Thailand Vs. Vietnam For Expats part 2 – Concept of Living in Thailand

Thailand Vs Vietnam For Expats part 2 – Part one is here.

Understanding the Concept of Living in Thailand

Thailand Vs Vietnam For Expats

The concept of living in Thailand is often misunderstood by the foreigner who chooses to live there. One might think that it’s about having fun, partying, and meeting pretty girls.

But, to make money, you must also look at the country for what it is, a developing nation that does not understand or care about foreigners’ morals, ethics, or way of life. This is why many foreigners living in Thailand often find themselves in trouble with the law. Some of these problems include but are not limited to:

  • Being overcharged for simple items – i.e., a bottle of water, a piece of fruit, or a pack of cigarettes
  • Unfriendliness from service providers, whether it’s your local corner store, the bar down the road, or the nightclub. This is because many people working in service (particularly tourist-orientated areas) are expected to act like this with foreigners
  • Being cheated out of your hard-earned money. Some bars charge you for girls’ drinks even if they’re not there, and some taxi drivers will tell you it’s 300 Baht to get to the place when in fact, it’s only 80 Baht.
  • People not being able to understand you. The language barrier makes a living in Thailand much harder than in other countries, especially if you are trying to talk your way out of a situation or argue about something with somebody else
  • Being taken advantage of by ‘fellow’ foreigners. This happens a lot when you bar fine or pass a girl on to your friends or even when your friend does the same thing to you
  • Being taken advantage of by Thai people. There have been many stories about bar owners charging customers 100 Baht for a bottle of water while they sell them drinks at inflated prices
  • Staying in a country where everything is expensive. Thailand’s prices are high for foreigners because everything from drinks to accommodation must be paid for in foreign currency.
  • Staying in a country that does not have the law/system you would normally have at home
  • Not being able to find work easily. Maybe it’s because people do not want foreigners working in their country, or maybe it’s because of the language barrier, but getting a job in Thailand is not easy. Many employers are only willing to hire Thai people, which leaves many foreigners disillusioned about finding work
  • Cultural differences between your home country and where you live. This includes everything from food to lifestyle changes that may not be suitable for your daily routine
  • Loss of friends and family back home. Many people complain about not seeing their real-world lives when they are constantly surrounded by Thais every day
  • High crime rate. There was a recent report released from the UN which mentioned Thailand’s high crime rate for tourists, especially against foreign females

Which One Is The Best, Thailand Or Vietnam?

Thailand Vs Vietnam For Expats

Both Thailand and Vietnam are beautiful countries with their own unique identity. Thailand is often called the land of smiles due to the friendly nature of its people. It has nice beaches, great food, and cheap drinks and is one of the most visited places in South East Asia every year. A popular destination for tourists from all over the world!

Vietnam also has beautiful beaches and is a popular destination for tourists from around the world, but this article will focus on the differences between these 2 countries so that you can decide which one is best for your next vacation.

Price: Vietnam and Thailand offer great value, and you can get a really good meal, usually starting at just $2. Cheap drinks and great accommodation can also be easily found.

Safety: Thailand has a good reputation for safety, and the crime rate is fairly low compared to Vietnam. There are still petty crimes in Thailand, but they won’t cause you any trouble if you’re sensible.

However, there have been recent bombings in some of their tourist areas which have put off some travelers. The city of Bangkok in Thailand is known to be dangerous at night due to the high poverty rates and crime, but during the day, it’s very safe.

Vietnam also has a low rate of crimes against tourists; however, more serious crimes like robbery. But again you won’t have any problems if you’re sensible.

People: People in Thailand are more outgoing, and they love to have fun; even the monks you see on the street try to make you laugh. This makes it a great place to go if you want some entertainment. The people in Vietnam are also very friendly but not as outgoing as their Thai counterparts. But this may be a good thing if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday.

Relationship between Thailand and Vietnam

Both Vietnam and Thailand are located in south-east Asia. They share a common border, with the largest mutual boundary lying along the Mekong River. The exact demarcation of land boundaries was officially agreed to in February 1997 through notes between the two countries.

This laid foundation for the development of relations between Thailand and Vietnam. The two countries, under the pretext of strengthening their international trade relations, have also joined forces in mitigating regional terrorism, drug trafficking, and piracy by setting up a joint enforcement agency – Eastern Sea Borders Defence Committee (ESBDC).

This has helped to reduce crime rates in the region while improving both Thai-Vietnamese relations and the fight against regional terrorism. Thailand is also Vietnam’s largest investor in ASEAN, with over 1,200 Thai companies operating businesses in Vietnam. Each year about 4 million Vietnamese visits Thailand for tourism purposes while the number of Vietnamese migrant workers increases steadily, reaching 130,000+.

Overview of the Interesting Facts about Vietnam

Thailand Vs Vietnam For Expats

The following facts are bits of information about the wondrous land of Vietnam. In no way is this article meant to contain significant facts but rather present casual facts for you to enjoy.

The One-Legged Village

In a small village in Vietnam lives a man with seven children born with only one leg. This man has worked many jobs, one of which was as a pig farmer.

When he has money left over, he goes to the market and buys nonperishable food (rice included) that his seven children can live off of for an entire week. However, when he does not have enough money, the one-legged man drinks alcohol until all his money is gone.

The Polluted River

On one of Vietnam’s highways, a large river runs with waste and pollution. Despite this, many people use the water to brush their teeth, shower themselves, or even drink the water! People do not realize that they are poisoning themselves by doing so. There are signs over the river that warns people of the pollution, but many ignore them.

The Northern Vietnamese

People in northern Vietnam are called “North Vietnamese” to distinguish them from the other half – the population of southern Vietnam. Some say that North Vietnamese are stingy with their money, South Vietnamese are scheming with theirs, and Central Vietnamese are friendly with everyone’s money.

The Traffic Police Danger Zone

A Vietnamese man once received a ticket for entering the ‘danger zone’ of the police while they were diverting traffic – he was about to enter danger but was saved by luck when he found out that he needed to wait to avoid being fined. Also, a young Vietnamese man once received a 100,000 VND ticket for not wearing a helmet while riding his bicycle.

The Traffic Police Line

For as long as anyone can remember, there has been a white line painted on the road in Vietnam. However, no one knows what it is for – some have said that cars have to stay at least 1m away from it while going down the street, but most believe that the line indicates a ‘restricted area’ and keeps cars from going near the sidewalk.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thailand vs. Vietnam

Why is Thailand so cheap?

Thailand Vs Vietnam For Expats
Views From Bangkok. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Thailand is cheap for both foreigners and locals alike because the country has a low cost of living. This does not mean that everything in Thailand is extremely inexpensive, but it certainly means that groceries, restaurants, hotels, transportation options, etc., are considerably cheaper than they would be in other countries around the world.

Is Thailand safe?

Thailand is generally safe for foreigners, but some precautions to take when visiting this country. It is important to note that in addition to being one of the most visited countries in Asia, it is also one of the most widely reported on travel advisories.

Is Vietnam safe?

Vietnam has significant dangers for foreigners who do not understand the country’s social structures. It is recommended that tourists follow safety tips, as there are many phases of Vietnamese travel that could be dangerous. Moreover, there have been some reports of violence against foreigners, so it is important to be on the lookout for potential dangers.


Many things draw people outside their home countries to head away and start a new life in a foreign place. Usually, it’s the hope for a better quality of life, including affordable housing, low cost of living, high salaries, and even beautiful weather. However, look at the pros and cons to select the right one according to your budget and lifestyle.

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