Expat Visas In Vietnam – What’s The Updated Situation In 2021?

Expat Visas in Vietnam – What’s The Updated Situation in 2021 – that will be the topic of today’s article.

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Before planning to relocate to Vietnam, understanding the visa process is quite essential. Aside from this fact, knowing the cost of living and other necessary details about this country in Asia would also be beneficial. If I may ask, why exactly do you want to relocate to Vietnam? Do you have an answer?

If that sounds like a YES, or maybe NO, we’ve got you covered with everything needed to travel to this country. With excellent weather, different outdoor activities, varieties of foods, and water buffaloes, the benefits of living in this country cannot be overemphasized. There’s much to say about Vietnam in 2021.

Like many Americans, you can go to this country to connect with family history. Gorgeous swaths of lush jungle, pastoral farmlands, and vibrant cities, you’ll enjoy traveling to this country. Not to say much, you will also experience local cultures, ancient pagodas, and a variety of enthralling modern arts and foods.

Their citizens are friendly, while the country has grown increasingly popular among the digital nomad. It’s home to expats, and the cost of living in this country is extremely low. Guess what! If you’re working remotely, there are chances that you’ll enjoy the country even more than its citizens.

However, if you want to experience the fastest WiFi connection, this is one of the best in SE Asia. Also, it’s among the safer countries globally, with lower crime rates than France or Greece, and other parts of the United States of America. Now, it’s high time we talk more about the benefits of living here.

Benefits of Living in Vietnam

Through various research and methodology, we can confidently tell you that Vietnam is an easy place to visit in Asia. The majority of the expats in this country do so on a tourist visa, which can be acquired easily via any number of online services. Without further ado, below are the pros of living in Vietnam.

Affordable Cost of Living (Vietnam)

This is one of the reasons for choosing to stay in Vietnam. This country has a low cost of living, making more expats wanting to relocate to the country.  The goods and services are cheap, and you’ll see a low rental cost that you’d never experience in another western world. I’m sure you’re planning now, right?

Heaven for Foodie Lovers

Hands down to the best cuisine I’ve ever had a chance to try in Vietnam. They have an excellent food culture that makes everyone wondering about mouthwatering dishes in the country. Their food is exceptionally fresh and diverse. Not only that, but you can’t end up without the idea of what to eat.

A Lively Expat Arena/Community

If you’re looking to form meaningful connections with fellow expats or travelers, you’re lucky if you found yourself in Vietnam. In fact, don’t be surprised to get around with westerners all the time in this country. Also, if you’re a digital nomad, you can meet up with an active DN group to form a relationship.

Exciting Pleasant Weather

While the weather in this country could differ, it’s known to have a cold winter and a dry summer. At first, you may be new to the weather, but in the long run, you’ll experience sunny weather perfect for the beach. Moreover, you can expect sunny and stable weather from match to October.

Best Location to Travel

If you’ve ever been looking for the best opportunity to travel abroad, Vietnam is the perfect location for you.  It’s a gateway to both Southeast Asia and larger countries like Japan, China, South Korea, and many other countries, to mention a few. While people in Vietnam are extremely eager to provide a service, you’ll have plenty of apartment choices for apartments.

Different Travel Options

As of today, there are so many exciting Vietnam adventure travel options. Moreover, you could trek through rolling hills, explore the UNESCO World Heritage city, and have an exciting moment on the beaches and island. Aside from that, you can participate in experiential education courses with local communities.

A Home to Dynamic Population

While it’s true that the language culture can be difficult to grasp, it must be recognized that it’s quite easy to master. This country is also very active, full of youth, and you’ll see children on every street corner in Vietnam. As a result, streets and houses could be busy while they enforce certain disorders.

Cons of Living in Vietnam

If you’re thinking about living and working in this country, you should also consider the cons. In an effort to remain transparent, we’ve compiled the cons to assist you in getting the right information about living in Vietnam. With this in mind, you’ll be able to weigh your options before getting a visa.

Language Barrier in Thailand

One of the cons of living in this country is the language barrier. This is because; you could find it difficult to pick few words or learn few sentences quite easily. And if you truly want to travel to this country for business, the language barrier could be a bump on the road. Alternatively, you can meet many locals who can speak fluent English but understand that there are significant benefits if you can speak the language.

Air Pollution in the Country

Another problem facing the people living in this country is air pollution. More so, if you want to cross the road, wait for a green sign, look at your left and right, take a deep breath, and walk ahead. This is because; it’s not all vehicles that’d stop, but they will maneuver around you. And because of this air pollution, we recommend wearing a mask and avoid peak office hours in the country if you can.

Intellectual Property Problem

While Vietnam has legislation in place to protect intellectual property rights, there emerges notoriously lax compliance. Also, the country has misuse of IP, and this has remained a problem in the country. This way, the government is taking steps to resolve the issue and enact new laws to protect IP rights, including copyright, varieties of plants, and intellectual property.

Corruption in Vietnam

Despite the country’s reform, corruption still remains prevalent and everyone doing operations in the market is likely to experience it or hear about it at some point. Also, the Vietnamese government is committed to tackling the problem, establishing anti-corruption policies, and ratifying the UN Convention on Organist Corruption (UNCAC).

Traffic Could Be a Problem

If you’re not used to traffic or probably to come from a nation with no traffic, surviving in Vietnam could be hard. This is because; the roads are crazy, and sometimes the cities are busy, making everyone drive crazily. Not to talk much, it took me a couple of months to cope and drive in Vietnam.

2021 Travel Tips to Hanoi, Vietnam

Expat Visas In Vietnam – What’s The Updated Situation In 2021?

Given the country’s historic past, Vietnam offers a unique perspective for travelers and emigrants. They are blessed with an insanely diverse landscape, and you could be sliding down dunes in the morning. Also, you can take a stroll by the beach. Let’s quickly walk you through the travel tips.

Best time to Travel to Vietnam

Generally speaking, you can travel to Vietnam all-year rounds, but due to the global pandemic, you’re bound to experience certain restrictions. Later in this article, we will walk you through the effects of moving to Vietnam during covid-19. However, the best time to relocate to Vietnam is from February to April and August to October. This is because; the temperatures are not as intense, and the rainfall is milder.

What to Pack While Traveling

As we’ve always said in all our packing list guides, you don’t need to overpack while traveling. Similar to when traveling to other Southeast Asian countries, you really don’t need to take a lot with you as you’ll also buy things in the country. Meanwhile, whatever you do, make sure you bring a few quick-dry clothes, a sturdy rain jacket, and a pair of hiking boots to Vietnam.

Pre-Order Unlimited Data Sim Card

While you’re traveling to Vietnam for the first time, it’s quite okay to have a data sim card to make everything easier. Imagine meeting new friends, making travel plans together, but you’re missing out on the internet. Besides, we all know that having a working phone with the internet is like having a world at your fingertips; that’s why you need to skip the hassle of looking around and pre-order an unlimited data sim card.

Beware of Fake Gurus

Being a foreigner in Vietnam can definitely get you into some tricky situations among the locals. That’s why we advise you not to enter all the taxis in the country. This is not saying that they won’t take you to where you’re going, but they will definitely overcharge you. Therefore, take a look right people that’d lead you through the process when you arrive in Vietnam for the first time.

Avoid Underestimating the Weather

This is among the things you should put into consideration. Vietnam can be a country of extremely hot weather and cool summer. Between May through October, you should be prepared for both weather situations. That’s why; you should never underestimate the weather in this country.

Cost of Living in Vietnam in 2021

It’s no doubt that Vietnam is an inexpensive country to live in. Also, most items would cost less than half of what you’ll likely pay in the west and anywhere from 5% to 25% less than what they’d cost in other countries. Meanwhile, if you live outside of the two of Vietnam’s largest cities, prices will be much less.

Of course, your lifestyle will determine how much you’ll have to spend in this country. If you live within your budget, you’ll enjoy that you relocate to Vietnam. In fact, you can reduce your monthly budget and enjoy a full local-style meal of rice or noodles and a couple of draft beers for less than $7.

Expenses in VietnamCost of goods and services in Vietnam
Western-style rent in Vietnam$300 – $500
Utilities including a fast wifi network in Vietnam$80 – $400
Transportation cost (gas, motorbike)$50 – $100
A mix of local and international food$250 – $500
Going out and small daily expense$25 – $80

Interesting Facts Every Expats Should Know

Vietnam is slowly becoming a hot travel destination for expats in different countries. With unspoiled Islands, beautiful beaches, fascinating cultures, and amazing history, this country is waiting for you to explore everything it has. Now, we’d love to walk you through interesting facts all expats should know.

Average Local Salary

We’ve been explaining the expat guide to Vietnam, but we’re yet to explain the average salary in the country. However, the average salary in this country today is about $149 per month. However, other high-paying jobs can afford to give out up to $500 per month.

Visas in Vietnam

While our explanation will go beyond the cost of living in Vietnam, we’ve taken our time to explain what this article is all about. You’ll understand more about the expat visas in the country and their current situation. While the common visa for Vietnam is a single-entry three-month visa, six-month and twelve-month visas are also available. Read further as we’ve unleashed the different types of visas in this article.

Water and Child Friendliness

In Vietnam, tap water is not drinkable. More so, when you live there, you’ll probably buy reusable 19-liter jugs for about 10,000 VND. So, if you’re visiting Vietnam for the first time, make sure you consider this factor. Meanwhile, don’t be alarmed as Vietnamese are very child-friendly, especially when you’re an expat.

Teachers Are Highly Respected

One of the professions that respect people the most in Vietnam is teaching jobs. There’s even a national holiday that’s meant to honor teachers in this country. On this special day, the Vietnamese Teacher day, the students express gratitude and respect for their teachers. Again, this holiday is usually celebrated at schools with different social activities, including dancing, sports, recitals, and exhibition.

Vietnam Food in Oxford Dictionary

Don’t be surprised to see Vietnam cuisine in the oxford dictionary. For example, you can find the two words Banh mi and Pho translated in the Oxford English dictionary. Aside from this fact, you can see other foods in the dictionary as well. They have a rice noodles soup served with a variety of raw or cooked beef and herbs. Not only that, but always know that the Pho is eaten at any time of the day.

Legal Drinking Age in Vietnam

The legal drinking age in Vietnam as of today is unknown. This means that there’s no legal drinking age in the country. While it is 21 in America, 19 in Canada, 16 in other countries in Europe, you can drink in Vietnam as long as you can get the alcohol. This may be why Vietnam is the third-largest consumer of beer in Asia, aside from Japan, and China which consumes about three billion annually.

Motorbikes Are King in Vietnam

You can quickly tell when you touch down in Hanoi that motorbikes rule the roads in the city. And by rule, that’s one of the best means of transport considered in Vietnam. According to the country’s ministry of transportation, over 50 million people have registered motorbikes. They are everywhere, and if you even open your Google maps, you’ll see that there’s a specific option providing routes destination times for motorbikes.

Expats Visa and Updated Situation in 2021

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Vietnam has imposed several travel restrictions on some countries. As of July 8, 2021, the country’s health control had confirmed 23,385 cases of Covid-19 with an estimation of about 102 deaths, while 8,557 of the patients had recovered.

As an expat traveling to this country, it would be better that you’re aware of the latest restrictions before you begin your relocation process. The following are some of the rules you should know while traveling to Vietnam during this summer period.

  • The country has suspended the entry of all foreigners since March 22, 2020, until further notice to limit the spread of the global pandemic. However, some measures will not apply to students, foreign investors, skilled workers, diplomats, and experts wanting to travel to Vietnam.
  • Approximately ten provinces and cities have suspended flights to and from Ho Chi Minh City until further notice as a result of the current outbreak
  • The Ho Chi Minh City authorities have extended social distancing measures for another day under the stricter directive 16 from July 9, 2021
  • The health ministry of the country has mandated that anyone coming or returning to the country  should undergo home quarantine for seven days and be tested for at least three-time
  • The country’s immigration department has announced the automatic visa extensions until July 31, 2021, for foreigners that entered the country on visa waiver programs, e-visas, or tourist visas.
  • The country’s Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has proposed the government consider gradually resuming international flights in the three stages throughout the year
  • Foreign employees coming to Vietnam will only be allowed  to quarantine at the company’s factory, designated hotel, or their company’s headquarters
  • While Vietnam Airlines began one-way flights to Japan, carriers will release specific air routes after the official confirmation from the authorities. However, all foreign expats must comply with all these measures and follow their scheduled itinerary
  • Travelers that are still in Vietnam can call the tourist helpline at +84378173371 for guidance on visas, accommodation, embassy, or consulate details to mention a few
  • In addition, Vietnam has suspended visas on arrival for all foreign nationals except for those on an official trip to the country. Again, those that are assessed to have symptoms of the epidemic will be transferred to designated health facilities in the country for isolation
  • Do not travel to Vietnam if you’re sick, as you might undergo series of tests and quarantine measures
  • Travelers that are permitted to enter Vietnam from China will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine upon their entry while the flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao remains operational
  • All Vietnam carriers have suspended flights to South Korea, while other foreign airlines have reduced the number of flights between several countries, including South Korea
  • Finally, additional restrictions are possible for travelers when they return to their country of origin, including entry quarantine, and restrictions

Types of Vietnam Visas You Should Know

It’s no doubt that foreigners who want to visit Vietnam will surely apply for a Vietnam visa. Of course, if you do need a visa, there are many ways you can apply for it. Besides, the Vietnamese government has facilitated the process greatly by issuing a Vietnam Visa on arrival as well as the well-known eVisa.

Meanwhile, those who are not eligible for visas should note this fact before they travel that; a visa is compulsory in Vietnam except if you’re from a visa-exempt country. This article will explain the Vietnam visa policy, the application process, the types of Vietnam visas, and its requirements in 2021.

Tourist Visa Type (DL) – This tourist visa type is issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism and recreational purposes

Business Visa Types (DN) – This tourist visa type is a short-term visa issued to business people who will enter the country for business meetings, and other business-related purposes

Student or Internship Visa Types (DH) – this type of visa is meant for students who are entering the country either to study in a Vietnam educational institution or to do an internship in the country

Diplomatic Visa Types (NG1-NG4) – The diplomatic visa type is issued to foreign diplomats or government officials and their family members

Vietnam transit Visa – This kind of visa allow you to change plane in a Vietnamese airport and leave the airport international transit area


Many foreigners are stressed with the uncertainty of their present and future situation in Vietnam. However, with this expat guide, you don’t need to stress yourself again. We’ve got you covered with everything needed, so take time to read this article before you begin your application to Vietnam.

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