What Are The 9 Best International Schools In Amsterdam For Expats part 1

What Are The 9 Best International Schools In Amsterdam For Expats part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Millions visit every year to enjoy its beautiful canals, historic buildings, towering museums, and vibrant nightlife. But for parents moving here from overseas, international schools are needed to educate their children in English or another foreign language.

What Are The 9 Best International Schools In Amsterdam For Expats

Amsterdam has several reputable international schools that cater to a range of nationalities and educational backgrounds. The most popular options are the British School of Amsterdam (BSA), the International School of Amsterdam (ISA), and the American School of Amsterdam (ASA).

The BSA offers an English-language education from pre-school to the secondary school level and has students from over 50 different countries. The ISA offers a curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and has students from over 70 different countries. The ASA offers an American-style education and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS).

All these schools are located in Amsterdam’s city center, making it easy for students to get around on foot or by bike. They also have excellent sports and arts facilities, as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities. Have you been surfing the internet to get the right school for your children?

If that sounds like a yes, worry less as we’ve got you covered on this platform. Today, we have compiled the nine best international schools in Amsterdam for expats. Not only is that, but you’ll know the benefits of studying in these schools and the curriculum they offer. Read on to get the full details of what we have.

Benefits of International Schools in Amsterdam

What Are The 9 Best International Schools In Amsterdam For Expats

If you have children who have just begun their school career, then life is about to get a little more complicated. Not only will you be juggling the everyday family duties and after-school activities – but now a whole new set of issues related to schooling arise too.

You’ll need to find a suitable school for your kids to attend, which means deciding whether to go to a national or international school in Amsterdam. Before exploring the different pros and cons of these two categories of schools, it’s important to set out some definitions.

The official definition used by governmental bodies is “an institution established under public or private law, providing education at any level from pre-primary through senior secondary education.” In other words, an international school is simply one that is not affiliated with the Dutch education system.

National schools in Amsterdam are part of the Dutch public education system and follow the Dutch curriculum. International schools, as the name suggests, offer a curriculum which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of expatriate families and conforms to the standards of the country in which it is based.

Now that we know what we’re talking about, here are the benefits of sending your children to an international school in Amsterdam.

1.    Multilingual Environment

One of the biggest benefits of attending an international school in Amsterdam is the multilingual environment. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice multiple languages, which can be extremely beneficial for their future academic and professional careers.

Meanwhile, students who speak only one language are encouraged to learn another, which is good for their personal development. The majority of students at these schools come from expat families; therefore, they must know at least two languages- usually English and Dutch (some schools also teach other languages like French or German).

2.    An International Curriculum

Another great benefit of international schools in Amsterdam is that they follow a truly international curriculum. This means your child will be learning subjects like mathematics and science while also studying literature, art history, and geography.

The classes are taught in English (and sometimes other languages), which helps increase academic performance since children won’t have to waste time trying to understand the curriculum. Students also benefit from international teaching methods, which teach them to think critically and behave like responsible citizens of the world.

3.    Foreign Languages

At an early age, students attend international schools in Amsterdam where they learn several languages; Dutch is mandatory while other languages are optional (usually English, French or German). This will help them later in life, as it will be easier to find a job to use their language skills. Also, by learning different languages at a young age, students can improve their cognitive skills and memory.

4.    Internationality

The other students at international schools in Amsterdam are usually children of expats who live or work in this city, which gives the school a truly international vibe. This means your child will be exposed to different cultures and traditions.

They can learn from one another and become more open-minded and accepting towards foreign ideas and views. Also, by interacting with students from all over the world, your child will be better prepared to work in a multicultural environment when they enter the workforce.

What Are The 9 Best International Schools In Amsterdam For Expats

5.    Career Preparation

One of the most important benefits of international schools in Amsterdam is that they prepare students for their future careers. These schools offer various career-oriented courses like business management, accountancy, and computer science, which provide students with essential knowledge and skills needed to pursue successful careers.

6.    Excellent Facilities

The final benefit of enrolling your child in an international school in Amsterdam is the excellent facilities that these schools offer. Most of them have spacious classrooms, well-equipped science labs, and libraries, as well as playgrounds and sports fields.

This means your child will have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive environment. In fact, many international schools in Amsterdam have been accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) or the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), which is a testament to their high quality.

7.    Quality Education

International schools in Amsterdam are very serious about providing students with quality education. They have high-qualified teachers who are well trained to teach English as a second language. Also, parents can rest assured that their children will be safe at school; most international schools in Amsterdam have security guards, cameras, and swipe card access.

8.    A Safe and Secure Environment

One of the top concerns for parents when choosing a school is the safety and security of their children. International schools in Amsterdam offer a safe and secure environment with plenty of adult supervision.

The campuses are typically walled and gated, which has a calming effect on parents and students. The staff are well trained and experienced in education; therefore, you can be assured that your child is receiving the best care possible.

9.    International Diplomas

The last advantage of international schools in Amsterdam is that they offer internationally-recognized diplomas. This means that once your child graduates from one of these schools, they will be able to attend any college or university in the world.

Additionally, employers are more likely to hire someone with an international diploma since it shows that they are competent in multiple languages and have received a high-quality education.

10. An International Community

Another great thing about attending an international school in Amsterdam is that children from different cultures and backgrounds attend each school. This way, your child won’t just learn academic knowledge but also about real-world society. He or she will learn how to get along with people from all over the world, forming valuable relationships that could last a lifetime.

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