Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2 – Best Places Suitable To Live

Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2 – Part one is here.

Best Places Suitable To Live In Penang

Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2

The Penang Island was previously part of the Federation of Malaysia before it gained independence and became an autonomous state in Malaysia. This Island has many distinct neighborhoods. Although referred to as “towns” by most locals, they are official “localities,” a unique classification for suburbs surrounding the core of George Town.

The historical center of George Town, and Malaysia’s second-oldest commercial town, is centered on the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the city’s central business district. The following places below are the seven most suitable places to live in Penang

Tanjung Bungah – The Seaside Town

Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2

Tanjung Bungah is a seaside town located on the island’s northwest coast, immediately south of Georgetown. It stretches from Gurney Drive in the north to Teluk Bahang in the south and faces Balik Pulau across the Penang Strait. You’ll find Tanjung Bungah as one of the best places to live in Penang.

Batu Ferringhi – The Tourist Town

Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2

Batu Ferringhi is a suburban township situated on the northern coast of Penang Island, north of George Town and close to Balik Pulau. Revolving around the tourism industry, Batu Ferringhi is the main center for nightlife on Penang Island. You’ll find Batu Ferringhi as one of the best places to live in Penang

Teluk Bahang – The Gateway to Outdoor Activities

Living In Penang Expat Guide part 2

Teluk Bahang is a seaside village located within Seberang Perai Tengah, the central administrative district of Penang. Formerly a coastal fishing village, Teluk Bahang is currently home to many expatriate communities and gateway to several islands off the northwestern coast of Penang Island.

Air Itam – The Upcoming Residential Town

Air Itam is a suburb located within the administrative district of Seberang Perai Selatan, Penang. A quiet residential town situated immediately south of George Town, home to many expatriate communities and has witnessed a surge in property development since the late 1990s.

Seberang Jaya – The Land Of Green

Seberang Jaya is a suburb of the mainland portion of Penang, Malaysia. Located within the district of North Seberang Perai, it is bounded by Butterworth (in the north), Perai (to the south), and Bandar Baharu (in Kedah, to the east). It is one of the suitable places for expat to reside in Penang.

Tanjung Tokong – The Seaside Town

Tanjung Tokong is a seaside locality situated in the northeastern tip of Penang Island, Malaysia. It is located within the Southwest Penang Island District and also falls under the parliamentary constituency of Bayan Baru. You’ll enjoy living in this place as an expat.

Bayan Lepas – The Industrial Estate

Bayan Lepas is located within the South Seberang Perai District, Penang. Originally a fishing village, Bayan Lepas has become the main industrial hub in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. This way, you’ll enjoy everything this town has to offer.

What Expat Need to Bring When Relocating To Penang

There are several things that expats need to bring when relocating to Penang. Moving abroad is an exciting yet daunting experience, and it’s both essential for one’s convenience and the well-being of the travelers’ personal property that he or she brings along certain items when moving abroad. The ten things you should never leave your house without in Penang

1.    Your Trusty Spork

You don’t need to take along your entire cutlery set; all you need is a spork – that’s one of those utensils that has three parts and allows you to do everything: stab, scoop, and shovel. The spork can be used for pretty much any meal: cereal for breakfast, sandwiches at lunch, and rice dishes for dinner.

2.    Good Shoes

The truth is that shoes are your best friend when you live in Penang. You’ll be doing a lot of walking – hiking up the Penang Bridge to the Island, exploring Batu Feringghi on foot, heading down to Gurney Drive for a holiday, and even taking the bus to Butterworth.

It’s good to have one pair of shoes that you can use when going out, but it’s also important to keep in mind that we’re surrounded by water in Penang; your shoes may get wet at some point – which can be prevented if you buy a pair of rubber shoes. A good pair of shoes can make or break your feet.

3.    Rain Gear

It’s advisable to bring along an umbrella – the rainy season in Penang typically occurs between November and January, but they can pop up anytime throughout the year; don’t be caught off-guard again by sudden showers when you’re on the way to work. If you’re not a fan of carrying umbrellas, it’s also important to always have a raincoat on hand.

4.    Sun Gear

Penang is the land of constant sunshine, and direct exposure to UV rays can damage your skin. Don’t forget about sunscreen when moving to Penang – make sure you put some on before going out for the day. UV rays can cause skin cancer, and you definitely don’t want to deal with that as an expat living in Penang

5.    All Your Documents

Make sure your passport and visa are always on hand. We recommend keeping it in a safe place like a locked drawer or cabinet. It’s better not to take chances with your important documents. It’s a good idea to take photos of your important documents like your birth certificate and your previous visas, just in case you lose them.

6.    A Good Bag

A good bag is an essential item for any traveler moving to Penang. Don’t forget that there will always be times when you have too much stuff with you – and we’re not just talking about groceries. It’s good to bring along a sturdy and lightweight bag that can fit all your stuff in it while making sure you can carry it comfortably on your back or over your shoulder.

7.    A Good Idea of Where You Want To Live

Penang is a big island; before moving, make sure you know where you want to live and how far it is from all the places you need to get to. Penang can be confusing for expats because some areas like Batu Ferringhi and Gurney Drive aren’t located on the Island – they’re neighboring towns on the mainland of Penang, which means that they’re not as convenient as living on the island.

8.    A Sense of Adventure

Penang has many things to do and places to go – we’re talking about food, beaches, temples, and more! There’s so much to explore and discover. Make sure you bring your sense of adventure with you because it’ll come in handy when scoping out the best places to visit on your days off.

9.    The Ability to Unplug

The Penang of today is a far cry from the Penang of the past – it’s now one of the most technologically advanced cities in Malaysia. However, make sure you keep in mind that there are times when you need to unplug and relax – not everything has to be done on the internet or through an app.

Sometimes, it’s good to slow things down and enjoy Penang at a nice, leisurely pace. You could even learn how to use an old-fashioned map

10. The Ability to Adapt

The truth is that no matter how much research you do before moving somewhere – there will always be some things you won’t know until you get there. That’s why it’s important to bring along the ability to adapt when relocating. There are going to be times when the food isn’t what you’re used to, or people don’t act as they do in your own country – that’s all part of being an expat.

Frequently Asked Questions about living in Penang

Is Penang worth living for expat?

Penang is the pearl of the orient, a tropical paradise that has always been one of Asia’s most beautiful cities. Enjoy delicious food, friendly people, and just about every kind of modern amenity you could think of. It’s no wonder many expats are moving to Penang for retirement!

Is there any foreign embassy in Penang?

Yes. There is an Australian, Canadian, and United States embassy where you can contact any emergencies while staying in Penang. So, whatever you want to do in the country, the embassy covers you.

What do I need to check when renting a house?

You must learn how to read the electricity meter, so you will always know how much electricity you are using. You should also check whether they have clean drinking water and when was the last time they cleaned the pool.


Many people who visit Malaysia for the first time come to Penang. And I’m one of them. This article has everything you need to know regarding living in this region as an expat. Would you love to know more? Navigate to our page to check what is next.

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