Hanoi Nightlife For Expats – Top 20 Bars, Restaurants, And Night Clubs part 2 – Why Choosing Hanoi

Hanoi Nightlife For Expats – Top 20 Bars, Restaurants, And Night Clubs part 2 – Part one is here.

Overview of the Nightlife in Hanoi

The nightlife in Hanoi has a lot to offer. There are so many things going on in this city, and the line-up of activities is usually structured around bars and clubs. These places serve local and foreign customers, creating an interesting mixture of cultures. Wander around for a few minutes, and you might find something in your way, in a narrow street in the Old Quarter.

The main party spots in Hanoi are located around Hoan Kiem Lake and Bui Vien Street. This is where you will find most of the bars and nightclubs. Not to talk much, this is where you’ll know the best bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Let’s get it started!

Hanoi is a city that’s always up for a party. Nightlife in the Vietnamese capital is ever-expanding, with new bars and eateries opening daily, so there’s always something to celebrate. But it can be difficult knowing where to go when you have one night on the town – so here are our top 20 bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in Hanoi to guide you on the path of fun.

1.    Allez Boo

Hanoi Nightlife For Expats

Housed in a colonial villa with stunning views over West Lake, Allez Boo is set up as an izakaya where  – or Japanese gastropub – you can enjoy beers and bar food in a casual setting. Starting as a pop-up, Allez Boo has found a permanent home in Hanoi and is perfect for groups of friends.

The food menu includes creative small plates such as the beef rendang tartare and green curry fried chicken wings – and don’t miss the buffalo chicken tacos! It’s also a great place to watch football, with a big projector screen and specials during matches.

2.    Alchemy Bar – 35 Ma May

Located in the charming Old Quarter of Hanoi, this dimly lit basement bar is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. The decor is unbelievable and features a dragon, the serpent Jörmungandr from Norse mythology, and wizard Merlin’s beard in one corner. Alchemy serves up excellent cocktails and whiskies – meaning whether you want to sink a beer or sip on a gin and tonic, this bar has something to offer everyone.

3.    Blue Chili

Blue Chili is a lively bar and restaurant perfect for groups of friends. Most nights, a DJ plays a mix of popular tunes to get people dancing, but Blue Chili also hosts regular events such as karaoke, live music, and stand-up comedy – making it the perfect destination for a fun night out.

4.    Bui Vien

Suppose you’re sick of the Old Quarter and looking for something new to do in Hanoi, head down to Bui Vien – its packed with bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs. Two of our favorite places here are Heartbreakers and the Queen Bee Bar. Heartbreakers has great food and a lively atmosphere – while the Queen Bee Bar is a cocktail bar perfect for sipping on something strong while watching the world go by.

5.    Hero Club Hanoi

Hero Club Hanoi is a great place for drinks, dancing, and partying. The club plays house music ranging from deep cuts to popular dance tracks – so there’s something for everyone. There are also regular art exhibitions held at the bar, making it perfect for cultural vultures.

6.    Infinity Club

For the perfect place to kick back with friends, head over to Infinity Club! This popular Hanoi spot offers live music most nights – meaning there’s often a fantastic atmosphere when you walk in the door. The bar is also well-stocked with whiskies and beers, making it ideal for groups looking to chill out after work.

Hanoi Nightlife For Expats

7.    The Bank Hanoi

Housed in a colonial-style building, The Bank Hanoi has an upmarket speakeasy vibe. It’s the perfect place to dance the night away, starting from as early as 11 pm and going on until 3 am – with a happy hour between 8 and 10 pm. There are DJs spinning tunes every day of the week, so it’s the perfect place to go for a drink before dinner or to party hard.

8.    Manzi Art Space

Manzi Art Space is an upmarket bar that features live music, stand-up comedy, and art exhibitions. The space is split over two floors – one of which houses a gallery with works by local artists for sale. It’s also the perfect place to hunker down in the winter months, thanks to its cozy interior.

9.    McQ

McQ is a stylish Hanoi cocktail bar that serves delicious gin and tonics. The bar boasts an impressive list of gins from all over the world, but if you’re not a fan of the spirit, this spot also has plenty of craft beers on tap, plus a food menu to choose from too. It’s a great place to go for a drink after work and also hosts regular events.

10. Bia Hoi Junction

For a fun night out with friends, head down to Bia Hoi Junction. This lively place is packed with locals and tourists enjoying the excellent Vietnamese street food and beers on offer – so it’s the perfect spot for a casual evening out in Hanoi.

11. Fuzzy Tavern

Located in the trendy Tadioto district, Fuzzy Tavern is perfect for groups of friends looking to party hard. The bar plays everything from hip-hop music to indie classics – making it popular with regulars and tourists alike. There’s an extensive drinks menu too, with something for everyone whether you want a beer or cocktail. The pub also houses quirky features such as its own “treehouse” hidden behind a bookshelf.

12. Douze Bar and Kitchen

Douze is a stylish bar and restaurant with an upscale ambiance and decor. It offers a wide range of wines, cocktails, and beers – as well as great quality food too. There are also regular DJ sets playing everything from old-school hip-hop to funk classics – so it’s the perfect spot for a relaxed evening.

13. House of Beers

Hanoi Nightlife For Expats

Housed in an old French colonial building, House of Beers is popular with tourists and expats alike. It offers over 200 different bottled beers to choose from – including craft beers and international favorites like Hoegaarden. The pub is also pet-friendly, so it’s perfect for both humans and their furry sidekicks to enjoy a drink together after work.

14. Red Bean Restaurant

Red Bean is a cosy restaurant with a lively atmosphere. The venue hosts regular live music – as well as serving delicious Vietnamese dishes to its customers. It’s also perfect for those seeking a romantic evening out, as there are no other noise distractions from the live music and food being served.

15. Manzi Sky Bar

Manzi Sky Bar is a popular bar with Vietnamese locals and those living in Hanoi. This laid-back venue serves hundreds of different beers – so it’s perfect for those who want to drink and relax after work. On weekends, Manzi also hosts live music and DJs until late into the night.

16. Legend Beer in Hanoi

Legend Beer in Hanoi is another place to put into consideration. This lovely bar occupies the third floor of a building in the downtown Hanoi, with a sweeping terrace that overlooks the bustling traffic and Hoan Kiem Lake. As an expat, you can enjoy the best delicacies at an affordable price with your loved ones.

17. The Hung Snake Restaurant

The Hung Snake offers Vietnamese food and an impressive list of cocktails – so it’s perfect for both daytime drinkers and those wanting to party hard. Street performers also regularly take over the bar, adding to the lively atmosphere that makes this spot one of Hanoi’s most popular places to drink.

18. Highway 4 Restaurants Hoan Kiem

Located in the heart of Hanoi, The Highway 4 Restaurants Hoan Kiem is a charming spot full of character. This bar has several different venues within its walls that offer something slightly different to its customers.

Chef Hung’s Kitchen focuses on great Vietnamese food – including vermicelli noodles and beef pho soup, whilst Highway 4 Wine Bar has its cellar with 20 different types of wine on offer. For those looking to dance, JJ’s Blues Piano bar offers live music every night – as well as karaoke sessions during the week.

19. Lighthouse Café

The Lighthouse Cafe is a funky spot for delicious Vietnamese food and tasty cocktails. It’s a great spot for those looking to relax – as the café offers a range of delicious cocktails and Vietnamese food with a modern twist. On weekends, there’s also live jazz music playing from 9 pm onwards, making this venue perfect for those looking to party hard.

20. Beer Street Pub & Grill

The Beer Street Pub & Grill is a lively restaurant with authentic American food and craft beers to choose from. The venue hosts regular live music – as well as popular sports games such as football and ice hockey playing on its big screen TV’s. It’s also pet-friendly, so this place is perfect if you want to drink and play with your furry friend after work.

Why Choosing the Best Nightlife

Nightlife is often misunderstood, yet it can be a source of many great experiences. People don’t usually seem to understand that nightlife activities might positively affect your life. However, there are common reasons why people choose the Best Nightlife. Check it out below.

  • You can make new friends
  • Nightlife is the cure  for boredom
  • Nightlife  can boost creativity
  • Nightlife is  a great way to meet new people
  • Nightlife  can be educational
  • Nightlife  can help you get rid of bad habits
  • Nightlife  can boost your sex life
  • Nightlife  can make your life more interesting
  • It’s cheaper  than you think
  • Nightlife is the best way to spend your free time


Nightlife in Hanoi may not be as famous or popular as Bangkok. But, the activities and options available to expats living here are still plentiful. Here we introduced you to some of our favorite places for drinks and food and nightclubs and bars with live music. We hope this article brings you a few ideas on where to go for entertainment in Hanoi.

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