What Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada part 2 – Top 7 tourist attractions

What Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada part 2 – Part one is here.

Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Canada

Canada is a trendy tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. Because Canada has so many important cultural and historical landmarks, it can be hard to pick out the top seven tourist attractions in Canada. If you are going to visit Canada, it’s a good idea to list some of the best attractions in mind, so you don’t miss anything important. The top 7 tourist attractions in Canada are:

  • Parliament Hill – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  
  • Niagara Falls – Niagra Region, Ontario, Canada  
  • CN Tower – Downtown Core District of Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
  • Royal Canadian Mint (in Winnipeg) – Winnipeg, Canada  
  • Banff Springs Hotel (in Banff National Park) – Banff area, Alberta, Canada
  • Parliament Hill – Downtown Core District of Ottawa, Canada
  • Banff National Park – Banff, Alberta

a)    Parliament Hill – Ottawa, Ontario

What Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada

This famous landmark is the home of the Canadian Houses of Parliament.  The building itself is decorated elaborately with many different types of stone and marble, making for a beautiful design.

That being said, the thing that attracts most visitors to Parliament Hill is the Gothic Revival architecture. As a result of Canada’s top tourist attractions, this landmark is heavily guarded by security personnel and does not allow any photography inside its walls.

If you decide to visit this attraction, you will have to go through a full-body scan before entering the main lobby. However, if you get the chance to go inside and look around, it is definitely worth it.

b)    Niagara Falls – Niagra Region, Ontario

What Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada

Niagara Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canada because of how vast and powerful the waterfall actually is. There are very few places in this world where you can see three waterfalls at once, which is exactly what happens when you look over the edge of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

While many tourists choose to visit Niagara Falls in the summer, they are actually best viewed during the winter months when there is a lot less mist obscuring your view.  However, no matter what time of year you visit Niagara Falls, it is guaranteed to be a fantastic experience.

c)    CN Tower – Downtown Core District of Toronto, Ontario

The CN Tower was the world’s tallest free-standing structure for over thirty years before being overtaken by Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  While this landmark does not actually hold that title anymore, it is still an incredibly popular tourist attraction in Canada.

The CN Tower can be seen from miles away, and people often stop what they are doing just to look at it when it is visible. This landmark was built to celebrate the Canadian National Railway centennial and has become one of the most recognized symbols of Toronto.

Because of the CN Tower’s height, a complete trip to the top takes an entire day and includes four stops along the way.  In order to get back down from the tower, you have to take a high-speed elevator that is capable of speeds up to 40km/h.

d)    Royal Canadian Mint (in Winnipeg) – Winnipeg, Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the oldest mints in North America and has been creating coins for over 100 years.  Because of this, it holds a very important place in Canada’s history. In fact, the first coin ever created by the Royal Canadian Mint was a fifty-cent piece dated January 2nd, 1908.

While the Royal Canadian Mint only produces about 20 million coins per year, they are still very recognizable worldwide.  Also, despite being a mint, there isn’t actually any gold stored on-site because it is all stored in Ottawa at another location.

However, if you visit this landmark, you can take self-guided tours and see exactly how coins are produced.

e)    Banff Springs Hotel (in Banff National Park) – Banff area, Alberta

Built-in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel is one of Canada’s oldest hotels. The hotel itself was designed after a castle because it was a luxury resort that would attract high-class clientele.  The hotel’s design is stunning, especially because it features stained glass windows, hand-crushed carpets, and many other luxurious amenities.

As a result of being one of Canada’s best tourist attractions, the Banff Springs Hotel closes for about five months out of the year in order to allow time for renovations.  However, not everything in the hotel is updated because they actually replace most of the furniture every thirty years to maintain the antique feel of this historic landmark.

f)     Parliament Hill – Downtown Core District of Ottawa, Canada

Parliament Hill is a popular tourist attraction in Canada because it holds both the House of Commons and Senate chambers.  In fact, the Canadian government actually meets here to govern the country, which makes this building a significant landmark for Canadians.

The two chambers that are located in Parliament Hill are the House of Commons and the Senate, which is where Canada’s government actually comes to work. Several tours run at Parliament Hill every single day of the week except for Christmas Day.  These tours take you through all of the different rooms of this historic landmark, so you better understand what it looks like on the inside.

g)    Banff National Park – Banff, Alberta

Banff National Park is one of the largest national parks in all of Canada, and it spans an area bigger than some European countries!  Visiting this park is genuinely breathtaking because you get to go skiing in the winter, hiking during spring/summer, and camping during autumn.

In fact, Banff National Park is so big that it actually houses about 1,600 different types of plants and almost 80 different types of mammals!  It even houses a small population of bears in some regions, which makes this park a truly special place to visit.

The only problem with visiting Banff National Park is that it’s tough to see all of the attractions at a reasonable pace because there are so many. As a result, you should consider planning your trip with the help of Parkbus (a bus service specifically for Banff National Park).

Keep in mind that this bus service does not run during winter or other peak seasons because it is too difficult to drive on the ice and snow during those seasons.

FAQs about Living in Canada

What Are The Best Cities To Live In Canada

What are the steps to immigrate to Canada?

While there are several paths to becoming a citizen or permanent resident in Canada, they all require submitting an application and having your name selected at random by Canadian immigration officials. There is no need to worry about the process, however, because there are several visa and sponsorship programs to help foreign workers and families immigrate to Canada.

What is life like in Toronto?

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and also its most populated. It has an energetic lifestyle that caters to citizens and immigrants alike. With fantastic restaurants and vibrant nightlife, it is also a culturally diverse place to live. Its multiculturalism makes immigrants feel at home in Toronto, but its size makes for an exciting adventure away from the city center as well.

Are there misconceptions about Canadian culture?

Many myths are surrounding Canadian society that are not true. Canadians are friendly people and enjoy socializing, but contrary to popular belief, they are not overly polite. Canadians also tend to be more modest than Americans and so modesty is something to keep in mind when dressing for business meetings or formal occasions.

What kinds of things should I bring with me?

There are many items that immigrants typically bring with them on their journey to Canada. If you plan to travel by plane, it is a good idea to bring your own snacks as airport food tends to be expensive and basic. You should also bring clothes that reflect the Canadian climate and ensure that all of your paperwork is in order.

What do I need to know about customs?

Canada practices many customs that newcomers should be aware of. When receiving gifts, it is considered a good form to open them right away in front of the gift giver. If you watch sports, Canadians love hockey and watch the sport at all levels, even if they are not players themselves. Canadians also tend to drive aggressively, so always stay alert!

How should I get around?

Canada has lots of open space so getting around by car is the best way to explore. If you cannot drive, public transportation is available in major cities, and several taxi services operate 24 hours per day.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world by total area. This means that there are many areas to choose when looking for a place to live. There are large cities, like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, but smaller towns can also be great places to settle down. So, pick one according to your preference.

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