Top Commuter Towns Into London part 1 – Pros and Cons of Living in London

Top Commuter Towns Into London part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Many people who live in London’s countryside make their daily commute into the city. The main reason for this is because of job opportunities, as well as the convenience to do so. When commuting, you can expect a lot of travel time and discomfort if it’s your first time doing so.

There are certain towns, however that offer more convenience than others. Meanwhile, when commuting, there are three things one can expect. A long train or bus ride to central London, the weather will be colder closer to the city, and there will be less privacy.

Top Commuter Towns Into London

For those commuting from towns close to London, you might want to consider staying overnight for work or school if possible because of the time spent on commuting. This way, you can still get your errands done or see friends and family.

Staying further away from London will make the weather colder, which is why making sure you pack warm clothes and food (if needed) would be a good idea. Weather apps for smartphones also come in handy to check the temperature before commuting. Privacy is something else that you should consider as well.

Now that you know what you can expect when traveling into central London via railway or bus, you need to read on. Today, we have compiled this article to explain the top commuter towns in London. Aside from this fact, we will walk you through the pros and cons of living in London, the cost of living and many other things to mention a few. Are you ready to explore what we’ve unleashed? Read further!

Overview of the Pros and Cons of Living in London

London is a popular place to live for many people. However, it also has its good and bad points to consider when moving there or visiting. This way, it’s quite essential to understand these pros and cons before planning to relocate. In this section, we will walk you through the pros and cons of living in London. Without further ado, check it out below!

Top Commuter Towns Into London


Many people dream of living in London, but what are the true pros of living there? I’m going to explore seven reasons – five serious and two fun – why you should make London your next home. Are you ready to hear it out? Check below!

The World’s Best Transportation System

This is one pro that everyone knows about, but no one takes advantage of it as they should. London is incredibly easy to get around. The tube (or subway) system is second-to-none, with about 10 different lines that go through pretty much every place you’d want to visit. It’s fast, safe, and reliable; the only negative thing I can say about it is that it can also be really crowded at peak commute times.

A Young and Vibrant Atmosphere

The average age in London is 36, so it’s pretty clear that people have lived there for a long time. You’ve probably heard from countless British celebrities how Britain has the best youth culture in the world, but you don’t have to take their word for it – just go to any pub or club. People also dress extremely well, especially teenagers.

Home to More Museums, Galleries, and Cultural Sites

Almost every neighborhood has some museum or gallery (usually paid-entry), so whatever your particular interest is, there’ll be something for you to get involved with, whether it’s street art, ancient Egyptian history, or contemporary British art. On top of that, two entire days could be dedicated to just visiting London’s free museums and galleries.

Top Commuter Towns Into London

The Ultra-Low Crime Rate

I’ve never felt threatened in London – it really is one of the safest cities in the world. There’s no need to constantly look over your shoulder or be worried about getting mugged. Londoners are always extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors, too.

Also, the vast majority of people living there do so because they can’t afford to move anywhere else – they’re not career criminals, just ordinary working people.

London’s A Global City

There’s almost an endless amount of things to do in London during your free time. One weekend, you could go clubbing in Shoreditch and the next you could visit a musical in Leicester Square or take a walk through Hyde Park. You can also catch huge concerts from big-name bands & DJs at venues across the city.

The Great Food Scene

The food in London is phenomenal. There are countless eateries offering everything you can think of -French, Spanish, Greek, Moroccan, Italian – and the good thing about eating out in London is that it’s extremely affordable (especially if you eat at a smaller joint). Lots of top chefs live in London too, so I guarantee that wherever you eat, your meal will taste fantastic.

The Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces

Top Commuter Towns Into London

As well as having some of the world’s best architecture, London also has hundreds of green spaces – outdoor areas like Hyde Park where you can relax and get away from the busyness of city life. Spending time outdoors is not only good for your physical health, but it’s also mentally healthy – most people who live in London understand the importance of this and make sure they go out at least once a week.


Expensive City

The cost of living in London is relatively high compared to the rest of the UK. The average rent for a 1-bedroom flat is approximately £1,830.00 PCM. According to Numbeo’s 2017 Cost of Living report, London ranks as the 15th most expensive city in the world to live in. This is largely due to the high demand for accommodation in London that has recently seen an increase in property prices.

Another factor is the UK’s weak currency, meaning it takes fewer Sterling pounds to buy American dollars or Euros.

Long Working Hours

Employers expect employees to work long hours, especially if they work retail, customer service, or in restaurants. London is a 24-hour city, meaning there are always people out and about partying or working. As well as this, many workers choose to work their daily hours and then go home to relax, which does not affect the customer or other workers.

Congestion Charge

London is a bustling city with over 8.7 million residents as of 2015, which means there are a lot of cars on the road. That being said, London has been known to have some of the worst traffic jams in Europe, and it is only getting worse with time.

Also, the Congestion Charge is another con of living in London. The Congestion Charge was first introduced to reduce traffic and congestion for the people who live and work in Central London. If you do not pay this charge, you may be fined up to £160.00.


As well as locals, there are millions of tourists visiting London every year. Although this is an advantage for the city, it also brings in some unwanted guests running scams or pickpockets. There are many stories about people getting robbed while exploring the city. This happens because there are so many tourists that thieves know they have a good chance of finding an isolated tourist.

No Grilling Allowed

People living in London are not allowed to grill on balconies or outside their homes, as it may spark a fire that could devastate the city. This is why most people opt for bars and restaurants instead of cooking at home. The reason for this law is that many buildings’ exteriors are made of wood, which makes the risk of a fire even higher.

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