Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat part 2 – cost of living

Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat part 2 – Part one is here.

Taiwan Cost Of Living as of Today

Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat

Taiwan is one of the most amazing places in the world.  The people are so nice, and they eat delicious food every day.  I’ll never forget my time there. Taiwan used to be known as “Food Heaven for Vegetarians,” but in 2021, Vegetarianism has made its way into mainstream society all across Taiwan.

Not only is the Taiwanese government encouraging people to go meat-free, but they are also giving incentives for people to become vegan. People who go vegan can receive monthly coupons throughout 2022. Taiwan’s economy is booming, with inflation not too far away. People are moving into major cities like Taipei and Taichung to find jobs.

With more people in larger cities, there’s more money in circulation.  The Taiwanese government also encourages people to buy their own cars instead of using public transportation, which is another factor for rising prices in 2022. What will the cost of living be like in five years?  Well, that’s something you’ll have to watch out for.  Check back here in 2022, and I bet you’ll see a difference. Below is a detailed analysis of the present cost of living in Taiwan.

Gym Membership (City)$40
Taxi Ride$50
International schools$13,000 (Annually)
Tomatoes, Apples, and Rice(1kg)$3.70, $4.80, and $2.96
Luxury Apartment (Taipei)$2,000
Private Apartment (Taipei)$700
Shared Room (Taipei)$350

Types of Visas Available For Expats in Taiwan

For foreigners who want to stay in Taiwan for a while without holding a work visa, there are five types of visas available.

1)    Visitor Visa (Category I)

This is the easiest and most common type of visa that can be obtained as long as one has an identity card from their home country. With this visa, a foreigner can stay in Taiwan for up to 3 months. Before the border, foreigners are required to apply for an extension of stay with the National Immigration Agency.

2)    Temporary Visitor Visa (Category II)

This type of visa is similar to Category I, but it allows foreigners to enter Taiwan more often over a period of 1 year. People who wish to stay in Taiwan for longer than three months should apply for this type of visa. No extension is required because the maximum time spent in Taiwan with a Category II visa is one year.

3)    Resident Visa

This type of visa is usually given to foreigners who have relatives in Taiwan. The resident visa allows its holder to stay in Taiwan for a year and then apply to extend their residence for another three years.

4)    Spouse/FiancĂ© Visa

This type of visa is given to foreigners who have Taiwanese spouses. It allows them to stay in Taiwan for a year, with the possibility of extending it indefinitely. Also, if the Taiwanese spouse has passed away, the visa will still be valid.

5)    Permanent resident visa (Category R)

This type of visa is given to foreigners who fulfill strict criteria. To be eligible for the permanent resident visa, you must have lived in Taiwan for at least seven years with a Category I or II visas, hold an employment permit, own real estate valued at over NT$6 million, or have a spouse or child who is a Taiwanese citizen. It allows the holder to stay in Taiwan indefinitely and apply for citizenship after living in Taiwan for three years.

5 Fun Facts about Taiwanese Culture

Have you ever wondered what Taiwanese people do when they’re not at work? Do you know anything about the food culture in Taiwan – who eats what, and why? If so, this article is for you! Here are five fun facts about Taiwanese culture that will have you exploring Taipei’s night markets in no time.

Water Fight

Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat

Taiwanese people are known for their water fights, but what makes these simple games so special? Well, it’s not just about the fun of squirting your friends with water guns or hoses – Taiwanese water fights are actually a deeply rooted part of local culture.

The origin of this fun tradition dates back to the Japanese occupation of Taiwan in 1895 when Taiwanese people fought against their colonizers with simple water guns and other homemade weapons.

Nowadays, water fights make a grand appearance during the Water Lantern Festival, where participants squirt each other with decorated buckets filled with – you guessed it- colored water. There is even a special award to the person who walks away with the most colored clothes at the end of the night.

Board Game

Speaking of festivals, there’s another one in Taiwan that fosters an interesting tradition: board gaming! This particular festival takes place during Lunar New Year and involves players moving their pieces across a board in order to get home. Even though the game has hundreds of regional variations, it’s widely considered that this tradition started in Tainan during the Qing Dynasty.

Marriages and Funerals

This may sound like an odd combination, but Taiwanese weddings and funerals share a few similar characteristics: both are ornate public events with a lot of traditions, and both of them require quite a bit of preparation.

Even though Taiwanese people typically refrain from discussing death too often, it is widely known that the deceased person’s family will prepare flowers, food, and money for guests during the funeral. The more friends and relatives gathered at the ceremony mean more gifts given to the family – which is why you should never refuse an invitation to one of these events.

Flower Market

The Taiwanese flower market is full of life, noise, and color – just like the country’s vibrant cities themselves! Even though flowers only grow in certain places on the island, each region specializes in selling a different kind. For example, people living in Taipei prefer to give orchids to their loved ones, while people living in Taitung might gift the recipient a bouquet of sunflowers instead.


Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat

Taiwan’s famous goddess Matsu has many legends surrounding her origin, but one thing is for sure – she’s sacred! Taiwanese people believe that this divinity sits on top of the local mountain that bears her name. Even though most locals are Buddhist nowadays, they still visit her temple to offer prayers and incense sticks for good luck.

Matsu is also very popular among Taiwanese fishermen, who pray to this goddess before setting out on any long journeys – she’s believed to be the one who’ll protect them from any potential dangers lurking in the stormy seas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taiwan Culture

How do you say “hello” in Taiwanese?

Hello, can be said in many different ways in Taiwanese. The most common way is to say ‘ hello’ (in English), and the second is to say it like you would when trying to get someone’s attention (e.g., ‘hey, you over there). The third way is to say ‘are you okay?’ or ‘do you have a problem?’. Lastly, the fourth most common saying is just two short words which translate to “I love you” in Mandarin.

Is Taiwan A Good Place To Live As An Expat

Why do Taiwanese sound so smart?

One reason is because the average Taiwanese person studies much harder than the average American. Another reason is that Taiwanese tend to correct other people’s English more often, as they try to help others learn their language as best as possible.

This makes them sound smarter because they are correcting others. Taiwanese culture also values education more, so most Taiwanese people will know more about any subject than an average American does.

Are Taiwanese people racist?

Not generally, no! They are very accepting of different cultures and skin colors. The only time they can seem racist to other countries is when they speak about Japan since the two countries have somewhat of a rivalry. One example is that if you go into any Taiwanese city and say, “Hey, I’m Japanese, and I don’t like Chinese people!” They will laugh at you because they think that is funny.

Why do Taiwanese dress so well?

Taiwan is a very stylish country, and most young people dress very nicely. This is one of the main focuses of many TV shows and movies. Those who don’t study or go to school often have even more free time to focus on their fashion, as they have shorter days in their schools.

Why do Taiwanese people like to speak English?

Taiwanese can be very annoying when they see your foreign face. They will often offer you help in Chinese, but when you start speaking back in English, they get angry and don’t understand why you are not learning their language. More likely than not, you will see them studying English right after they get upset at you because they do want to learn other languages.


Taiwan is an amazing place to visit, but it’s even better if you decide to settle in and call it home. There are a lot of foreign-friendly policies that make a living in Taiwan great, especially for families who have children going to school here. Life in Taiwan may not be perfect, but it has a good life expectancy rate, and the people are some of the friendliest in Asia.

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