How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Antigua and Barbuda is an attractive destination in the Caribbean route. For citizens of many countries, including the United States, Canada, and many others, no visa is required for stays up to six months. Meanwhile, multiple-entry visas are also available if you will be making regular trips to the country.

How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

Aside from this fact, the documentation is easy, and it requires a straightforward process. Beyond that, there’s a scheme for citizenship by investment for foreign nationals. So, any dependants who are named on your residence application can gain residence when your application is approved. Did you get that?

Well, what we are saying is that visa application is quite easy. Visitors and business travelers from over a hundred countries get the visa process done. However, if you do require a visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda, you must apply online. With that being said, understanding the pros and cons of this country is crucial.

Whether it’s spending your retirement days under the sun or enjoying tax incentives, the benefits of moving to this country cannot be overemphasized. Antigua and Barbuda happen to be a superb destination that offers better relocation procedures. You’ve probably heard of Antigua & Barbuda, right?

If that sounds like a YES! There are more things to know. We’re sure you’ve been Google searching what the country entails and the things that could make it unique from other nations. Worry less, as we’ve got you covered in this article. Here, we will walk you through the easy process of moving to the country in 2021. Continue reading to understand the whole concept.

How to Get Citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda

In order to qualify for Antigua citizenship, you may need to make a non-refundable donation to the government. Not only that but there are many types of visa packages available for expats willing to relocate to the country. Without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through the types of visa packages.

Entry Visa Type

As of today, there are many countries whose citizens do not require visas when entering the country. Also, this type of visa is valid for a stay no longer than six months for reasons dealing with business or holidays.

Meanwhile, you must have proof of purchasing a return ticket for exiting the country within a specific period of time. More so, you’ll need to show proof of your ability to maintain yourself during your stay in the country financially.

Multiple Entry Visa Type

If you’re traveling to this country in order to fulfill a job or for other reasons that might require you to come and go, this is the right visa type. However, its validity is just 12 months, and it can be granted at the discretion of the issuing officer with whom you’re working. This means you’ll need to have a valid reason to apply for this position.

Permanent Residency Visa

The permanent residency visa was launched in June 1995 to encourage high-net-worth individuals to relocate to the country. The perks of this residency program include freedom from any local taxes, including wealth tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and many others, to mention a few. Moreover, if you want to qualify for this visa, you must maintain a permanent residence and address.

Antigua Residency Permit

After you might have lived in this country for nothing less than four years, you can apply for a residency status that will not require the payment of the levy each year. Also, it is valid for three years and is granted when the applicant supplies the following; application and fees, a police certificate proving no criminal activity over the last six months.

Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Another way to obtain citizenship in this country is through investment plans. This means those looking to invest in Antigua and Barbuda may do so through this type of visa and gain citizenship and a second passport in the process. To be eligible for this kind of visa, you’ll need to invest in one of three approved investment packages in addition to the standard application requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Benefits in 2021

If you’re planning to relocate to this country through any means, it’s crucial to know the citizenship benefits. Since this country is a potential paradise for wealthy foreigners who dream of living in a world of the tropics, obtaining citizenship has its pros and cons. Now, let’s walk you through it now.

  • You’ll not need to pay taxes for any income in the country, and getting beyond the country
  • Visa-free travel to over 130 countries in the world, including the European Union and the United Kingdom
  • Expats will have the opportunity to reside in the country for any length of time
  • You’ll have lifetime citizenship and a hassle-free application process
  • Opportunity to request for dual citizenship that could take an average of 90 days

Top 5 Tips to Moving to Antigua & Barbuda

If you’re contemplating moving to the mesmerizing island of Antigua and Barbuda, there are few essential tips you should put into consideration. With our guide below on the tips, we hope you can plan a stress-free trip and enjoy plenty of memorable adventures along the way. Check below for more details.

1.    Be Aware of Hurricane Season

For those that prefer warmer climates, you’ll be pleased to know that the weather on the island of this country is warm throughout the year. On the other hand, it is important to take into consideration the hurricane season that runs from June-November. Meanwhile, the research disclosed that in 2017, the catastrophic hurricane Irma sadly destroyed much of the neighboring island of Barbuda.

2.    Check the Visa Requirements

This is another thing to consider before planning to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda.  More so, if you’re visiting the country from either Great Britain or the United States, we recommend you to check up on the visa requirements before you visit. Aside from this fact mentioned, know the best time to visit. To give you a hint, the dry season runs from December-April, and it is considered the best time to visit.

3.    A Luxury Destination

How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

With the country’s world-renowned luxury status, it’s essential that you must be conscious when planning a trip to the island. And this is because most of the goods are imported from other countries. This way, expect to pay higher costs when dining and exploring the shopping malls in the country. Again, it would be better to come to this country if you’re financially buoyant.

4.    Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Although Antigua and Barbuda can be considered one of the most progressive nations in the West Indies, but it may still prove challenging to acquire appliances and equipment here. This way, you may want to bring your high-tech appliances and your beloved furniture that perfectly suit your style. For this, you’ll require the service of a highly experienced moving company that has an established system.

5.    Identify Ways to Adjust to Life

Another thing to consider while living in this country is to know how you can adjust to life. In addition to this fact, it can get incredibly humid as well. So, it’s better to make further research as to what to wear and how to cope while living here. Again, you may deal with the same issues when you settle into island life. Therefore, before moving, make sure to consult a health professional to learn about the healthiest strategies to manage living in a new climate and weather.

6.    Understand the Local Cultures

Moving to a new country can be quite challenging, and it may take a while to imbibe with the new culture and laws. This way, take it upon yourself to learn as much as you can about the local culture and laws of Antigua and Barbuda, even if you have a relocation service that’s helping you through the process. Moreover, the internet is a fantastic source of information about their lifestyles. Check out this blog and our articles to know what the country offers and how you can typically adjust to the lifestyle.

7.    Create a List of Services

It’s crucial to identify the services you need to lay a good foundation for the life you’d be building in this country. Some of the services to take note of include housekeeping services, police hotlines, doctors, dentists, and many others. For special services, find recommendations as there are many forums you can join to help you find the right service provider.

Interesting Facts about Moving To Antigua

Undoubtedly, Antigua and Barbuda lure hundreds of thousands of tourists to their powdery white beaches every year. This tiny island has a lot of things that make it different from other nations. If you’re thinking about taking a trip or moving to this place, here are some interesting facts about Antigua and Barbuda.

Its Official Language is English

Due to the island’s long history as a British colony, the country’s official language is English. Locals have their own dialect of English called Patois, and this is somewhat similar to Jamaican Creole and many others, to mention a few. Aside from this fact, there’s also a sizeable Spanish-speaking community and other places where you can meet people from other nations.

Peak Named After President Obama

Surprisingly, this country’s highest peak is affectionately named Mount Obama. Moreover, it was formerly titled Boggy Peak, but the island opted to chance it in 2009 to celebrate Obama’s historic win to the presidency. As history disclosed, the hills were used for sugarcane plantations. And the Boggy Peak, which is the former title, came about because slave masters would tell stories of the Boogie Man who took spirits and lived on the mountains.

 Home to the Largest Frigate Bird

How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

Another surprising fact about moving to this country is because it’s a home to the largest frigate bird colony in the western hemisphere. Here, you can only visit the lagoon by licensed sea taxi from the Cordrington Jetty, reserved through the tourist office. And thanks to the country’s stature that made it easy for everyone to locate the country.

Fungie is the National Dish

Also, fungie pronounced foon-jee is the island’s national dish. Aside from this fact, it is similar to the Italian polenta, and this is the dish that comes together with cornmeal and a hearty vegetable mash and sauce. With that being said, you can eat this food with rice, pasta, or porridge, but you might also find it rolled into balls. On the other hand, this home-style Antiguan cuisine is cooked across the country.

There are No Rivers

One thing that’d get you baffled in this country is that Antigua has no river. This means that droughts occur fairly frequently, despite a mean annual rainfall of 40 inches (1,000mm). Not only that but there are also no mountains or forests, which distinguishes it from the other Leeward Islands. As well as this, you should also note that there are no snakes in Antigua, except for the Antiguan Racer. In other words, this snake happens to be one of the rarest snakes in the world, but it doesn’t live on the mainland.

Antigua Has More Beaches

If there’s one thing you don’t know about the Caribbean, you should understand that they have enough beaches than you could ever imagine. It’s not without any reason, but the country and its island is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. From the intimate crescent beaches like Hawskill Bay to the endless stretch of Whitesands at Darkwood, there are plenty of beaches to explore in the country.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island state in the Eastern Caribbean known primarily for having lots of beaches. While relocating to this country, among the things you should know are the benefits and the disadvantages. In this section, we’d love to walk you through the pros and cons of living in the country.


Natural and Beauty Scenery

This is one of the first things the country is known for. Not only is that, but the caves at Hells Gate Island are breathtaking. Their unique shapes and sizes are mesmerizing, and when you’re here, it’s always better to wear strong and solid shoes for safety purposes.

Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda and its archaeological sites were recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016. Again, the Dockyard was constructed by European Nations as they battled to control sugar-producing nations in the Eastern Caribbean.

Stable Currency

The official currency of this country is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, and it has been pegged to the United States dollar since July 1976 at a rate of $1 to XCD2.70. However, this currency is also shared by seven other Eastern Caribbean islands. More so, they’re managed through a regional central bank based in St Kitts. And the US dollar is widely and readily accepted by businesses on the country’s island.

Access to International Cities

Another pros of living in this country as an expat is that you’ll have easy access to international cities. As research made it known, several major international airlines fly directly to and from Antigua and Barbuda from the United States of America, the UK, Canada, and Europe. Some of these airlines include; Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Delta, Jet Blue, Condor, and Sunwing Airlines.

Friendly Locals

The islands here are very small, and with the population of Antigua and Barbuda, you can easily make new friends as an expat. In fact, if you’re living on the island, you’ll still experience community spirit and togetherness. On the flip side, neighbors look out for each other and actively raise children. For example, if you’re walking on the island, it is not uncommon for someone to stop and offer you a ride.

It’s a Safe Island

Antigua and Barbuda is a safe island. According to the US Department of State, overseas advisory council based on a recent crime report per 100,000 citizens, murders on the island were 12. This way, be rest assured that you’re traveling to a safe nation, and you don’t have to worry about uniform men and immigration officers.


How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

Loss of Privacy

One major thing you should know while relocating to this country is that there’s a loss of privacy. While there’s a great sense of community which can be helpful, the drawback to this is the loss of privacy. Also, in small villages and communities where everyone knows everyone, expats may tend to overstep the ones that can be detrimental to relationships and families. So, a measure of privacy could be lost.

Natural Threat Disasters

In this Caribbean country, there’s a relatively low risk of hurricanes hitting Antigua and Barbuda. However, the last hurricane that significantly impacted the island was Hurricane Irma on September 6th, 2017. Research also disclosed that the eye of the storm passed directly over Barbuda. This way, we can tell you that hurricane Maria affected the island on September 18th, 2017.

High Cost of Living

Generally, the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda is higher than the Eastern Caribbean islands today. During my trip to this island, in some cases, the costs of food and drink were triple the amount that the same meal would cost in other Caribbean islands such as St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. In addition to this fact, research made it known that the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda is about 20% cheaper than in the USA and the UK.

Inefficiency Water Sanitation

If you’re planning to do any business in this country, inefficient water sanitation could be a problem. This is because; clean water is used for everything, and you need to be healthy and strong to keep a business running. In other news, you need to drink water that’s purified and cook with water that’s not from the taps no matter the situation.

Small Manufacturing Sector

Another problem you might likely face is having or running a successful business in the country. For a business that gains profits from all manufacturing sectors of each country, Antigua and Barbuda’s manufacturing sector is very small. This way, there’s very little scope for businesses to flourish and manufacture certain items or products.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Country

How’s life in Antigua and Barbuda?

Life in this country cannot be overemphasized. Additionally, local boats and ferries run often, and there are fights between Antigua and Barbuda. Those native to the islands tend to be relatively healthy, with life expectancies for men at around 75 years and females at 79 years. Moreover, they have no major international disputes as they maintain fairly peace.

How To Move To Antigua & Barbuda

Is it a good place to live?

Of course, yes! Living in Antigua and Barbuda is a good idea for expats looking to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. Aside from this fact, there are tons of investment opportunities, plus you can qualify for an Antigua and Barbuda passport if you go through the country’s citizenship by investment scheme.

What is the healthcare system in Barbuda?

As of the time of writing this article, we gathered that most healthcare systems are free through the Medical Benefits Scheme. And this is paid for by a payroll tax that sets aside revenue for the health system.

Can I retire in this country?

Of course, yes! You can definitely retire in Antigua and Barbuda as an expat. On the flip side, there’s no specific immigration scheme available to retirees. Thanks to the country’s investment scheme, you can even become an Antigua and Barbuda citizen in exchange for economic investment.

Can foreigners buy property here?

The answer is absolute yes. Foreigners can buy property in this country, and the government of Antigua welcomes investment from overseas buyers. Also, the application cost for an Alien Landholding License is 5% of the property’s value, and it can take four months to be approved.


Moving to a new country can be quite challenging. However, understanding the pros, cons, and how to move to Antigua and Barbuda is helpful. That’s why we’ve compiled this article to meet your need. In other news, refer to this platform for more information about living in the country of your choice.

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