Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2 – great pros and cons

Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2 – Part one is here.

Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Nomad in Egypt

Digital nomads are a relatively new but quickly growing group of people who work online from different locations worldwide. In recent years, it has been becoming more and more popular for people to quit their day jobs and become location independent freelancers or entrepreneurs.

While this is an amazing opportunity for some people, there are many barriers that someone faces when they decide to work from a new country. In this section, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a digital nomad in Egypt.

Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2


1.    You Can Work From Anywhere

If you enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, then moving abroad as a digital nomad can really make life easier for you. Of course, there are many places where this is true, but not all of them are cheap places to live.

Egypt is an affordable place, but it’s also full of history and culture to explore, making it the perfect place to be if you want work/life balance.

2.    Great Value for Money

Another great benefit of becoming a digital nomad in Egypt is that everything is so cheap compared to other places in Europe or North America. Rent, food, and entertainment are all incredibly affordable here.

This means you will have more money to spend on doing things like enjoying trips at the weekends. Also, if you are spending less on your living expenses, this means you will have more money to save up so that you can eventually afford to travel for longer.

3.    Awesome Food

Being able to enjoy delicious food as a digital nomad in Egypt is one of the best things about living here. The country has a long and varied history, and this shows through in its cuisine with everything from traditional dishes like Koshari and Ful Medames to Turkish Delights and Baklava.

Even if you live in Cairo, you can get these great dishes for low prices. If you want to try something different every day, then this is definitely the place to be.

4.    You Can Save Money Easily

Again, because everything is so cheap in Egypt compared with other places in the world, it means that living here is actually good for your bank account. By eating local foods, shopping at markets, and buying cheap entertainment like DVDs or video games, you can save a lot of money each month.

This also means that if you are ever stuck for cash, you won’t need to worry too much. This is great news if you want the freedom to work on your own terms without worrying about money.

Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2

5.    Great for Adventures

If you want to get out of the city and discover Egypt’s amazing desserts, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters, then this is definitely the place to go. By taking day trips or even getting a car and setting off into the desert on an overnight safari, you can really see some different country areas.

This means that you can have lots of mini-adventures when you live here, which is great to ensure life isn’t too boring. And of course, if you ever get tired of all the culture and history here in Egypt, then you can always escape for a few days and go somewhere different.


  • Getting around in a place with no addresses
  • Language Barrier
  • Privacy Issues
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Constant electricity problems
Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2

Getting Around In A Place with No Addresses

This is easily avoidable if you use (or another offline map app), but I get lost at least once or twice whenever I step out of my apartment. It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to figure out where the heck you are, and you have a million streets all named the same thing.

Even though I know, it’s partly my fault since I haven’t gotten fully adjusted to Egyptian street names (and their lack thereof).

Language Barrier

Although I speak basic Arabic and can get by decently well in Egypt, there are definitely some things that words just don’t describe. Like how to order food, what you should do if lost, prices for certain products in local markets, etc. Many foreigners have gotten scammed or ripped off because they just can’t communicate with the people working there.

Privacy Issues

There’s not much privacy here in any aspect of life except when you’re working or looking for work. Everyone has this idea of what a digital nomad should be, and you’re always being judged on whether or not you fit that image. Some people will think that they can haggle your prices down because, after all, it’s just online business, right? You don’t need to pay rent or anything

Taxes and Fees

The taxes here are pretty high compared to the rest of the world, especially with renting an apartment or a car… But at least you don’t have to pay any income tax. However, there are also plenty of fees everywhere, from airport security charges to internet service provider fees.

Constant Electricity Problems

It’s very unwise to go traveling in a country that has constant power outages and where you can’t really predict when it’ll happen next. Since most of the time, your laptop won’t even work when you need it most. Whenever I’m in an area with Wi-Fi, I try my best to save all the pictures I want to print, just in case the internet goes out for a couple of days or more.

5 Best Cafes with Wi-Fi in Egypt

Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2

There is nothing more amazing than socializing with friends and having a cup of tea or coffee in the cozy atmosphere of a popular cafe. Egyptian cafes are known for their cosmopolitan flavors and colorful decorations. Although Egyptians like to spend time at home, they still like going out and hanging out with friends over good food. Here is the list of the best cafes with WIFI in Egypt.

1.    The Coffee Roastery

The Coffee Roastery is located in Zamalek, one of the most popular areas for hanging out in Cairo. This cafe offers a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can have a cup of coffee while checking your Facebook newsfeed or surfing on the internet. It has free Wi-Fi, making it the perfect place for working on some projects.

2.    The Coffee Roastery (Garden City)

The Coffee Roastery is one of the best spots in the Garden City area. It has amazing decoration, friendly staff, and great service. You can surf on internet while enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends. Also, it has a wide range of sandwiches, salads, and desserts to choose from.

3.    Azza Cafe

Azza cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Alexandria, especially among students and young people. The Azza Cafe has beautiful decorations, a friendly staff, and great food choices. In addition, it provides free Wi-Fi, which makes it perfect for studying, working on some projects, or surfing the internet.

4.    Al Fresco Cafe

Al Fresco is one of the youngest cafes in Egypt, which has amazing decoration and environment. In addition, it provides free Wi-Fi and great coffee as well as delicious food. Also, you can find hookah at Al Fresco Cafe if smoking a hookah is your thing.

You can go to any of the cafes listed above to enjoy a great time with friends or even alone. They are all situated in busy areas that have lots of cafes and shops to offer, which make them perfect for hanging out.

Best Places to Live As a Digital Nomad

You have been working from your Macbook for a year now, and you’re starting to get bored of the same old locations. You need a new challenge that will allow you to work in a different environment with exciting distractions around every corner! Here is our guide to the top 5 places in Egypt that will give you all the inspiration and distractions you need.

Cairo – The Capital City

Living In Egypt As A Digital Nomad part 2

Cairo has an exotic vibe that inspires both relaxation and excitement at the same time. The city is full of sights, sounds, and smells that are sure to keep you occupied for hours on end. This is especially true when you visit the Grand Bazaar and Khan el-Khalili market, which offers endless opportunities for shopping and cultural immersion.


If you’re looking to relax and recharge your batteries after a year of working, then Dahab is the perfect place for you. This city offers a laid-back atmosphere with guaranteed sunshine and blue skies. You can even go snorkeling or scuba diving to escape from reality for just a moment.


Hurghada is a great place to connect with nature and enjoy some time in the beautiful outdoors. The city has plenty of yoga retreats for those times when you need to get out of your apartment but doesn’t want to go too far from home.

You can also rent a bike and explore the countryside if you’re more of an outdoor adventurer. Meanwhile, those who prefer to stay inside can visit the Aqua Park for a day of fun and excitement.


If you feel like exploring some ancient history and culture, then why not take a trip to Luxor? This city is full of acclaimed museums and famous monuments that will keep you busy for days on end. There are also many adventure activities available in the area, such as rafting and climbing, for those who want to take their sightseeing skills outdoors.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a city that will keep you busy from dawn until dusk with its endless list of attractions and activities. The nightlife is especially vibrant in this part of Egypt, so if you’re looking for a fun time, it’s the perfect destination to visit. You can even go scuba diving in the Red Sea or try sandboarding in the desert nearby.


You’ve probably heard of digital nomads – those who work and travel at the same time. Maybe you even want to be one in Egypt. But what’s it like? How does it actually happen and play out? All you need is to refer to this guide to know better.

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