What are the best international schools in the British Virgin Islands part 1

What are the best international schools in the British Virgin Islands – part 1- that will be the topic of today’s article.

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British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory in the eastern Caribbean. It is part of a chain of islands collectively known as the Virgin Islands, which make up the northeastern tip of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico is in the west. British Territory consists of 4 large islands, that are Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke.

What are the best international schools in the British Virgin Islands

Moreover, there are 32 small islands and islets, of which more than 20 are uninhabited; the smaller islands include Great Tobago, Salt, Peter, Cooper, Norman, Guana, Beef, Great Sol, Little Thatch, and Marina Cay. The main town and port are Road Town on Tortola (54 sq. Km), the largest of the islands. The total area of ​​the colony is 59 square miles (153 square kilometers).

The British Virgin Islands is one of the few exclusive and least developed islands in the Caribbean. Resorts, villas, restaurants and other tourist attractions in this paradise are known to focus on modest luxury over sprawl, and they attract travelers with deep pockets and a love of sailing and seclusion.

Many travelers who come here arrive by ferry from another Caribbean island, especially as some find the luxury exile too difficult to enjoy for more than a day or two. Some say it’s best to spend time here in the nearby US Virgin Islands and Anguilla to the east.

Others find more than enough to keep them anchored exclusively off these more than 50 islands and reefs, which were sadly hit hard by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

In Tortola, you will find rugged cliffs and white beaches with changeable tides and calm easterly winds. A short sailing distance, sleepy Jost Van Dyck offers delicious Caribbean food and drinks, one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the region, and several outdoor excursions such as diving and fishing.

The Virgin Gorda is arguably the most scenic beach in the British Virgin Islands, and for good reason, it offers unique grottoes among giant granite boulders. For total privacy, try Anegada; its slow pace, flat terrain, and sparkling sand are almost invisible in the Caribbean.

Economy of the British Virgin Islands

What are the best international schools in the British Virgin Islands

The two pillars of the economy are financial services (60%) and tourism (roughly 40-45% of GDP). From a political point of view, tourism is the more important of the two, as it employs more people in the area and most of the businesses in the tourism industry are owned by local authorities, as are a number of sole proprietorships heavily dependent on tourism.

However, from an economic point of view, financial services associated with the territory’s status as an offshore financial center are much more important. 51.8% of government revenue comes directly from license fees from offshore companies, and significant additional amounts are collected directly or indirectly from payroll taxes related to wages paid in the trust industry.

The official currency of the British Virgin Islands has been the United States dollar (US $) since 1959, and is also used by the United States Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands, considered by some to be a tax haven due to its opaque banking system, is one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean, with an average per capita income of around US $ 42,300 (2010 est.). per worker in the area was $ 2,452 at the time of the 2010 census. 29% of the population fell into the “needy” category.

While the BVI press is often criticized for income inequality, economists have not made any serious attempt to calculate the Gini coefficient or similar measure of income equality for the territory. A 2000 report found that, despite popular belief, income inequality in the British Virgin Islands is actually lower than in any other OECD state, although globally income equality is much higher in the Caribbean than in many other regions.

Tourism accounts for approximately 45% of national income. The British Virgin Islands is a very popular spot for many US citizens. The British Virgin Islands are known as one of the world’s best sailing destinations, and charter sailboats are a very popular way to visit the less accessible islands.

Founded in 1972, the British Virgin Islands hosts the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival. A significant number of tourists visiting the British Virgin Islands are cruise ship passengers, and while they generate much less per capita income than charter boat and hotel tourists, they are nonetheless important to significant – and politically important – the community of taxi drivers. Only residents of the Virgin Islands are allowed to work as taxi drivers.

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