How To Study Korean In South Korea part 1 – Best Korean Language School in South Korea

How To Study Korean In South Korea part 1 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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There are many reasons you might decide to study the Korean language. South Korea is a country with over 50 million people, and around 80% of those people speak at least some level of Korean. This makes it an invaluable asset to know if you want to work in the country or even visit and interact with locals.

How To Study Korean In South Korea

But once you’ve decided to learn Korean, there are many options as to how you could go about it. The first and most obvious method is an intensive boot camp program. These exist all over South Korea and typically involve a minimum one-month stay.

These courses are great for getting a strong base of the language. But they don’t allow students to continue studying while staying in the country. This way, it’s hard to practice and maintain what was learned afterward. That being said, many online offers are available for people who want to learn Korean without physically being in the country.

Have you been surfing the web to get a glimpse of where and how to learn the Korean language? Do you wish to learn the language to secure a job? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered on this platform.

Today, we have compiled some of the best ways to learn this language quickly. Not only is that, but we will walk you through the benefits of studying this language and everything needed to know before relocating to South Korea as an expatriate. Does that sound interesting? Continue reading to get the full details!

Benefits of Relocating to South/North Korea

How To Study Korean In South Korea

South Korea and North Korea have a long and complex history. South Korea’s GDP is 34 times larger than its northern counterpart, so why would anyone ever want to relocate from the south to the north? This article will explore seven reasons to move from South Korea to North Korea.


Food is one of the most important parts of any culture, and South Korea has some amazing dishes. From grilled meats cooked over an open flame to fresh seafood that you prepare yourself, there are many delicious things to try in South Korea. Unfortunately for those living in North Korea, food is also scarce and expensive. The country has been struggling with food shortages since the 1990s.

The famine that resulted was one of the most deadly famines in human history, killing an estimated 3 million people. North Koreans are now considered some of the world’s biggest consumers of instant noodles because they are easy to make and provide essential calories.

If you love food, then maybe it would be worth moving from South Korea to North Korea for a few months to take advantage of the country’s cuisine.


Not only is the food in South Korea delicious, but entertainment options are abundant there as well. Sports games and theme parks can entertain you for hours, while concerts can satisfy your desire for music. However, if you live in North Korea, you might find that a lack of entertainment options can be a huge bummer.

If nightlife is your thing, then South Korea comes out on top again with some of the world’s best clubs and bars. Bars in North Korea can only serve cold beer because they don’t have access to ice. Some restaurants even let customers choose their meals from a vending machine after using a computer.


The average income for a household in South Korea is almost six times higher than that of North Koreans, so it’s no wonder why many people are excited to find work there. Unfortunately, it could be difficult to land your dream job if you’re not well educated.

In South Korea, a college degree is usually required for any high-paying job. In North Korea, the country’s Constitution guarantees all citizens a job, but life often doesn’t work out that way. The truth is that many people in North Korea work in the black market to earn money and survive.


Technology is everything, and South Korea is at the forefront of new developments. Just imagine how you could benefit from having access to the newest technology if you live in North Korea. North Koreans don’t have many opportunities to use computers or even watch TV because there’s no electrical infrastructure or Internet.

To make matters worse, South Korean soap operas are illegal in North Korea, so you wouldn’t even have a chance to watch them in the south.


South Korea is one of the cleanest places on earth because it has an extensive recycling program and no tolerance for littering or smoking in public. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options for trash disposal in North Korea. There are only a few places where you can throw away the trash, but it can be very dangerous if you get caught.

Public Transportation

Though you might not have access to an automobile in North Korea, public transportation can get you just about anywhere. However, the country’s buses are often overcrowded and poorly maintained, so accidents happen often. On some routes, it’s common for people to ride on top of the bus while clinging onto anything they can find.

How To Study Korean In South Korea


South Korea is well known for being one of the safest countries in the world because it has a well-trained police force. North Korea, on the other hand, doesn’t have an official police force; instead, security officers serve as both judges and law enforcement officials under government control.

If you moved from South Korea to North Korea, you might experience more crime. However, it would be unfair to say that all cities in North Korea are dangerous because there are actually some relatively safe areas.

10 Korean Language School in South Korea

There are a number of options for students to study Korean in South Korea, all offering different levels and formats. If you’re thinking about going to the country to learn Korean, here’s a list of ten language schools that can help you get started.

1.    Korean Language Institute (KLI) at Yonsei University

One of the leading universities in South Korea, Yonsei University, is a great place to study Korean. The language institute at Yonsei offers intensive language courses that focus on grammar and vocabulary using textbooks from the Education Ministry of South Korea.

In addition, students can join extracurricular activities such as calligraphy classes or attend lectures by visiting professors.

2.    Korean Language Program at Korea University in South Korea

Located in Seoul, this language program offers courses taught in English and Korean. The program’s goal is not only to improve students’ language skills but also to encourage them to interact with Koreans. In addition, students have access to many cultural activities, such as living with a Korean family or going to a Korean cooking class.

3.    Korean Language Institute at Sogang University

Located in Seoul, the Korean Language Institute at Sogang University is a great choice for students interested in becoming experts in the Korean language. The institute offers courses during the day and evening and classes specifically designed for those planning to study in South Korea.

This language institute has a library, which includes an extensive collection of Korean books in both classical and modern Korean, as well as notable reference material for students who aspire to become literary translators.

4.    Ewha Korean Language Institute in Seoul

Located in Seodaemun District in Seoul, this institute is an independent language program established in 2009. The institute offers intensive language courses using the textbooks from the Education Ministry of South Korea, as well as extracurricular activities, including Korean cooking classes and calligraphy lessons.

5.    KLEAR Scholarship for Language Study in South Korea

A virtual organization based in Canada, this association’s mission is to help students study the Korean language and culture by providing them with various opportunities. One of these is a scholarship program where students can apply to spend four weeks in South Korea to learn Korean for free.

There’s no better way to study Korean than immersing yourself in the country and its culture, and this association helps make that happen through its numerous programs and opportunities.

6.    Korean Language Education Academy for Foreigners (KLEAF)

Located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, this academy is an affiliate of Tongmyeong University. It offers 1 to 100 level language courses for students who want to learn Korean quickly through intensive study.

The academy also has other programs such as the Global Leadership Program and the Korean Language Education Program for Children. Students can visit the academy to experience a multimedia language-learning environment and career counseling.

7.    Korean Language Education Center (KLEIS)

Located in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, KLEIS is a language institute established to provide international students with the opportunity to study the Korean language and culture. In addition to general classes, this institute also offers customized courses according to student needs.

To become fluent in Korean, memorizing vocabulary words and conjugating verbs isn’t enough. To truly master the language, you must first pronounce it correctly. That’s why this institute has native speakers; they’re trained not only in language teaching but also in pronunciation.

8.    Korean Language Education Center at Korea University

Located in Anam, Seoul, this language institute is an affiliate of Korea University. The Korean language program was established using the Ewha Korean Language Institute as a model. Students have the opportunity to experience studying Korean in a small-sized class that allows them to practice conversation and develop their communication skills.

9.    EF International Language Center

Being an affiliate of EF Education First, a global education company specializing in language training, the Korean Language Program at this institute offers international students unique and effective ways to study the language. This program is ideal for those with limited time but would still like to take a short-term intensive language class.

10. Dongguk University Korean Language Institute

Established in 2011, the Dongguk University Korean Language Institute is an educational institute that specializes in language education. Their goal is to help international students who are interested in not only the Korean language but also Korean culture and history.

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