Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Moving To Mexico Expat Guide


Once you have made your decision to move to Mexico, you’ll definitely need substantial planning. The exact details of your plans will vary accordingly. And it also depends on your uniqueness, budget, and purpose of traveling. Also, you’ll need to consider some key factors that’ll influence your movement.

Whether it’s the warm weather and beautiful scenery or the lower cost of living, people relocate to Mexico for different reasons. Many foreigners are beginning to realize the benefits of traveling abroad. While you shouldn’t ignore security concerns, do your research and decide what you want for yourself.

However, the Mexicans are friendly, welcoming, and the country’s cost is low. With many outdoor activities and the warm climate, the benefits of relocating to this country cannot be overemphasized. Proximity to the U.S is also a bonus when considering a move to Mexico as of today.

If your move to this country involves retirements, Mexico’s process is direct and uncomplicated. In fact, retirement visas are granted liberally, and one can achieve Permanent Resident status without transitioning through the Temporary Residency process. Are you ready to know what we’ve unleashed?

If that sounds like a YES, you’re welcomed. This is the right platform that’d keep you on track with the latest updates regarding what’s happening around the world. In this article, we will walk you through the expat guide on how to move to Mexico. Not only that, but you’ll also understand a lot more info.

Reasons to Move to Mexico

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

Mexico is a large country and geographically diverse nation in North America. It offers all kinds of climates and spectacular sceneries you can ever imagine. Whether your dream involves gentle waves rolling onto the Caribbean shore, or the cliff-infused Pacific Coast, you’ll definitely get it right here.

Mexico has it all, including untold numbers of ancient Maya ruins. Not only that, but also the reflections of sunrise on a calm lake are awesome. If you’re a big fan of big city life, moving to the city is the best option. Mexico City can quickly fill the bill with plentiful fine dining, shopping, and outdoor activities.

And for those seeking a less crowded option, there are countless small towns, medium-sized cities, and tiny villages full of different outdoor activities to explore. Meanwhile, the foods are fantastic, and the country offers a perfect mix of centuries-old tradition and contemporary lifestyles. Below are the reasons to relocate to Mexico in today’s digital world.

Low Cost of Living (Mexico)

In Mexico, you’ll experience a low cost of living, including medical care, utilities, food, and housing. Also, if you’re coming from countries like the U.S, or the United Kingdom, you’ll have more money to keep for traveling around, gardeners, cooking, utilities, and many other costs, to mention a few.

Affordable Housing Around

Unlike other Western countries, affordable housing can be found everywhere in this country. That means, as an expat, you have an edge getting a new apartment for a considerable amount of money. Whether you buy or rent an apartment, you can afford to live in Mexico without disturbance.

Excellent Healthcare System

Like you’ve been experiencing a sound healthcare system in your home country, Mexico is also one of a kind. At the time of this write-up, the government is engaging new healthcare that will improve the need of the citizens due to the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why we recommend expats to travel and explore.

Beautiful Landscape and Beaches

If you’ve ever thought of enjoying one of the best beaches in North America, Mexico have you covered. Here, you’ll explore the world-class, jaw-dropping aquamarine water kissing sugar and beaches. They are rich in cultures and several outdoor activities. And you’ll see how the Gulf of Mexico washes the west side.

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

Friendly People Everywhere

The locals in Mexico are friendly. Aside from that, they’ll help you with whatever you want during your first entry to the country. Meanwhile, learning a bit of Spanish truly makes life much more accessible and socializing more fun. Always remember, you’re a guest in Mexico, and it’s better to learn the language.

Mexico Is Relatively Cheap

If we’re judging the living standards by the number of goods and services you can buy here, you’ll see that there’s no better place to live than Mexico. The healthcare system is excellent, and the housing facilities are incredible. Besides, research made it known that the country has a purchasing power index rating of 30.8, meaning that its prices are about 70 percent lower than the U.S.

Tax Advantage in Mexico

Mexico has a very convenient tax system. Even expats will enjoy the tax system in the country while they’re working or running a business in Mexico. In addition, tax burdens can take up a lot of your money if you’re not careful. So, with Mexico considered as a country with no tax burden, it’s pretty okay.

Top 5 Tips for Moving to Mexico

In today’s 21st century, everyone seems to have a different opinion about Mexico. If you’ve been surfing the internet to get the correct information about this country, worry less as we’ve got you covered. Mexico is a famous country for adventure, but there are specific tips you should know while relocating. They include the following.

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

1.    Everything Can Be Found Here

As an expat, you’ll have more to experience in this country. Although people picture Mexico, what they think of is the beaches, but there are more things to explore. The government is a geographically diverse nation with incredible landscapes, mountains, lakes, and majestic cities.

So, whatever you might think of having or exploring in other western counties, Mexico got you covered. They have hundreds of cities, and towns with a unique historical background, natural beauty, and pyramids.

2.    Perfect Expat Destination

If you’ve ever been looking for the best expat destination in the world, Mexico is among the top five. With more than one million expats living all over the country, you’ll see nearly 85 percent Americans. So, it’s incredibly convenient if you’re relocating from any American country. Again, it’s the perfect place to settle down while still being relatively close to your family and friends.

3.    Finding Your Tribe in Mexico

It’s no doubt that you can find your tribe in Mexico. With so many expats and friendly locals, these tips might seem obvious if you’re visiting Mexico for the first time. You can make friends all over the country without having trouble. And this could help you stay and meet beautiful and friendly locals in the country.

Aside from this fact, native friends and long-time expats will be able to help you out with bureaucracy. They’ll also walk you out on tour to the best local restaurants, bars, and also introduce you to the top spots in the city, and of course, enjoy their visitation.

4.    Double Check Your Visa

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you’ll need a visa to live in the country. By law, you can stay in Mexico as a tourist for up to six months. Not only that, but you’re also able to make a visa run to another country and then re-enter Mexico for another six months. That sounds interesting.

Of course, yes! But always understand that this kind of visa doesn’t allow you to work in the country. Therefore, before you leave your home country, it would be better to call your embassy requesting information about a temporary resident visa in the country.

5.    Prepare For Old School Banking

The banking system in Mexico is still considered an old school method. In fact, many emigrants use Mexico as an entrance point to the rest of Latin American countries. However, once you’re able to fall in love with the country’s culture, you might be ready to check out a few nearby countries that have similar cultures and traditions.

Even though expats reveal the unique features of living in Mexico, you’ll still fall in love with other neighboring countries in Latin America. If you’re like me, living in this country will make you want to travel all over Central America and the rest of the South.

Weird and Interesting Facts about Mexico

Mexico is known as the land of sombreros, tiny dogs, tacos, and a country with beautiful landscapes. To understand more about this country, we’ve compiled some myth-busting Mexican facts that may inspire you to put Mexico on your following vacation list. Without further ado, below are the mind-blowing facts.

Oldest City in North America

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

There Are Women-Only Cars

 One of the socially controversial ideas that have become popular in some cities worldwide is the segregated transportation. Mexico City is one of the cities with an incredible subway car where it is illegal for men to enter. Like any other large city, Mexico City has its standard crime rate, and this is to combat public assault, kidnapping, and much other anti-social behavior. And we say it is safe as New York City.

Home to the Smallest Volcano

If you’re looking for the best countries with the smallest volcano, look no further as Mexico is the best. The Cuexcomate Volcano sits just outside the city of Puebla and stands a cute 43 feet tall in height compared to Mauna Loa in Hawaii that stands 13,678 feet tall. So, if Hawaii isn’t a good fit for you, try and consider this volcano.

A Gay-Friendly Country

Surprisingly, Mexico is a gay-friendly country that is legal for the inhabitants of Mexico. While it’s a solid tie to the Roman Catholic Church, there has been a social shift, and the country has even marketed itself as one of the top ten gay-friendly destinations in the world.

Home to the Largest Pyramid

I’m sure you have been wondering why Mexico made it to the top, right? Of course, I know you might think that the title belongs to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Actually, it is the Great Pyramid of Cholula, standing at 180 feet fall, that’s the largest. Also, this pyramid has the most significant monument ever constructed, measuring 1,480 square feet at its base.

Moving To Mexico Expat Guide

Largest Countries in the World

If I may ask you, do you know the largest countries in the world? Oh! Have you been thinking of Australia, right? Of course, NO! If we go back to 1821, you will find a territory of Mexico that included modern-day Guatemala and Honduras. Not only that, but also have a portion of the U.S, such as Arizona, Utah, Texas, and many others, to mention a few.

This means, if the same territory existed today, Mexico would have been the fifth largest country in the world, more extensive than the whole of Europe.

Funny Drink of the Gods

When Hernan Cortes landed on the shores of Mexico, the Aztecs thought he was a white god and welcomed him what the locals thought was good. It wasn’t on account of the hot chocolate being bad, but it has become a tradition in the country till today. So, don’t be surprised to see chocolate as the drink of the gods.

National Public Holidays in Mexico

If you’re moving to Mexico for the first time, it’s always better to know the country’s public holiday. This will help you choose the right time that’s suitable to travel. Sometimes, the country’s airport may not open during public holidays, that’s why you need to consider this factor. Below are the national holidays.

Date (2021)Public Holidays in MexicoObservance (2021)
September 16thMexico Independence DayOnly Banks
November 2ndAll Soul’s HolidayWidespread but official (banks)
November 15thRevolution DayOfficial for banks
December 12thLady of Guadalupe DayOfficial for banks
March 21Benito Juarez birthdayOrdinary celebration
May 5thAnniversary (Battle of Puebla)Banks and Government

Over the years, the accuracy of these long-term worldwide public holidays has changed. This means the information above is subjected to change at any point in time. In the long run, we will get you informed with the latest updates regarding the national public holidays in Mexico.

Cons of Moving To Mexico

While living in Mexico can be a wonderful experience, there are few cons that expat should know when moving to the country. Coastal living is a possibility with favorable currency exchange rates. More so, people may find this experience memorable but understanding the minor cons is quite essential. Without much talk, below are the cons of moving to Mexico.

Warm Weather

Although warm weather should be an advantage but some people may not like the weather. If you’re coming from a country with hot weather, it might not be easy to cope when you’re living in Mexico. This is because; the weather here is consistent throughout each season.

Aside from this fact, there won’t be any cold winters to manage or huge snowdrifts to avoid. However, it tends to be hurt and dry in the northern part of the country. That means you have the perfect opportunity to live in the north if you’re coming from a country with hot and dry weather.

Laughable Security in Mexico

It’s no doubt that the security in the country might sometimes be laughable. Moreover, there are some excellent services that you can find in Mexico, as mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, police officers in some communities follow the same professional path, but they can be tricky and funny in their decision.

No Water Guarantee in Mexico

When you live in Mexico, it’s genuine that you might experience a water problem. It is not usual for the faucets to run dry for a day, but water stoppages are common. Also, there are stretches when you might not even receive your water as scheduled. So, be wary of this factor if you’re trying to relocate to Mexico.

Different Expectations for Internet

If you’re planning to relocate to Mexico, always understand that you’re going to pay a significant price to have high-speed internet. In addition, the internet can go off and on without warning, and that impact could last for several days at a time. Also, it may take over a week before the technician fixes the problem.

High Level of Bureaucracy

If you’re just traveling to Mexico for the first time, be expecting a high level of bureaucracy. Aside from that, be ready to present your credentials to the locals and the immigration officers. More so, the best way to manage this issue is to bring a book or something to do so you can press it every time you’re bored.

Job Opportunities for Expats in Mexico

The best way to get jobs in Mexico is the same as any country in the world. If you have a profession, I encourage you to navigate to the country’s job hunt platform. Moreover, many countries in the U.S and beyond also have locations in Mexico. Nonetheless, let’s quickly walk you through the job opportunities in Mexico.

●        Training and Qualifications – Qualifications and training are among the main factors to consider while looking for an excellent job in Mexico. Others could advise you that you’d probably get a job, but the truth is you’ll only get a cleaning and clerical job if you don’t have a valid certification or qualification.

●        Job Resources – Job resources are essential when you’re planning to work in Mexico. In fact, it’s similar to what you’ll see in your home country. So, be sure to send unsolicited applications to targeted employers and contact temporary work agencies online. You can also check out local online forums and bulletins.

●        Get a Work Permit – The first thing to know is that immigration policy and work permit rules are pretty difficult in Mexico. Also, know that unrestricted foreigners include Canada, the US, and most EU countries. More so, there are no nationals who have work authorization exemptions.

Types of Visas Available in Mexico

Mexico, also known as the United Mexican States, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Depending on your nationality, you may have to apply for a Mexico visa beforehand. Meanwhile, it’s not everyone that’d use for a permit before going to this country. Now, take a look at the visas.

Mexico Tourist Visa (2021)

This kind of visa is issued for a short stay of not more than 180 days. Also, they are given to visa-required foreign nationals who want to enter the country for tourism, business, visitation, or any other purposes. At the same time, emigrants must strictly adhere to COVID-19 rules and regulations.

Mexico Temporary Resident Visa (2021)

This Mexico temporary resident visa is issued to emigrants who want to move to Mexico for longer than six months. However, it is slated to elapse for not more than four years. This kind of visa is divided into four including; Mexico student visa, Mexico work visa, Mexico family visa, and many others.

Mexico Permanent Resident Visa (2021)

Mexico permanent resident visa is issued to foreign nationals who have decided to live permanently in the country.  This kind of visa is most common for retirees who will live in Mexico with an independent income.  In addition, the visa is also known as a Mexico Retirement Visa, while its validity is always four years.

Where Can I Apply for a Mexico Visa?

You can apply for a Mexico visa at any Mexican embassy abroad. Also, if you’re from Turkey and Russia, you may be eligible to get a Mexican visa through the country’s Electronic Travel Authorization. More so, you’ll have to apply for a visa at an embassy (Mexican) that’s close to you.


Like we’ve mentioned earlier, so much of Mexico City is unambiguously great. The history, culture, beautiful outdoor activities, and many other interesting facts about this country cannot be overemphasized. So, while traveling, it’s essential that you know the right place to visit. For more information, you can refer to this platform.

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