Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas part 1 – Top 15 Best Places To Live As a Remote Web Developer

Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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At some point, every web developer will want to leave their home country and work abroad. This is especially true for those working at a company or on a project long enough to accumulate vacation time.

Usually, the first impulse is to plan a vacation somewhere dramatically different from where you live now, but there are many more possibilities if you’re willing to take a different perspective. In fact, there’s a growing number of companies who hire web developers remotely, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world.

Of course, there are disadvantages and some logistical challenges involved, but if you’ve decided it’s time for an adventure, you’ve come to the right platform that’d show you all. Once you decide to take the plunge, be sure to consider the following.

Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas

What Industry Are You In?

The first thing to consider is your current experience and how it fits with potential opportunities in different countries. You’ll want to consider what kind of companies tend to operate in the country where you’d like to work remotely and choose one in a similar industry to maximize your chances.

This is because different industries will have different expectations from the people who work with them, despite being in a similar field. In some countries, they value flexibility and productivity more than others.

In still others, you’ll find yourself at a start-up or a company with an extremely casual dress code and work habits which can be challenging to adapt to, especially after working at a company with strict policies. The best way to learn about this is to research the country you’re considering moving to and find out what kinds of companies tend to hire remote workers there.

What Technology Do They Use?

This is the second most important question to ask yourself because it’ll determine how easy or difficult your life will be if you take a job with them. Most companies that hire remote workers will tell you upfront what technology they use, but some fail to mention this in their job ads or interviews and then surprise you upon arrival.

Most commonly, you’ll find that companies in Asia or South America tend to use older versions of the MS Office Suite than what most Americans are used to. If you come from a country where it’s standard practice for students and professionals to learn MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint starting at age two, this might seem difficult at first.

Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas

 You’ll also need to be open to working on a PC instead of a Mac. If you’re hired for web development, they might use the CMS most developers in your country are familiar with, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or WordPress. They may even use technology that isn’t popular in your country and is completely new to you, such as the LAMP stack.

You’ll need to be open-minded about this because even though it can seem like a setback at first, it’s your ticket into an industry that might’ve been completely closed off to you otherwise. For example, many freelance developers in Europe or America are working with popular CMSs, but not many of them can provide support for open-source alternatives.

By taking a job abroad that’s less popular in your home country, you’ll be widening your skillset and keeping yourself marketable well into the future.

Where Do They Want To Hire Someone?

When it comes down to it, companies overseas looking to hire web developers or other professionals tend to require someone who can work on-site. This is the most common option since physical security for their staff and projects is generally more important than anything else.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of the picture if you’d prefer to telecommute. Depending on what industry you’re in, they might be willing to offer you a contract that allows for working from home. This is usually the best of both worlds since it doesn’t require you to move your entire life abroad just to get a job that you can do at home anyway.

Top 15 Best Places To Live As a Remote Web Developer

Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas

There is no denying that this day and age has brought more people closer together than ever before. Social networks help us feel connected to others, technology allows us to work anywhere in the world, and businesses are becoming more global by the minute.

Along with all of these changes come opportunities for many individuals left on the wayside in the past. There is a new breed of workers who lives and breathes their career but isn’t limited to an office environment. These individuals can work from home or anywhere in the world they need to be.

They may even decide that living somewhere exciting and new is not only appealing but essential for their happiness and productivity as a remote web developer. So, where are the best places to live as a remote web developer?

People who live an active lifestyle are known for their happiness and long-term health, but they also tend to be more productive in what they do.

The last two items on this list are no exception, filled with metropolitan cities that provide access to the best technology and entertainment in the world, along with gorgeous landscapes that provide both serenity and productive stimulation. Without further ado, take a look at it below.

Seattle, WA

Remote Web Development Jobs Overseas

There is no doubt about it; Seattleites are obsessed with their coffee. This fact has led to them being awarded “the most caffeinated city in America” by Forbes magazine. The best part is that there are so many top-notch coffee retailers in Seattle; it’s easy to find one no matter where you are.

Everything from an independent artisan shop known as Victoria Coffee to the global retailer Starbucks can be found in this city of dreams for a remote web developer.

Not only do they have access to some of the best coffee in the world, but Seattle is also home to Microsoft and Amazon. Along with having easy access to emerging technology, there are companies like that employ remote workers as well.

Boulder, CO

Boulder is known for its beauty, which means it’s no wonder why people want to live here. The city offers a bustling social atmosphere, many outdoor activities, and even great coffee shops. People who live here either go to the popular coffee shop Caribou Coffee or cozy local places like Boulder Creek Cafe.

This is also home to companies that thrive on the internet, such as SparkFun Electronics. This retailer of electronic components operates entirely online and has a storefront in the real world. Many people who live here will work at companies like them or even go to places like Node40, which helps individuals and businesses manage their cryptocurrency portfolios.

Austin, TX

This Texas hub is known for its music scene and SXSW, so it’s no surprise that many people want to live here. The city has a plethora of coffee shops, as well as tech companies like Dell and IBM. If you’re not into their corporate scene, other businesses such as 8th Dimension Comics & Games where remote workers can network with others in the area.

There is also a decent amount of coworking spaces in the area, but that can be said about many places on this list. However, what’s interesting is that LiveOak Venture Partners allows their remote workers to come for a visit between Mondays and Wednesdays while still getting paid.

San Francisco, CA

It’s no surprise that the world’s digital hub would be listed as one of the best places to live as a remote web developer. There are so many businesses that thrive on the internet, or at least have a significant online presence, that it leads to an abundance of opportunities for those who want to work from home.

Some notable companies to consider are Adobe, San Francisco, London, and tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. There are also smaller companies like Weebly, a free website-building service catering to remote workers.

Vancouver, BC

It would be ignorant if we didn’t include at least one city in Canada on this list, and Vancouver seems like the perfect place to do it. Not only is this place extremely scenic, but its largest industry is tourism, which means there are many opportunities for remote workers who can provide services to visitors.

Many people who live here work at Walmart Labs, Google, or the University of British Columbia. Also, both Shopify and Hootsuite are major employers for those who live here, and they have a great deal of experience working with remote workers.

Portland, OR

Portland is not only one of the most scenic places in America, but it’s also known for its love of local business, especially coffee shops. It’s no wonder why there are so many great ones to choose from, such as Coava Coffee, Ristretto Roasters, and Courier Coffee. There’s even a place called Barista, which is a blog and online magazine for coffee lovers.

Many people here work at businesses like Puppet Labs, an IT automation company, or Dapper, which provides software engineering & design services to startups and large companies.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin may not be the first place people think of when they hear about America, but it’s actually one of the larger hubs for technology and entrepreneurship in Europe. This includes companies like Google, as well as local businesses such as The Frontside.

This is home to so many great coffee shops that those who work from home will be spoiled for choice. They include The Fumbally, Cafe Deco, and Rye. Meanwhile, co-working spaces like Dogpatch Labs give remote workers a place to work with others in the area.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the largest city in Georgia, making it one of the 10 most populated metro areas in America. It’s also home to many major corporations like Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, as well as tech companies like Home Depot.

Many people who live here work for companies that have a significant online presence, especially those on this list. Some notable places include Mailchimp, which is an email marketing service, Worldpay, which provides services for online payments; and Pardot, which is a B2B marketing automation platform.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is one of the most populated cities in America, but it’s only located on the west coast. This means many tourists come through each year to visit places like Sea World and The Zoo. So, if you’re willing to provide services for them, you’ll have no problem finding work as a remote web developer.

Companies like PayPal and FedEx offer remote workers plenty of opportunities to develop applications that help them be more efficient. There are also smaller companies such as Shift, which hires so many web developers it has two campuses, one in San Diego and another in Las Vegas.

London, England

London is home to so many tourists because it’s known as one of the most popular places in Europe to visit. Many people who work here are employed by companies like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Meanwhile, smaller independent businesses, such as Teamwork, also help remote workers find work.

Some notable coffee shops include Taylor St Baristas and Union Cafe. If you’re looking for coworking spaces, there’s TechHub and The Trampery, among others.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is optimal for those who enjoy working in a colder climate, but the business culture makes it worth considering. This includes companies like F-Secure and TietoEnator, which enable remote workers to perform tasks difficult to complete in another culture.

There are also many coworking spaces here, including Betahaus, which is located near the city center, and Ruoholahti Creative Office, located at a mall. Even better are places like The Coffee House Club, which has locations all over Helsinki for those who need a more central location.

Poznań, Poland

Poznań, located in western Poland, is one of the more populated cities, with 511,399 people. However, it’s still growing quickly because it has a strong economy that includes Facebook and PayPal. There are even independent startups in Poznań working with companies worldwide.

While there are coworking spaces throughout the city, some include Impact Hub and Joinery Coworking. Meanwhile, people who work from home can go to places like Kavarna Majak, an extensive coffee menu.

Washington D.C., USA

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States and home to many great universities. This includes Georgetown University, Howard University, and George Washington University. However, this city also has companies like Discover Financial Services and Freddie Mac that hire remote workers for web development jobs.

There are too many coffee shops in D.C. to count, but popular spots include Open City, Matchbox Coffee, and Mojo. Coworking spaces are abundant here, too, including 1776, Capital One 360, and WeWork.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the largest city in Australia, offering many opportunities to remote workers looking for jobs. Because this country’s economy has been growing, many tech companies hire web developers. For instance, DocuSign, Dropbox, and PayPal all employ workers in Australia.

Because there’s so much business here, it even has its own co-working spaces like Fishburners. If you want to get out of the city or find a more centrally located space, try Basecamp Coworking.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin may be divided into sections by the Cold War, but it’s still a prime location with many businesses open for remote work. There are companies like Adobe and Google that hire people to work here, but there are also smaller startups like Moveline, which is growing quickly.

Coworking spaces are abundant in Berlin, including Betahaus, Desks Club, and LoftCube. For those who need a more central place to work, there are cafes like The Coffee Collective and Ruxi Cafe.

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