years with similar rules in place since its inception.

This program allows those who have a net worth of at least $100,000 and an extra passport from a country that Armenia has visa-free travel for to apply for residency as long as the application is digitally submitted before June 2019. Applicants also need to prove they’ve paid into the country’s tax system beforehand.

South Africa’s Retirement Visa Program

The South Africa Retirement Visa Program is an option for those at least 45 years of age and want to retire in the country. This program requires applicants to have a minimum investment of R1,5 million rand ($125,000) if they’re applying for permanent residency or R750,000 rand ($60,900) if they’re applying for temporary residency.

With this program, applicants are granted permanent or temporary residency in South Africa that lasts for five years before being renewed. Additionally, these applicants have the right to bring their immediate family members with them so long as they can prove dependency on them financially.

Frequently Asked Questions about Investment Programs

What Are The Best New Residency By Investment Programs

What is investment immigration?

Investment immigration is a way for foreigners with enough money to become residents of the country they’re living in. This can be done by purchasing property, starting businesses, and/or investing in the local economy. Some countries even offer citizenship through this type of program.

What is residency through investment programs?

A residency through investment program is a residence by investment program where one can live in the country through indirect or direct investments. Typically, countries like Canada and the United States accept immigrants who purchase property for an amount over a certain price.

Sometimes, these applicants can be fast-tracked without waiting in line with other applicants. Other times, they just get to move to the front of the line. There are also times when one must start a business first and become eligible for residency.

How does one qualify?

To qualify for most residencies by investment programs, applicants must live in or plan on moving to another country with their families (dependents). They must be of sound mind and body, too. Applicants must provide documentation that they’re not criminals, drug addicts, or terrorists. Lastly, most programs require applicants to have an income source.

What are some benefits of investment immigration?

Some of the most common benefits include visas for dependents, the ability to study in the country’s school system without worrying about tuition, and entitlement to public medical care. Also, those who invest large amounts of money will be given significant discounts on property.


Becoming a legal resident of a country is becoming an increasingly popular way to expand one’s opportunities and access new economic possibilities. There are several ways in which you might become a legal resident. Nonetheless, you can refer to this platform for more information.

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