Moving To The UK From Asia With A Dog part 2 – Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving with Dogs

Moving To The UK From Asia With A Dog part 2 – Part one is here.

Advantages of Moving To the U.K with Dogs

Moving To The UK From Asia With A Dog

Are you thinking about moving to the U.K? Whether you are an individual or a family, several important things need to be sorted out before you make your move. While it is possible to do many of them yourself, some may require extra help.

If you plan on bringing along any pets, getting pet relocation services can be a better idea. Not only will this make moving less stressful for your dog, but it will also help you break into the new country more smoothly as well as settle down more quickly. This article lists five advantages of moving to the U.K with dogs.

No Quarantine

In most countries worldwide, including the U.S., a newly arrived pet must be quarantined for a certain period before going to their new home. This is generally done because it is unknown whether your dog will bring along illnesses that affect local animals.

However, in the U.K, dogs are not usually quarantined because they are not considered a threat. This means you will spend less time separated from your dog and waiting around in quarantine centers.

English-Speaking Countries

When moving to another country, it is important to know that the people there speak your language (or that of your family).

While some parts of the U.K are more prone to speaking languages other than English, major cities are usually considered English-speaking areas. This means that most people there will be able to communicate with you in English, which is also one of the two official languages of the U.S.

No Breed Restrictions

Not all countries allow certain breeds of dogs to enter. This is more often than not because of the danger these dogs pose to the public, especially if they are not well trained or socialized.

However, in most cases, you will be able to bring along your dog regardless of their breed. As long as your dog does not exceed the maximum allowable weight and has a clean bill of health, you will be able to bring them along.

Expenses Aren’t Overly High

Relocating pets is an expensive process. Expenses can include quarantine and vet fees as well as airline tickets for your dog. However, in general, moving with dogs is not overly expensive. This is because the U.K does not charge for your dog to enter the country, so there are no pet fees for this route.

Moving To The UK From Asia With A Dog

More Dog-Friendly Cities

The owner’s love for dogs is a common factor in most countries, including the U.S and the U.K. However, some places in the U.S are more dog-friendly than others.

For example, New York City has very strict laws about dogs on leashes, which means you may not be able to bring your dog along everywhere you want to go. However, in the U.K, it is generally easy to take your dog with you almost anywhere, and most major cities are considered very dog-friendly.

More Dog-Friendly Jobs

While it is true that some jobs require you to travel frequently, this does not apply to all jobs. There are many office or desk jobs where you can bring your dog along. However, keep in mind that not all companies may allow this, and some may require certain breeds to be muzzled at all times.

Easier to Find Housing

With the many dog-friendly places available, it is easier to find housing that allows you to bring your dog along. This will save you time looking for a place to live and money from renting a home that does not allow dogs.

In the U.S, many landlords have breed restrictions, which may result in you not bringing your dog along with you. In the U.K, this is much less common, and it will be easier for you to find housing that allows dogs.


You may be planning to move to the UK with your pets and excitedly explore what you think will be a new exciting chapter in your life.

However, moving to the UK is not as easy as you might believe, especially if you are bringing along dogs. Whether they’re house dogs or for security purposes – there are some serious disadvantages of moving to the UK with dogs.

With many countries and cities now known for their love and care towards their pets, like how Paris is famous for its dog-friendly cafes and Rome has a dog hospital on every street corner, the UK isn’t as pet friendly as you may think is. Below are the disadvantages of moving to the U.K with dogs from Asia.

Moving To The UK From Asia With A Dog

U.K Quarantine Rules

The U.K has some of the strictest and harshest quarantine laws in Europe, which means that there is a very high chance you’ll have to pay for both your pet’s flight ticket and its quarantine fees. If you choose to send your dog in at a later date, however, it must be done via a pet shipping company, which will also cost you plenty.

Limited Import Breeds of Dogs

Due to the U.K having a very recent and sensitive history of dog attacks, there is a list of over 15 banned breeds that are not allowed into the UK territory under any circumstances. If your dog breed is on this list, it will either be euthanized or sent back to its country of origin at your own expense.

Dogs Getting Put Down

According to the U.K government, there are 4 million dogs in the UK, and an estimated 22% of them will get put down because they could not find a home. This is done for many reasons: either because the dog needs extensive medical care, which the owner cannot afford, or because it is a dangerous breed that does not match the U.K’s rules and regulations.

Therefore, if you think of bringing dogs with you across an international border to be put down later on – think twice!

Eye Operations Required For Dogs

Due to the U.K’s geographical location, its constantly changing weather, and the prevalent smog in the air, many dogs end up with a disease known as Distichiasis. This is when eyelashes grow from a strange or unusual place on the eyelid and irritate the eye’s cornea. In order to treat this condition, dogs must undergo a costly eye operation, which the dog’s owner must then pay for.


Microchipping is not actually required by law in the U.K. Still, most landlords and property management companies will require proof of it before allowing you to sign a rental agreement or leave your pet with them if you go on holiday. This means you’ll have to pay for the microchip, registration, and a lifetime of renewal.

Dog-Friendly Housing Options Are Very Limited

You might find that most landlords in the UK refuse to rent you their property if you have dogs with you. This is because pets are usually seen as more of a liability than an asset these days. After all, they’re not allowed in public places like restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Dog Insurance Is Expensive

Finally, dog insurance is costly in the UK compared to other countries. For example, pet insurance in Singapore only costs an average of $55 per year, while pet insurance in the U.K can cost upwards of $300 per year.

UK Expats or Locals? Who Will Move To the UK with Their Dog

As the UK is a favorite with people from all over Europe, plenty of expats has moved here. Some have brought their pets along – dogs – and others have found canine friends after settling in. Whether they were brought along or met on-site, dogs have definitely made a mark on the British landscape.

According to a study by a market research company, almost half of all homes in the UK contain at least one dog. Over the past ten years, that percentage has even increased by four points. The number of households with a cat has also been rising, and now stands at 36%.

Before moving to the UK from another country, make sure to check out the rules and regulations about pets. In most cases, an import license will be required for your dog, although they might have to pass a rabies antibody titration test beforehand if their country of origin is on a list of countries with a high-rabies risk.

Once you’ve moved here, it’s advised that you ensure your pet puppy makes an early acquaintance with the local dogs to avoid any incidents. Before you go ahead and get a dog in the UK, consider whether it would be better to wait until your kids are old enough to take care of it themselves.

With what we’ve stated in this article, you should understand that you can bring a dog to the United Kingdom, even if you’re an expat or local. All you have to do is follow the requirements stated in this article. From countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and many others, there are different requirements. You can check the requirements above as they’re all similar.

Moving your dog is not really difficult but can be a pain. You have to make sure you follow the rules and regulations, keep your dog stimulated and loved, and of course, travel comfortably with them.


Moving to the UK can be a lot of things; exciting, scary, overwhelming, historical. But it’s definitely not something that should be done without preparation. One thing that you might want to consider when moving to the UK is what your four-legged friend will face during this transition. Refer to this platform to get more details about pet relocation.

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