How Do Expats Get Covid Vaccine In Thailand part 2 – Overview of the Benefits of Living in Thailand

How Do Expats Get Covid Vaccine In Thailand part 2 – Part one is here.

Factors to Consider Before Moving To Thailand

How Do Expats Get Covid Vaccine In Thailand part 2

Moving to a new country is always exciting; it’s the next step in any journey towards integrating and assimilating. For those who leave their homes and families (and pets) behind, it can be heart-warming to decide to begin their life anew.

However, as easy as that may sound, moving abroad is not always easy. There are many things to consider before packing your suitcase with the essentials and jumping on a plane to any random foreign land, including Thailand.

If you’re seriously considering moving abroad, keep this list of helpful pointers in mind before making that leap into the unknown.

1.    Do Your Research

Moving to a new country without any proper guidance is silly and not at all an advisable thing to do. To have the best chance of success, you should spend your time doing as much research as possible before deciding to pack up and leave.

Thailand is a fantastic place for many people – it’s a tropical paradise with a unique culture and a unique way of life, but it’s still a foreign country, and as such, it has its own rules and regulations. If you want to integrate properly into the community, you’ll need to learn the basics – why not start by reading The Travel Bug Bite’s Ultimate Guide to Living in Thailand?

2.    Learn the Language

Learning the basics of a foreign language before you leave for Thailand will give you a head start and will ingratiate yourself to locals very quickly. Thai people love it when foreigners make an effort to learn their language, and they really do appreciate it – don’t be the person who speaks only English; not even broken English – be that person who speaks broken Thai.

3.    Establish a Budget

Moving abroad isn’t cheap! Before you go, be sure to establish a budget and carefully plan out how much money you have, what you’ll spend it on, and when you think that money will run out.

If your pockets aren’t deep enough, then consider opening a Thai bank account from abroad before you leave. Transferring money into Thailand is quick and easy, and it removes the need to carry wads of cash on your person at all times.

4.    Prepare For the Climatic Conditions

Thailand’s weather can be challenging to predict because it varies from region to region, but as a whole, the country is hot and humid almost all year round. Prepare for blistering heat before you move to Thailand. If you’re moving in the wet season, then learn how to waterproof your possessions – nothing worse than rusting through your phone the first week you arrive.

How Do Expats Get Covid Vaccine In Thailand part 2

5.    Research the Ideal Place to Live

As Thailand is such a large country, the variety of places to live will be almost endless – but some areas are better than others. If you’re looking for an easy life, then avoid Bangkok; if you want to find peace, then look away from the busy city of Phuket.

If you like to party, then Chiang Mai is for you! Researching where you’d like to live first will help with your budget, and it’ll help you find an apartment before moving day.

6.    Consider Your Relationship with the Land

Another thing to consider before moving to Thailand is your relationship with the land. For some people, buying a house in their new country will be an absolute priority – but for others, it will be unimportant. If you want or need to buy a house, you’ll need more money than those who don’t care. If you can’t afford to buy a house in Thailand, consider renting instead.

7.    Get to Know the Culture

Thailand is a fantastic country with many different cultural aspects, and it’s always good to learn about the culture before you live in Thailand. You may find that aspects of Thai culture shock or disgust you; if this is the case, then perhaps living in Thailand isn’t exemplary for you. On the other hand, if you’re excited about living in Thailand, embrace their culture, learn all you can and respect the people.

Overview of the Benefits of Living in Thailand

How Do Expats Get Covid Vaccine In Thailand part 2

Living in Thailand can be tremendously rewarding, both financially and personally. You’ll find that living in Thailand is highly different from life back home – positively or negatively – but it’s definitely for the best if you go in with your eyes open before making any drastic changes. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but there are definite upsides to living in Thailand.

Low Cost Of Living

Thais are very frugal, so you’ll find that goods and services are very cheap compared to your home country, particularly those which fall into the essentials category such as eating out and travel. This can give those on a tight budget – or those looking for a more luxurious way of living – the chance to live in relative comfort.

Before moving, make sure that you write down your monthly expenses at home and see how much money you’ll save by moving to Thailand.

Food Is Delicious

Thai food has become very popular in recent years with people across the world, and for a good reason – Thai food is delicious. Even basic street food, which is more of an acquired taste, provides plentiful options to suit all tastes, while high-end restaurants are available for the gourmands out there.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Thailand has built a reputation as one of the most relaxing countries in South East Asia – something that continues to be as true as ever. The laid-back atmosphere seems to seep into every aspect of Thai life, from the efficient yet unhurried bureaucracy to the friendly and accommodating locals. If you’re looking for a place where you can relax, look no further than Thailand.

Great Weather

Not everyone likes hot and humid weather, but for those of you who do, the weather in Thailand is perfect. It isn’t too cold, and it isn’t too hot year-round, making this a destination with good weather all year round.

If you’re considering settling in Thailand for an extended period, bear in mind that the seasons are reversed from what you might be used to at home – so be prepared for scorching hot summers and cool-but-wet winters.

Low Pollution

The cities aren’t as polluted as neighboring countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, so if you’re a lover of city life but worried about the pollution levels, it might be a good idea to check out Bangkok or Chiang Mai. For those who live in the countryside, air quality is much better than in other parts of Asia.

The People Are Friendly

Thailand is a nation of friendly people, from the restaurant staff to the market traders, hotel owners to immigration officers – not a day will go by when someone isn’t smiling or waving at you in Thailand. The joyous atmosphere spills over everywhere, and nowhere is this more noticeable than when eating out – it seems that when Thais aren’t smiling, they’re slurping on a bowl of noodles.


Living in Thailand contributes to a fantastic experience. However, it’s always good to understand the Covid requirements and procedures before relocating. If you’ve been surfing the web but don’t know where to get the latest information about the country, refer to this guide and check this platform for more information.

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