Jobs In Kenya For Expats – What Are The Best Options? part 1

Jobs In Kenya For Expats – What Are The Best Options? – part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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The best time to consider your financial situation is when you are moving to a new country.


You’ve worked hard, saved your money, and paid off all of your debts. Congratulations! Now, you’re ready to relax and enjoy yourself but wondering where to go? Worry less, as we’ve got you covered.

The world is increasingly connected due to technology advances that enable people to communicate. With each other no matter where they are in the world.  As a result, more and more expats are roaming the world in search of a new job, a second home or just a more exciting life.

Jobs In Kenya For Expats

While many countries have vibrant expat communities – Thailand, for example – there are still plenty of places that would be great to work and live if only they weren’t so financially out-of-reach.  To help our readers (you) explore the globe and decide where to settle down, we offer this list of places – in no particular order – that, although not exactly cheap, but are still more affordable than you might expect.

With tech companies on the rise and a growing economy, Kenya has a lot to offer expats.  In fact, thanks to its rich history and beautiful landscapes. It’s one of the most popular countries in East Africa for people looking to relocate. Want some good news? If you’re from somewhere that deals with snow during certain months of the year, you’ll be happy to know that Nairobi only experiences snow every few years.

As a professional, working in Kenya, you’ll have access to some of the best job opportunities available in Africa.  In fact, there are more than 1,000 foreign investment companies in Kenya alone, including GE Capital and IBM – which means that you’ll have no trouble finding a job that makes good use of your skills. And that’s why we’ve compiled this article. Would you love to know more? Read further!

7 Benefits of Working in Kenya as an Expat

If you’re planning a move abroad, and seeking employment opportunities in the process, you might want to consider Africa. Not only is it one of developing regions that provides ample job opportunities for native English speakers but it’s also home to dozens – if not hundreds – of fascinating countries waiting to be explored.

The East African country of Kenya is a popular destination for expats. Working as an expat in Kenya offers its own unique benefits that if combined with the sheer joy of exploring such a beautiful country, can make your stay worthwhile and memorable for years to come. Here are seven benefits of working as an expat in Kenya.

1.       The Weather Is Amazing

Kenya has a tropical climate, and thanks to its location near the equator; it never experiences freezing temperatures or extreme heat. Winters and summers aren’t too harsh and they’re followed by moderate spring and autumn seasons.

2.       There’s a Lot of Job Opportunities for Expats

According to Statista, Kenya’s GDP was $68.64 billion in 2016 and ranked as the 68th wealthiest country in Africa, a huge jump from its 90th place ranking only three years ago. The country is also home to over 30 million people, but with a population growth rate of 2.4%, Kenya is one of the lowest African countries on that list.

Work opportunities for expats are plentiful in Kenya. Several global companies have established their headquarters here including mobile telephone giant, Safaricom, media conglomerate Nation Media Group and British Petroleum (BP).

Jobs In Kenya For Expats

3.       The Culture Is Rich

Kenya is home to over 40 ethnic groups, each with its own distinct customs and traditions that make it easily one of the most diverse countries in Africa. With that being said, there are other unique cultures and traditions that’d make you fall in love with this country while working as an expat.

4.       The Food Is Amazing

Kenya’s cuisine is simple, but delicious. If you’re a seafood lover, you’d love this country since they make use of tilapia, catfish and carp to prepare their meals, while land lovers are treated with fresh beef, pork and chicken.

5.       There’s a High Chance of Promotion

Due to the current economic state of Kenya, you’re likely to get promoted every two years or so, as well as receive generous bonuses during special occasions such as Christmas and Easter. This applies for expats who desire local promotions as well since they’ll be given preferential treatment over Kenyans.

6.       You Can Enjoy Nature’s Benefits

Whether you’re an adventurer or the type who loves the outdoors, Kenya is a perfect destination for you because it features everything from beaches to rainforests to deserts. Explore the Soysambu Conservancy, home to giraffes and zebras, or dive into Lake Naivasha which is famous for its white-colored fish. There are swamps, mountains and even volcanoes waiting to be discovered.

7.       You’ll have a Satisfying Work-Life Balance

Working in Kenya is great! Your colleagues will respect you since you’re an expat who’s willing to travel across the world in order to work in Africa, while your company will treat you like royalty. Annual holiday leaves are generous, and during weekends, you can take the time to see the many national parks that surround Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi.

10 Types of Jobs Available For Expats in Kenya

Expats moving to Kenya can easily find a job in most sectors, and most expat careers involve working with international businesses. Many companies recognize the value an outgoing and efficient employee will bring to their company. The following is a list of ten jobs that expats seem to enjoy most in Kenya.


Wildlife conservation in Kenya is a popular career choice for expats, especially those with experience or degrees related to biology or ecology. Volunteers often work in national parks alongside Kenyan wildlife rangers to reinforce safe boundaries for the animals.

When working within the park, one must always remember that they are an ambassador of their country of origin and ensure that no harm is brought to the Kenyan wildlife.

Construction Worker

Jobs In Kenya For Expats

Construction companies require a great deal of manpower, and as a result expats are often employed to help with building construction. This job is ideal for those who have studied engineering or architecture since they will provide valuable input into the structure of buildings being constructed in Kenya.

Hotel Worker

Expats looking to work in a hotel should always have a clean appearance and a professional attitude. The most common career path for expat employees is as a waiter or waitress, although many other jobs are available for those who have experience with large-scale events/catering or who wish to work as bar staff.

Business Owner

With increased access to global markets due to increased internet connectivity over the last decade, many Kenyan businesses are looking for ways to expand their business outside of Kenya. Expats will find that owning a small or large business in Kenya is mostly dependent on how much capital they have available. Only those who have fought hard and grown their businesses in the international market should consider opening a business in Kenya.


Teaching jobs are popular with expats who find themselves jobless upon arrival to Kenya. The most common teaching path is to teach conversational English at schools throughout Kenya. Those who can speak Kiswahili will also find that they are valued since many expats do not speak the local language.


Kenyans take immense pride in their country and enjoy learning about its history and culture through the media. There are countless opportunities to work as a journalist, especially those who can write articles for newspapers or online publications in English or Kiswahili. Tips on becoming a journalist are available here (opens in new window).

International Business Consultant

Working as a consultant with international affairs is popular among expats with experience working in the United Nations, World Bank, or similar organization. They work in Kenya alongside Kenyans to further Africa’s global development through increased collaboration with other countries and organizations for sustainable development.


Many religious organizations in Kenya hire missionaries to teach and lead local congregations. The most common denomination is Christianity, but there are also opportunities for foreign Muslims who wish to help spread the word of Islam in Kenya. Those with experience in teaching or active spiritual practice will find themselves more marketable.


Expats who wish to work as a farmer should remember that they must have money to start and maintain the farm. Those looking to make a profit off of their land will find themselves in better financial shape than those who simply want a job and do not plan on earning much from their farming efforts.

Security Guard

As Kenya’s population continues to rise, so will crime. This means that there is always a need for security guards who can watch over private property and respond quickly if needed. Some of these jobs are full-time while others are “on-call” like call centre employees in Kenya. Training is often provided at the job site, although many companies prefer candidates who have previous experience in a similar role.

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