Moving To Qatar Expat Guide

Moving To Qatar Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Do you need to move abroad? Of course, always know that the decision and processes it will take to relocate aren’t something you should do independently. As an expat here, we understand what you’ve been looking for. That’s why we’ve compiled the essential services and help you’ll need to jump-start your life in Qatar.

Whether you’re moving to Qatar for the beautiful desert coastline, endless undulating sand-dunes or tax-free salaries, you’ll be entering a country that has a unique culture and different community.  Many expats want to move to Qatar for the high salaries, exciting natural beauty, and great career opportunities.

So, if you’re looking to move to Qatar from the UK, and as a Britain citizen, you’ll definitely need a business visa.  Meanwhile, before this visa can be granted, it will be reviewed by the Ministry of Interior. This process can take up to several weeks or longer but make sure you ask about the visa arrangement.

Are you wondering why Qatar is the safest country in the world? According to the Global Peace Index, Qatar is one of the safest countries in the Middle East and North Africa for the past fifteen years. In fact, did you know, the capital city of Qatar (Doha) was recently given a listing to be among the new seven wonders cities?

However, we have compiled this article to critically analyze everything needed to move to Qatar. From how to get jobs remotely, cultural etiquette, religious activities to the country’s rules and regulations, the benefits of relocating to Qatar cannot be overemphasized. So, why not check it out to get started!

Benefits of Moving to Qatar in Today’s 21st Century

It’s no doubt that Qatar remains one of the countries that offer many opportunities to citizens. With the high-quality of living, admirable education, good healthcare facilities, and more, you’ll enjoy moving to this country. Without further ado, let’s walk you through some benefits of relocating to Qatar today.

  1. Superb Quality of Life

Just like other countries have their advantages and disadvantages, Qatar is not an exception. One of the benefits of moving to this country is the superb quality of life. This superb quality of life is derived from the country’s socialization, safety, low crime rate, driving sense, and others. Let’s quickly analyze.

  • Socialization in Qatar – The total way of life in this country is quite different from the United States and other developed nations. For a Muslim expat looking to relocate, this is one of the best countries you can ever imagine. They are friendly and also have a captivating cultural event while the population is small.
  • Low Crime Rate – Qatar has retained its position of being the safest country since its inception. With the forefront score of 86.74 points ahead of over 118 countries, Qatar continues to lead in the world. According to this report, the universal standard of crime is low; that’s why it is safe for many people in the world.
  • Driving Sense in Qatar – For most expats, driving in Qatar has been relatively easy. Moreover, patience is common among these drivers. To understand more about driving in Qatar, you should understand all it takes to comply with the rules and regulations of the country. Also, you should be at least 18 before you can drive. Aside from that, holders of licenses issued in the European Union, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and other countries can drive in one week in Qatar upon arrival.
  1. Exposure to the Islamic Nation

As aforementioned, the biggest advantage of moving to Qatar is to expose you and your loved ones to the Islamic culture. This is because; Qatar is blessed with a multicultural community with over 100 nationalities living in the country. More so, you’ll know the similarities between Kashmiri origin and Harees. 

  1. Top-Notch Educational System

World-class education is a common uniqueness in Qatar. Moreover, Doha is home to some of the best universities in the world including Cornell, and many others. With an excellent educational system, international students can relocate to this country without visa problems and other challenging factors. Not only that, but many high schools offer affordable fees for international students.

An Overview of the Cost of Moving To Qatar

While we say that the cost of living in the United States is quite expensive, Qatar’s cost may be more, especially in the capital city of Doha. This is because; many of their food, drinks, and other goods are being imported. That said, salaries are high, and there is no tax to pay in the long run.

Furthermore, the general cost of living in Qatar is less expensive compared to Dubai. But, you can reduce the cost of living depending on your budget, family, and food consumption. For example, if you’re single, the cost of living in Qatar can vary between QR11 000 to QR18 000 per month.

On the other hand, as a couple or with family members, you should be looking at QR38 000 if you want to live in decent accommodation and frequently socializing with your friends and family. Meanwhile, when it comes to quality of life, Qatar doesn’t rate too well. Let’s quickly take a look at the breakdown analysis.

Accommodations in Qatar (Monthly rent Breakdown)
Two-bedroom apartment in the city of Al Sadd and its regionPrice ranges from QAR 13 000 to QAR 15, 500
Two-bedroom apartment in the city of DohaPrice ranges from QAR 20 000 to QAR 45, 000
Three-bedroom apartment in the city of West BayPrice ranges from QAR 45 000 to QAR 70, 000
Two-bedroom apartment in the city of PearlPrice ranges from QAR 20 000 to QAR 25, 000
Shopping Breakdown in Qatar
Shopping for a dozen of  Eggs in Qatar  The price of shopping for Eggs in Qatar is QAR 13
Milk per liter in QatarThe price for milk in Qatar cost QAR 8
Price of Rice in QatarThe price of rice in Qatar cost QAR 10
Price of Chicken breasts in Qatar (1Kg)The price of chicken breast starts from QAR 30

Aside from the analysis above, utility prices, including mobile call rate, internet, basic utilities, and hourly rate for domestic help, are QAR 0.78, QAR 300, QAR 250, and QAR 33, respectively. However, the transportation cost per kilometer (taxi rate), Bus/train fare, and the petrol/gasoline per liter cost QAR 2.50, QAR 5, and QR 1.9, respectively.

Average Wages and Salaries in Qatar

With the recent labor regulations, the minimum wage in Qatar is fixed. In fact, nearly all the workers in the country are employed abroad, in areas ranging from finance to construction and teaching. Notwithstanding, the average wages in Qatar were approximately QAR 750 as of 2017, including accommodation, food, and healthcare facilities.

However, Qatar hosts tons of workers abroad with a good minimum wage. As such, the price ranges from QAR 82 000 per month to QAR 54 500. On the flip side, you can expect QAR 13 000 for low-income earners in the country. Besides, your salaries or income may depend on your background.

Qatar’s average salaries by sector include the following.

  • Engineering Average salaries in Qatar – QAR 19, 500
  • Marketing Average salaries in Qatar – QAR 18, 500
  • Customer service representatives in Qatar – QAR 11, 500
  • Food and Hospitality Management – QAR 7, 500
  • Quality control and Compliance Officer – QAR 15, 000
  • Banking Branch Manager in Qatar – QAR 29, 500
  • Healthcare General Practitioner in Qatar – QAR 35 000 to QAR 90, 000
  • Construction Project Manager in Qatar – QAR 1 000 to QAR 60, 000
  • Healthcare General Practitioner in Qatar – QAR 35 000 to QAR 10, 000
  • Event Manager average salaries in Qatar – QAR 18 900 to QAR 30, 000 

Gender Parity in Qatar as of 2021

On an international level, Qatar remains one of the countries that have no gender parity for its citizens. According to the Gender Progress index, the country scored 117th out of 122 as they took a holistic measure of gender equality. This gender parity applies to health, labor and the educational sector in Qatar.

How to Find Jobs Remotely in Qatar

If you’re looking to move to Qatar, you must know the requirements. Moreover, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of the country’s nature of jobs, as well as their rules and regulations. This guide explains how to find jobs remotely in Qatar, the job market, work culture, labor laws & labor rights, and the requirements to work in Qatar, including work visas, language requirements, and qualifications.

Talking about the job market in Qatar, many large multinational companies have their offices in the country. Additionally, the country’s unemployment rate is approximately 0.1 percent as of 2021. This means there are many job opportunities available for both citizens and immigrants.

Qatar is a fast-growing country with a GDP of nearly $15 billion in 2020. Also, you should understand that oil and gas is the largest industry in Qatar. Therefore, if you’re looking to relocate to Qatar, the first thing to consider is to search for job opportunities within this industry. However, other sectors like insurance, finance, manufacturing, and real estate are known for employing foreigners but may have little pay.

Work Culture and Styles in Qatar

Because Qatar is a home for the Islamic religion, the work culture brings diverse styles to emigrants. However, the nature of work in Qatar is quite hierarchical and patriarchal. In some ways, there are some idiosyncrasies you’ll need to be aware of. Meanwhile, you should expect a calming attitude in timekeeping.

Employees Right You Should Know In Qatar

While moving to Qatar, you should be aware of the laws and labor rights. Understanding these laws will definitely allow you to work free without government influence and other agencies. Below are the labor laws and rights you should know in Qatar.

  • In Qatar, employers are not allowed to work more than 10 hours a day, and approximately six days a week
  • Companies must provide corporate, private health insurance for foreigners willing to work and live in Qatar
  • Employees can only take two weeks of paid leave. Leave beyond this period may be deducted from your salary or wages
  • In a situation whereby the company you’re working for terminate the contract, you’re entitled to collect a fully paid salary
  • Foreigners always receive more benefits, including housing allowance, company car, education for children, and more

Qatar and Its Work (Visas) Requirements

One of the requirements of working in Qatar is a residency permit. As an emigrant, you can only have this residential permit if an employer sponsors you. Once you have a sponsor, you’ll need to convert your temporary visa into a residence permit. With this, you can work for free and renew the permit every year. On the other hand, the language requirements to work in Qatar are English and Arabic.

Moreover, if you want to know more about the qualification of working in Qatar, we got you covered in this guide. In general, you need to be specialized in a profession. This means you may need professional qualifications, including your certifications. For example, doctors, lawyers, and teachers need to show a certification from a professional body.

Tax and Social Security in Qatar’s Work Routine

In the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, and other countries, there is a certain percentage of money (tax) you’ll need to pay after receiving your salary. But in Qatar, you are not meant to pay any tax as there’s no personal tax. In fact, foreigners can have access to the local pension scheme.

Different Ways to Secure jobs in Qatar

If you already have a little experience working in other countries, it would be easier to work in Qatar.  Finding a job is quite easy if you navigate to use different online platforms. Aside from that, you can search for other ways. Below are the three ways to search for job opportunities in Qatar as of 2021.

  1. Through Recruitment Agencies

Many recruitment agencies could help you secure a job in Qatar. These companies range from small local ones to huge international recruitment agencies. However, from overseas, it would be better if you make findings on these companies; Robert Half, Michael Page, Work Circle, and others.

  1. Job Networking in Qatar

Job Networking in Qatar is quite easier than in any other country. Also, because of this, Qatar is notable for the job fair and networking services. Also, many universities and other firms host this, so keep an eye on Qatar’s job networking to secure the best jobs.

  1. Through Qatari Newspaper

If you’ve successfully found yourself in Qatar, you can navigate to any newspaper. This method seems easy for emigrants looking for work in the country. For example, you can check out the classified and the job opportunities available in Qatar tribune and the Qatar Gulf Times.

Online Ways to Secure Jobs in Qatar

Looking for jobs in this 21st century often revolves around the internet. As such, it’s essential to have a profile on LinkedIn to search for different job opportunities. Similarly, you can navigate to different job banks in the country, including Gulf talent and Monster gulf, as stated earlier. Below are the ways to look for jobs online in Qatar.

  1. Freelancing/ Self-Employment in Qatar

Freelancing in Qatar can be quite challenging. This is because; anyone working in this country will be required to have a residential visa. And if you don’t have anyone to tender, you may not legally work as a freelancer in Qatar, except you have a sponsor or employer that can issue the permit on your behalf.

  1. Internships and Volunteering in Qatar

If freelancing doesn’t work for you, trying to be a volunteer in an organization can definitely get you a job in the long run. A lot of big companies in Qatar have internship programs. Some of these companies include HSBC, KPMG, Qatar America Institute, Qatar Airways, and many others, to mention a few. More so, below are the companies suitable for internship programs and volunteering jobs.

  • Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) in Qatar
  • The National Supreme Committee for Delivery in Qatar
  • Doha Qatar Voluntary Center
  • Al Shaqab Volunteering Agency
  • Ajyal Youth Film Festival in Qatar
  • Qatar Diabetes Association (different internship programs)
  • Qatar Animal Welfare Society (different volunteering services)

Essential Skills to Work in Qatar

While you’re moving to Qatar for the first time, understanding the skills is also vital.  In fact, every job has a specific skill designed for it. Employers can also check for your communication skills, accountability, and more. In a nutshell, take a look at the soft skills you should have to work in Qatar.

  1. Strong Communication Skill

Well, communication is one key factor to note if you want to live abroad. Your verbal communication is what differentiates you from other foreigners. This entails speaking English and Arabic fluently. Through this, you can build a rapport with the audience and potential employers – that’s what employers meant by good communication skills when they request for it.

  1. Technical or Computer Skills

Also, it would be better if you’re a graduate or undergraduate wanting to complete his/her education in Qatar. Additionally, a good knowledge of computers (computer literate) can help you through the job search. Some common computer skills include; email communication, marketing automation, Microsoft office, Graphic design, spreadsheets, data visualization, and many others.

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinking skills are the analysis of facts. Many companies in Qatar would love to employ someone that has critical thinking skills. So, it would be better to have the best thinking skills to secure the job you’ve been looking for. Some of the critical thinking skill includes analysis, explanation, and decision making.

  1. Productivity and Leadership

You have to be productive if you consider looking for a job in Qatar. This is one thing that many employers would want you to have. Besides, you should also demonstrate leadership style. This will tell the employer that you’re the best fit for the job position you’re applying for.

  1. Creativity and Social Skills

Not all people are born to be creative in this world. Sometimes, we learn social skills and also being creative in some ways. Also, employees look beyond your certificate or qualifications. Instead, they want someone that can look beyond the present and imagine the future.

  1. Negotiation and Decision-Making Skills

You may think decision-making skills are meant for the senior management, but it’s not. As an employee, you should quick-start your career by having quick decision skills. At the same time, good negotiation skill is important to discuss with other employers and help you and the company reach an agreement.

  1. Flexibility and Adaptability Skill

It should be noted that not everything in your workplace will go as planned. In this case, you should be able to adapt to such a scenario when it happens. However, be truthful to yourself, make the right decisions, and be fully prepared to tackle any challenges that come your way while working abroad.

Options for Qatar Immigration

There’s a rule governing the employment of workers in Qatar. This law is governed by law no.14 of 2004, which the Labor department administers. So, for a person to live and work in Qatar, a residency visa and work permits are essential. Other options for immigration to Qatar include; Qatar business visa, Qatar tourist visa, Qatar work visa, Qatar family visa, and the Qatar GCC Resident visa.

Every expat will find the state of Qatar a wonderful one. Regardless, choices of houses can be limited because the rent in Qatar is expensive. However, all newcomers wishing to move to this country should have the necessary documents. Once you have your paperwork in place, you can enjoy other benefits.

Bottom Line

Did we forget to mention that the flag of Qatar is white and maroon with a serrated vertical divide? Well, now you know the flag – the maroon represents bloodshed in Qatari wars, and the nine-pointed serrated edge implies Qatar as the ninth member of the reconcile emirates. Finally, check this guide thoroughly if you want to move to Qatar. Also, follow this platform for more updates.

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