Returning to New Zealand During Covid For Expats part 2

Returning to New Zealand During Covid For Expats part 2. Part 1 is here.

8 Reasons Why New Zealand is Worth Visiting

New Zealand is a country on the other side of the world. It can be difficult to find any information on traveling there, and even more difficulty to find specific information on New Zealand tourism. As a travel blogger that specializes in New Zealand tourism, we’ve got you covered in this article. Check what we’ve unleashed for you!

1.       Nature and Landscape

Returning to New Zealand During Covid For Expats

New Zealand has the perfect landscape for hikers, which is why it attracts so many people who want to do this during their free time. There are endless possibilities depending on your personal needs. Also, you can hike through forests where you will see only trees, or you can go to desert areas that won’t bore you even if you spend hours there. The choice is yours, and the chances are that you will find something for yourself in New Zealand.

2.       Activities

While hiking isn’t your thing, perhaps another outdoor activity will be: paragliding or kayaking in the fiords of Northland (New Zealand’s north island). These areas aren’t very well known, but the scenery you will see there is breath-taking.

Also, during your stay in New Zealand (especially if you visit its North or South Islands), don’t forget to take at least one guided tour to the extreme places like the Milford Sound. It’s very popular among tourists who want to swim with dolphins, spend time on the sea, and see the famous Mitre Peak.

3.       Food

If you expect to find any traces of Asia or Middle East in New Zealand, you will be very disappointed. The Kiwis (that’s what people from New Zealand call themselves) are very proud of their food. They even have a saying that two national dishes should contain the word ‘steak’.

You will find a lot of steak houses all around New Zealand, so if you want to change your diet for a while, choose another country. If you feel brave enough to at least taste this national food, go get yourself some hangi. It’s cooked in the ground over hot stones and it’s made from eels, pork, chicken, lamb or beef. This is one of the best results you can get when it comes to cooking meat outside.

4.       Beer

Beer in New Zealand is nothing like the beer you are used to drinking in your country; everyone thinks that the Kiwis live on beer because this is their national drink (and they aren’t wrong). There is a wide range of breweries in New Zealand, so you will never get tired of trying different types.

Two examples are the Dunedin Brewery located on the south island and the Jackson’s Brewery in Auckland (which has grown very popular by now). However, when it comes to beer in New Zealand, the most important feature is that it’s always fresh, so you will never have to drink something that has been stored for a long time.

5.       Cities and Villages

Returning to New Zealand During Covid For Expats

If you think that New Zealand is nothing more than beautiful landscapes, beaches, hills or mountains, you are very wrong. Kiwis are proud of their cities as well; sure enough they are not rich in monuments or buildings that are older than 100 years, but there are some places you should visit.

The capital city, Wellington, is the place to go if you want to see where New Zealand’s government works. Situated at the southern end of North Island, it also offers a great view over the mountains and beaches nearby. Don’t forget to visit the Te Papa museum that offers plenty of information about New Zealand’s history, but also its nature.

Another city worth visiting is Auckland, situated on North Island. It’s very popular among tourists, especially during weekends when numerous events are held in this area. Do not forget to take a walk through Parnell village and all around the Mount Eden where you will see some interesting houses that are the results of ‘ crazy Kiwis’ creativity.

6.       Towns

Just like its cities, New Zealand also has plenty of towns where you can enjoy some time off. The most interesting are the ski resorts, especially if you want to try something new during your holidays. Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand that offers you a lot of activities for everyone in your group. It’s situated at the south end of South Island and it’s a place where clean water, fresh air and snowy mountains come together in order to create an impressive sight.

7.       Nature

While New Zealand has only 4 million inhabitants, there is one little place in it that no Kiwi ever forgets about: Fox Glacier. It’s in South Island, in Westland National Park, and every person who visits New Zealand has to see this place. You can also go and visit the Franz Joseph Glacier which is 10 kilometres away from Fox Glacier and it’s known as one of the most popular glaciers not only in New Zealand, but all over the world.

Returning to New Zealand During Covid For Expats

8. The People

One more reason why you should pay a visit to New Zealand is its people. They are very welcoming and you will never be bored with their jokes. Therefore, if you want to have a good time, don’t forget to pay them a visit. But you need to consider the factors listed above if you’re planning to return.

5 Things You Should Avoid When Returning To New Zealand

Don’t Try To Change Everything about Your Life

Really, there’s no need. You’re back home, back in the land of safety and comfort – that’s all that really matters. Your friends are still your friends, your family is still your family, you don’t need to ditch any of them nor do you have to try out for the local rugby team again.

Avoid trying to recreate your old life before you left. That being said, there are some easy things you can do to avoid any awkwardness upon your return, check them out below.

  • Be flexible as far as where you’ll live and work – but don’t go too far overboard just yet!
  • Enroll or re-enroll in some form of study – it’ll help you meet people and stay focused.
  • Try to co-ordinate your return with a major holiday, big event, or the start of a season.

Don’t Try To Find Every Last Kiwi Still Left In New Zealand

It’s likely there are people out there with your skill-set and interests. You’ll find them – not now, but in time. At the moment, they’re probably enjoying life overseas as much as you were (and still are). Or maybe they’re back already and trying to do what you’re doing: settle into a new job, find a new group of friends, and get comfortable with their daily routine.

Don’t Try To Compare Every Experience

This has been said before, but it’s true: New Zealand is still the same place as when you left. Yes, there may be more coffee shops but there were always plenty of those. Yes, the government may have changed – but it happened before you left too. So relax and just absorb what’s around you. Don’t focus on what’s different or new, just appreciate that you’re back.

Don’t Try To Impress Everyone with Your Tales

Your family will be impressed no matter what you do – and if they’re not, they probably need to come visit your place in more often. But there’s really no need for you to go on about the wonderful time you had when you were overseas. If people want to know what it was like, they can join the Peace Corps themselves and find out.

Don’t Go Into Financial Meltdown in New Zealand

It’s quite likely that you left with no savings or very little. It was easier to save money back then, right? Plus the cost of living was lower overseas, even if you still paid rent here at home! We know, some of this is true.

But it’s also true that you took a gap year and saved money – and you’ll likely do the same again when you go back overseas. So don’t panic: your current savings will last for at least a few months, if not the whole first year on your return.


Returning to New Zealand during covid as an expat is something you should make proper research about. On the other hand, check the visa requirements, vaccination, and make sure you’re return for an important purpose. If all of that is taken into consideration, check this ultimate guide for more tips.

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