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Living In Morocco As An Expat Today – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Expatriate communities exist all over the world! These communities gather people from a certain region that live and work abroad. Many expatriates choose to make Morocco their home, whether it is for adventure, employment or study purposes. But, every country has its benefits and drawbacks.

However, Moroccan culture is one that should not go unnoticed. Having lived in the country for several years, I have learnt that there are many ways to enjoy life as an expat. Aside from this, living in Morocco can be a challenge for expats. Some people do it to retire, others go there because of business interests and some just want to live abroad.

Living In Morocco As An Expat

Every day offers new opportunities to learn something about yourself, about others and about living life. Ask yourself this: What would I do if I wasn’t afraid or distracted? Let’s be honest, we all give up on our dreams and lower our expectations at some point. It may be because of a fear of failure or it might be because we don’t want to make an effort. Whatever your reason – the fact remains Life is short and there are no second chances.

If you want to live in Morocco as a foreigner, make sure you give yourself the best possible chance – go for it! It may be the last big adventure of your life. You can do whatever you would like to do and create whatever reality you desire – if only you believe that it is possible.

Living in Morocco as a foreigner is an experience you will never regret. It may be tough at times, arriving in a different culture with different traditions and habits can be confusing at first. However, once you get the hang of things – it’s an enriching experience like nothing else. And we’ve got you covered today!

7 Interesting Facts about Living in Morocco

Many people dream of visiting Morocco; it’s a country rich in culture and tradition. It should come as no surprise that it has become a popular holiday destination for many adventurers and food lovers alike, but did you know that there is plenty to do and see right here in the capital? Without further ado, here are seven interesting facts about living in morocco:

1.       If You Need A Beach Day, Visit Agadir

For many Moroccans living in the capital, a trip to the beach is a must at least once a year, and there’s no better place than Agadir. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, the city provides sunny days with warm water for swimming from April through October. It’s also home to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, The Royal Mansour Aga Khan.

2.       Art lovers will adore Fez

Although Morocco has plenty of incredible cities, but Fez is unrivalled for its stunning architecture and enchanting art galleries. This ancient city is known for its beautiful ruins of Volubilis, which are over 2000 years old, and its world-class museums.

Living In Morocco As An Expat

3.       Moroccan Culture Has Become an International Phenomenon

Ever heard of the game Snakes and Ladders? Many will be surprised to hear that it was created in India by a British man who had spent many years living in Morocco. The country’s vibrant exterior has inspired everything from books to fashion, so it’s no wonder why Morocco is such a popular holiday destination.

4.       Take Time to Relax At the Beach

Miles of golden sand and warm azure water create the perfect conditions for catching some rays or splashing around at one of Morocco’s best beaches. The resort city of Agadir is a must-visit for those looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday without breaking the bank.

Living In Morocco As An Expat

5.       Morocco Has a Thriving Fashion Industry

Morocco’s talented designers have even caught the eye of Hollywood, with leading lady Jennifer Lopez sporting a custom Atelier Elbaz gown at this year’s Oscars. And that’s why the country is well known for its stunning hand-woven fabrics, which are often used in traditional outfits.

5. Moroccan Food Is the Best in the World

Thanks to its fusion of North African and Mediterranean cuisine, Moroccan food has become well known around the world for its delicious flavours and use of spices like cumin, paprika, saffron and cinnamon. It’s no wonder why there are plenty of restaurants in the capital specialising in couscous and tagines.

6.       The Country Has a Rich History

In the 14th century, Morocco was known as an international superpower when it came to trade, with contact reaching far into Spain and China. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed since then, but the country still has plenty to offer those looking for a trip back in time.

7.       The Country Is a Haven for Hikers and Explorers

The rugged peaks of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are almost otherworldly in their beauty, and provide a stunning backdrop for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. From skiing to camping, climbing to mountain biking, everyone is sure to find their own adventure in this picturesque landscape.

Best Places Suitable for Expats in Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful country in North Africa, known for its beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, lovely deserts and RnR resorts. However, when it comes to living there as an expat among local people, Morocco has some major issues with xenophobia.

Luckily enough, there are cities in this country where locals have no problem being friendly toward foreigners. Besides, these cities are a great place to stay if you’re a foreigner living in Morocco. Here’s the list of the top 7 best cities for foreigners to live in Morocco (in no particular order):


Living In Morocco As An Expat

This coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean is considered one of the most beautiful Moroccan cities. It has wonderful weather and a lot of opportunities to enjoy the sun and sea. The city is also extremely rich in history and cultural value – there are numerous beautiful buildings all over the place. The downside to Agadir is that it’s very touristic, so finding nice locals here might be difficult (although not impossible).


Unlike Agadir, Marrakesh is definitely not a touristic place in Morocco. It’s probably the most popular city in this country among Moroccans themselves. Marrakesh is also extremely affordable when it comes to living expenses (especially housing), plus it has an amazing Medina (old part of the city) with all kinds of souks and restaurants. The downside to staying in Marrakesh is that it’s extremely crowded, so if you’re not a fan of big cities with millions of people around, this might not be the place for you.


This seaside city on the Atlantic Ocean is like a little piece of heaven on Earth. The weather is nice, the sun keeps shining year-round and locals are usually very friendly to foreigners. Essaouira has many tourist attractions, historic sites and all kinds of entertainment – a perfect place for a vacation or just a weekend getaway. As with Agadir, this city might be too touristic for some people’s taste.


This modern, third biggest city in Morocco is a great place to work as a foreigner. There are many opportunities for employment here and the job market is pretty strong – many big companies have operations in Casablanca (including banks).

The downside to living in Casablanca is that it’s very crowded and polluted, as well as expensive. The city is also very unfriendly toward tourists, although there are beautiful places to visit, such as Hassan II Mosque and Maarif Pasha Palace.


This capital of Morocco is a political center for this country – many governmental companies have their headquarters here. It also has a lot of cultural attractions, such as Royal Palace and Dar el-Makhzen (oldest King’s palace in the world). Rabat is also very affordable when it comes to living expenses. The downside of this city is that it’s extremely quiet due to serious security concerns over terrorist attacks.


This old capital of Morocco is one of the most authentic cities in the country, with lots of culture and history. There are many architectural attractions all over the city, especially old mosques. This place is definitely not for everyone, as it’s extremely crowded (especially during Ramadan), very dirty (sewage floods the streets here pretty often) and unfriendly toward foreigners due to high levels of poverty.


This city on the northern coast of Morocco is like a little piece of Europe in Africa. It has amazing blue-colored buildings (and people here love to dye their hair this color). The downside to living in Chefchaouen is that it’s extremely touristic, so not many locals will be interested in befriending you.

Plus, the city isn’t very big and it’s not known for any typical Moroccan cultural or historical sites (there aren’t that many restaurants and bars either).

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