Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit part 1 – Canada,Mexico and more….

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The UK’s exit from the European Union has left many British residents and expats in a state of uncertainty. Many Brits who have lived within the EU for years have to consider their options, including whether or not they should remain living in the regions where they currently reside or if it would be more practical to relocate to another country.

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

As an EU member state, there were certain rights and privileges associated with residing in another country than one’s home nation. For example, the ability to freely travel within Europe was a major benefit of life as part of the Union. Now that Brexit has taken place, it is likely that these benefits will no longer be available to Brits living abroad – at least not without restrictions.

This leads many Brits to consider other member states of the EU that may offer them similar experiences while also allowing them to maintain ties with their home nation. France and Spain are popular alternatives to the UK for British expats hoping for a new life abroad; however, several other countries in the EU are becoming increasingly popular.

Today, we will walk you through the best countries for British expats to live in after the Brexit. Have you been looking elsewhere to get the right information about this context? Look no further! This is the right platform, as we’ve got you covered with the best tips and guides from an expert.

Top Countries for British Expats to Live in After Brexit

1.    Ecuador

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

Many British expats are starting to head south of the equator, as Ecuador is gaining an international reputation for being a hip yet a laid-back place where retirees can live out their days. The weather in Ecuador is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round with little seasonal variation.

Healthcare is also much cheaper than in the United Kingdom, with medical procedures costing as little as a tenth of what they would back home. The cost of living is also extremely reasonable, with renting apartments being around USD 500 per month while typical food prices are at least 30% cheaper than in the UK.

Ecuador only recently abolished its military (in 2008), and therefore it boasts one of the smallest defense budgets in South America at about $50 million. Most of the country’s defense equipment is from the United States and will be replaced by newer equipment produced locally.       

2.    Australia

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

The second-best country for British expats to live in after Brexit is Australia, as the government has passed legislation to make it easier for retirees to gain citizenship there. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that people aged 65 and over grew by 14% between 2009 and 2010 alone, which demonstrates how much demand there is for retired expats.

Although the country does have a higher cost of living than Ecuador, that’s mostly attributed to its far higher wages. Citizens are also entitled to free healthcare and other benefits such as unemployment insurance. The biggest attraction for retirees choosing Australia is the weather, with temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round and very low rainfall.

3.    Malaysia

Top Countries For British Expats To Live In After Brexit

Malaysia might be one of the more surprising picks for countries British expats should consider moving to after Brexit, especially since its closest neighbors are Muslim-majority nations where Sharia law is enforced. However, Malaysia is actually quite progressive regarding religious freedom and women’s rights, so living there as an ex-pat is much easier than it might be elsewhere.

The cost of living in Malaysia is also fairly reasonable, with rent typically around USD 300 per month and food prices being cheaper than in the UK. The weather isn’t relatively as temperate as Ecuador or Australia, but it’s still warm enough for people to enjoy running outside and gardening during the daytime hours.

4.    Canada

British ex-pats looking for cold weather may want to consider heading up north instead of further south, as Canada is an ideal destination for people who like winter sports and activities. This makes it especially attractive to retirees who plan on spending most of their time indoors. However, the northern climate does make it necessary for most retired expats to own their homes or pay for private accommodation.

Canada is also famous for its universal healthcare, which means that retirees don’t have to worry about how to afford medical treatment should something go wrong. Canadians are also known throughout the world as being very friendly, so there’s a good chance you’ll make some British friends once you move there.

5.    New Zealand

Another country for British expats to live in after Brexit is New Zealand, as it offers a high quality of life at very reasonable prices. The growing number of retirees moving to New Zealand has led it to create an Extraordinary Skills visa that allows people with those qualifications to move there quickly. However, it’s also possible to move without any qualifications.

Like Australia, New Zealand is very easy for people looking to retire outside of the EU. The healthcare system is open to all citizens and expats alike, with even foreigners paying the same rates as locals whenever they visit a doctor or hospital. Rent prices are low enough that even retirees on fixed incomes can afford to live in New Zealand for the rest of their lives.

6.    Belize

Another Central American nation that is fast becoming a hotspot for British expats looking to retire in the Caribbean is Belize, which has some of the most beautiful beaches and warmest climates in the entire region.

Since the country is located along several shipping routes, it can be reached relatively cheaply from North America and Europe. One thing Belize has going for it is its stable economy and low unemployment, which should make it easier for expats to find work as self-employed professionals.

The cost of living in Belize can be very reasonable, especially for those who like to spend their time fishing or relaxing on the beach. Belize offers a lot of value for the money and is a great destination for British retirees exploring other regions besides Europe and Asia.

7.    Mexico

British expats should definitely consider Mexico one of the top countries they can move to after Brexit, as it has become very popular with retirees in recent years. The vast majority of expats moving to Mexico plan to live in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta. However, there is a growing number of retirees who prefer to live inland where property prices are cheaper.

Mexico’s property market continues to grow every year, with many new developments being developed by foreigners looking for an opportunity to invest their money. Retirement visas can be obtained fairly quickly as long as an applicant has enough money to retire comfortably. Still, the main drawback of living in Mexico is that it doesn’t play host to too many British expats.

8.    Bulgaria

British retirees looking for cheap property and a warm climate may want to consider moving to Bulgaria, which like other Central European countries, has low real estate prices. Thanks to the ongoing development of its tourism and healthcare industries, Bulgaria is able to offer a higher standard of living than many other European nations, which means that British expats won’t have to worry about having enough money for their retirement.

Another thing that makes Bulgaria attractive to British retirees is its relaxed attitude regarding visas; as long as you can provide evidence of a regular monthly income, you’ll be able to move there and live in relative comfort.

Although Bulgaria is a relatively small nation compared to other European countries, it’s big enough for expats to find lots of great places to explore and enjoy the kind of life they’ve always dreamed about.

9.    Panama

Although it doesn’t have the same kind of weather that you can expect to find in other Central American nations, Panama makes up for it with its high living standards and excellent infrastructure. The nation’s economy is growing very quickly, which has led to an influx of foreigners looking for work – especially those who want to invest their money and retire there later.

Panama’s property market is also growing at a steady rate, which means that British expats who want to retire in the sunshine and live an active lifestyle won’t have any trouble finding great deals on land or property.

As long as you can provide evidence of a regular monthly income and make sure you don’t stay longer than 90 days without applying for an extension, you’ll be able to live in Panama without any problems.

10. Peru

British expats looking to retire in one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth can undoubtedly do so by moving to Peru. Although it’s considerably more expensive than many other South American countries, it’s definitely within their budget as long as they plan accordingly.

Considering how much British retirees spent per month before Brexit, they’ll find that Peru offers a lot of value for money. Even the cost of living in Lima is relatively low compared to London, which means that British expats should be able to save enough money for their retirement.

One reason why so many British tourists love holidaying in Peru is because of its rich history and fascinating culture. Although you can certainly see all of the country’s major tourist attractions during your first visit, it’s also possible to return on a regular basis without running out of things to see and do.

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