What Are The 10 Best International Schools In Mexico City For Expats? part 3 -things to know about Mexico City

What Are The 10 Best International Schools In Mexico City For Expats? part 3 – Here can be found Part 1 and Part 2.

What Are The 10 Best International Schools In Mexico City For Expats

7 Things to Know Before Moving To Mexico City

Moving to Mexico City will be an experience you are unlikely to forget. It’s not just another city, but one of the world’s largest metropolises with more than 20 million inhabitants. While this means there is a lot of potential here, it also has its downsides that may affect your decisions. Therefore, if you’re considering moving to Mexico City, here are the things you should know before making a move.

1.    First Day Jitters

The first-day jitters are not just something that affects your first day of school or work – it’s also an important issue for expatriates arriving in Mexico City. Don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do and see. The good thing about the city is that it has a very large expat community, meaning you can easily find many people going through exactly what you are currently going through. Also, Mexico City offers countless activities for someone who likes partying or sightseeing, making your transition easier. [Any other points on how living in Mexico City is great?

2.    Time Differences

Mexico City, as well as the rest of Mexico, has a 3-hour difference between New York and London. This means you need to adjust your schedule if you are frequently in contact with people from these cities – not to mention all the other time zone differences around the world.

Additionally, Mexico has its internal time zone. So, if you are arriving from the USA, don’t forget to subtract one hour from all of your appointments.

3.    Air Pollution is a Serious Matter

Mexico City may be one of the most beautiful cities, but it’s also famous for its air pollution issues. If you’re used to living in a city with clean air, you’ll need to get used to the smog. It’s not something only foreigners complain about – it’s also an issue for locals. If you already have breathing problems or allergies, don’t forget that Mexico City is one of the worst cities in terms of air quality.

4.    Shopping is an Activity

What Are The 10 Best International Schools In Mexico City For Expats?

If you’re looking for a city where you can shop until you drop, Mexico City is your place. The city offers a wide variety of malls and markets, both modern and traditional. You can find anything you’re looking for, from high-end brands to local handicrafts. However, be prepared to bargain – bargaining is an important part of the Mexican culture.

5.    Safety is Not an Issue

One of the main concerns foreigners have when moving to Mexico city is safety. There are indeed parts of Mexico City where you may want to avoid because it’s easy to get lost there, but in general, the city is very safe.

It has its violence issues like every other big city, but as long as you take the usual precautions, you’ll be fine. Mexico City is home to many expats and locals who are always willing to help a foreigner in need.

6.    Knowing Spanish Is Essential

English is not the first language you will hear in Mexico City, so if you can’t speak at least a little bit of Spanish, your daily life may be difficult. Most public signs and advertisements are written in Spanish only. If you don’t want to feel like a complete outcast while living here, try learning basic expressions before making a move.

7.    Traffic is a Nightmare

If you’re not used to living in a big city, traffic may be one of your biggest concerns when moving to Mexico City. The good news is that there are ways to avoid it – for example, using the metro or avoiding rush hour.

However, even with these precautions, you’re going to be stuck in a lot of traffic every day. If you enjoy walking, Mexico City offers some beautiful places, although distances may seem longer since everything is much farther apart than in other cities.

5 Reasons Why Do People Love Mexico City

What Are The 10 Best International Schools In Mexico City For Expats?

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, is an important political and cultural center, but it lacks the beaches that other Mexican cities have. Despite this, there are many reasons why people love living in this city. Without further ado, check it out below!

1.  Food Scene Is Amazing

Mexico City has a rich food scene with delicious options for every kind of taste and dietary requirement.  From the most important Mexican food, like tacos and tortas, to delicious restaurants offering cuisines worldwide, the benefit of visiting this place cannot be overemphasized. That’s why there’s always something new to try in Mexico City.

2.    Many Different Options for Entertainment

If you like to spend your free time at home or outdoors, Mexico City has many options for fun anytime. You can go for a walk in one of the several parks; attend a theatre, ballet, or opera performance; go shopping in one of the many malls; or listen to live music in many bars and clubs.

3.    Good Infrastructure

The city has an excellent infrastructure with well-paved streets, good public transportation, and many services available. This makes a living here comfortable and easy. And with so many real estate options to choose from, you can always find a home that fits your needs and budget.

4.    Varied architecture

There is such a range of architectural styles in Mexico City that it’s easy to find the one that suits you best. There are colonial houses with modern buildings alongside them; Art Deco and neoclassical buildings next to sleek, contemporary structures. You can find a place that feels like home in no time.

5.    Friendly and Welcoming People

The people of Mexico City are known for being friendly and welcoming. They are always happy to help and ensure you have a good time in their city. Whether you’re looking for directions, a place to eat, or just someone to chat with, you’ll always feel welcome here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mexico City

What is the currency in Mexico City?

The currency in Mexico City is the Mexican peso. You can use this currency to pay for goods and services throughout the city. It’s important to note that while some establishments may accept foreign currencies, you will likely receive a worse exchange rate if you try to use them. For this reason, it’s wise to always carry around pesos.

What time zone is Mexico City in?

Mexico City is located on Central Standard Time, the same as Chicago and New York City. If you want to figure out what time is there, you can simply subtract six hours from the local time of whatever city you’re in. For example, if it is 9 am in Chicago, the time in Mexico City will be 3 am.

What clothing should I pack for Mexico City?

To prepare for your trip to Mexico City, you should carry around lightweight clothes that won’t weigh you down while traveling. For women, a simple dress or skirt paired with a light blouse is a great option. Men can wear jeans or khakis with a collared shirt. Remember to pack some sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses as well, as the sun is quite strong in Mexico City.

What language is spoken in Mexico City?

The predominant language spoken in Mexico City is Spanish. However, there are also several other languages spoken by residents. These include languages like Nahuatl, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Purépecha. You may want to consider bringing around a pocket phrasebook just in case you get stuck somewhere while traveling.


Living in Mexico City, Mexico, has its advantages and disadvantages. The city is huge, offering nearly everything that one could want to do or experience, but it also means the city can be overwhelming for newcomers to adjust to living there. On the other hand, once you get used to living in Mexico City, many find it hard to leave. And that’s why you need to take your children to the best international school.

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